Politico finally agrees with VT: Israel is pushing America into World War III

If the Israeli regime is pushing the United States into perpetual wars in the Middle East and Elsewhere, should we put all the blame on the Trump administration? Sure, he is a puppet, but don’t we all know the essentially diabolical forces that are pushing him to the abyss?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Augustine wrote in the City of God that “All those who wander far away and set themselves against you [God] are imitating you, but in a perverse way.”[1] This seems to be true in the political landscape as well. Those who cannot swallow the bitter but liberating truth will inexorably imitate it in a perverse way. Politico Magazine is a classic example. They wrote an entire article last month denouncing Veterans Today as anti-Semitic and all sorts of names.

But the same magazine published an article at the end of the same month saying the very same thing that VT has been reporting for years! Politico declared that powerful forces, namely Neocon think tanks and the Israeli lobby in the United States, are asking for regime change in Iran. Listen to this:

“As the White House formulates its official policy on Iran, senior officials and key allies of President Donald Trump are calling for the new administration to take steps to topple Tehran’s militant clerical government.

“Supporters of dislodging Iran’s iron-fisted clerical leadership say it’s the only way to halt Tehran’s dangerous behavior, from its pursuit of nuclear weapons to its sponsorship of terrorism. Critics say that political meddling in Iran, where memories of a 1953 CIA-backed coup remain vivid, risks a popular backlash that would only empower hard-liners.”[2]

The magazine quoted Republican Senator Tom Cotton saying: “The policy of the United States should be regime change in Iran. I don’t see how anyone can say America can be safe as long as you have in power a theocratic despotism.”[3]

Well, who is Tom Cotton? From Wikipedia: “Cotton has been receiving heavy support from pro-Israel groups due to his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal and for his hawkish stance toward Iran. A number of pro-Israel American billionaires have contributed millions of dollars to Cotton, and William Kristol’s The Emergency Committee for Israel spent $960,000 to support Cotton.”

Cotton is also a Christian Zionist. One of his favorite authors is Henry Kissinger, the man who is responsible for brutal torture in many continents. Politico continued to say:

“Cotton advocated a combination of economic, diplomatic and covert actions to pressure Tehran’s government and ‘support internal domestic dissent’ in the country. He noted that Iran has numerous minority ethnic groups, including Arabs, Turkmen and Balochs who ‘aren’t enthusiastic about living in a Persian Shiite despotism.’”[4]

Politico also cited the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. The CEO of the organization is none other than Mark Dubowitz, the man who has opposed nuclear diplomacy with Iran.[5]

Dukowitz co-writes articles in the Wall Street Journal such as “Standing With Israel on the Golan Heights,”[6] despite the fact that the same journal reported that Israel has been supporting the so-called Syrian rebels and other terrorist groups on the same Golan Heights.[7]

Clifford May, another founder of the organization, declared in 2001 that one of the goals they are trying to advance “was to provide education to enhance Israel’s image in North America and the public’s understanding of issues affecting Israeli-Arab relations.”[8] Writer John B. Judis declared:

“But in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, May broadened the group’s mission and changed its name to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. As he explained in a supplement to the IRS, the group’s board of directors decided to focus on ‘develop[ing] educational materials on the eradication of terrorism everywhere in the world.’”[9]

The organization no longer promotes the Israeli agenda explicitly, “But in several important ways, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies seems to have remained an organization dedicated intellectually and politically to the defense of one particular democracy.”[10] We all know what that “particular democracy” is all about by now. Judis moved on to say:

“FDD’s chief funders have been drawn almost entirely from American Jews who have a long history of funding pro-Israel organizations. They include Bernard Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, whiskey heirs Samuel and Edgar Bronfman, gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson, heiress Lynn Schusterman, Wall Street speculators Michael Steinhardt and Paul Singer, and Leonard Abramson, founder of U.S. Healthcare.

“As Eli Clifton has documented, from 2008 to 2011, the largest contributors were Abramson, Marcus, Adelson, and Singer, and businessman Newton Becker. Some of FDD’s donors, particularly in the organization’s early years, gave to a wide range of groups that back Israel, but some of them, including Marcus, Adelson, Becker, and their foundations, have also contributed to groups like the Zionist Organization of America and Christians United for Israel that are aligned with Israeli right-wing nationalists who favor a ‘greater Israel’ that includes East Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements…

“Much of FDD’s key staff was drawn from people who have focused their work on defending Israel from its critics. May’s second in command in FDD’s early years was the Israeli Nir Boms, who had worked for the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Toby Dershowitz, who spent 14 years as AIPAC’s communications head, has handled communications for FDD.

“Since its founding, FDD has been running tours of Israel for American academics (with most of their expenses paid) similar to those run for journalists and politicians by AIPAC and other groups. University of Kentucky political scientist Robert Farley, who went on an FDD tour in 2008, says ‘the goal of the trip was to inculcate a particular view of the Israeli security situation and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’ FDD’s view, Farley says, was ‘right-wing Likudnik on the relations between Israel and its neighbors and with the Palestinians.’”[11]

So, VT is right in line with what every serious journalist knows to be true, that the Israeli regime is pushing America into a bloody conflict with Iran. Politico quoted FDD saying that the Trump administration must mobilize to shake the Iranian government and spread what Howard Zinn would have probably called “quiet revolution” in the region. Trump, according to the FDD, “can use trade unions, student organizations and dissident clerics to highlight the economic, political [and] moral shortcomings of the Iranian regime.”[12]

Mike Morrell, a former deputy director of the CIA who focused heavily on Iran, saw this plan as unrealistic and worthless. “Even the discussion of regime change is damaging,” he said, “let alone a policy of regime change. A policy of regime change would be a huge strategic mistake. A huge potential downside is that you feed the hard-liners and lose the moderates. Not only are you unlikely to be successful, but you are likely to have huge blowback.”[13]

We must emphasize that VT has been saying the same thing since the beginning of time. We are being called anti-Semitic for writing the same thing that Politico is currently writing! How shameful. Perhaps the magazine should stop accusing people with little or no substance and start looking at the deeper issues that are at stake.

If something smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, should we call it a snake? If the Israeli regime is pushing the United States into perpetual wars in the Middle East and Elsewhere, should we put all the blame on the Trump administration? Sure, he is a puppet, but don’t we all know the essentially diabolical forces that are pushing him to the abyss?

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6 Responses to "Politico finally agrees with VT: Israel is pushing America into World War III"

  1. Amelius  July 5, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    That video damn near blew my mind when I heard CNN’s Van Jones say, “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger”. Especially since CNN is the biggest platform for dispensing Russia-phobia propaganda and he himself has helped push the narrative. Outside the studio he didn’t hesitate to admit that there’s nothing to it. The fact that he is willing to push dangerous, world threatening narratives that he knows are not true, just to collect his paycheque, tells of his moral bankruptcy and total lack of shame.

    I always knew the msm is totally corrupt and that “Russia-gate” is all lies, but to learn that many of the bastards pushing these lies don’t even believe the words coming out of their own mouths, that took me a little by surprise. I would rather die pennyless, than propagate falsehoods which threaten the future of our existence. They obviously do not care how their indefensible actions effect the collective consciousness. Shame on them all. Anyone who hasn’t watched the video yet, I recommend watching it.

  2. davor  July 5, 2017 at 2:34 am

    There is a saying in Montenegro it used to say (probably prior to joining NATO) especially during the USSR period, if you would ask them “How many of you are there?” It responds “us and the Russians we stand at 200 million.”
    You could probably say as well for Israelis “how many of you are there?” “us and the Americans we stand at 300 million.”
    Calling out anti-semitism randomly on anybody is a dangerous racist and territorial game the Israelis are playing. Unfortunately many nations and tribes have learned to play such games, also many not by their own will, but as a response of constant hammering.

  3. wjabbe  July 4, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    On 9/11/01, Flight 11 left Logan, Boston at 7:59 am with 81 passengers and “struck” North tower; flight 175 left Logan, Boston at 8:14am with 56 passengers and “struck” South tower at 9:03am; Flight 77 left Dulles, DC at 8:20 am with 58 passengers and “struck” the Pentagon at 9:37 am; Flight 93 left Newark,NJ with 37 passengers and “crashed” in a field at Shanksville, Pa at 10:03 am. There was no evidence any planes crashed into the Pentagon or the field at Shanksville. While physical planes were observed aiming at the towers, film after they entered showed physically impossible situations. Also Flight 93 was under passenger revolt. An interesting scenario by James Perloff suggests the three flights 11, 175 and 77 were all fly by’s which continued out over the Atlantic, flown by highly trained Israeli crews, landed on water with impaired original crews and passengers killed by gas, while the Israeli crews were picked up by a submarine. Flight 93 did not crash but was blown up, sacrificing the Israeli elite crew in order to prevent the cover for the whole operation from being exposed. James Perloff states he is one half Jew. More evidence Israel did 9/11. After the fly by the towers were Hollywood fakery.

  4. Chris Paul  July 4, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Tell Ken O’Keefe, another Celtic Warrior: not “those son of a bitches”, rather “those sons of bitches”.

  5. Cold Wind  July 4, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    I recall in interview on NPR with Henry Kissinger ( Alas. Putin’s longterm friend ), in which Kissinger stated he believed that Iran was a bigger problem for the US than ISIS. So, as we see Kissinger’s views on Iran are simpatico with Israel’s, which makes Putin’s affection for Kissinger hard to understand. Unless…

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