I owe the terrorists an apology

"Jewish State" (JS) is the world's worst terrorist group. The JDL is just a minor spin-off.
“Jewish State” (JS) is the world’s worst terrorist group. The JDL is just a minor spin-off.

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I recently published an article entitled Did B’nai B’rith, National Post, Breibart incite JDL terrorists to attack me?

In it, I recounted how B’nai B’rith Canada launched a defamatory media campaign libeling me as a supposed “holocaust denier,” in connection with my appearance at Quds Day rallies targeted by the terrorist group Jewish Defense League (JDL). When I returned from those rallies to discover that my car no longer had functioning brakes, I naturally wondered whether the JDL did it.

As it turns out, the answer is almost certainly “no.” Some of my brake lines were old and rusty, and they coincidentally happened to start leaking while I was traveling to Chicago and Toronto and speaking at rallies targeted by the JDL.

I know what you’re thinking: “Barrett is a crazy coincidence theorist.” Well, go ahead and call me names, but my rusty old segment of brake line did not show visible signs of sabotage. It looked more like it had just rusted out.

It is always possible that some ultra-sneaky JDL terrorist crawled under my vehicle, found the not-yet-replaced and therefore rusty segment of brake lines, and somehow caused the leak in a manner indistinguishable from rust damage. But I’m not giving them that much credit.

So it looks like I owe the JDL terrorists an apology.

Sorry, JDL terrorists! I can’t imagine why I would ever think you guys were capable of violence.

According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing numerous acts of terrorism within the United States.



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  1. You live in nearly the same climate as I, in Northern Michigan and that means in the winter, the roads are paved with salt. My ’06 Town and Country is turning into a rusted out hulk around the edges from it. Good thing the engine runs fine even after 192,000+ miles.
    Car manufacturers are also entrapped by safety and emissions fatwas by the ayatollahs in Washington. In the end after installing 10 air bags, anti- collision radar, backup cameras( you can barely see out the rear window), not to mention the latest in emissions standards that defy all logic, is it any wonder that the car manufacturers skimp in the most basic of parts. The emergency brake cable on my ’06 is frozen and doesn’t work so will I spend hundreds of dollars to repair it? probably not.
    Buying a new vehicle is a major rip off. They are now so expensive customers are forced to now mortgage the loan for up to 7 years to pay it off while the car has lost 50% of its value after three years. There is now talk of 8 year car loans.

    • However, the auto sales are now declining and after pumping out millions in sub prime auto loans, ( Harley Davidson has done the same thing) there are now millions of default auto loans, which are flooding the market with used vehicles, driving the prices of these down even further. dealerships have as much as 85 day inventory back up of vehicles they can’t sell and now Ford has announced the buy out of over 14,000 mid levels including lay offs.
      The auto bubble like the housing bubble is about to pop. Get ready. If you have some extra bucks saved up you could possibly scoop up a good deal on a used vehicle, that is if it hasn’t had the crap run out of it.

  2. That we must wear a seat belt or be fined, is curious when brake lines dissolve in water and salt. Maybe the air bags are required because someone cannot afford the 15 dollars extra for stainless brake lines.
    Selling vehicles with dissolving brake lines is fraud and reckless endangerment, and even could be attempted murder.

    • That’s what my mechanic said. He always installs copper brake lines, which don’t dissolve. He says the only reason the other kind are still sold is that they make more money because they rust out and have to be replaced. He agreed with me that messing with people’s brakes is one heck of a way to make money!! The executives of the companies selling these brake lines, which are designed to rust out and fall apart, should be sharing a cell with the JDL.

    • Consider what happens to older vehicles using10%- 15% methanol gas and the rubber lines dissolving. which brings up another topic that I won’t get into.
      I’m surprised that during oil changes your mechanic didn’t spot this unless the damage occurred quite suddenly.
      The problem with owning older vehicles is that parts underneath have a habit of going bad all at once. Replace the struts and you have to also replace tie rods, linkages etc. Brakes: a whole host of parts that will need to be replaced.
      Better hope the tranny in your car doesn’t go belly up.Ouch!

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