Middle East Bankers Behind Jacob Zuma’s White Hate Speech And Land Grabs


by Katherine Frisk: 

South Africans Protest Zuma-Gupta State Capture

Who is behind Jacob Zuma’s  Proposed Land “Expropriation Without Compensation? ” The same people who are behind Islamic State.

The same people who have been behind the land grabs in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria over the last six years and intend to extend their resource theft across the whole of North Africa, doing to Orthodox Christian Ethiopia what has been done to Christians by Islamic State Terrorists in recent years , are also aiming at the southern regions of Africa, namely South Africa, through their stooge Jacob Zuma, who in order to achieve their aims has gone on a massive “hate the whites,” rant and Mugabe clone land grab rhetoric. 

As I wrote in my article “Get Out Now! And Spitting Cobras An’All,”  white South Africans have been in the country much the same as Americans, Canadians and Australians since 1652, while the Bantu tribes are also immigrants who migrated at the same time from central Africa down into the southern regions of South Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries. Before that the real indigenous people of this region were the Bushmen of the Kalahari.

Zuma’s proposed land grabs are not only illegal under terms of South African history but also under international law, and if anything are a declaration of civil war in a country that like Canada, the US and Australia is multi-cultural, multi-racial and  mutli-religious, and has been for almost 400 years. Unless you are a Bushman….

If we follow the paper trail of Jacob Zuma through his puppeteer Gupta, it leads us to India, Pakistan, Qatar, Dubai and Switzerland.

Not surprisingly is also leads to the same banking interests behind Islamic State extremists who have been laundering narcotics and human trafficking proceeds to fund their illegal terror operations that have caused such devastation in the Middle East.

What does become very clear is that it has very little to do with South Africans, white or black, and a lot more to do with the policies of those who have funded, armed, trained and supported Islamic State groups over the last six years.

As I write this there is much finger pointing between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both countries who have supported the Muslim Brotherhood franchises such as Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and Islamic state in their  “religious jihad,” which is nothing of the sort, but is instead an expression of pure greed and power as it is across the whole of Northern Africa, supported by covert intelligence agencies controlled by the CIA and Mossad mercenaries and Gulf State, European and American bankers. Multiculturalism is international and crosses border lines. The criminals in society today cannot be defined by race, religion or nationality.

If we dig deep enough, the same can be said for South Africa. Zuma’s land grab policies have less to do with “hate the whites,” and a lot more to do with banking interests in India, Pakistan, Switzerland and the Middle East and their crusade to take over resources in the whole of Africa, especially businesses and land owned by the middle class, black, white and “liquorice allsorts”  in line with a NWO Corporate Fascist model that has swept the western world like a swarm of locusts, devouring all small, medium and large privately owned farms, businesses and industries.

Often ignored is that is was black Zimbabweans who have suffered more under Jesuit Robert Mugabe than the whites who were thrown off their farms, millions of whom fled to South Africa   as refugees. At one stage the Methodist church in the centre of Johannesburg was converted into a refugee haven for black Zimbabweans fleeing their own country. In the future the situation could get far worse with millions fleeing Islamic State terrorism in North and central Africa down into South Africa in the hope of finding safety and security.

Under the guise of Islamic extremism, terrorist organizations such as  Boko Haram and UNITA mercenaries for hire who  also have links to Gulf State oil oligarchs and bankers,  Israeli war profiteering  and blood diamond dealers (who are in bed with ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe rigging their elections,) Casino Kings like Sheldon Adelson and corporations like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, anyone who thinks that Zuma’s “hate the whites and grab the land”policies are a one-dimensional ANC political tool, needs to go back to school.

South Africans At A Rugby Match

The biggest threat is that South Africans of all race groups will fall for the rhetoric and turn on each other, either becoming the white racist fear mongering of the right or the black reverse racist threats on the left..

In the process they will sign, seal and deliver their own destruction in a civil war handed on a plate to those who really want to take over all the land and resources.

If you stand back and put all these pieces together, you will realize that “the hate the whites” rhetoric and the land grab claims are controlled by what is now commonly known as the International Deep State, and not by the ANC or its original policies and mandate. If anything Zuma’s recent turn guided by the hand of the Gupta family, betrays everything that the ANC had always stood for. Oliver Thambo and Nelson Mandela would be turning in their graves.

In this case it is not the Yankies who are coming, it is the Arab-Gulf State–oligarchical mindset in collusion with interests in Pakistan, India, Swiss Banks banks and covert CIA and Mossad mercenary operatives who intend to colonize Africa and steal all its resources. Take the Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq models and extend it  to the whole of the African continent.

As another point of interest, Arabs have been enslaving Africans for thousands of years long before they sold them to white traders in the 15th century who took them across the ocean to North America. Slavery even today, as we have seen with the Islamic State sex slave markets, has been an inherent part of the Middle East since Biblical times. Laws governing the ownership of slaves  was part and parcel of the laws of Moses, was never part of the Christian creed (baned internationally by Protestant British Christians in 1830,)  though it is still part of some, not all, Islamic doctrines.

One has to wonder if Jacob Zuma is fully aware of what he has got into bed with? If Zulu women do not start paying attention soon, they could find themselves walking around dressed up in tents, eating the leftover scraps from all meals in a back room somewhere separated form their husbands, or their heads chopped off for taking part in traditional Zulu dances.

Gupta, Gupta And Gupta

But for now, let’s follow the Zuma-Gupta paper trail. 

Jacob Zuma is owned and controlled by the Gupta family who come from Uttar Pradesh in India  and have been in the country since 1993. They are not South Africans.  The Gupta’s are:

“… controversial for their close relationship with South African president Jacob Zuma. The  Gupta family owns a business empire spanning computer equipment, media and mining. In 2016 Atul Gupta became the 7th wealthiest person in South Africa with an estimated net worth of R10.7 billion (US$773.47 million), based on JSE-listed holdings.”

If the ANC wants to start with land, mining and industrial “grabs” and nationalize them, he should perhaps consider starting with alien immigrants, the Gupta’s themselves. If anything this ANC policy is designed to take away ownership from indigenous born and bred middle class South Africans of all race groups, and put it into the hands not of  South Africans, but in the hands of people like Gupta and their international banking associates in the Gulf States, Pakistan , India and Zürich, a similar situation to what we have seen occur in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe and his close ties to blood diamond dealers and international corporations.

Gupta’s propaganda media is not surprisingly called The New Age. And not surprisingly, like CNN, it is considered to be fake news by the South African public. However in Qatar, funders of Islamic State terrorists that have destroyed Syria,  Al Jazeera English – promoters of the White Helmets, has alleged that Zuma’s close relationship with the Guptas has “translated into friendly coverage in the outlets they own,” specifically ANN7 and the New Age. Here we have a direct association between Qatar, Islamic State terrorism, the White Helmets, Gupta and in turn Jacob Zuma. Can you say “Muslim Brotherhood?”

South Africans may support the Palestinian cause, but under no circumstances do they, unlike Gupta and Zuma by collusion with these people, support the funding, training and arming if Islamic State terrorism by vested interest in Qatar and the UAE, or Israel supporting these same murderers on the Golan heights against the Syrian army that has fought terrorism for the last six years.

The “new age,”as most informed people know, is based on the NWO, an international, corporate, fascist model of hegemonic and monopolistic ownership by banks and corporations of all resources and property ownership, leaving the majority in a feudal system  of slavery.  It has no skin colour, religion or nationality, though in order to achieve its aims, it hides behind all three and sets one group against another.  In South Africa’s case, promoting “white hate speech” and land grabs of private property, later to be put into the hands of Gupta and their associates in banks in the UAE , Qatar and Switzerland…. home of the Knights of Malta.

Connecting it all is the western fiat, debt based banking system connected to the BIS, World Bank and IMF, who in turn are controlled by the Zionist Bankers, the Vatican and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Gulf State Monarchies and the Muslim Brotherhood since the institution of the petro dollar, have been incorporated into and have major shareholdings in the western banking system, including in places like Switzerland, Germany, the city of London and the USA. The Gupta’s are the henchmen of this world-wide vampire squid. This includes any and all efforts to put a wedge between South Africa and their membership in the gold backed BRICS bank which was supposed to be in operation in Johannesburg in 2016… but has since screeched to a halt. ….?

Here are some more connections: 

Habib Bank Zurich Switzerland

Zuma is connected to Gupta who is connected to Hamza Farooqui and Salim Essa who made a bid to buy Habib Overseas Bank.  in South Africa, claiming to have “black interests at heart.”

Does this include chopping off their heads and forcing black African women to walk around in tents? As well as sex slave markets for infidels and child marriages? 

Hamza Farooqui’s  parents come from Pakistan and he was born in Swaziland. Like Gupta he is not an indigenous South African and is a recent immigrant. His father worked for Credit Suisse and then for Habib Bank for 22 years. His intentions are to give his father an active role in Habib Bank South Africa. Farooqui is a Muslim and owns an Islamic Radio station, no doubt approved by Qatar and Al Jazeera. 

Salim Essa, has recently been implicated in diverting billions in Transnet government contracts to offshore accounts. Basically asset stripping South Africa, as Islamic State has asset stripped Syria and Aleppo in particular. 

Sate Capture

The Gupta brief is “Sate Capture,”as the state has been captured in the EU, The USA, Canada and many other countries where politicians are bought and paid for by the banks and the corporations and dictate government policy. Keeping the above in mind, consider the most recent events in South Africa concerning Zuma and Gupta. Pay special attention to the Gulf State connections, emphasis mine. From Wikipeadia: 

The Three Stooges

“In 2016 a series of allegations of the Guptas’ influence over appointments to the South African Cabinet came to the fore. Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor claimed that in 2010 the Guptas had offered her the position of Minister of Public Enterprises, provided that she arranged for South African Airways to drop their India route, allowing a Gupta linked company (Jet Airways) to take on the route. She said she declined the offer, which occurred at the Guptas’ Saxonwold residence, while President Zuma was in another room. This came a few days before a cabinet reshuffle in which minister Barbara Hogan was dismissed by Zuma. The Gupta family denied that the meeting took place and denied offering Vytijie a ministerial position. President Zuma claimed that he had no recollection of Vytjie Mentor.

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas confirmed media reports that he had been offered the ministerial position by the Guptas shortly before the disastrous dismissal of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene in December 2015, but had rejected the offer out of hand as “it makes a mockery of our hard-earned democracy‚ the trust of our people and no one apart from the President of the Republic appoints ministers”. The Gupta family denied offering Jonas the job of Finance Minister. 

The Sunday Times has reported that the Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane, and then Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, David van Rooyen (who was controversially appointed by President Zuma as Minister of Finance in December 2015) met with members of the Gupta family in Dubai. Van Rooyen allegedly met with them only a few days after his unsuccessful appointment to be Minister of Finance on the 20 December 2015. Minister Zwane assisted in the sale of a large coal mine to a Gupta owned company.

Former bodyguards of the Gupta family have stated that they often saw important government officials, such as Hlaudi Motsoeneng the COO of the state broadcaster the SABC, and large amounts of money in cash moving out of the Gupta’s Saxonwold estate. The bodyguards also stated that Ajay Gupta would visit President Zuma up to three times a week until 2015 at the presidential guest house in Pretoria. A spokesperson for president Zuma denies that the visits ever happened.

Ranjeni Munusamy of the Daily Maverick has stated the “Gupta family has effectively usurped the function of the ANC deployment committee” thereby undermining the party’s ability to independently and legitimately select senior ministers and executives in government and state owned companies.

The Gupta’s alleged influence was the subject of an investigation into “state capture” by outgoing Public ProtectorThuli Madonsela. President Zuma and Minister Des van Rooyen applied for an interdict to prevent the publication of the report on 14 October 2016, Madonsela’s last day in office. Van Rooyen’s application was dismissed, and the President withdrew his application, leading to the release of the report on 2 November. The report recommends the establishment of a judicial commission of enquiry into the issues identified….

Ajay and Atul Gupta along with other members of the family were reported to have left South Africa for Dubai. Julius Malema of the EFF, claimed that president Zuma illegally took out R6 billion (US$400 million) of the Gupta’s money for them from South Africa when he visited the United Arab Emirates in March 2016….

In late May 2017 a number of emails were leaked to the public from the Gupta’s and their associates implicating them in efforts to appoint government ministers and heads of government owned companies in addition to coordinating activities with political figures associated with President Zuma for their own personal gain. Most notable were efforts to appoint Gupta friendly executives for TransnetEskom, the appointment of Mosebenzi Zwane as minister of mineral resourcesThe ANC Youth League and the pro-Gupta, political party Black First Land First(BLF)…

(Editor interrupts: ….Pro Gupta or bought and paid for stooges of Qatar, UAE, Gulf States, Pakistan, Indian and Zürich bankers?)

… disputed the authenticity of the emails whilst the Communist Party of South Africa stated that the emails “look genuine.”…. 

…Notable ANC members Ahmed Kathrada and Derek Hanekom called on the ANC to address public concerns relating to Zuma’s relationship with the Gupta family. Prior to criticising financial institutions for refusing to do business with Oakbay the trade union COSATU called for president Zuma to distance himself from the Gupta family. Following Kathrada’s death in March 2017, Zuma was not invited to his funeral at Kathradas family’s request due to Zuma’s controversial relationship with the Gupta family, and former president Kgalema Motlanthe read an open letter that Kathrada had published a year before his death calling on Zuma to resign. 

hacktivist group claiming to be associated with the African chapter of Anonymous launched a number of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on websites associated with the Gupta family in mid-June 2016. Gupta owned companies targeted included the websites of Oakbay Investments, Oakbay Resources and Energy, The New Age, IT firm Sahara, and ANN7.

The South African artist Ayanda Mabulu exhibited a controversial painting criticizing president Zuma’s controversial and close relationship with the Guptas. The painting portrayed president Zuma performing an act of anilingus on Atul Gupta in the cockpit of an airplane against a backdrop of the ANC flag.

President Zuma’s relationship with the family became a campaign issue that negatively affected the ANC’s performance in the 2016 South African municipal elections.

Following the dismissal of Gordan as Minister of Finance in April 2017 anti-Zuma protests were held across South Africa including in front of the Gupta family estate in Johannesburg. “

If there is a war going on in South Africa, it is not a war between South Africans, be they black or white or licorice allsorts,  it is a war between South Africans of all race groups against international bankers and corporations, and in this case specifically Indian, Pakistani, Gulf State and Zürich Islamic bankers, the same banks who have had vested interests in Islamic State Muslim Brotherhood terrorism and asset stripping countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jacob Zuma is playing their tune.


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  1. Greetings Katherine and get a hold of yourself. I have been married to two Christian women, one is Protestant and the other Catholic. Both are still Christians. I challenge you to come up with one verse of the Quraan that orders Muslims to kill Christians. You are full of it. That is absolute ignorance on your side and with all the Muslims dying protecting the Christians of the ME from ISIS, you come across as insincere because you can not be that ignorant. You need to stop connecting the dots and dig deeper into your subject matter. You are doing a great deal of harm here my lady.
    My wife’s cousins live in South Africa and I know very well the difference between the South African Christians and the Afrikaners. The British have been calling, for the longest time since 1952, on the Africaners to abolish apartheid. Katherine, you are not the only one that lived in Africa or was born in Africa. As for slavery, do you mean to say that only the Muslims dealt in slavery. It is time for you as a Christian to pull back your projections off of Muslims. Evil as it may seem slavery was an economic system back then just as it is today, or have you not noticed.
    A wise person said once: when you think you are absolutely sure you know the truth, you are absolutely wrong. Get off this “I am right because I read something.” Even connecting the dots requires an ordered sequence. Peace.

  2. I find the above material all rather hysterical, to be honest. This and the last “article” written by this person.

    The plenty of South Africans I know and have dealings with – of Dutch heritage for the most part (they’re the interesting and fun ones!) – other than feeling the need, understandably, to maintain ready access to their firearms in the case of rural dwellers, haven’t the least concern about this guy, whatsoever. They’re ready to kick ass, though, should push come to shove.

    And it’s “writing” like this that stirs up the real trouble. What sad nonsense – it reeks of “have you seen me?” as the French say. But you’d be perfect for The Onion as soon as Gordon and company slap you on the wrists again, darling.

  3. Part 4: I have included a link to a translation of “The Covenant of Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World” written over 1400 years ago. It is nothing short of a bill of rights. If you read it you will realise that faithful Muslims are not your enemy, but the satanists among the Muslims are just like the satanists among the Christians, they are the enemy of Jews, Christians, Muslims and every human being. Satanists are the enemies of life itself. Unite through knowledge of one another. Unite through compassion towards one another. Unite through love of one another. All we have left, if we let it crash all around us, will be one another. So let us be One to help keep it from crashing.
    www(dot)covenantsoftheprophet (dot)com.

    • How can we unite in fear or lethargy Khalid? How can one teach a caterpillar to be a butterfly or an elected Government to be incorruptible? We have been well played throughout history and were transformed into a life form of dependency to protect only oneself’s fragile body at all costs or the Ones close to us.
      We are taught to believe in ourselves without the knowledge of what we actually are. We are caterpillars designing wings, patents and copyrights. Learn to fly in gravity, invent laws of flight and codes of operation and die in vain because all dreams were dreams while not even noticing that we were perfect butterflies in the first place just dreaming of being a fat caterpillar.

    • Greetings Eduardo… first unite with your creator then realize that depending only on yourself is a form of isolation that serves satan pick us one at a time. Watch the movies Hacksaw Ridge. It will explain to you what I mean. Time to unite. Peace my brother.

  4. Part 3: 3. Counsel oppressors and if need be, and as a last resort, fight them on the side of the oppressed. 4. Protect nature and all its creatures. It is easy to see that the Silk Road project, the Bricks gold based bank, Russia in Syria is in line with the Islamic Law, Allah’s Law. The law of human preservation.

    Katherine, I wish to see you expand your knowledge of true Islam. Look at the example of its prophet, beyond the MSM, for they made Jesus peace upon him into a sodomite, why not a pedophile out of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They always accuse others of their own sins. Prophet Muhammad never had a slave. He was gifted with so many and freed them all. The man refused his daughter’s request for a hired servant. On his death bed he asked for someone to pay his debt of two bits.
    Your lack of understanding of Islam combined with the permeating distrust Christians have for organized religion, causes you to fluctuate between truth and fiction doing more damage to our unity as human beings.

    • Regardless of the subject matter, my good man, I regret to tell you that you’re hitting your noggin – hard – against a brick wall when dealing with this particular wrong ‘un. Be assured of that.

    • Mr. Jang … it must be a blessing knowing what is the wrong un and perhaps the right one too. It must be nice to have every vantage point in the universe to display such confidence in your perception. I personally have stopped hitting my noggin against the wall of my silly ego.

  5. Part 2: So now that the corrupt Muslim zionist are in South Africa you are incensed Kathrine because it’s her turn. You should be incensed as I am. But to keep saying it is the fault of Islam and keep mixing metaphors back and forth only indicates your fear and ignorance of Islam. When fear and ignorance get together, they have a child called bigotry. I am afraid of the length the Kingdom of Saudi Judaea will go to to preserve their riches by serving zionists in Israel. With Christianity under the cleaver of the Black Pope, Islam as I know it and a great deal of Christians don’t, is the only thing that is keeping satan at bay.
    Most VT readers know that the epic battle ahead, is between satan and humanity, he longs to prove Allah, as Jesus would have called Him, wrong in preferring manking over the Demons. We all know this as you demonstrated in concluding your article.
    So all of humanity needs to unite against the satanics amongst us. We first do this by knowing the truth about each other and then uniting. So let me start by saying that what China and Russia are doing is in total accord with the broad lines of Islamic Doctine or Islamic Law or Sharia (the law) in dealing with other nations. What are these fundamental laws? 1. Trade with other nations fairly and with accord. 2. Protect the right of indeginous people to live as they wish on their land and protect their resources from exploitation.

  6. Let me reverse roles here. The extent of projection and self pitty the White Christians exhibt never ceases to amaze me. The White Christian rule of South Africa is famous for its hatred and disdain for anyone who is not a pure White. Not even a black Christian or a “Licorice” gets a little love.
    The White Christians, just in the last 400 hundred years, since the Glorious Revolution, have reverted to Talmudism, playing the role of satan’s helper to the detriment of their own people. Yes, there were white slaves that manned the false flag ships of the demon Queen. The White Christian banks have gone around the World starting wars in Algiers, Lybia enslaved Egyptian to build the Suez canal for the Rothchilds, killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, did what they did to China, Russia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kongo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and even installing the Kingdom of Saudi Judaea to corrupt Islam from within not to mention the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood and, I have the pictures to prove it. As if it was not enough for those Christian Zionist terrorists to plunder foreign lands, they balkanized Germany in two massive tribal wars with countless deaths and unspeakable misery and we all know the story.

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