Will the real Paul Joseph Watson please stand up?

This man is really confused.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


E. Michael Jones wrote way back in 2008 that “when I hear an American talk about the dangers of ‘Islamofascism,’ I think it’s an infallible sign that I am in the presence of either a propagandist, an intellectual coward or a useful idiot.”[1]

Paul Joseph Watson is British, and that statement also applies to him. We have discussed some of the ridiculous ideas that PJW, Robert Spencer, and Alex Jones have been proposing in the past, and those who need to see a full discussion on these issues can click here and here.

It appears that PJW is intellectually getting crazier. Donald Trump has recently said: “The defense of the West ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail.” Trump here is lying precisely because Americans and Europeans have never asked for perpetual wars in the Middle East. Josh Lowe of Newsweek responded to Trump’s speech by saying,

President Donald Trump just delivered a long speech in Warsaw. Part Polish history lesson, part foreign policy address, part full-throated call to ‘defend the West’ (whatever that might mean), you’d be forgiven for finding it a little confusing.”

This statement is somewhat ambiguous. But how does PJW respond? Listen to him very carefully:

“Perhaps Lowe has been living under a rock for the past two years during which western countries have been rocked by endless Islamic terror attacks and a wave of millions of economic migrants that has seen violent crime and sexual assaults in major cities skyrocket.”

Will this man ever stop deluding himself? Can he not see that perpetual wars in the Middle East fuel so-called “Islamic terror attacks”? What about Israeli terror attacks?[2] Does he mean to tell us that he doesn’t know about the Lavon Affair and other Israeli terrorist acts?[3] What about terrorist apologists in the United States? What about our own politicians, who are currently supporting ISIS in Syria? Why can’t this man address the issue?

Even the Wall Street Journal, of all places, does a better job than PJW because they reluctantly reported that Israel has been supporting the bad guys in Syria.[4] In the same vein, former Mossad director Efraim Halevy agrees that Israel has been supporting al-Qaeda supporters on the Israeli borders in order to overthrow the Assad government.

Why hasn’t JPW or even Alex Jones talked about this? Do they want to entertain us all by saying that they do not know? And if they do know, aren’t they withholding important information from their precious supporters?

For example, Jewish Neocon Daniel Pipes declared unequivocally that the West should support both the Assad government and the terrorist groups in the region so that they could end up killing themselves! Pipes meant it when he said: “The West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’”[5]

Was Pipes aware that this was an essentially diabolical plan? Well, let us allow him to unravel that puzzle for us: “This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic.”[6]

No matter how you cut this, Pipes and his brethren are a threat to Western Civilization precisely because they are attacking the moral and political order.

Now, if PJW wants to understand the fundamental issue and fails to mention the people who are bringing Western Civilization down, then we can say with certainty that he is either a propagandist or a useful idiot, or something equally worse.

PJW quotes Trump saying, “Every foot of ground, and every last inch of civilization, is worth defending with your life.” Does Assad have the right to say the same thing? Do countries in the Middle East have the right to use Trump’s model here?

PJW thinks that Trump’s statement here is “a universally agreeable notion,” but the last fifteen years or so have taught us that this is a categorical lie. It is not a “universally agreeable notion” when the United States and England cannot stop destroying countries in the Middle East for Israel and expect to endure until the end. It ain’t gonna happen. And people like PJW need to wake up. He needs to stop living in a matrix called “Prison Planet.”

PJW declared that “Newsweek has been a mouthpiece for globalist talking points since its inception.” I agree. But what about Trump? How can PJW get out of the fact that perpetual wars are essentially part of the globalist agenda? And didn’t Trump say that he is now a “nationalist and a globalist” at the same time?[7]


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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Since you mention Pipes (who is Jewish), it is worth mentioning that the surname Watson can be Jewish according to David Zubatsky’s and Irwin Berent’s _Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories_ [surnames listed, hopefully for posterity, here: Great quote that of E. Michael Jones: “when I hear an American talk about the dangers of ‘Islamofascism,’ I think it’s an infallible sign that I am in the presence of either a propagandist, an intellectual coward or a useful idiot”. I had reached the same conclusion. Thank you for your great educational work.

  2. Alex Jones has always been an Israeli shill because years ago when I first found his site he had advertisements for Jewish companies. I called them out on it and those ads just ‘disappeared’. BTW VT – it`s hard to comment at the top and post when ads are covering up the post link.


    Jones was all about ego from the git-go. Everything exposed from Waco to Gitmo. He was good. No mistake about that. Boot into the Bilderbergs, NeoCons, the 9/11 cover-up. Good, and damn good. Then something happened. Somebody started stroking his ego, and built him up – as well as his bank account, like a Lego set into a devious, devilish, shekel-grabbing clone. The change was almost imperceptible but you could sense it in the changes – the larger studios, more air-time, very professionally done. He pushes a line of advertising as if it were the be all and end all of financing InfoWars. Hogwash on analysis. They tweaked his style, the thrust of his questions, his caginess, his ignorant manner of cutting guests to the quick when he wished to change topic. It created a sense of void. Some piece of the Jones puzzle was missing. And the void was Israel and Israel being everything was portrayed as nothing. Watson, again an outstanding mind is nothing more than a press puppet, nay, a prostitute protege, a deft Zionist spin-meister pushing Islamophobia to the point of narcissism – his raison d’etre; an idiot id, surviving solely on subtle skill for a swindled shekel. Clowns. How bizarre. How bizarre.

    “Ring master steps out and says “the elephants left town”
    People jump and jive, but the clowns have stuck around
    TV news and cameras, there’s choppers in the sky
    Marines, police, reporters ask where, for and why? – OMC

  4. PJW and AJ are both useful idiots for Zionism. Betting that PJW’s biggest monetary contributors are from israel. . As for Jones, his day may be coming to an end.
    The rubbish that spews from Watson’s lips are nothing more than worthless mental diarrhea.
    Unfortunately both of the them have a millions of fans, mostly, near literate and ignorant.
    I like to listen to Watson’s ranting once in a while just for a little comedic relief.

  5. The fake war on terror has become the most convenient war for US, where targets and enemies don’t exist outside the economic sphere or picking them independently of their act. This has now become a vampire’s ball, a growing addiction that cannot be treated within community. I have warned what “United” stands for and how it turned itself gradually into “universally agreeable notions and values” starting from Kingdom then States and then Nations. Once you remove the “United” it all comes very clear.

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