Will Trump tweet unleash World War 3?


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By Kevin  Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Donald Trump has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later…at least when he’s firing tweets at his enemies. Might he one day do the same thing with nuclear missiles?

When Ronald Reagan did a microphone check “we begin bombing in five minutes” most people were pretty sure he was probably joking. But if Trump starts tweeting that kind of stuff, look out! The Russians, Chinese, and  North Koreans might have to take it seriously.

In today’s False Flag Weekly News, Professor Anthony Hall and I looked at Trump’s world-destabilizing Twitter habit; the likelihood that any “surgical strike” on North Korea would quickly go nuclear; and the pathetic hopelessness of the US “missile shield” that was supposed to stop nukes like North Korea’s, but probably couldn’t prevent a seagull turd unleashed at an altitude of 500 feet from landing right smack in the middle of Donald Trump’s toupé.

We also consider many other hot spots where incipient global war may be festering, including the plateau in the Himalayas where Russian and Chinese troops are physically assaulting each other (non-lethally, so far); China’s move to push the US out of Pakistan; Germany’s unleashing nuke-capable submarines on Israel (with Bibi pocketing massive kickbacks); and of course the endless chemical weapons false flags against Syria.

And there are a few dozen more important stories I won’t bother to summarize here. Just watch the show!

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Trump marginalized at G20 summit – will he take revenge on the world?

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  1. India is part of BRICS new alternative bank which wants a return to the gold standard. They seem to be united with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and have been planning a reset for many years. The Chinese yuan has recently been included as an sdr.Politicians are used to extend foreign policy. It is sad that children are being reared in families where often the only way their Dad can get a job is by joining the army. Thou shalt not kill has been a premise of all doctrines Christian, Indigneous, Buddhist, Muslim etc. The blogger sorcha faal and Rafapal have been covering this. I am not an expert on any of these issues. There is so much information on the net. Money seems to always have been the route of all evil.

  2. So, I go to President Trump’s twitter site and there is no such post. The picture of Donald Trump isn’t the same either. Could this all be fabricated like most of our MSM?

  3. The U.S. has been very lucky so far that in past wars there has been little damage and death to property and humans on the homeland itself with the exceptions of Pearl Harbor, 9/11/01 attacks and the Civil War which was fought on the homeland. Does this mean one can safely assume the same will be true in a future war? No it does not. Defense systems and offense systems can only be truly tested accurately in a war time situation not a computer simulation which requires many unwarranted assumptions. These military systems are all vulnerable to both nature, moisture, temperature variations, insects, ants, roaches, rodents, mice, rats, snakes and so on in addition to human failures. Many have likely been sitting unprotected from the elements. Who knows it they will work as planned? Oh, and how did the four star generals do “defending” the country on 9/11/01? Did you observe them shoot down any of those planes which attacked the towers? How about arrest any of the Israelis found at the crime scene? One can be sure America won’t be so lucky in any future world wars. Were Bush and Cheney arrested?

    • Every American, especially Adolf Trump, should take a look at the pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima after Truman nuked them in 1945. Multiply this by about 1000 in your minds and then extrapolate to the situation in the US today. How many Americans are prepared for this? How many have a deep bunker they can hide safely in, fully stocked with food and booz and so on like the politicians in DC? It is very very foolish to talk about world war so flippantly as is being done in the lying media today and by Adolf Trump. How would you like to be living in the top of Trump Tower when it got nuked in the cesspool New York? Anyone surviving such an attack will pray the Good Lord give them death.

  4. The smart Trump supporters are now ex-Trump-supporters. The dumb ones have migrated over to Fox or the “conspiracy” Fox spin-offs like Breitbart and Infowars.

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