Russia outsmarts the Neocon establishment and warmongers at the G20 meeting

CNN declared: “The Russians telegraphed in advance of the meeting that their agenda was to 1) publicly mend the relationship, 2) gain a better understanding of US policy, and 3) discuss joint concerns over terrorism. They scored on all three.”

So, what’s the next move?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Robert Parry has recently written that MSM is still under the umbrella of “propaganda-ville.” The same thing could be said of CNN, the Zionist outlet that has been proved to be on the wrong side of history over and over again.

One CNN producer and one commentator have admitted that the “Russian thing” is “bullshit” and “nothing burger,” but CNN is still perpetuating the “Russian thing.” Instead of presenting serious evidence which incontrovertibly shows that Russia meddle in the election, CNN declared:

“Most Americans, save a few people including the President of the United States, are confident that Putin led the Russian intervention into the American election and into many other elections around the world.”[1]

Well, I am not one of those Americans. And there are plenty of us out there. Furthermore, CNN did not give us the polls which point to this nebulous idea. CNN obviously knows better. They are aware that the United States has been meddling in foreign affairs since the beginning of time, but CNN would not go after the United States for doing so because the US obviously represents the interest of a powerful entity named Israel.

CNN has come up with a new categorical lie. Putin trapped Putin during the G20 meeting, and Trump fell for it:

“Putin may have less of a warm diplomatic bedside manner, but he understands the art of presentation and how to set a trap. And set a trap is exactly what he just did.”[2]

CNN declared: “The Russians telegraphed in advance of the meeting that their agenda was to 1) publicly mend the relationship, 2) gain a better understanding of US policy, and 3) discuss joint concerns over terrorism. They scored on all three.”[3]

Well, if Russian officials can score “on all three,” then they have obviously outsmarted the Neocon establishment and warmongers in the United States! Go Russia!

[1] Jen Psaki, “Putin set a trap and Trump fell into it,” CNN, July 8, 2017.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

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4 Responses to "Russia outsmarts the Neocon establishment and warmongers at the G20 meeting"

  1. wjabbe  July 9, 2017 at 2:53 am

    The point is the U.S. Military is now a criminal enterprise, blatantly lying to all recruits, that it is operating in the interests of the United States under the rules of the Constitution when in fact it is operating under the direction of criminals in Israel for the benefit of greater Israel. 9/11/01 was planned and carried out by Israel. There is a mountain of evidence to prove it. Why have none of those criminals been arrested and brought before a grand jury and tried in federal courts? Answer: Because, as Ken O’Keefe, former U.S. Marine stated, Israel owns the U.S. now. They have hi jacked our country and no one cares. The whores in Congress let it happen. Our country is gone folks. Only the people who are citizens of the U.S. can reverse this take over of our country. Israelis are masters at deception and lying and cheating.

    • wjabbe  July 9, 2017 at 3:03 am

      Boycott the U.S. Military. Do not join up and surrender your life and your honor for greater Israel. Israel is a pariah state. It steals land from neighbors and blames them for the crime! It has illegal nuclear bombs but refuses to sign the non proliferation treaty and allow international inspections. It treats the Palestinians like human garbage. It constantly uses the WWII sympathy scam to bring in money from fooled sympathizers while using the exact same tactics of Adolf Hitler against everyone else on the planet and worse. All they learned from Nazi, Germany is how to copy Adolf. Today we have Adolf Netanyahu, Adolf Trump and Adolf Erdogan the major criminals on the world criminal scene raping people and planet with impunity. Do not join our corrupt military machine and aid these criminals in their evil endeavor to destroy American and take over the world.

    • wjabbe  July 9, 2017 at 3:17 am

      The arrests of Bush, Cheney and every four star general of the U.S. is long overdue along with the delayed grand jury hearings and trials of all these international criminals and life sentences in jail. The department of Injustice in America has sold out their meaningless oaths too and ordinary citizens are not empowered to convene grand juries. So how can one rectify the take over of America in a legal peaceful way when the criminals have used extortion and force and Mafia tactics to take over the country? Oh, how did the four star generals do “defending” America from external attack on 9/11/01? They obviously did nothing and stood down or were ordered to do so. They are total traitors either way. All of them should be sitting in a jail cell or facing a firing squad. The most basic function of the four star generals is to protect the country from external attack and no one is empowered, even the President. to order them to stand down from this responsibility period. They failed, obviously, they did nothing. They are all traitors to America. Shame on them.

  2. kaho  July 9, 2017 at 12:05 am

    ” We are confident that …”
    This expression reminds me how easy it is to fool the overconfident into drawing false conclusions

    ORIGIN: Latin confidere, formed as con- + fidere trust.

    Same origin as “faith”, ORIGIN: Anglo-Norman fed, Old French feid, feit ( -θ), from Latin fides, from var. of base also of fidus trustworthy, fidere to trust.

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