The Rise against globalism and capitalism in Hamburg

If Donald Trump is serious about preserving Western Civilization, then he has to attack the capitalist system and replace it with the system that had kept Europe alive long before there was Capitalism or Communism.

Protesters in Hamburg, Germany, 2017.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


History often repeats itself, largely because people fail to learn from the past. Remember the Hep-Hep riot in 1819 in Germany? Once the mob and the middle class realized that they were economically being reduced to rubble and abject poverty through cheating and other sophisticated mean, and once they stumbled upon the real perpetrators, chaos loomed. E. Michael Jones writes,

“Police officers were beaten and thrown to the ground and a military unit which the police called for help was met with a hail of rocks. Ten of the rioters were arrested, and six of them held in jail. The mob then attacked the house of Theresie Huegelin, where the Jew Abraham Loeb Brueckner ran a junk shop.

“After breaking down the door of Brueckner’s shop, the mob smashed the store windows, as well as the windows on the second floor of the building. During the rioting, one of the protesters insulted the royal city commissioner by shouting ‘Hep-Hep’ in his face, and then laughing shouted tauntingly ‘arrest me’…

“The tumult grew so large on August 4 that the president of the council was forced to call in reinforcements. Signs of Jewish businesses were ripped down and trampled on. Finally, the rioters invaded the house of Moises Forchheimer. Forchheimer was not at home at the time, but his wife, who was, was forced to pay the rioters 60 pennies to get rid of them…

“Of the 16 men arrested for rioting in Frankfurt, 15 had either already declared bankruptcy or they were unemployed former soldiers, day laborers or street urchins, a group of people, in other words, who in the best of times were at the periphery of the economy and were being pushed into penury by the influx the lower class Jews who undercut their tenuous connection to the local economy.”[1]

One of the main reasons for the Hep-Hep riot again was that the Jewish oligarchs began to cheat the system and sucked the blood out of the middle class. This was never an isolated case. Centuries earlier, we find the same phenomenon in Poland, most particularly during the 1600s. As we saw in the previous article, Jewish historiographer Heinrich Graetz declared that once the Jews began to immerse themselves in the study of the Talmud, wickedness became the rule and not the exception. They immediately began to cheat the system.

We are seeing almost the same thing in Hamburg, Germany. “Rallying against global capitalism, protesters played a game of cat and mouse with riot police as they tried to shut down major streets and disrupt the first day of the Group of 20 summit… In some parts of Hamburg, smoke billowed from cars set ablaze. Armoured police vehicles fanned out across the city and helicopters patrolled overhead. At least 175 officers — and many protesters — were reported injured since clashes began late Thursday, and about 100 protesters had been arrested, police said Friday evening.”[2]

The Guardian itself reported that the protesters ranged from “anti-capitalist activists to middle-class families keen to voice dissent.”[3] Jana Schneider, a 26-year-old criminology student, declared: “The G20 says it stands for 80 per cent of the world, or the world economy. Well, not me.”[4]

There were at least 100,000 protesters during the G20 meeting, and they were all against capitalism, the rapacious system that keeps sucking the economic blood out of the majority of the people on this planet. Protesters in Hamburg seem to realize that Communism was bad, but Capitalism was not much different.

As E. Michael Jones points out, it is not capitalism vs. communism; it’s labor vs. usury. The rich and powerful have always tried to come up with sophisticated ways to cheat labor out of the masses, and that always creates mass protests, as in the case of the Occupy Wall Street.

If Donald Trump is serious about preserving Western Civilization, then he has to attack the capitalist system and replace it with the system that had kept Europe alive long before there was Capitalism or Communism. William Cobbett has a long discussion on this in his book A History of the Protestant Reformation In England and Ireland.[5]

Finally, if Trump is serious about preserving the West, then he has to stop perpetual wars around the world. He just can’t continue to listen to the Israeli regime and bully countries that they do not like. There is no need for the United States to be in Syria. There is no need for the United States to ratchet trumped-up charges against Iran, and there is no need for the United States to fan the flame of war against North Korea. Until Trump comes to grip with the fundamental issues, then flowery words such as “preserving the West” are just window dressing.

[1] E. Michael Jones, Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict Between Labor and Usury (South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2014), 870, 871, 872.

[2] Isaac Stanley-Becker, “Security forces in Hamburg call in reinforcements as G20 protests erupt,” Washington Post, July 7, 2017.

[3] Philip Oltermann, “Hamburg braces for G20 violence as tensions rise over police tactics,” Guardian, July 5, 2017.

[4] Stanley-Becker, “Security forces in Hamburg call in reinforcements as G20 protests erupt,” Washington Post, July 7, 2017.

[5] For a full discussion on this, see Jones, Barren Metal.

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10 Responses to "The Rise against globalism and capitalism in Hamburg"

  1. Gary Kraut  July 10, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    is part of a Jewish game called “Enslave Them“ and it goes something like this:

    1. They first pick a country they want to ruin.
    2. They arrange some big international meeting there.
    3. They know rioters there will be peaceful, because they are all registered beforehand.
    4. Therefore they bring in their own rioters with the aim to set the city on fire.
    5. They then bring in the press, their press.
    6. They then bring in TV, their TV.
    7. Then the riots and the fires begin and their media bring horrific coverage of brutality into the whole world, 24 hours/day.
    8. Then this media shows the whole world how the Germans ask for security and tough laws.
    9. Bingo.
    10. The German government then quickly introduces new tough and restrictive laws.

    No citizen knows what the meeting was about but everybody reads and watches the riots. Forget capitalism, communism or any other toiletism, that´s brought up only for the enjoyment of the Tel Aviv crowds.

    Next country please.

  2. JohnZ  July 9, 2017 at 6:30 am

    The G 20, what did it accomplish if anything? It showed Trump to be an unwelcome outsider as well as an embarrassment. The rest of the G 20 attendees know it. They know who they are dealing with in regards to Trump and it showed.
    The protestors many if not most of them young people, know their future is being destroyed by the elites who run their own nations. They see no positive future for themselves or their children. They see the G 20 as more of the same if not worse. The youth of the west no longer trust nor do they have any confidence the leadership. They see their own nations being bullied about by America, and by israel. The possibility of a third world war looms in their future and they know it. They are angry, disgusted, fearful and feel ignored and even treated as if they don’t exist. To dismiss this protest offhandedly as just an excuse to set fires and attack the police is missing the point.
    The point is that the elites control their lives and their futures and that the young people are waking up to this fact.
    When will the rest of the people in the west wake up?

    • JohnZ  July 9, 2017 at 6:36 am

      Another development from all the problems affecting Europe and the Scandinavian countries due to the unchecked immigration is the creation of the Soldiers of Odin, began in Denmark and now spreading across Europe and into America.

  3. Nexus789  July 8, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    To make any positive change the US would need to get its own house in order by purging usury – eliminating the Federal Reserve so that the people own money creation – without debt.

    • JohnZ  July 9, 2017 at 6:33 am

      Indeed but look what happens to Presidents who attempt to do so. Consider the fate of Qadaffi. We are dealing with an evil and satanic people who stop at nothing, even outright violence to ensure their power. We must first destroy these people, then we can destroy usury.

  4. mb.  July 8, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    The political elite is serious about other things. The last alinea of this story says it all.

  5. Lisa Montez  July 8, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Why in the world would anyone in the US (or the world, for that matter) bad-mouth the economic policy that has raised more people out of poverty throughout the world than all others combined? What we need to do is repudiate the concept of interest. Everyone pays for what they buy, nothing more and nothing less.

  6. ksp  July 8, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    so, what is “the system that had kept Europe alive “

    • Jonas E. Alexis  July 8, 2017 at 6:20 pm


      Very good question! I would highly encourage you to pick up E. Michael Jones’ Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict Between Labor and Usury. It is 1,400 pages, and it goes into great detail about that system. I did not elaborate on this here because it would take too long.

    • ksp  July 8, 2017 at 6:33 pm


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