Israel not bound by US-Russian ceasefire deal in Syria: Liberman


… by  Press TV,  Tehran

The Syrian people are tired of being used as geopolitical pawns

[ Editor’s Note: I must admit I was teased a bit with yesterday’s reporting that Israel was on board the south Syria ceasefire. It made practical sense in that, if the others complied and Israel continued on with its usual “we will attack anywhere, any time, for any reason we choose” foreign policy, it would make them look like fools.

Today it seems that they are so used to accepting that role that they see no reason to change. But this does show the public, with a bright spotlight on it, that Israel does have the power to maintain its rogue nation status, even with Russia, which has not said a peep about Israel’s air strikes on the Syrian Army in the south.

When Moscow was silent, that effectively gave Israel the green light to continue. The danger here is that, no matter what kind of peace deal is finally worked out, if Israel does not like it, then it will undermine the deal to its fullest ability, accompanied by silence from the UN Security council’s big military states.

I hope this is pushing the various publics in those states to start demanding answers as to why the free pass for Israel is so consistently applied. Tel Aviv cannot out bribe the Saudis monetarily, so is it blackmail that is the deep well from which Israeli veto power reigns? Inquiring minds would like to know, with me at the head of the lineJim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  July 10, 2017

Israel has refused to abide by a ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia which went into force in southwestern Syria on Sunday, saying it would act to protect its interests.

“Israel reserves its complete freedom of action, regardless of any understandings or developments,” minister of military affairs Avigdor Liberman said on Sunday.

Russia, the US and Jordan have agreed to back a ceasefire in southwestern Syria and to establish a de-escalation zone in Syrian provinces of Dara’a, Suwayda and Quneitra, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The truce came into force at noon Damascus time (0900 GMT) on Sunday.

The trilateral agreement on cessation of hostilities was announced on Friday after a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart, Donald Trump, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg.

Liberman said Tel Aviv is mulling the understandings reached between Trump and Putin regarding the truce. Israel has cited errant fire to launch several attacks on the Syrian territory, targeting civilians and military positions. Many observers believe militants backed by Israel are behind the fire, giving a pretext to Tel Aviv to attack Syrian military positions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commented on the ceasefire on Sunday, saying Israel will carefully monitor the developments in Syria, “while strongly upholding our red lines.”

He cited alleged fears of Iranian or Hezbollah presence in Syria, particularly in the Golan Heights. Netanyahu said the truce must not “enable the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies in Syria in general and in southern Syria in particular.”

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says Tel Aviv and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri militant groups wreaking havoc in the country. Israel regularly hits positions held by the Syrian army in the Golan Heights, describing the attacks as retaliatory. Syria says the raids aim to help Takfiri militants fighting against government forces.

On several occasions, the Syrian army has confiscated Israeli-made arms and military equipment from terrorists fighting the government forces. There are also reports that Israel has been providing medical treatment to the extremists wounded in Syria.

Last month, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concerns about a spike in contacts between Israeli armed forces and Syria militants in recent months, saying it could lead to escalation and cause harm to UN observers deployed to the Golan Heights.

The Wall Street Journal recently said Israel has been providing Takfiri terrorists in Syria’s Golan Heights with a steady flow of funds and medical supplies.


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  1. Neither international law, nor ceasefire deals, nor common sense, nor the truth shall constrain Israel from pursuing Israel’s interests. In a Haaretz article today, readers will discover that Lyndon Johnson ordered the attack on the USS Liberty, that Israel “accidentally” attacked the ship for a couple of hours in a “fog of war” friendly fire incident, and that no one in Israel with the power to order the attack “was daring and crazy to that extent”. Yes, according to this article, Johnson ordered the attack and Israeli pilots as well as Israeli motor torpedo boats “accidentally” carried out the order. Furthermore, it’s just a “theory” that Israel spies on the US, and it’s anti-Semitic to even think otherwise. Learn this and much more here:

  2. Someone launched a bottle rocket into Israel’s illegal settlements on Syrian land, and Israel “retaliates” by bombing the sovereign nation of Syria, in a belligerent act of aggression. Pretty typical actually. Repulsive, but typical.

    Israel cannot claim self defense in the Golan Heights, because it’s Syrian territory and those illegal Israeli settlements are condemned by the international community. Just try to imagine the outrage, if the tables were turned and it was Israel being illegally occupied and bombed by its neighbors.

    That being said, international law allows Syria to protect their land from the illegal occupiers by any means necessary. If Syria decided to bomb the illegal Israeli settlements, it would be the fault of the Israeli government.

  3. is the HOLOCAUST just a ROADMAP to the SIX MILLION people the ISRAELI MAFIA will KILL in the future.peace and justice for ALL. mylo

    WANTS the GOLAN OIL .if he gets it “FAN”.
    so it puts pressure on lots of FRONTS in order to make a DEAL to stop if he GETS the GOLAN. just like HANOI JOHN ALL TRAITORS.
    JUST TO MAKE A BUCK.. they will run to their DUMB’S but i now baptise

  5. LOL. How can Israel be bound by anything? They are on par with God and have proven this on various occasions, and it better sinks in. Their people in DC, London, Brussels and TA run the whole caboodle. We should no longer get involved talking about BS like ceasefires, no fly zones, free public toilets or whatever, but only about HOW TO STOP THE WAR – the whole war, and all wars. EVERYTHING ELSE is a lie. Surely, we will quickly realize that we can not get anywhere, that we will change nothing. BUT THEN AT LEAST WE KNOW. Then, at least, hopefully, we got to come up with new ideas and approaches. No more compromises. The Jews know we love to endlessly go yakety yak on side-issues and sub-side-issues, for years. If, however, we come to the conclution that we are a gone goose, then so be it. Maybe we then wake up a bit more.

  6. I don’t think we’ll have to wait long before Israel proves who the ‘boss’ is. Anyway, with the ceasefire as a cover, the US will double down on fortifications for its bases in S.W. Syria, especially expanding its air support capabilities near al Tanf. The US has already announced, through various channels, it’s not leaving Syria–effectively dividing Syria into a US (i.e. Israeli) controlled region and something else. Has anybody noticed that Assad was treated by the Russians as a non-person at the ceasefire talks? Assad’s views? Not important. By acceding to Syria’s balkanization, Putin has found a way to appease the Israelis. Yes, Israel still has a green light.

    • But this would allow Syria to move forces toward the western border war, and the Deir Ezzor final battle, where getting control of the South Raqqa oil fields is still up for grabs. Neither the Kurds or SAA are moving into the area, which indicates an agreement. But the Kurds are taking control of the main roads just south of the Euphrates for not only their own advance on Deir Ezzor, but also to defend what they control in Raqqa. With the US bases spreading in their area, and US troops openly engaged in combat with them, we sure as hell have boots on the ground now, and I suspect a good number of contractors.

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