On the Impeachment of Poroshenko

[Editor’s note: Ukraine is a vassal state and Poroshenko will remain in power as long as he continues to be a faithful servant of his foreign masters in Washington and Tel-Aviv.  Of course, within Ukraine there are several cliques composed of oligarchs and politicians, each of these cliques wants power for themselves, but all of them know full well that to obtain power in Ukraine requires the support of Washington and Tel-Aviv. At the moment Poroshenko continues to enjoy the support of the puppetmasters but he will be well aware that should it suit them, they would not hesitate to replace him with someone who would be even more eager and willingly to prostitute themselves and Ukraine. Ian]

Colonel Cassad
On the Impeachment of Poroshenko

Briefly, regarding the decisions of the Kiev City Council and the statements in the Verkhovna Rada on the need for Poroshenko to resign.

1. The main thing that one must understand is that the source of Poroshenko’s power is not “the Ukrainian people,” but the good will of his foreign masters. If he more or less suits Washington as President, then he will continue (at least until the end of his term) to sit as President.

If he loses the “credit of trust,” then in that case we will see a change of power—through early elections or through street protests, or through both at once. As an example, one can recall Saakashvili, who lost that trust and was replaced by more adequate characters and, what is more, who was unable to fully restore his lost trust up to date. This is the source, then, of all the flattery of Poroshenko, Klimkin and the rest of the clique, before Trump. They understand perfectly well that their future depends on his “goodwill,” since it is the USA that is the main guarantor of their legitimacy. When Kolomoiskiy wanted to challenge this legitimacy—he was contacted by the US Ambassador and now Benya [Kolomoiskiy’s nickname –ed.] is forced to go and grovel to Poroshenko. Thus, they need to give him [Trump] all sorts of attention and carefully pretend that the support to Clinton was a minor misunderstanding, because there is a risk that Trump will want to reshuffle the deck of puppets in the Ukraine and that Poroshenko will not be among the new set. That is why as long as there is US support the Verkhovna Rada will not vote for impeachment. But if there is no such support, then different options are possible with Saakashvili, Yatsenyuk, Nalyvaichenko or Tymoshenko, but this does not depend on them.

2. Since Poroshenko’s political opponents are not happy with such a situation, they constantly complain of his corruption and authoritarianism, and the intended audience for these complaints are by no means located in the Ukraine. In fact, they are trying to motivate the Americans to reconsider their choice.

Realizing very well that the only real legitimacy in Ukraine is an external legitimacy, this entire crowd is fighting for the right to be the first to come to the master’s boot, from which Poroshenko drives them away. The current attempt to press on Poroshenko is far from being the first—one can recall the vain attempts of Kolomoiskiy, “Yarosh’s referendum,” “the battalions’ campaign against Kiev,” “Semenchenko’s total blockade,” “Tymoshenko’s 3rd Maidan,” and many more. Why did all these attempts fail, and why is this one likely to fail too? The initiators cannot convince the Americans that they are better than Poroshenko. For numerous reasons, but they cannot. And if they cannot, then there will be no signal for a “new Maidan,” and to overthrow Poroshenko and bypass the position of the World Hegemon—this crew has neither the power nor the political resources. Maidans only occur by themselves in the myths and legends of the Heavenly Hundred. Therefore, ultimately, everything comes down to the release of steam into the whistle and attempts to sneak in such accusations, to promote the topic of early elections, where Poroshenko’s positions will be naturally weakened. But they will not even be able to force early elections, let alone impeachment.

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2 Responses to "On the Impeachment of Poroshenko"

  1. wjabbe  July 13, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    What are the feelings of others when they observe whores like Pence and Trump wearing the U.S. flag on their lapels when they work so diligently day and night against every basic principle of limited government and humanity and honesty and integrity the Founders fought so hard to create? It makes me want to vomit or throw up.

  2. Garry Compton  July 13, 2017 at 9:08 am

    I never thought that ” the” Ukraine would have a bigger thief of a president than Yanukovych but then came the US/Nato coup in Kyiv and low and behold here came Poroshankster to totally make old Januk look like a Prince. Since I have/seen many folks on pensions here and in Ukraine it was no suprise to me to see that the US/Israel backed Kyiv completely stopped pension payments to Crimea and Donbass folks years ago. No one will write about but I figure that there were around 1 million folks on pensions of about 100 bucks a month. Now, that doesn’t sound like much to Amerikanskys but if you take 100 bucks and Xs it by 1 million folks for just 1 month – its 300 million dollars , one year is 3,600,000,000 dollars a year – someone is putting it in their pockets because the pensioners in the other Ukraine haven’t gotten any raises in their pension. In fact with there money being 26 to 1 buck compared to 8 to 1 dollars during Russian backed – Ukraine folks are in pretty bad shape. I think now that Russia has been paying the Ukraine folks Pensions – they should be reimbursed from the US/Israel, Nato and EU since they are the reason these Pensioners got ripped off in the first place. Of course { oo dah chee} good luck with finding any western court to see that the common citizen of a country would have any right – to justice. Spacibo

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