“Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7” FAKE NEWS


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Today’s False Flag Weekly News did NOT cover the “bombshell” story of the supposed WTC-7 demolition confession by a dying CIA agent. Why not? Because it’s OBVIOUS BULLSHIT.

If you can’t tell that this is a made-up story from the way it’s written, you need to take your BS detector in for a tune-up. That’s right, Jim Fetzer, this means you!

When Jim was my co-host at FFWN, he occasionally got taken in by hoaxes like this. One such blatantly bogus fake news story was the notorious FORMER BEATLE RINGO STARR CLAIMS THE “REAL” PAUL MCCARTNEY DIED IN 1966 AND WAS REPLACED BY LOOK-ALIKE. (The story’s prose style is SO bogus – how can anyone read stuff like this with a straight face? ““When Paul died, we all panicked!” claims Ringo, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do..”)

The “Dying CIA agent confesses to WTC-7” story is just a rewrite of a previous article by the same hoaxer, Jay Greenberg.

Dying CIA Agent Makes Deathbed Confession: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’ is a rewrite of Dying Mi5 Agent Admits to Killing Princess Diana in Deathbed Confession

How much do they pay Greenberg to crank out this low-grade garbage? Nice work if you can get it, I guess.

These pathetic frauds constitute psychological warfare against the truth-seeking community. As Cass Sunstein explained, the 9/11 perps need to spread “beneficial cognitive diversity” among “conspiracy theorists” in order to prevent “conspiracy theorists” from exposing the 9/11 false flag crime against humanity.

These fake news stories catapult the “surely someone would have confessed” anti-truth propaganda meme.  Any suckers who might actually believe that the world’s most successful criminals will surely confess to their crimes, for no particular reason except a bad conscience (as if the high-IQ psychopaths hired for these crimes had consciences) will be left holding the bag.

Deathbed (and non-deathbed) confessions do sometimes happen. E. Howard Hunt did confess to helping the CIA murder JFK. And a US Army Col. did confess to William Pepper his role in helping orchestrate the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.. But don’t expect the MSM to tell you about THAT.

So how can you tell fake news from real news?

  1. Keep your BS detector tuned up.
  2. Watch False Flag Weekly News every week.
  3. Watch out for guys like “Jay Greenberg.”


  1. For the record, I have known Jim Fetzer since 2006 and found him to be a decent and generous human being. I have no doubt that he is sincere in his espoused beliefs, some of which I find bizarre. (No doubt there are many who find some of my beliefs bizarre as well.) So it isn’t that he’s a bad guy. I just strongly disagree with his occasional reckless use of dubious sources. Bottom line: When you get fooled by a fake news story, admit it, don’t keep doubling down!

  2. Alt Media hero Wolfgang Halbig, and his too-good-to-be-true “credentials,” seems to have been nothing short a distraction. None of his efforts proved fruitful, at least from a legal standpoint, and he’s even closed his own website a yr or so ago. Which leaves us with ever able VT and its talent for sorting to the Truth.

    I must say…if the massacre was real, why hasn’t VT been highlighting this every chance they have? Hell Gordon talked & wrote more about Jade Helm than SH…and no one died with JH unless from heat exhaustion or dying from laughter. The SH case, due to the emotional aspect involving children murdered by their own govt, has the opportunity to blow the Deep State doors off even more so that 9/11.

    I know you haven’t been w/VT since SH happened, Ian, but here’s your chance to lead the charge since there’s NO Statute of Limitations on murder.

    Unless, you know, no one died…

  3. Ian
    Yes, of course I remember the initial arrest(s) [though recall only ONE suspect dressed in military gear?] and the four doors left open on “Lanza’s” car. That particular scenario was never satisfactory explained by MSM nor alt media, simply swept under, highly suspish.

    IF children were truly murdered on the grounds of SH during a LIVE drill (live drill?), why then the “actors sign in here” sign? Even IF paid actors, of ALL ages, thought they were ONLY participating in a FEMA drill psyop, wouldn’t the perps of the have been concerned about on-sight actors seeing the REAL bloody crime scene aftermath from REAL 5-yr old victims? We’ve all seen the airial video showing multitudes of people/actors walking in & out of the SH building shortly after the massacre. Certainly, PSD would’ve hit plenty of these actor/witnesses by now, not to mention a sudden “conscience” after their hush money funds dried up — regardless of any disclosure contract signed prior to the “event.”

  4. I’m not taking anyone’s side in this dispute, and it’s obvious that Adam Lanza (if not himself then at least his role in this action) is a total fake, just as there’re no doubts about the purpose of this event (along with many other similar). But is there a solid proof to 26 human lives taken away ? Anything that would overweight real or fake numerous indicators of a pure Psy-Op ? Alas, one of very negative sides of the proven existence of crisis actors is that it makes much harder to believe anyone unknown appearing on TV with “I saw it myself…”. Worse than seeing a politician talking. The latter at least is lying for sure.

  5. The same story seems to be on Youtube as well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmx-DiWUqfs
    Twenty eight minutes of … ?
    Fake News / Obvious Bullshit / Hoax / Blatantly Bogus / So Bogus / Pathetic Frauds / Anti-Truth / Propaganda / Suckers actually believe …

    ( After this tirade we’d better turn on our BS-detectors before visiting bookstores that sell books like this )
    From Orlando To Dallas and Beyond
    And Nobody Died in Boston
    Orlando False Flag
    ANOTHER French False Flag
    Personally I do not know what criteria I could use to separate the chaff from the wheat here

    • This video does not feature any actual confession or any actual CIA person, because there is no such CIA person and there is no such confession. The video features some idiot yammering about the fake news story by “Jay Greenberg,” who needs to be identified, located, arrested, citizens arrested if necessary, for obstruction of justice. Publishing this fake story, designed to spread confusion about a crime and thus help the perpetrators get away with it, is felony obstruction. Can anybody help me locate “Greenberg”?

  6. I don’t know what exactly happened (or didn’t happen) in Newtown CT on 12.14.2012, except that A) This entire case was impeccably aligned on the code “2 6” (dozens of points), including the cherry on the top in the form of “A troubled 20-year-old autistic male goes on a shooting spree at elementary school” = 770/70=(11+11)/(6+2-6). B) I have a video, saved years ago from YouTube, with a laughing man (now thanks to a comment above I know his name), apparently not aware of running camera, making several deep breaths to concentrate and to look grieving before approaching the mic. The same man who I saw on TV visiting Obama’s office… These two completely independent indications of false play make me think that there’s hardly a word of truth in the official version.

  7. So…a pasty, awkward, autistic lad suffering agoraphobia and filled with antisocial rage planned a calculatied slaughter. He killed his mother, then loaded his meager 112 pounds with rage and heavy gear [including 1400 rounds of ammo, Glocks, automatic rifle, Samurai Swords], drove himself to SH and completed his well-planned slaughter while sporting a near unheard of 100% Kill Shot rate on 26 human lives – leaving Chris Kyle in awe. Then killed himself, mission accomplished.

    One thing’s certain — the entire storyline smells worse than a Presidential Suite mattress in the Moscow Ritz Carlton.

    • As I said they layered on a lot of false narratives and red herrings. That pasty lad never existed, neither did his mother, that entire narrative was a fabrication. What really happened was pretty clear at the start, but became confused by all the layers of lies laid on top and red herrings such as you mentioned and others such as two ‘FBI agents’ talking loudly in Hebrew so they were overheard. The black Honda had all four doors open, three or four guys dressed as cops arrived in that Honda, entered the school, shot the kids then ran away into the woods. They were taken by surprise at the speed of the response of the local cops who were there in time to catch three guys dressed as cops in the woods, as seen in the helicopter footage. They didn’t arrest them, as they must have presented legit cop ID, they just walked them back to the school where they disappeared by simply mingling into the crowds of responders that had by then arrived.

  8. Ian, thx for replying.
    IF an “entire classroom of kids” died at S.H, Why; The documented “Actors Report Here” mobile sign near the SH entrance? The ‘stand-down’ on Air Life choppers, leaving the medics on standby puzzled? The Sheriff calling Time of Death just 20 mins after arriving (though CT Law requires only a licensed PhD can legally do so)? NO ambulances rushing off to hospitals at least TRYING to save a single life? Video evidence of ‘victim father’ Robby Parker going into character, from laughing to crying within seconds, prior to hitting the mic? The typical, immediate call from Holder & O for gun control legislation? FBI Records (once) stating no children died on Dec 14, ’12 in CT? The SH Elementary school CLOSED in 2008 due to asbestos, and the WayBack Machine PROVING NO SH school computers were active/existing post 2008?

  9. Ever since E. Howard Hunt’s not so publicised deathbed confession of the JFK murder, there has been a plethora of “death bed confessions” made supposedly by ex CIA, ex FBI, ex military , concerning princess Diana, UFOs, MLK, what ever conspiracy you want to gin up , this will attract viewers. I don’t know how many such confessions I’ve come across concerning the UFO phenomenon but all it takes is one or two and it gets plastered all over the Tabloids. Or do the Tabs make them up?
    The only death bed confession I’d like to read about is a Pope or other religious leader finally come out and say it’s all crap. Totally made up. Let’s see if Billy Graham will make such a confession.
    Jerry Falwell certainly didn’t.

  10. Ian, I’ve followed VT since ’11 yet this is the first I’ve learned of these accusations regarding Fetzer. Obviously, the heavy vetters at VT once thought enough of him, and Stew for that matter, to publish their work and air them on VT radio — often. Then, Jade Helm launched, all hell broke loose and Gordons street cred raised yet another notch as FEMA Camps remained vacant.

    Imagine I’m not the only one (or is it dupe?) slightly puzzled by this info?

    Cutting to the chase — has VT’s standing on Sandy and Boston being FF’s (staged w/actors, NO deaths) changed? If Fetzer is Co-Intel how does this change the narrative and for what agenda? Isn’t his “Nobody Died at SH” available for FREE in PDF?

    Obviously, the majority come here searching Truth as opposed to controlled, psychopathic alphabet agency games that only convolute it. When these revelations finally become public knowledge, justice should see these nefarious shills pay their treasonous debt to humanity, right alongside their masters.

  11. Someone should make a parody on Western Intelligence Deathbed Confession. Make it Blackadder or Red Dwarf style.

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