Sources Report US Vast Military Buildup in Raqqa City

Sources Report US Vast Military Buildup in Raqqa City

Local sources in Northeastern Syrian reported that a large number of US military vehicles and troops have been observed in the different neighborhoods of the Eastern part of Raqqa.

The sources said that a number of the US military vehicles have been seen in al-Mashlab neighborhood that has been recently captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In the meantime, the US military helicopters have increased flights over Raqqa in recent days.

Meantime, footage released recently revealed that the US is operating an airbase in the Eastern parts of Aleppo near the provincial border with Raqqa.

According to AMN, the footage showed a large US plane taking off and plenty of Humvees protecting the site.

Also, an American flag is hoisted above the airfield which is located in the territory controlled by the SDF.

Meanwhile, Colonel Ryan Dillon, the US-led Coalition Spokesman, confirmed dozens of US military advisors were deployed inside Raqqa city with US marines providing artillery support against the ISIL from the surrounding areas.

He said the troops, many of them special operations forces, are working in an “advise, assist and accompany” role to support Kurdish fighters in battle against ISIL.

“They are much more exposed to enemy contact than those in Iraq,” Dillon added.

He stressed that the number of US forces in Raqqa was “not hundreds” and that they had been working closely with SDF fighters since the operations to encircle Raqqa began.

The Pentagon is secretive about exactly how big its footprint is in Syria, but has previously declared that some 500 US special forces are there to train and assist the SDF.

Kurds heavily assisted by US soldiers and bombers – have captured some 35% of Raqqa city despite facing fierce resistance from the ISIL militants.

A Kurdish commander announced early July that the US Army established seven military bases in regions controlled by the Kurds in Eastern Syria.

Siban Hamou was quoted as saying by al-Sharq al-Awsat that the US army established six military airports and a base on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River, adding that a modern large airport in Kobani (Ein al-Arab) was the most important one of them.

“The US has set up two airports in Hasaka, one airport in Qamishli, two airports in al-Malekiyeh (Dirik), and one more airport in Tal Abyadh at border with Turkey in addition to a military squad center in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo,” Hamou said.

Hamou went on to say that 1,300 forces of the US-led coalition were deployed in the airports and center.

Meantime, other reports declared that the US-led forces have several times transferred the ISIL leaders from Iraq and Syria to other regions by heliborne operations.

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4 Responses to "Sources Report US Vast Military Buildup in Raqqa City"

  1. Khalid Talaat  July 16, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    If the Syrians decide to free their country from invading, uninvited and and illegally present US forces and contractors, what will the MSM media call them, insurgents, terrorists or people who hate our way of life? What color will the BS be this time.? The only good thing is that Israel’s end keeps getting closer.

  2. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  July 16, 2017 at 12:29 am

    Ian: Trump & U.S. now do not feel bound to abide by the unanimous 2015 UN Security Council resolution to maintain Syria’s territorial integrity — to which the U.S. also agreed.

    Why should Trump keep U.S. promises? Can’t Trump just declare bankruptcy (already done 6 times)? 😉

  3. Cold Wind  July 15, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Despite US rationalizations underscoring its illegal military presence in Raqqa and elsewhere in Syria, the US will find itself at the Hague facing war crimes for its hubris. And this is the best possible outcome for what is being done in our name. The alternative is that the presence of US troops on Syrian soil will, however circuitous, lead to a confrontation with the Russians and war on a vastly larger scale. It’s interesting the we find out about US illegal military installations in Syria from US sources and not from the Russians, who must be infinitely better informed, but for some reason (perhaps embarrassment) choose to keep quiet.

    • roger  July 15, 2017 at 9:40 pm

      Cold Wind: Any Syrian stand off between Russia and US would mean WWIII and the end of Israel, the mother of all wars. Syria’s bordering with Irak and Assad has to go, are Israel priorities before the establishment of a Kurd tribal state. Six airports means a 101 or 82 division deployment to reach Damascus
      and severe Damascus and Hmeimat connection. Syria has to have a u-238 deterrent to calm down the Jewish strategy, sort of sampson option to blow Tel Aviv before it spreads its devilish protocols all over the planet.

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