The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Destroyed Libya

Vladimir Putin with Gaddafi.


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Mariam Alfatah


Mariam Alfatah graduated from the London School of Economics. She is a Libyan and has witnessed how the Powers That Be and their marionettes obliterated her country. You may disagree with just about everything Alfatah is going to say, but try to understand some of the arguments and evidence that she is going to put forth and interact with them responsibly.

We agree that ideas should be proved or disproved by reason and logic, not by emotion or name calling. If what she is saying lacks logical consistency, explanatory power, explanatory scope, and historical context, then readers are welcome to provide serious evidence to the contrary. The interview is a little long largely because Alfatah had to explain a number of issues and present evidence to support her claims.

Jonas E. Alexis: You said that there was a “Holocaust” and “a genocide” in Libya in 2011. Virtually everyone knew that the invasion was a Neocon war.[1] In fact, long before the war got started, thirty-seven Neocons sent Obama a letter saying that Gaddafi must go.[2] Neocon talking-head Bill Kristol himself said on eve of the invasion:

“Our ‘invasions’ have in fact been liberations. We have shed blood and expended treasure in Kuwait in 1991, in the Balkans later in the 1990s, and in Afghanistan and Iraq—in our own national interest, of course, but also to protect Muslim peoples and help them free themselves. Libya will be America’s fifth war of Muslim liberation.”[3]

More importantly, virtually every serious scholar knows by now that the Neoconservative movement is a Jewish ideological enterprise which has never been good for America.[4]

Stephen Halper and Jonathan Clarke, themselves philo-Semitic scholars, declare that the Neoconservative movement is “in complete contrast…to the general cast of the American temperament as embodied by the Declaration of Independence.”[5]

Jewish legal scholar Stephen M. Feldman argues that the Neocons got their political and intellectual position “by leading an assault on the hegemonic pluralist democratic regime that had taken hold of the nations in the 1930s.”[6]

What Feldman is implicitly or reluctantly saying is that the Neocons essentially attacked the moral and political fabric of America and progressively turned the country into an empire that always looks for monsters to destroy in the Middle East and elsewhere.[7] This came into full bloom during the Reagan administration.[8]

These warmongers have told us ad nauseam that they were trying to establish “democracy” and “freedom” in places like Libya. Obviously Libya has been in chaos ever since these “geniuses” landed in the country. Describe for us why these warmongers were and still are worse than psychopaths. You can also talk about what really happened when they invaded Libya.

Mariam Alfatah: First of all, it must be stated that the Neocons and AIPAC treat us all, including the Libyan people, as subjects or sub-humans. You can say that this is the premise upon which they build their entire ideology, and I will prove that throughout this interview.

The Neocons used America to dispose Gaddafi because they thought that he was basically challenging the Neocon hegemony in Libya. This is an important point. One of the writers at VT, David Swanson, talked about this in one of his articles, which was published by the Guardian itself.[9]

Keep in mind that Libya, under Gaddafi, controlled its own oil. I agree with Swanson completely when he said that “The Libyan government controls more of its oil than any other nation on earth, and it is the type of oil that Europe finds easiest to refine. Libya also controls its own finances.”[10]

What was more interesting was that Gaddafi challenged African countries to follow his lead![11] He helped establish satellites in many African nations. Some of those nations used to get their satellites from the French, which cost them millions of dollars. Now they were getting them at a fairly reasonable price from Gaddafi. To the warmongers and psychopaths, that was a dangerous move.

There is more: Gaddafi challenged African nations to stop importing what one may call GMO food from the West. He also said that Italy should compensate the Libyan people for their colonization from 1911 until 1945. Finally, Gaddafi had a plan to transform Libya into a second Dubai, where tourists would flock there by the millions. In his view, this would have created a shining monument for all of Africa. So, if you peel back the ideological onion, you can easily see why Gaddafi was a target.

There was no way for Gaddafi to survive the Neocon onslaught without serious backup from other countries. The Neocon system in the West, particularly in America, certainly didn’t want to stop their aggressive expansion in Libya and indeed in Africa. Therefore they had to summon pathetic lies and use false pretexts to invade Libya in 2011. Since the fall of the Jamahiriya, Libya has not experienced any political, financial or even social stability. None at all. Practically overnight, Libya was transformed from one of the richest growing countries in the world when it comes to oil and other resources to a failed state.

After the invasion, the West put “Abdulhakim Belhaj” in charge, one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. If you don’t believe me, you can even go to Wikipedia and it will tell you a little bit about Belhaj. He joined the Taliban and was even associated with al-Qaeda. The Gaddafi government warned the West about Belhaj right after the 9/11 attack. That was back in 2002.

The Gaddafi government even presented strong evidence which suggested that Belhaj was a terrorist and was advancing his ideology and covert activity at an alarming rate. Once again, even Zionist media like the BBC would agree with what I’m saying here. The BBC fairly reported in 2011 that Belhaj was in “Jalalabad, Afghanistan, from where he ran and financed training camps for Arab mujahideen fighters.”[12] We all know that the mujahideen are terrorists, even though the United States funded and trained them.[13] This is from Wikipedia—and it gets really interesting:

Tracked by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), after a tip-off from MI6 gained from London-based informants, Belhadj was arrested with his pregnant wife in 2004 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. Transferred on the same plane to Bangkok, he was then placed in the custody of the CIA, where he was retained at a secret prison at the airport. Returned to Libya on the rendition aircraft N313P, he was held at the Abu Salim prison for seven years.”

Now this is the guy that the Neocons put in power in Libya! This is the kind of democracy and freedom that they are imposing on us Libyans. What were the results of the Libya invasion? Well, over 100,000 civilians lost their lives, including women and children.

It gets worse. At least 2 million Libyans had to move out of the country; some went to Tunis, Egypt, Algiers, and the UAE. The living conditions from 2011 till 2014 in Tripoli was tolerable but Benghazi and the eastern part of Libya became a living hell. Kidnapping, raping, and shooting were like playing video games in those regions.

The invaders even used Sarin gas in Ban Walid, but no Zionist Media covered that vital story. Sirt, a city in Libya, was invaded by ISIS, which we all know got their financial backing from the US, Qatar, Turkey, and even Israel. Al-Qaeda also took over Benghazi.

I could go on and on, but the main point here is that since the invasion in 2011, Libya has never been the same. The UN began to implement draconian ideas which the Libyan people rejected. Let me finish answering your question by saying that Gaddafi wanted to live. It is said that he told the invaders that he was willing to go into exile in the desert if they would not bomb Libya and turn the country into rubble. The response was: “We want you dead, not in exile, as we know you will fund a coup d’état. No, we will bomb Libya and rebuild it.”

In March of 2011, Qaddafi’s son, Saif, came out on national TV and very angrily said that he would find every single traitor (he called them “rats”) and killed them all. I think CNN broadcast his announcement with, of course, the usual editing to make it sound like he was ready to cause a massacre.

The assassination of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was an inside job, an order from the American administration, carried out by ragged rebels who were trained by American agents. By the way, there were 36 CIA agents who were saved by Qaddafi’s army; even though we had lost the war we still saved the asses of the Americans; what an irony.

The next US Ambassador, Safira Deborah, did everything in her power to finance and assist the so-called “Libyan Dawn,” which was but a faction of a terrorist group known as LIFG. They were also financed by Qatar and Turkey. Deborah praised Belhaj till she had to run for her own life in July of 2014.

Deborah fled first to Tunis then later to Malta. While in Malta she did a lot of bad mistakes which probably caused her to be fired. After Deborah, the new ambassador kept quiet and didn’t show his face much. It was no coincidence that Libyan officials began to sign contracts with Israel.


Abdulhakim Belhaj

Jonas E. Alexis: Vladimir Putin has specifically condemned the United States and NATO for invading Libya. He has obviously observed that the United States has a history of using categorical lies and fabrications to invade sovereign nations in the Middle East. Do you know if Putin ever corresponded with Gaddafi?

Mariam Alfatah: In 2011 Putin was only a prime minister and Medvedev was the president of Russia.  Gaddafi seemed to have spoken with Putin during a UN conference. As I understand it (from people who were in the room) Putin told Qaddafi that Russia would say NO to the “no fly zone.” I have no reason not to believe my sources.

Medvedev also seemed to have agreed with Putin. But it seemed that the elitists put an ideological spell on Medvedev and blackmailed him; so he basically ignored what was really taking place in Libya. Libyan officials knew that Medvedev wanted to be liked by the Americans. The result was total catastrophe.

Both Russia and China lost billions of dollars by not politically or militarily mobilizing against the Powers That Be; they knew from the get go that the Neocon “no fly zone” was a farce. Russia helped Libya as much as they could without breaking international rules. So, Gaddafi was in contact with Putin but how often I do not know.

Jonas E. Alexis: In your view, do you believe that the vast majority of Libyans supported Gaddafi’s leadership? For example, Assad won the Syrian election by a landslide.[14] Was that the case with Gaddafi?

Mariam Alfatah: Yes. At the time of the bombing Libya’s population was over 6.5 million, and Qaddafi had the support of 6.3 million. Even the Washington Post reluctantly admitted that “Many Libyans appear to back Gaddafi.” Take it from their own pen—and this was when the invaders were creating chaos virtually everywhere:

“But six days into the allied bombardment of Libyan military targets, it is clear that Gaddafi can count on the fierce loyalties of at least a significant segment of the population in the vast stretches that lie beyond the enclave of rebel-held territory in the east…

“Even Gaddafi’s opponents, who dare murmur their dissent only out of earshot of regime loyalists, concede that the man who has governed Libya for nearly 42 years does command genuine support.”[15]

But the Washington Post knocked itself out by saying, “That a man who boasts he lives in a tent and whom Ronald Reagan once dubbed ‘the mad dog of the Middle East’ still commands devotion four decades into his rule is one of the enduring mysteries of this idiosyncratic country.”[16]

That is really worse than stupid. How can they say this is an example of “enduring mysteries” when the vast majority of Libyans knew that Gaddafi, despite his faults, really helped the country? This is not an example of “enduring mysteries;” this is a classic example which conclusively shows that the Neocon ideology has always been in opposition to the vast majority of the people on this planet. So, people like you, Jonas, are right in calling this ideology satanic.

There was a rally in July of 2011 in Tripoli. I was there. There were also over 3 million people in Green Square! There is a video on my blog that you can access and see for yourself.

If the West had allowed Libyans to vote freely, Qaddafi would have won by a landslide like Assad. You see, if we didn’t want Gaddafi we would have removed him from power a long time ago. He would have been assassinated. You have to understand that we follow our tribe leaders.

I am sure if any of the tribe leaders didn’t want him, they would have taken him out. What’s also important about these issues is that the UN and Western allies refused to talk to those leaders! If I can use a rough analogy, it would be like the United States going to war with another country without contacting Congress.

Qaddafi had succeeded in uniting nearly all the tribes. This was almost an impossible task because you just couldn’t get those people to sit down at the same table. They sometimes fought against each other. But Gaddafi was able to unite them.

Note: It took us 3 years to get the majority of the tribe leaders in one room and to agree that we cannot leave Libya to foreigners or to installed puppets. Now do you see what the Neocons did to my country?

Jonas E. Alexis: Business Insider has been a Zionist outlet, but I think they were somewhat fair to publish your letter. I was quite surprised when they declared: “But even as Qaddafi commits atrocities, the rebels are engaged in some of the same violence. And Washington has been forced to look the other way.”[17]

In your letter, you told Business Insider that “Personally, I do not care about Qaddafi but what you are doing is wrong. You are not telling the truth. You are lying to your readers.”[18] Can you expand on that for us?

Mariam Alfatah: My political views are democratic; Qaddafi was a military leader. That is what I meant. People may think that I am an apologist for Gaddafi. That would be categorically false. Gaddafi “nationalized” my father’s business and for 10 years my father was basically out of job.

But I was also furious with NATO and the West precisely because they wanted to decide our fate. They told us ad nauseam that the Libyan invasion was a true revolution. Total nonsense. If it was a revolution, why did the terrorists and blood-thirsty animals have to get help from NATO?

We knew that there were 200,000 people who were in exile and were against Qaddafi. Most of them were religious fanatics and scumbags who stole from the Libyan people. I may not like Gaddafi but I cannot lie about what he did. He did a lot of good things. Under Gaddafi, education was free and it was obligatory that people get a decent education. In 1969, prior to the revolution, we had an 80% illiteracy rate. Under Gaddafi, that percentage dropped dramatically. Let’s not forget that though Qaddafi was brought in by the CIA, he would kick them out a few years later.

Qaddafi was no threat to Europe or America. On the contrary, he was the one keeping the refugees and “migrants” out of Europe.[19] Beginning in 1970, Libyan women started gaining their freedom.  Unlike some other Arab countries, we could travel on our own, we could buy lands, etc.

Gaddafi even made a law which said that women or teenagers are not to be forced to marry anyone. Women who were forced to marry could go to the police; the police would examine the situation and, if a particular woman is found to be telling the truth, then the marriage would be rendered invalid.

Yes, we had our ups and downs, but we didn’t deserve this current chaos. We had our own kind of democracy but it was not the democracy that the war machine wanted. Ironically, we Libyans had more freedom than any American now has. The only thing we couldn’t do publicly was to criticize the Qaddafi family. But Libyans had free health care, free education, no water bills, etc.

For example, in Europe I bought a car that cost me 16,000 euros; in Libya I would have bought the same car for 8,000 euros. So, we were perfectly comfortable with not being able to criticize Qaddafi publicly precisely because we had the things we needed. Why would anyone unfairly criticize a government that puts a roof over your head? Isn’t that why the average Russian now loves Vladimir Putin? Do you think they would love to see him dead? I don’t think so!

Free speech is overrated in the West; here in Europe and in the US people talk about free speech all the time, but we all know the role that the CIA, FBI, and the NSA can play when you don’t join the party line. Look what happened to Edward Snowden and other genuine whistleblowers.

Some US spies were even saying that they would love to see Snowden’s head on a silver platter. One NSA analyst said in 2014: “In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself. A lot of people share this sentiment.”[20] So much for “freedom of speech” in the West!


Jonas E. Alexis: As already suggested, disagreement on rational ground is fair. But everyone ought to agree that Libya, like Iraq, is now run by a number of terrorist scumbags. You may say that Gaddafi was bad, and obviously he had his shortcomings, but the country was generally much better under his command. As retired US Army General Paul Vallely put it last year:

“Libya is just another one of those countries with too much interference from outside sources. In my opinion Gaddafi should have remained in power, because he was some kind of a stabilizing force. The problem today is we have these diplomats that don’t understand world affairs – they’re really not good at it. That is in many different countries. That was one of the biggest problems in Benghazi, as our State Department is getting involved in things they should not have been involved in.”[21]

You can now read the Zionist outlets and virtually every single one of them will reluctantly agree that Libya is in chaos.[22] Even CNN, of all places, said last year that

“Five short years ago, Libya was one of the wealthiest and most stable nations in Africa. The country had been led by Colonel Muammar Gadhafi for more than 40 years, since he seized power in a 1969 coup, and its six million citizens enjoyed the benefits of the country’s vast oil wealth.”[23]

But listen to how CNN actually twisted the actual facts: “After years of uncertainty and upheaval allowed ISIS militants to gain a foothold in the country, the U.S. has begun carrying out airstrikes to try and oust them.”[24] What CNN was implicitly saying was that ISIS militants were exclusively responsible for the chaos! The Neocons and warmongers could then wash their hands off.


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  1. Before Khadafi was assassinated, CNN played its part for years beforehand by destroying his image with their fake news lies. This is still the standard operating procedure straight from the unchangeable Khazarian playbook bible.

  2. From my understanding of Libya and US history I see no problem in her views and what she describes. Without NATO-nazis help Libya would still have Peace today because Gaddafi had the internal support to fight off any IS stooges.

    “By the way, there were 36 CIA agents who were saved by Qaddafi’s army; even though we had lost the war we still saved the asses of the Americans; what an irony.”
    This is so funny and so humiliating on so many levels. Few know this I suspect. The more US does on the World Stage the more the pathetic state she is in shines through.

    “Libyan officials knew that Medvedev wanted to be liked by the Americans. ”
    I think she is downplaying what Medvedev did. I think the guy is a Zionist tool. Being “liked” is a sophomoric concept on that level. Russia made a huge mistake in not doing more for Libya. Ukraine 2014 was the payback for this mistake IMHO. Karma is merciless.

    • That was my first reaction when I saw this article. I don’t get it. Col. Qaddafi was not perfect but he gave the Libyans Peace, something they will not have for the foreseeable future.

    • Henry77 – Iraq, Libya and some other ME societies was held by these Presidents. Good or bad – i don’t know. Not all kinds of societies or nations or just a heap of tribes can live in democracy. They need to be kept by leader. Good or bad – it is their way of life.

  3. What this article misses, and most theories about Libya under Gadaffi miss is that Gadaffi was a CIA asset from the get-go, he was installed into power by the CIA in 1969 and the CIA had complete control over Libya from that time forward. This was done in order to have a covert base ideally located just off the southern coast of Europe in order to train, supply and control terrorists operating in Europe, in particular the Gladio operation which began a year after Gadaffi was installed with the Bologna railway station bombing of 1970. Libya was also where the CIA trained members of the IRA, Red Brigade, Baader Meinhof and other terrorist groups. Libya was a key location for CIA black ops, hosting multiple interrogation centres, secret prisons and air strips, all hidden in the southern desert, out of sight of the Libyan population that lives along the coast in the north. Libya played the key role in the illegal rendition operations post 9-11, until the fall of Gadaffi when the secret prisons and interrogation centres were moved to other countries such as Poland. CIA flights carrying prisoners and drugs would Libya as a waystation to refuel on their way between the US and Afghanistan and vice versa. So while the Libyan people think they were ruled by a decent man in Gadaffi, the opposite is true – he was nothing more than a CIA puppet.

    • One example that illustrates the character of Gadaffi is given by the 1980s US airstrike in retaliation for the Berlin discotheque bombing; it was claimed that Gadaffi’s daughter was killed by the US bombs but Gadaffi miraculously survived. Total fabrication, Gadaffi didn’t even have a young daughter. Instead, he went to the local hospital, to the children’s ward where he picked out a pretty young girl then waited outside the room while one of his henchman suffocated the poor girl. The corpse was then paraded in front of the world’s media and claimed to be that of Gadaffi’s daughter, murdered by those cruel, horrid Americans. Everything we think we know about Gadaffi’s Libya is wrong as the whole thing was one big CIA operation with carefully crafted psyops to hide this truth from both the Libyan people and the wider world.

    • Ian: Since Jonas only writes articles and doesn’t actually read VT, that’s unfair to Jonas! 😉 .

      Most if not all that you say about Qaddafi has appeared in VT articles.

      Qaddafi did a lot for Libya, but Qaddafi was also a CIA collaborator — bigly.

    • Thanks for commenting again, Ian. I have always respected your views and they certainly shed some light on this controversial issue. Iron certainly sharpens iron. By the way, our thanks to you for pointing out the Haaretz article about the USS Liberty the other day. Really enlightening. In fact, I have bought the book that was mention therein and will be reading it soon. But I must part company with you again on this issue, for several reasons, but we cannot really discuss this here at all. Here’s what we said very clearly in the article: “Let’s not forget that though Qaddafi was brought in by the CIA, he would kick them out a few years later.” We raised other important points in the article which can be verified by any reputable scholar, writer or investigator. What most people do not seem to understand is that when you create a monster, which is what the CIA did in Libya, more than likely it will come back to hunt you. We would again be more than happy to discuss some of those issues in a point-counter-point debate with our dear friend and colleague Ian in a thoroughly scholarly manner.

    • Hi Jonas. The purpose of my comment was purely to share the info on Libya that I was given by Gordon who briefed me at length on the subject some time ago.

    • Jonas: Although co-author Mariam Alfatah is Libyan, the London School of Economics may not be a good place from which to learn about Qaddafi-sanctioned CIA activities in Libya.

      What Ian says is what VT intel boys & girls said many times about Qaddafi & Libya (e.g., Gordon Duff). Although Ian may not have first-hand experiences with Libya & Qaddafi, VT others do.

      Qaddafi NEVER booted CIA from Libya. In fact, if anything, it was vice-versa. Another place where Mariam Alfatah probably had little experience with Qaddafi’s Libya was in the CIA terrorist training facilities in southern Libya. You too may not have been there.

      Qaddafi was stubborn — would not accept that CIA was in control of ‘his’ country. In the end, CIA, Obama & Hillary showed Qaddafi ‘who was boss.’

      Other friends also worked with Qaddafi’s Libya (e.g., at Libyan UN Mission). The U.S. betrayed Qaddafi — many times (e.g., blaming Pan Am 103 downing on Libya, although others did it).

      CIA wanted Qaddafi’s weapons to oust Assad. Thus, Benghazi. Neither Dummycrooks nor Republithugs admit it. U.S. ambassador involved. So, CIA-backed anti-Assad ‘rebels’ killed Stevens — and Qaddafi, after Hillary gave the ‘green light’ in person. Trump already did worse in Yemen & Syria.

      As said, “Qaddafi did a lot for Libya, but Qaddafi was also a CIA collaborator — bigly.”

  4. Since the name “Khazar”[ian] occurs in Jonas’ title here, I’d like to remark that little is known about the historic Khazars, who they were, where they came from and what happened to them. It is the same kind of problems we have with the historic Huns, of whom one some times reads that they were Turks, and in other places it is said they were Koreans.
    I have an interesting book that some of the VT readers might want to take a look at :
    « Ibn Fadlan’s Journey to Russia. A tenth-century traveler from Baghdad to the Volga river » (160 p., 2005).
    The author is Richard Frye, Aga Khan Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies at Harvard University.

    Ibn Fadlan’s account of the early Rus is very famous. But he also visited the Bulghars as well as the Khazars.

  5. The only reason that Jonas seemed to feel the need to predicate the discussion with a caveat about “not agreeing with the following” is that the American Public have been subject to a hundred years and more of brain washing. Casey, former Director of the CIA said that “Operation Mocking Bird will have succeeded when everything that the American Public believes is a lie”. The Biggest Lie in the USA now is The Constitution.

    Logos Rules Jonas’ World and Hillary Clinton is a Psychopath – just Google “We came, We saw, He Died” to see the Diabolical and Maniacal Laughter.

  6. Well, the Libya, Syria etc. thing isn’t going to stop when the Alien Deep State is handing over a trillion dollars to keep the invasions, murder and de-population going strong. And this is just one of the trillions being thrown into the kitty in order to keep the genocide of any and all races on schedule. Unfortunately, the Americans and others have been programmed for so long they drink their beers in the local saloon on weekends complaining about their Damned government while the Cubs game is on the tube, but monday morning they’re off to work in order to pay the Overlords their rent. But they all have 2 or more guns/rifles sitting in the closet. How bizarre is that? I guess they will wake up when Syria and Libya’s come to their neighborhood – no body seems to see that they are — Next !

  7. What I found missing from the interview were names like Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State or Barrack Obama, then president, both of whom had the power to “just say no” to these international crimes against humanity fostered by the “neocons”. Today both of these former powers of the United States are enjoying the good life making good millions of dollars apparently without a conscience. It seems the neocons win no matter who is in charge. Even right after Trump was elected he wasted no time killing innocent children and civilians in Yemen and Syria. Americans just can’t be bothered with worrying about deaths and destruction of other countries by our outlaw government can they?

    • If you don’t protect people from your rabid dog by destroying it, one day it will bite and destroy you.

  8. Thank you Jonas E. Alexis and Mariam Alfatah!

    “Ironically, we Libyans had more freedom than any American now has.”

    There we have already one of the reasons for the profit crusade and undermining Islam.
    As Karma is a bitch the exact feelings of the Libyans, Iraqi’s, Yemeni’s, Syrians and all other “liberated” Nations who not survived these Western massacres on their sovereign Nation’s and citizens hangs over USA until it will come crushing down onto the Nation of Terrorists and its citizens – once and for all.

    • As I read this article karma also came to mind. No way in the world would I want to live in the U.S of A these days. Jeremiah 50 and 51 seems appropriate IMO.

    • Want good examples of Karma?
      Regime Change? Kennedy. Electing illigitemate predidents? GW junior, 2000. Election tampering? Trump.

  9. The Kampelman-Israelyan meeting was followed by the fall of the USSR, by the first Gulf War, by 9/11, by the Afghanistan Invasion by the Second Gulf War, by the Libyan Invasion by the Syrian invasion, by the Yemen invasion. Gen.Wesley Clark’s PNAC disclosure proves to be the advancement of the Yenin Plan.
    No calls, no mediation, no compromise. Orders are followed from top to bottom, letter perfect. Masonry compliance and execution of a permanent state of war, would not be over until the globalist crowning of Jeruslem’s Kingdom. There are no Pentagon balls to oppose carpet bombing civilian designed targets, A shame to see that more top brass stars are reached conversely to despising even fellow beings America is brazenly taking the place of the former SU being runned by NSA-DHS and Pentagon to-be morally numbed comfortable retirees.

  10. Libya was Libya. Prosperous country. But….. When USA as NATO chief tortured Yugoslavia like jackals – our Mr.Drunkard (Eltzin) did nothing. When the time of Libya came – our idiot prime-minister Medvedev (at that time the President of RF) kept silence… Putin is the great man – but in the external affairs. Inner affairs (economy) are worse. ’cause such idiots and traitors like Medvedev and his “iPhone team” rules economy. Putin is a good man, but we have such “Medvedevs” all over the country, and to hang ’em all on the birch-tree – you will never live your life to finish it. This is why people are angry in Russia: millions work 8 hours a day for a salary ~$200-300 (average) and some “russians” make a multi-million weddings for their “kids” in Hollywood, Regional Judge in Krasnodar region (where i live) makes a wedding for her daughter for $2.000.000 and etc/etc/. Groovy……

    • “our Mr.Drunkard (Eltzin) did nothing.”
      Very bad Karma for destroying the Ipatiev House and surrounding himself with NOT Russians but Jews.

      ” our idiot prime-minister Medvedev (at that time the President of RF) kept silence”
      I don’t trust him for one minute. I think he is hidden tool of the Zionists.

      My advice to Russian People is “Beware of Sweet Talkers”.
      Trotsky left New York with friends and gold in 1917 to bring Russia Heaven with a US passport in hand. Lenin’s tongue offered more after he had his morning coffee in Switzerland and returned on a German train to St. Petersburg. Now “they” are trying to serve you something sweeter called Navalny. Beware !!!

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