Dumb and Dumber: CNN commentator Paul Begala says America should bomb Russia now

One must wonder how much CNN pays political prostitutes to say crazy things on the air. It seems like you can sign a check for thousands of dollars and people like Paul Begala will say just about anything, even though they don’t really believe that they are saying.


“Mr. Stone, can you tell me why some Neocons are just plain crazy and have no common sense at all?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


CNN will never learn, despite the fact that they have been single-handedly discredited last month. The Zionist network keeps inviting numerous guests who hopelessly want America to literally bomb Russia right now. Commentator Paul Begala has recently come on the platform and declared unequivocally that:

“We were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power. We should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB, GSU, or GRU [Russia’s foreign intelligence agency]. If I was Trump, I would be mad because it has tainted his victory.”[1]

One must wonder how much the Zionist network pays those political whores and prostitutes to say crazy things like that. It seems like you can sign a check for thousands of dollars and people like Begala will say just about anything, even though they don’t really believe that they are saying.

The simple questions are these: does the network really think that the masses are getting dumber? Can’t they just see that the vast majority of Americans do not listen to their fake stories anymore? Last January, it was reported that “A poll of cable news network viewers found that CNN’s regular audience is far more skeptical of the political news they receive than Fox News fans.”

Begala wants to tell us that we need to bomb Russia, while Russia is fighting for a ceasefire in Syria. Israel, to this very day, is mad and sad because the ceasefire is working. Israel wants to drink the blood of other people in the region, using ISIS and other terrorist groups, and Russia is stopping them from doing exactly that. The Netanyahu administration, as always, is sad. One official declared:

The agreement as it is now is very bad. It doesn’t take almost any of Israel’s security interests and it creates a disturbing reality in southern Syria. The agreement doesn’t include a single explicit word about Iran, Hezbollah or the Shi’ite militias in Syria.”

Netanyahu himself wants to exclude Iran from the deal, despite the fact that Iran has been fighting ISIS in Syria. “Israel will welcome the real cessation of hostilities in Syria,” he said, “but it must not result in the consolidation of the Iranian and its satellites’ forces in Syria in general and particularly in Syria’s south.”[2]

One needn’t be an intellectual to realize that something fishy is going on here. As senior fellow at the Middle East Studies’ Center for Arab and Islamic Studies Boris Dolgov puts it,

“Israel is more and more ‘engaged’ in the Syrian conflict. This engagement consists of Israeli support for armed groups fighting against the Assad government in the Golan Heights. Israel officially admits that the militants from these groups receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. They explain this via the fact that these militants are fighting against the Hezbollah movement, which Israel considers to be a terrorist group.”[3]

Obviously Paul Begala understands this, but apparently he doesn’t want to live his well-paid job. CNN pays him to lie and to forge fabrications. If “the Russia thing is nothing but burger,” as one CNN commentator said, then we can say with certainty that people like Begala are really traitors to the United States.

We can now ignore Begala. Let us turn the table around and talk to Serbian director Emir Kusturica. Kusturica, like director Oliver Stone,[4] does not believe that Russia is an enemy of the West. In fact, he thinks that Vladimir Putin is setting Russia on her feet. He states:

“I am very much fond of Putin’s gentleman-like stand, the way he raised Russia from the rock bottom it hit during Yeltsin’s time in power and set it back on its feet, the way he made people proud of their history and culture again.”[5]

This has obviously put the director into the ideological warzone. “The director conceded that he often comes under fire for not hiding his favorable attitude towards the Russian leader.”

Kusturica stands for something that is right. Will the Zionist Media and their marionettes at least be fair to their listeners? Will they tell the truth about Russia and the situation in Syria? What is it going to take for these people to wake up from their moral, intellectual, and spiritual blindness?

[1] Quoted in “Begala: We Should ‘Debate Whether We Should Blow Up’ Russia,” Daily Beast, July 13, 2017.

[2] “By Opposing Syrian Ceasefire, Israel ‘Shows Direct Support for Terrorists,’” Sputnik News, July 17, 2017.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Dominic Rushe, “Oliver Stone on Vladimir Putin: ‘The Russian people have never been better off,’” Guardian, June 13, 2017.

[5] “‘Putin is a gentleman who set Russia on her feet’ – Kusturica on why he respects Russian leader,” Russia Today, July 16, 2017.

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10 Responses to "Dumb and Dumber: CNN commentator Paul Begala says America should bomb Russia now"

  1. Chris Paul  July 18, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    One comment that has been made is that all the criticism against Putin shores up his popularity in Russia. Russia’s actions in Syria have made gains for Russian influence and the net result on the whole appears to be the sort of Balkanisation and National Dismemberment of Syria and Iraq long planned for shoring up the Zionist/International Bankers Military Project.Russian presence in the region is a check on Turkish Ambition and actually frees up USA Forces for the Far East.

  2. Andrew_Bukanov(Russia)  July 18, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Maybe Paul Begala thinks that he will survive after Nuke exchange? Or his life will be nice after that? Russia has no power to resist all Nato-machine, but the only way left is to close the Project Life on the Earth. As we say – everything or nothing. Stupid words….

  3. zman  July 18, 2017 at 7:03 am

    “CNN’s regular audience is far more skeptical of the political news they receive than Fox News fans.”…I believe that! At least the CNN viewers know that the crap CNN puts out is fake as hell, the Fox viewers have no such knowledge. They believe every line of BS coming off the TV screen, I know because I’m surrounded by them. The fact that Fox is pro-Trump has no bearing on that at all. LOL. As for Begala, he’s a poster boy for what dyed in the wool Dems have become, just as brain dead as the die hard repugs…which only goes to show they are reading from the same script. The die hard dems had Obama and backed him, even though there was no real difference between him and Bush, which for some reason they never saw. Followers of the Buffoon are the same…he does the same as Obama, then ups the ante by exceeding even Obamas crimes and yet these people think they have a savior for the country and not wanting to see him for what he is..just the next phase, even though he’s already shown his true corporate colors. Fox viewers will be in the same boat as CNN viewers once the rose colored glasses come off.

  4. Rooster  July 17, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    These types just drone on with no idea of what war is all about. Maybe he should be sent a drone to put him to sleep. EH

  5. JohnZ  July 17, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    CNN: Communist News Network.

    • Khalid Talaat  July 17, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      CNN Clinton News Network

    • Khalid Talaat  July 17, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      CNN: Clinton News Network

  6. Thomas58  July 17, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Russia is mostly white, Christian and has resources not in control by the Zionist. Evidence, who needs it. As for how many American lives will be lost just remember the Zionist battle hymn …’Onward Christian Soldiers’

  7. mb.  July 17, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Not worth any attention.

  8. Amelius  July 17, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    They have not provided a shred of evidence to prove Russia has done anything to the US. How does he expect Russia to retaliate? How many Americans will die? Hang this f’n treasonist carpetbagger, before he gets us all killed.

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