Grenfell Tower investigation hires experts who proved that 1,113 9/11 victims were totally vaporized


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As reported on this week’s False Flag Weekly News, Grenfell Tower fire investigators have brought in experts who worked to identify human remains from the Twin Towers after 9/11. Problem: Those experts failed miserably! As of 2013, 1,113 9/11 victims had vanished without a trace, despite the meticulous sifting and bucketing of the rubble.

Along with over 1,000 human bodies, almost all of the office equipment and furniture in the Twin Towers was also vaporized.

Why would the Grenfell Tower investigation want the services of “experts” who failed so miserably? Maybe because they can be relied on to toe the official line and keep their mouths shut?

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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. “9/11 CARTOON PHYSICS” are much more realistic theories than Judy Woods Hurricane Erin theory:

    My simplified calculations proved minimum nuclear bomb yields of 24 kilotons in each WTC-1, and WTC-2, were necessary, with an upward yield of over 120 kilotons per tower!


    But, lets be realistic, I truly believe that no-one even cares about 9/11 truths, either in USA, or abroad, so people accept all sorts of “9/11 CARTOON PHYSICS”, including Judy Woods, because at least some are entertaining!

    Has the world population been switched to MK-ULTRA mode?

    • The mini-nukes that were placed inside the towers had a yield of 0.1kt, I don’t know how many were used, but it was lots, they were disguised as fire extinguishers so could have been at least one on every floor. The larger nukes placed inside Urban Moving Systems vans parked in the underground parking garages were much larger, but their yield was massively boosted by the presence of huge freon tanks. The vans were strategically placed so they were directly below these freon tanks (for the fire suppression system) and as Freon contains a lot of hydrogen, when the hard radiation from the explosion of the nukes in the van hit them the Hohlraum effect took place and the hydrogen in the freon underwent fusion and in effect, became the second stage of a Teller-Ulam type hydrogen bomb. I expect your 120kt yield for the upwards blast is about right. The towers were, if memory serves me rightly, 110 stories high, if they placed two of those fire extinguisher mini nukes per floor, that adds up to a yield of 22kt, which is close to your 24kt figure.

      See how Judy Wood’s nonsense immediately falls apart once one knows the key facts and does a little bit of basic maths….

    • Here is a description of how a fusion (hydrogen) bomb works:
      The description includes the basic nuclear reaction that takes place.
      You will note that Deuterium plays an essential part in the process.

      Ordinary Freon (several types) does not contain any Deuterium, and so your “bomb”
      wouldn’t work. Besides, the “hohlraum” you refer to is a cavity whose precise geometry
      serves to focus the neutrons from the primary onto the secondary. The primary then has
      to be located inside the cavity. Google lists many graphic illustrations of such systems
      with more detailed explanations. The geometry has to be carefully calculated with advanced
      math in order to get this to work. Apart from that, I have no doubt “mininukes” would
      cause such towers to collapse.

    • I’m sorry, but you are arguing with information supplied to VT by world leading nuclear experts and verified by VT’s own nuclear experts. The Hohlraum effect occurs any time a metal container containing hydrogen is bombarded with the hard radiation of a nuclear explosion. This can be seen in many photographs of nuclear events including 9-11, the OKC bombing and the Tianjin nuclear explosion, all of which we have detailed at length in articles published here at VT co-written by nuclear experts, which you clearly haven’t read. What I mean when I say you can see this effect is photographs is explained in great detail in those articles, but I will quickly summarise the basics here. Automobiles have cooling and A/C systems which include a reservoir containing coolant, the coolant contains hydrogen. When an automobile is hit by the hard radiation from a nuke, the coolant in the reservoir undergoes the Hohlraum effect and you get a very small nuclear fusion event which generates intense heat, this melts the aluminium radiator which ends up as a puddle of solidified aluminium on the ground. The automobile is burned only at the very front, the rear is untouched. Automobiles showing these after effects – solidified aluminium on the ground under the front where the radiator is and burned out only at the front are clearly visible in photographs from many nuclear events, VT had detailed many of them in a whole series of articles. So please, do us all a favour and educate yourself properly about this subject before you waste our time with Judy Wood and her mystical nonsense.

    • Mr. Greenhalgh:
      Your above information is excellent, thank you.
      In fact, I had learned about the Freon-Gas reaction from Veterans Today, and in my working paper which comes up with GOOGLE: “Solving 9/11 Enigma”, I linked to your own Tianjin nuke article with the vaporized car engines you describe above.
      Using your above data, I did a little search and came up with this definition link:
      Teller–Ulam design

      If you follow some of its links, like “Ivy-Mike”, then you get to other pages like one describing a nuke with almost no radiation called “CLEAN BOMB”, which it says had been a top secret for three decades!

      clean bomb (redirected from Teller-Ulam design)
      CLEAN BOMB – an atom bomb leaving little or no radioactive contamination

      Another thing, if I correctly remember, is a radio interview of Gordon Duff, stating that a long time ago Dimitri Khalezov had told VT about the Freon-Radiation-Reaction deployed in WTCs, about which no one was aware of at VT, until Tianjin happened, and thousands of car-engines, as far away as a mile from the explosion were vaporized from their engines.
      I have linked to similar vaporized car photos more than a mile away from WTCs.
      The Freon reaction must have come very handy on 9/11, because WTCs had Freon everywhere, for instance their main refrigeration Freon-tanks, at the bottom and the top of WTCs, thousands of refrigerators in offices, vending machines, and if

    • … many tons of extra Freon had been spread around the building in fire-extinguisher tanks.
      So, wherever a Freon/fire-extinguisher tank was, once hit with the nuclear radiation it would blast into a multi-million degree plasma instantly vaporizing everything around it, may be as far as 30 meters, thus creating an overkill destruction which is how WTCs were vaporized: a NUCLEAR OVERKILL.

      One more thing, if I correctly recall, is that your colleague Jeff Smith actually knows which nukes had been deployed in WTCs, and from which facilities they were taken, but that a federal court has a gag-order on him, so that he doesn’t blow the whistle!
      If that is the case, it is also best proves complicity of courts in covering up the 9/11 inside-job events!

      clean bomb (redirected from Teller-Ulam design)
      CLEAN BOMB – an atom bomb leaving little or no radioactive contamination

    • Kareem: When you write “Teller-Ulam design”, then that is the correct term. For that is what it is : a DESIGN. Or maybe better said, a specially constructed cavity, whose shape has been machined to create an immense pressure on the region where the matter that is to be subjected to nuclear fusion is located.

      Rereading I see that the radiation is not neutrons, but mainly X-rays. The cavity is then quickly filled with hot X-rays whose frequency spectrum approximates the Planck formula, and to which therefore a temperature may be assigned. A tremendous radiation pressure is then exerted on the secondary, which is then compressed to a much smaller volume, which is what allows the nuclear fusion processes to start.

      Volume compression shortens the mean free path of the reactants, thus enabling a chain reaction to start.

      Ian fails to write down the nuclear reaction equation that is responsible for the energy release. It is very difficult to talk about nuclear physics without specifying the neutrons and proton and how many are involved and in what way.

    • Hope hopelessly, utterly arrogant of you to continue to pretend you know more about the design and effects of nuclear weapons than some of the world’s leading experts who worked with VT to explain what happened. No more of this, it has no place here, neither has Judy Wood’s nonsense.

    • “SOLVING 9/11/ENIGMA”
      I know nothing about nuclear physics. 
      What I presented above, with elementary math, was estimation of minimum throw-forces necessary to disperse 100,000 tons of WTC pieces. 
      The complex parts of the calculations were resolved with the linked online force-to-TNT converter, which must have been programed by physicists, using complex math-physics equations, of which I have absolutely no clue!

      To understand my simple approach in deriving my minimum yield numbers, its best to read the first federal court document below the article. 
      Readers should not bother with the legal-writings tailored to the federal courts, but just focus on the events.

      My 9/11 backstory:
      On 9/11, I was 100% sure it was an inside job, and that WTCs had been bombed, but I hadn’t suspected nukes.
      After some time, I saw a TV-clip zooming in on a massive piece of a WTC structure pierced into the corner of the AMEX tower 200 yards away, estimated to be 200-500 tons (as I recall). I first thought it was a mistake, but eventually it was announced to weigh 300 tons!

      That became my 300-ton atomic-click:
      I began telling people A-bombs must have destroyed WTCs because only a nuke can shoot a 300-ton bullet!
      In 2012, in my first published paper, I called it the “300-ton AMEX-Bullet”, and the “9/11 ATOMIC SIGNATURE”, but with wrong calculations, because at that time I didn’t have the online converter which I introduced in my new article!

  2. 9-11 experts on Grenfell Towers: ” well you see folks , here in UK they use a different super dooper grade of concrete and steel – compared to the lower grade that the Twin Towers used.Here in the UK we can also notice that the construction methods are of superior craftsmanship therefore we agree with the UK Gov on its findings. Oh, and also, we only found 1 more body and 1 more dog during our investigation into persons who perished. Let’s see if that last article Dr. Barratt did about Bullshit — will show to be true in the future — Investgation

    • Proof of nukes on 9-11? Haven’t you read any of the many articles we have published proving that? As for Judy Wood, her theory is utter bullshit, written as part of the coverup.

    • I can recommend Dr Wood’s book to any one interested in the phenomenology of the 9-11 building collapses. The amount of photographic evidence presented is almost overwhelming (“Where did the Towers go?” by Judy Wood, 2010, 500 pages). As subtitle she has «Evidence of Free Energy Technology on 9/11». Although the book is mainly a massive phenomenological description of the on the ground evidence left by the collapses, it is true that one of the 22 chapters is dedicated to something she calls the «Tesla-Hutchison Effect» (Ch. 17, 45 pages out of 500). But the main value of the book obviously lies in the very detailed descriptions of the phenomena that occurred.
      For me at least, there was no problem skipping over Ch. 17, and leave it for a future rainy day. And while I know that speculations about «free energy» has a fairly large crowd of adherents, it is very typical that none of its adherents seem to possess a thorough understanding of modern physics.

    • No, Judy Wood’s book is pure, unadulterated Bullshit written for the sole purpose of covering up the truth that nuclear weapons were used. Judy Wood is a liar who deserves to be prosecuted and imprisoned for her part in the operation; she is fully complicit in the coverup of the truth and bullshit like she peddles is massively detrimental to the real investigations. There are hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers suffering from cancers as a result of the use of nuclear weapons on 9-11 and Judy Wood and her mystical bullshit is a massive slap in the face to all those who have died or had their lives ruined.

    • You mean that Chapter 17 is nonsense? The other 21 chapters cannot be, because they only give a photographic description of the damages : Strangely bent beams, toasted cars and things like that.

      When you say that she peddles mystical “bs”, surely you must be referring to Chapter 17 (the chapter I skipped), where the title indicates she will discuss the relevance of discoveries made by Tesla and Hutchison. But I now see that she also mentions recorded high Tritium levels and also attempts a comparison with the Chernobyl explosion, though I was unable to find any discussion of the carcinogenic effects on the population. All in all, she does not really arrive at any definite conclusion as to what caused all the strange and unusual phenomena associated with these seemingly unexplainable phenomena. The book is from 2005-2010, and believe the carcinogenic effects only became clear some years later.

    • Everything in Judy Wood’s book is bullshit, the entire thing was written to hide the use of nukes, go read the articles VT had published that categorically prove nukes were used and that every phenomena witnessed is easily explained as the results of the hard ionising radiation. Judy Wood was penniless and in danger of losing her house before she wrote that book, then suddenly all her money worries went away. I’m pretty certain she was well paid to write her lies.

    • MB, Kaho & Ian: Dr. Judy Wood has NOT proven that micro-nukes were NOT used on 9/11 — only that other demolition modes were insufficient to account for all the 9/11 NYC anomalies.

      VT’s large series of articles on 9/11 micro-nukes IS sufficient to show that micro-nukes were used on 9/11, but the articles themselves may be insufficient to show that DEW were NOT used.

      Dr. Stephen Jones’ nano-thermite/nano-thermate 9/11 stuff is a sham & a scam & a fraud. Insufficient space here to provide all the scientific reasons for that assertion….

      In 1980s, Jones trashed cold fusion — a method of energy production on which the Japanese & others are still having success. Jones provided NO proof that cold fusion did not work. Quite the opposite.

      IF 9/11 micro-nukes were developed at Sandia Labs (where Jones worked), Jones was probably a ‘9/11 Truth’ mole — sent to pee in the punch bowl. Others too…

      In Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s very good book, “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations,” and subsequent interviews, Farrell says that Dr. Judy Wood has been short-changed on the evidence for DEW that Judy presents. The jury is still out…

    • MB: Yes, radiation can be measured, although some types of radiation, such as streams of neutrinos is much more difficult to measure – or detect, as they say. In general “radiation” is now seen as streams of particles. For example radio waves and thermal radiation are explained as streams of “photons” – i.e. electromagnetic field quanta. ( The “particles” involved are not classical-, but rather quantum particles that carry wave properties).
      In connection with nuclear phenomena there are 3 kinds of radiation, viz. the classical alpha-, beta- and gamma rays, i.e. He-nuclei, electrons and high energy photons. In this connection neutrons and neutrinos are usually not mentioned because they are much more difficult to detect.
      Evidence of nuclear reactions can also be found by showing that nuclear isotopes have been produced. (such as Tritium, an isotope of Hydrogen)

    • Dr Abu-Bakr : Thank you for mentioning Dr Farrell’s book. I will see if I get a chance to look at it.
      I don’t know too much about Stephen Jones, except that he worked at the Mormon University as a nuclear physicist, and I believe his name was also mentioned in connection with «cold fusion» projects. The “Thermite” theory makes sense, especially since fragments could be found jn the 9-11 rubble/dust. A Danish professor of chemistry wrote about this in a way that made sense. But I am not convinced Thermite would cause steel beams of several tons to be thrown out sideways hundreds of yards. I also have the impression that Judy Wood coined the term “dustification”, which I think gives a good description of the process that took place. I had to look up D.E.W. = Directed Energy Weapons. One of the hard to explain mysteries of the 9-11 building collapses is the strong vertical component manifested in the active agent that must have caused the sudden collapse and dustification.

    • Clearly you haven’t read the articles VT has published on 9-11, otherwise you wouldn’t keep saying such uninformed things. The thermite theory is bullshit, Stephen Jones devised it because he was part of the team at Sandia Labs that designed the nukes used on 9-11, therefore he knew that one type used that was specifically intended to destroy large steel structures had an outer jacket of iron oxide. When the nuke detonated, this iron oxide was turned into a thermitic material and that is why those fragments were found in the dust. Nothing Judy Wood talked about was true, none of it, her book is a work of fiction designed to fool people. Nukes placed in vans parked in the underground parking spaces combined with 0.1kt mini nukes disguised as fire extinguishers and placed throughout the towers are what dustified those towers and VT has established this as undeniable fact, we have it direct from experts who were involved in the real, secret 9-11 investigation and whistleblowers inside Sandia Labs, and we have verified all of it with hard facts and concrete evidence, so stop wasting our time with this mystical nonsense from Judy Wood and other bought and paid for disinfo agents.

    • Kaho: Pay attention to Ian about Stephen Jones & Sandia Labs. What Ian is providing us is ‘inside info’ (i.e., intel) from Sandia, Russians & others. VT’s stuff on 9/11 micro-nukes is true (IMHO — check VT articles); but I’m not sure that Judy’s stuff is false. Could have been both. That’s for you, Ian! 😉 .

      9/11 being done with both micro-nukes and DEW explains ALL of the 9/11 anomalies.

    • Kaho: Yes, Judy coined the term “dustification.” I was there when she did so. Although I agree with some of what Judy says, I don’t agree with all of it; but she made a good contribution (whether she’s right or wrong). Judy’s money probably comes from her parents — not from some 9/11 cover-up perp.

  3. Well, isn’t it a plain physical fact that a sufficient amount of applied heat will atomize any material object?
    That is, dissolve, or break, all molecular bonds. In particular this applies to organic compounds, where even a moderate amount of heat in the presence of oxygen will result in mostly alkali oxides.
    And so the fact that very few organic remains were found means that the fires were very hot.
    Note that for a given temperature the time aspect is also important. Very high temperatures makes the process go much faster.

  4. Clearly, Grenfell is the best chance since 9/11 for authorities to come clean and do the right thing. The appearance so far, is that it will be a protectionist agenda instead of a transparent one. This is a very bad decision by authorities and shows that they have no foresight into the modern trends and best path forward for people of the earth. We are approaching the time to extract the author from authority.

    • We are far overdue to extract and discard the author for once and for all or soon authority will extract and discard the last free thinking human species from their reign.
      Human beings in general seem not to be capable of Authority themselves – even if they seem to depend on it.

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