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Brexit rally

British newspapers and TV have been full of the usual suspects proclaiming economic doom should we leave the EU and pushing single market membership as a so-called ‘soft’ option. The Cabinet this week caved in to European demands that EU states be continued to allow to dump surplus labor on the UK after Brexit. This is being blamed on business, but in fact there is very little demand from business for continued uncontrolled mass immigration from the EU.

Typically, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, a notorious Europhile, failed to present costings for this nonsense. More than 97% of European workers fail to meet UK immigration law requirements, largely because they are displacing unskilled and semi-skilled domestic labor. I estimate they cost the Treasury about £60 billion a year in direct and indirect subsidies.

In other words the Cabinet has just agreed to blow at least £120 billion of public money on subsidising EU labor dumping, not much more than a year after uncontrolled mass migration from Europe was a key issue in the EU referendum campaign. Determined to hammer our public finances that maniac Hammond, no offense intended, proposes to borrow every penny of this sum, postponing the date when we’re back in the black by at least two years. So you can did interest to the £120 billion figure, which Hammond actually wants to increase.

As part of Project Fear, cynical National Health Service bosses have threatened to kill cancer patients by withholding European-sourced radioactive isotopes unless the government caves in and stays signed up to Euratom, a legal nonsense, since the Euratom Treaty is for EU Member States only, although the Swiss Federation has associate status. Let me repeat that, since some readers will be struggling to grasp how an organisation could be as inhumane and incompetent as the NHS.

NHS bosses have failed to make any arrangements whatsoever for securing alternative supplies of radio-isotopes used in medicine, principally Technetium-99m, despite having known for over a year that Britain is pulling out of Euratom and that Euratom governs the supply of these isotopes by EU member states.

Rather than protect their patients, they have preferred to grandstand and use them as political pawns. In a just world these pillocks, no offense intended, would contract tumors and die horribly, without treatment.

Happily we can probably source all the Technetium we need out of Canada. One less import category from the EU! Being Canadian, I’m sure it will be better quality Technetium, too.


The Leadership Challenge

May is finished, like Neville Chamberlain was in May 1940. It’s just a matter of time now. A letter of no confidence is already circulating, even though GO2 are working overtime to blackmail Tory MPs, via tame assets in the Whips Office and party HQ, into keeping the weak May government in office. The Krauts are particularly frightened by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. GO2 are circulating vicious rumors about his love-life, which happens to be quite conventional, does not involve whips and is nothing to be alarmed about. Unusually for a member of the Cabinet, he’s even heterosexual.

GO2 are encountering problems, though. Much of the blackmail material relates to gay and lesbian MPs, but coming out is now quite fashionable, even in the Tory Party, which actually elected its first gay leader in 1957. One senior lady MP, whose phone has been tapped for years by the German electronics firm which runs a telephone-tapping center in London on behalf of GO2 (which is going to have to be turned over to GCHQ when we leave), is believed to have warned her husband, who is gay, and former girlfriends, that she is quite willing to come out if need be. She’s even bought a pair of trousers.

Philip Hammond, who backed the Juncker Plan for an early election and the dementia tax, is dragging May down with him. We on the Tory Right recognise that there’s no dealing with him, or any of the other Euronutters in the Cabinet. They are bastards, no offense intended, who hold the electorate in utter contempt.

It’s not just that they don’t believe in democracy, they are opposed to the whole concept. Like the appeasers in 1938, they are weak, economically and security illiterate and tend to be manic depressives.

They think that Britain is finished, which she would be if we were to be silly enough to put them in charge. They put me in mind of the people who thought that the Army could not be rescued from Dunkirk, or that the Bismarck was unsinkable.

I estimate that May will be gone by the fall. She will probably announce her resignation shortly before the Party Conference, which starts in Manchester on October 1st, always assuming that Manchester Police don’t let ISIS blow up the venue beforehand.

The Anglo/European Negotiations

Michel Barnier and David Davis

As I have commented before, the UK/EU negotiations in Brussels are the most farcical with Johnny European since the Munich Conference. Even the Brexit Secretary David Davis, who is not the sharpest knife in the box, no offense intended (he’s actually quite a nice chap) has grasped the point. He walked after an hour or so this week, pleading a prior engagement in London.

He was quite right to do so. As in May 1940, London is where the action is. The EU’s demands are so unreasonable that no British government could ever agree to them and hope to survive. The bastards, no offense intended, are even demanding that the hated European Court of Justice, an institution under the effective control of the DVD’s Luxembourg Station, which maintains blackmail files on each of the judges and advocates-general, and has penetrated the court’s bureaucracy, continues to exercise jurisdiction after Brexit.

The European Commission is also demanding an exit fee, although Article 50, the legal route by which the UK has chosen to leave the EU (there are others), makes no such provision. It’s the most outrageous and undiplomatic demand to come out of Europe since our community partner Adolf Hitler demanded Danzig.

Like Hitler and the Nazis before them the European Commission has abandoned any idea of diplomacy and international friendship. They are only interested in antagonizing and undermining us. Senior Commission officials were almost certainly in on the German plan to assassinate Theresa May in the House of Commons on March 22nd.

David Davis doesn’t know it, but the extended two-year withdrawal period in Article 50 was almost certainly based on the DVD’s estimate of how long it would need to assassinate the leader of the withdrawing state and destabilize its government. Nobody in the EU ever contemplated a state actually withdrawing from the EU – Article 50 was meant to be a paper article, inserted, in bad faith, for propaganda purposes only.

As we have seen however, the plan to assassinate Theresa May failed, largely because they had to use an Islamic nutter in order to disguise German sponsorship of the attack, and, absurdly, failed to provide him with a driver, again in order to avoid suspicion of a conspiracy. The German/Juncker plan to destabilize the Tory government by forcing an early election and inserting unpopular policies in the Tory manifesto also backfired. We still have a Tory government, but with DUP support. Not only are the DUP sounder on Europe, but they also have sensible policies on capital punishment and climate change.

Encouraging murder by having soft sentences is vital for Germany of course, since many murders are drug-related and GO2 controls the two main narcotics distribution cartels in the UK. Executing murderous drug traffickers (the majority) would put a serious crimp in GO2’s activities. God knows GO2 are overdue for a serious and sustained execution program.

Having failed to murder our Prime Minister or force the Tory Government from office the Europeans are no doubt now working on Plan C – war with Britain. King Felipe, the most unpopular Spanish king in my country since Philip II (the tyrant who launched the Armada, only to see it sunk by our gallant sea-dogs or swept onto the rocks, as the Spaniard didn’t know to sail in a strong wind) started the countdown to a Spanish attack on the Rock the week before last. Like Neville Chamberlain’s government before it the May government is making no serious plans to counter the attack, at the same time as encouraging it through military weakness.

Like Philip II, Felipe is an idiot, no offense intended, and doesn’t understand the Royal Navy. He may even be laboring under the delusional belief that an armed Spanish attack on Gibraltar would not lead to all-out war with Great Britain.

His Majesty probably doesn’t even know that British strategic doctrine for war with Spain, developed during the Spanish Civil War when it became clear that Spain was going fascist, calls for amphibious assaults on Spain’s colonies in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, such as Tenerife, and the use of strategic air power. The Spanish are cowards in battle, no offense intended, as you guys saw in the Spanish-American War. They can’t take heavy casualties.

The trick to waging war against Spain is to kill as many Spaniards as possible in the shortest possible time. That means strategic bombing and heavy cruise missile attacks on key targets like Madrid, Cadiz and Barcelona. It probably won’t even be necessary to invade Spain, as Wellington had to do in the Napoleonic Wars.

What we must not do is make the mistake we made after the last war with Spain and hand back Majorca and the other colonies we seize. We also need to break up the Kingdom of Spain into its constituent parts, removing the threat to Gibraltar for all time. Basically we are going to have to smack the impudent Spaniard so hard that her surviving leaders will wake up screaming in the middle of the night just thinking about it.

Johnny European wants blood. We’ve got the message, boys. Blood is what you want and blood is what you’re going to get.

Contaminated Blood

Speaking of blood, media commentators have been puzzled by the welcome announcement of an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal of the 1980s. That was the one where the NHS managed to knock off a couple of thousand hemopheliacs and other patients by giving them contaminated blood obtained for payment from inter alia American felons.

What’s more the PM has held out the prospect of a serious inquiry, like the Hillsborough Panel into the killing of football fans by police in the notorious Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, which very properly has now led to manslaughter charges. The Cabinet Office are pressing for a tame judge to do another whitewash, but are encountering resistance.

House-trained idiots like Peter Bottomley MP (no offense intended), whose officials saw coming from a long way off, think the contamination was done in good faith by idiots who did not know that felons in American prisons didn’t use a lot of condoms in the 1980s. Idiots were involved, of course, but only in the lower echelons of the Civil Service.

The officials in the Cabinet Office who sanctioned this murderous nonsense knew that they were sentencing innocent people to die long and painful deaths. So what, the media might say. They are long gone, surely? Oh no, they’re not.

The media have not studied their Yes Minister, a series of training videos put out by the BBC in the 1980s. A decades-old scandal might sweep up officials who were then junior but have since risen to the top or near the top. I wonder who in the Cabinet Office the PM is gunning for?

With a bit of luck the long arm of the law might catch up with some of the death-merchants of Whitehall who ordered these killings. They’ll be looking at manslaughter at the very least. By the time they get to prison they’ll wish they’d spent a bit more time on prison reform. British prisons can be quite violent places.

Baby Charlie

Speaking of death-merchants, the NHS hasn’t yet managed to bump off Baby Charlie, thank God. The case is ongoing, but finally Charlie’s been examined by a serious, American doctor. Looks like Mr Justice Francis is going to receive some really expert evidence. Very frankly, I don’t think much of the quacks who’ve examined the poor little chap so far.

Baby Charlie’s parents have raised the possibility of tampering with the medical evidence for the first time. I don’t think they would have even mentioned the possibility of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by bullshitting a High Court judge in a life or death case without good reason. If Baby Charlie is allowed to die by the learned judge and the NHS there will need to be a serious inquest, by which I mean one with a coroner and a jury, not a joke inquiry by a judge who’s been spotted by GO2 going around to see Miss Whiplash.

Great Ormond Street Hospital, unsurprisingly, has been on the receiving end of death threats. I don’t approve, but sadly such things are inevitable when hospitals go over from saving life to taking life.

Senator McCain

I’m sorry to hear that Senator McCain has come down with a touch of brain cancer, poor man. With great respect to the distinguished senior senator from Mobland, sorry, I meant to say Arizona, there were a couple of surprises in the medical bulletin: first, that doctors managed to find a brain at all, and second, the aggressiveness of the tumor.

Senator McCain’s friends, most of them naturally in the Democratic Party, have duly expressed their sympathy. His enemies, i.e. the Republican Party, have been less sympathetic. This is not perhaps so surprising, given the senator’s record. I haven’t sent a Get Well Soon card, but I hope that his death is a peaceful one and that he doesn’t suffer too much.

Movie Review: Dunkirk (2017, dir. Christopher Nolan)

Released to theaters in the UK on Friday this isn’t just a movie: it’s an epic. Unsurprisingly, given that the UK is locked in a quasi-war with Germany, cinemas were packed for the first day.

The plot is in many ways anti-British, as we would expect from a Time-Warner movie: Time Magazine broadly supported the Axis in World War II and the organisation has never quite forgiven us for beating the bastards. British troops are therefore depicted as cowards and xenophobes, to the delight of the Guardian’s typically unpatriotic critic, no offense intended.

The reaction of audiences has been mixed. Time Warner have lost a lot of friends in my country, but that’s alright – we’ll find a way to give them a smack and improve their manners.

The movie’s not entirely unfair to us however. The Little Ships of Dunkirk are portrayed sympathetically and accurately (I knew someone who owned one), and the movie acknowledges the key role played by the destroyers. There are some superb air combat scenes and the finale left me in tears.

It’s brilliantly photographed and directed, and well-acted, with Sir Kenneth Branagh as a Royal Navy commander being the stand-out for me. It’s not always easy to follow, and uses the cameo method of other major war movies like The Longest Day and A Bridge Too Far.

There’s even a mention of the real hero of the Dunkirk evacuation, Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, later assassinated by the DVD. The Krauts were understandably pissed with Admiral Ramsay: he not only got us out of Europe in 1940, in history’s first Brexit, he helped invade it in 1944.

Dunkirk leaves you in a mood to kill Germans – no bad thing, although of course you should wait for the war to start before you actually kill any. There is a satisfying crash of a Heinkel 111. Understandably, movies depicting dead Germans are popular in Britain right now. It’s a movie with serious flaws, but don’t miss it.


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Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, currently suspended of course, called to the Bar in London in 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism.

He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies. The late Generaloberst Markus Wolf, of the Stasi and DVD, was one of his contacts. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post-WWII covert operations against the West by the German DVD organization based in Dachau, near Munich, Germany, and its British, French and American client agencies.

These continue to the present day, as politicians and the media are too nervous of standing up to them.

Michael was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11.

In the wake of that murderous attack he addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles organized by the respected Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Fellow panelists included a former head of Special Operations Command and a former Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet.

Michael's active assistance to Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies in the Global War on Terror produced some notable successes, including the exposure of the Abu Ghraib 'hood' photograph as a fake.

His work on strategic intelligence took him to the Pentagon and he has also met with senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation, in Moscow, in November 2005. He participated in the Global Strategic Review conference in Geneva in 2005 and was a speaker at both the Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005, and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, each at Crystal City.

In 2006 he was flown out to, and flew off from, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), as part of the US Navy's Distinguished Visitor Program. She was then working up her air group off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, before operational deployment to the Persian Gulf. It is comparatively unusual for a foreign civilian to complete a carrier landing and launch cycle.

Michael's ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text "Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence" was published in England by June Press in April 2014. It features on a number of intelligence syllabuses, as does intelligence analysis prepared by Michael, e.g. on the brutal 2003 assassination of British weapons scientist Dr David Kelly CMG.

In their unlawful raid on Michael’s home in Wendover, Buckinghamshire in April 2012 Thames Valley Police officers seized the manuscript of Spyhunter and all of Michael’s onshore backups. Publication was only possible because the draft had been backed up offshore. The police hung onto the seized copies long after it was decided not to use them as evidence.

In November 2014 Michael was convicted at Southwark Crown Court by a tampered-with jury panel on two bogus bomb-hoax charges. Prior to bringing in the police the British Ministry of Defence, after consulting with the Cabinet Office, destroyed their recordings of Michael’s initial contact and qualified intelligence briefing re a DVD operation to target the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics using a stolen Russian SS-N-19 warhead.

Happily the NSA intercepted both Michael’s call to MOD and their call to him (on a number he had provided) and the intercepts are now in the hands of MI5.

As Michael’s distinguished Veterans Today colleagues Gordon Duff and Ben Fulford have confirmed on this website, his intelligence briefing to MOD was substantially correct and two warheads, both off an SS-19, were recovered by the US. After inspection the Department of Energy estimated their yield at 20KT.

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  1. His Catholic Majesty is off his rocker JS!

    Helpful comments on contaminated blood and the Arkansas connection. If there’s a serious inquiry in the UK then Bill Clinton might get caught up in it.

    DJ C : It’s not a question of Great Britain declaring war on Spain, but of Spain mounting an unprovoked act of aggression, Falklands style, on a British colony. We would be bound to declare war in response.

    Spain will start the war. We will finish it.

    • The Calgary Herald book review mentions something important about plasma. Arkansas shipped mostly plasma, rather than whole blood. And plasma from thousands of donors was POOLED before shipping. A plasma donor (or paid prisoners in this case) can donate every couple of days, because the blood is separated immediately, with the donor getting everything back except the plasma. I used to be a plasma donor, so I know the process. But nowadays, the blood banks prefer whole blood from me… Anyhow, the point is that just 1 infected prisoner could donate plasma maybe 15 times per month, and then that plasma would be pooled with other plasma, contaminating ALL of it. Even after blood products were screened for HIV, they were NOT screened for Hep C. Later, they developed a technique for “washing” the plasma to kill most viruses, and kept pooling it. Crazy. I’m surprised it’s not millions of dead people by now.

    • This website discusses the plasma pooling, which was reviewed in 1996-97 by a committee of the House of Representatives: This page on that same website, gives the estimated numbers of those infected in the US at that time: “On July 25, 1996, the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight approved and adopted a report entitled “Protecting the Nation’s Blood Supply From Infectious Agents: The Need For New Standards To Meet New Threats.” The chairman was directed to transmit a copy to the Speaker of the House.
      I. Executive Summary. In the early 1980’s, 10,000 hemophiliacs and 12,000 other patients were infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through blood and blood products. Approximately 300,000 people were infected with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV), many of whom have never been told of their exposure to infection.”
      I can verify that last sentence. My uncle was never told he was infected. He found out when he got sick, years after his operation, and then my aunt was screened and found to be infected also.

  2. I find it very interesting that the UK is looking into the “contaminated blood scandal of the 1980s”. I suspect it’ll be another whitewash. As it happens, the contaminated blood scandal can be traced back to Arkansas and the Governor then was Clinton. Even after the United States stopped using prisoner blood, and even after other states stopped paying prisoners for blood, Arkansas kept doing it, I believe even after Clinton became President. The blood was exported to foreign suckers, like Canada, Japan, European countries. Thousands of Canadians died of Hepatitis C or HIV, with the HIV cases dying first. Hep C can stay hidden for years; often symptoms show up only after it’s too late to treat. THOUSANDS. And there is no statute of limitations on murder, not that the Canadian Red Cross and the government ever cared, the shameless bastards.

    • A book was written about the blood scandal, written in Canada by a medical practitioner from Arkansas. That book is Blood Trail, published Sept 1998, written by Michael Galster, using the pen name of Michael Sullivan, and written as a thinly-disguised “novel”. In 1998, the estimate was that about 30,000 Canadians had been infected. Nowadays, I am told it’s more like 80,000, although I don’t know if that means they all directly received blood. Here in the US, I have an uncle and aunt who died due to blood transfusion Hep C (he got the transfusion during an operation, while she got the virus from him later) so don’t think I’m going to forget this!

    • Excerpt from Canadian newspaper book review of Blood Trail: SAM KNIGHT, CALGARY HERALD Calgary Herald; BOOKS; Pg. K11 November 21, 1998, Saturday, FINAL EDITION. “I honestly believe that records exist with Bill Clinton’s name on them,” said the author in a Herald interview. “He must have been fully knowledgeable.” Recently “Michael Sullivan” revealed his true identity — Michael Galster to give his cause more credence. He had used the pseudonym fearing for the lives of his wife, five children and himself. Galster has worked since the late ’70s as a prosthetist in Arkansas and has had contracts with the state penitentiary, where he first suspected blood was being taken from prisoners and sold throughout North America. In 1978-79, inmates with jaundice came to his prosthetic clinic with bandages on their arms. He was shocked to find they had given blood, despite having infected livers. In his ignorance Galster assumed there must be a means of cleaning the blood before it reached the market. “The second red flag came when prisoners came to me asking for percodan, a narcotic,” explained Galster. This was the currency with which prisoners were paid for their blood. The appalled Galster recalled the case of Danny Sanders, an inmate who, in his craving for the drug, injected himself in the knee with saliva which brings on a potentially fatal infection. Sanders ended up having his leg amputated at the hip and his family brought a legal suit against the penitentiary.”

    • Part 2 of Calgary Herald book review: “Galster charted the existence of the health contractor, HMA, which conducted the blood operation. According to his research, it employed doctors who had been struck off the list for various misdemeanours. HMA was closed down after an inquiry in 1981, but Galster claims its plasma-collection unit continued to work right up until Clinton moved to the White House in 1991. Of course, records are scarce. Clinton has taken all his personal papers to the White House and the commission that first fingered the HMA lost all its records in a fire in 1990. Even if the facts still have to be investigated fully, Blood Trail is well worth reading purely as a thriller. The story is fast paced, the characters well defined and the action, often drawn from Galster’s own experiences is explosive. Add all this to the medical scandal, which no feeling human being can ignore, and the result is compulsive reading.”

    • The RCMP tried to push the Canadian investigation, saying they would go after Bill Clinton himself. But instead, the Canadian Red Cross got a slap on the wrist, and of course Bill was in the White House by then, so what were they supposed to do? There were mysterious fires and other ways of getting evidence to disappear, as the book’s author revealed. What kind of threat did the Canadian government get from the Clinton White House? I don’t know, but maybe it was the obvious: it would take less than 5 minutes for the US to take over Canada militarily, given that most of the population is within 100 miles of the US/Canada border.

  3. I have really liked Kenneth Brannagh and particularly enjoyed the last scene of the long version of Hamlet. The comely Maori Maiden sitting alongside me at the very back of the upstairs of the near deserted theatre had become completely bored and helped make the final scene when the palace was overrun truly climactic.

  4. I haven’t seen Dunkirk yet, though I plan to. And I’ll make a point of staying away from Spanish territories, and probably ALL foreign territories. By the way, I thought Washington DC was #1 in nutty politics this week, with the city of Minneapolis a close #2 as of last night’s mayoral press conference following the crazy shooting of an unarmed Australian woman. But I see that you guys in Europe are giving us a run for our money. So the King of Spain is off his rocker, huh? Or is he still on the rocker, but Angela is rocking it for him?

  5. Technetium-99m? Try some Vitamin-C. You guys are called Limeys for a reason. Try it out again. You’ll find you don’t need any radioactive nonsense.

    Spain? That was quite a rant. Are you ready to declare war?

    Baby Charlie. He’ll probably die after the first onslaught of getting ‘caught up’ with vaccines. We have our death panels too. They’ll just blame it on SIDS.

    McCain. The people of Arizona despise him.

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