Special Envoy: China Strongly Opposed to Disintegration of Syria

[Editor’s note: Now that China has publicly stated it’s firm backing of Iran and it’s strong opposition to any notion of  breaking up Syria, the US and it’s ludicrous ‘Assad must go because he is an evil tyrant who murders his own people with poison gas’ lie is looking ever more isolated and out of touch with both the other world powers and reality itself.

I’m sure Trump will have some inane insults to hurl at China in response, his usual childish and incompetent way of dealing with such matters. However, I very much get the feeling that the days of the Chinese giving two hoots what Trump has to say have passed and Premier Xi Jinping won’t be making any trips to Florida to munch on chocolate cake anytime soon.

Ruining the US-China relationship is one of the very few achievements of the Trump presidency and can be seen as a contributory factor to China’s opposition stance in Middle East issues. Further US meddling in Syria can now only worsen US-China relations, something that has potentially serious ramifications for the entire globe. Ian]

Special Envoy: China Strongly Opposed to Disintegration of Syria

China’s Special Envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan underlined that his country’s strong opposition to plans to disintegrate Syria, stressing the need for all states to fight against terrorist groups.

“China is opposed to any form of the disintegration of Syria and we believe that the country’s integrity should be maintained and different countries should fight against terrorists,” Xie said in a meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati in Tehran on Saturday.

Warning that certain countries’ interference can exacerbate the crisis, he said such meddling “has led to the reinvigoration of the terrorists in Syria and the spread of their presence to other areas”.

Xie noted that he plans to discuss bilateral, regional, international and Syrian issues with Iranian officials during his trip, and said, “Iran and China enjoy common positions not only on Syria but also on other regional and international issues.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao in Bangkok in October underlined the need for Beijing to play a more active and significant role in Syria and Yemen.

During the meeting on the sidelines of the 2nd Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) summit, President Rouhani stressed Iran and China’s common views on different regional and international issues, and said, “China can play an important role in restoring peace and stability in the region, specially humanitarian aid to the oppressed regional people, including in Yemen and Syria.”

Earlier this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the turmoil in Syria has brought a lot of suffering to its people and grave challenges to regional and world peace.

“China’s position on the Syrian issue has been consistent,” Xi said, adding that “Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be protected and respected, and its future decided by its own people.”

“A political solution offers the only way out,” the Chinese president underlined.

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5 Responses to "Special Envoy: China Strongly Opposed to Disintegration of Syria"

  1. Chris Paul  July 24, 2017 at 4:33 am

    Other random thoughts go like this. The Russians have always hankered after Constantinople and the Germans the Berlin Baghdad Railway. If the integration of the World Island takes place, then these scenarios come back into play in some sort of cooperation with China. Turkey, latterly under the Islamic Brotherhood/ “Young Turks” influence could be in for a bit of payback for centuries of undue expansion. The Germans and Russians have many Turkic ethnics who would leap at the chance to carpetbag there.The “Three Seas” strip of countries from the Baltic to the Med and Black Seas will see the sense of integration with Germany and Russia after the “Outcome” of that now famous wedding night. Where Israel sits in all this depends on the COL (and Frankfurt?) Influence within Russia and China with their respective Oligarchs, as well as that long influence in India do not forget. Israel is a Nuclear Armed Beligerant Beggar Thy Neighbour Military Outpost, sponsored by the USA through AIPAC and COL/ International Banker/Jewish Power with the likes of the RIIA,CFL,Trilateral (UK/USA/Japan), Bilderburg, all the usual suspects. KSA is Tweedledum to Israel’s Tweedledee and both are really creations of MI6.

  2. Chris Paul  July 24, 2017 at 4:10 am

    I’m not privy to the thinking of the Great Powers and sitting gazing at one’s navel might not be the most insightful way to arrive at meaningful conclusions or predictions. One can only read and think and hope. I did read one rightish American think tank say that China could police the Middle East Oil. Whether this means that the International Bankers have some control over the families of The Eight Immortals I don’t know. What is clear is that we are at a turning point in history and the British based Naval Power Control of the last few centuries is moving towards World Island based economy as originally predicted by MacInder. Internal lines of communication are efficient, so this is in balance good for humanity. This does involve a shift of Power Centres and contest for control thereoff. Personally, I think this is a good thing and may well take pressure off the environment, as well as enable great infrastructure and economic efficiency. Quite how this will play out with the Big New Dialectic between India and China will be interesting. Hopefully that can all be managed Peacefully.

  3. Eduardo  July 23, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    If China is strongly opposed to a disintegration of Syria it should be together with Iran present in Syria – as soon as possible or even better straight away. Even if they will built their own pipeline cutting out all the warmongers and profit sharks from the East and West but keeping Syria as a sovereign Country under President Assad’s rule.
    Russia has failed miserably and the more time passes it becomes very clear – a Russian side show in the big game to run a pipeline with gas to Europe while giving our favourite suppressors in Zion the thumbs up and an extension of their already illegal territory.
    Profit matters! Humanity does not! Not even in China.

  4. wjabbe  July 23, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    It is pretty bad, isn’t it, when foreign governments like Syria, Russia, China and Iran seek to comply with international laws by example, while the U.S. and Israel are the two outcast international criminal trespassers on the world scene?

    • Eduardo  July 23, 2017 at 5:19 pm

      International law is a farce as are the Governments in East and West.
      The ONLY law there is is the law of money and profit – nothing else matters Dr Abbe

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