Youtube complicit in MH17 coverup


This ‘strike’ appeared on my screen when I went to Youtube today, only 6 days after I posted the video and linked it to my article MH17 was really MH370.

I have no doubt this is nothing to do with ‘graphic content’ and was simply Youtube doing their bit to assist in the coverup of this awful crime. The video had 12,789 views in just 6 days, so it did reach a good number of people while it was up. However, it would have reached far more if Youtube hadn’t pulled it and we can’t have the sheeple learning the truth now, can we?

You can still find the video at Liveleak:

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  1. You can look at all the Porograghy and Masochistic things you want – but don’t you dare look at something that might be – Pravda ! Like the men above stated/posted – You hit a truth nerve -Ian or at least a very close scenario that took place and of course all those guilty are trying to cover it up – in case any hint of the actual events took place. But here again the owners of Google are very close and in bed with Who ? Every swing dick out there that had anything to do with this 9-11 encore.

  2. YouBoob/Booble has been censoring lil ol’ me for years and has seemingly ramped up this nasty habit tenfold this year alone.

    Coincidentally on-purpose by happenstance, the countless State-sponsored trolls littering the ‘net have increased exponentially, too. T’is always good to see our hard-earned, mostly stolen tax dollars at work while illegally abusing humanity. Oh well…nothing’s free in this Land of the Slave [see: wars, endless illegal / slavery, endless debt]

    Hmmm…maybe it’s this unacknowledged Troll Fund where Dubbya, Big Dick & Rummy’s yet-to-be-explained or accounted for $2.3 friggin’ trillion from 9/10/01 went? Hmmm…The U.S. Propaganda Budget doesn’t actually equal the annual GDP — does it? Besides, this enormous and endless stream of stolen resources goes toward funding an off-planet civilization and secret space program, mostly built and populated by human slaves — earthlings — at least prior to being kidnapped while their native, complicit government looked the other way.

    I don’t know, man. I mean…If ANY of the above is actually true…well… know…

  3. Curiouser and curiouser …
    The lady who took the photos only 20 minutes after the crash speaks :
    ( or at leads she accompanied the photographer )
    3:39 I have checked all the bodies. They were almost all asian.
    3:43 I have personally not seen one body that looks european.
    3:49 Only malaysians, asians and such.
    3:53 I did not see one body with a european look.

    But what happened to the crowd that boarded the plane at Schiphol?
    Were they all phantoms?

  4. Being re-directed to LiveLeak was more informative as it has English sub-titles so whoever the ‘genius’ was Ian to force Google to drop the video only exacerbated their Neo-Con consternation or Zionist schizophrenia.

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