Even some Irish are supporting Islamic terrorism

Declan Hayes, center in light shirt, holding court with our Homs security team
Declan Hayes, center in light shirt, holding court with our Homs security team – Photo Jim W. Dean

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Our briefing and Q&A with Tala al-Barazi, governor of Homs province (Photo credit: Jim Dean)

[ Note: I first met Declan Hayes, a modern Irish rebel, as a fellow election monitor at the Syrian 2014 elections. We were both in the group assigned to go to Homs, one of our choices. We started the day heading out in two vans and with two van loads of soldiers to speed us through the endless checkpoints.

Once there, we got an hour briefing and visit with the governor, and then headed out to visit a half-dozen polling stations. We were given free rein to interview anyone we wanted. As I was grabbing photos and video media, I got a lot of media of Declan, as he is a non-stop talker.

He has done a huge amount of work in Syria via his organization, with numerous and extensive visits, raised cash and donated all of it to a variety of relief organizations in Syria. Needless to say they love the guy. But such is not the case with the Irish government, which has wined and dined their version of state-sponsored terrorists – local backers of groups like the White Helmets.

Yes, Ireland officially is anti-Damascus and Assad, and has bought into all the Assad killing and gassing of his own people, for whom Irish officials want war-crimes investigations, but are not interested dishing that out to the Irish Muslim groups supporting terrorists in Syria – the ones that serve Western interests.

One of Declan’s tactics is to put high government officials on notice that he is onto their game and getting that officially on the record so that they can never say they did not know. Declan is a master at writing these, as passionate as VT’s own Kadir Mohmand, the former Mujaheddin commander, now living in Toledo.

Syria used paper ballots, where both opposition parties had their eyes on the ballot boxes until all were counted, a system the US should go back to.

I would take issue with the claims below of the US civilian slaughter of 40,000 in Mosul, but less so in Raqqa. In Mosul, Declan missed that all the strikes were cleared with the Iraqi military, with most of them being called in by them to lessen Iraqi military losses, which have been very high in the Mosul campaign.

A post-war, fair investigation would find that Iraqi AF bombings would be killing as many civilians per sortie on average, in populated areas. That is the brutal arithmetic of “human shield” urban conflict, which ISIS has practiced extensively.

After all, with the backing of Saudi Arabia religious terrorists, ISIS has run a sex slave auction market even for pre-teen girls.

But I understand Declan’s anger at the US coalition having a number of state sponsors of terrorism enjoying their new toy of using low cost, disposable proxy terrorists for destabilization and regime change. It’s a nasty world, and the US has contributed to that significantly, with a virtual free pass from our fake media ... Jim Dean ]

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Oireachtas – the Irish Parliament

–  First published  …  July 22, 2017

Mr Simon Coveney, TD,
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Dublin 2.

Dear Minister Coveney

Minister Finian McGrath’s attached letter of 4th inst. refers. Irish passport holder and senior Ahrar al-Sham godfather Eyad Shaar masterminded this massacre of Shia children; the White Helmets murder gang, which the Oireachtas [Note: this is the Irish legislatgure] welcomed on very many occasions, were also centrally involved.

This massacre took place in the Idlib Caliphate which GOAL funds to the tune of tens of millions of euros.  Prominent Irish-American Syrian resident, Ms Lilly Martin, can fill you in on the war crimes of Irish citizens Mahdi al-Harati and Housam “Sam” Najjair, both of whom helped found, in Dublin’s fair city, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which perpetrated the recent Manchester and London terror attacks as well as countless war crimes in both Libya and Syria.

Although these Irish guns-for-hire were hailed as heroes on the Late Late Show and in the Irish Times by colourful columnist Mary Fitzgerald, Syria’s Armenians regard Ireland’s Tokyo Rose and her head-hacking heroes as 1st degree war criminals. If it is war criminals you want, shop local.

If it is bigger fish you want to fry, then look no further than Ballsbridge and/or Co Clare. Although the USAF, thanks to their abuse of our neutrality at Shannon airport, recently murdered a staggering 40,000 civilians in Mosul and a further 20,000 in Raqqa, neither the US Embassy nor the US Ambassador have come in for the fanatical fascist attacks the Russian Embassy and the Russian Ambassador have had to endure in “neutral” Ireland, in your own Oireachtas included.

The Russian Ambassador, HE Maxim Peshkov, has repeatedly assured me that Russian special forces will supply, gratis, armed protection for any group of Irish politicians wishing to visit the Syrian Arab Republic to assess the situation there for themselves.

Because the Syrian authorities, together with their religious and civil leaders, are likewise ready to assist as, of course, am I, you, your colleagues and your civil servants should really visit Syria to formulate a worthwhile and independent policy rather than colluding in the discredited policies of the Pentagon, the Muslim Brotherhood and MI6, all of whom, as the current trial of Sir Mark Allen, MI6’s former boss, shows, have serious 1st degree war crimes charges to answer themselves.

Taking the Road to Damascus, actually going there, is essential to formulate any worthwhile or independent positions on the Syrian and Yemeni genocides. Your olagoning of “the denial of access to humanitarian and medical assistance in Syria” would cut some ice if Ireland was not, at NATO’s behest, imposing criminal medical sanctions on Syria, killing thousands of innocents in the process and berating Syrian surgeons and Syrian cardiologists who visit here to appraise you of the apocalypse your sanctions have visited upon their Syrian homeland.

You boast you have given 100,000€ to bring war criminals to book. Because Major General Issam Zahreddine, the latest high-profile Druze Syrian to be added to your EU list, has been totally surrounded by ISIS’ crack brigades in Deir ez-Zoir since October 2013, there is absolutely no way Zahreddine could have been involved at any level in the April 2017 Khan Shaykh crimes the EU’s war hawks say he helped orchestrate.

Regarding the claims of ex British Army squaddie and certified psychiatric patient Paul Conroy that Zahreddine was involved in roughing up peaceful protesters in Homs, I have visited Homs’ Baba Amr neighbourhood where Conroy and his cut throats were holed up. I have met the locals who were made dig their rat tunnels at gun point and I have stood in a kindergarten which they blew up the following day, with massive loss of little innocent lives.

The only reason that Zahreddine is only now being targeted for allegedly roughing up protesters in 2012 is because the Syrian Arab Army have won the war against Conroy’s killers in Homs and Zahreddine’s 104th Brigade are on the verge of winning it in Deir Ezzor too.

Once we return from Syria in early November, other Irish members of our delegation of your acquaintance will give you and your colleagues their take on how stands Syria. For my part, I will be preparing to spend Christmas Day as well as the Greek and Latin Easters in Syria, where we will help those who have survived thus far Irish jihadists, Irish sanctions, Irish collusion on the Golan and Irish foreign policy.

Because I believe that you, your government and your party can do much better than that, we will continue to help open the door to peace in Syria and hope you will avail of it.

Finally, though I hope you  enjoy U2 in Croke Park tonight, spare a moment to think of the victims of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in Manchester, London, Libya and Syria

Dr Declan Hayes
Dublin 5


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  1. Wordsworth’s country is my neck of the woods, probably felt familiar to a Kiwi with all the mountains and sheep. The Celts are a tricky topic because the orthodox scholarship on the subject is very bad. Basically, there never were any Celts, that is a misnomer introduced a couple of hundred years ago when all the tribes of NW Europe that spoke very similar languages were lumped together as ‘Celts’. In reality, they were not a ‘Celtic’ people, they were many different tribes who shared many things in common in terms of their values, laws, art, culture, religion etc. There was a lot of contact and trade between them and their culture was vastly superior in many ways to the Romans who conquered them. For instance, the Celts (I hate to use the term, but what other is there?’ had a very egalitarian society, women were fully emancipated, if parents died, their children were taken in and adopted by other families, they deeply cared for each other and were very in touch with nature. Then came those evil Romans who were akin to the Borg in Star Trek, and we lost so much of our true culture.

  2. Erm, the main thing to know about Frankfurt, and not mentioned there is that it is where the Rothschilds began their banking business. They lived in the Jewish quarter and the houses did not have numbers, instead they had coloured symbols. The Rothschild house used a red hexagram, which is where the ‘Jewish’ ‘Star of David’ comes from. That symbol has nothing at all to do with Judaism, Hebrews or anything remotely related, it is an ancient occult symbol and was used by the Khazars. The real symbol of the Jewish people was and remains the Lion of Judah, as also used by the Rastafarians and the Ethiopian Jews who are the descendants of the original Hebrews, unlike the Khazars who are completely unrelated Turko-Mongolic nomadic horsemen from the steppes of Central Asia. The Rothschilds became bankers for the Elector of Hesse, and that is where their rise to power began. Right from the start they were using their banking power to interfere in world events for their own gain. Rothschild agents started the American Revolution and then the Rothschilds made a huge fortune because they handled the monies paid by the British Crown to the Elector of Hesse to hire tens of thousands of Hessian mercenaries to go fight in the Americas and regain the colonies. Next door to the Rothschilds lived the Goldsmith family who also got into banking and became and remain to this day close associates of the Rothschilds. Both families spread out to the banking capitals of Europe, particularly London, where they remain immensely rich and powerful. The Goldsmiths have married into royalty several times – Princess Diana was a descendant, as is Kate Middleton and Jemima Goldsmith married Imran Khan, so they remain very highly prominent and well-connected, as do the Rothschilds. It is hugely important to note that the infamous Balfour Declaration was not given to the Jewish people, it was given to Lord Rothschild, meaning Israel is a Rothschild dominion and has been since day 1. The Rothschilds started the Napoleonic Wars, which was the largest war in world history to that point because Napoleon issued an imperial edict banning usury. They started world war one in order to get the Balfour Declaration and start their scheme to create Israel, they started world war 2 to finish that project. Kaiser Wilhelm lamented in his Dutch exile in the 1920s that he had been tricked by Jewish bankers into leading Germany into war. So don’t blame the Germans for everything, blame the true culprits – the Rothschilds and a handful of closely associated Khazarian Jewish Zionist families like the Goldsmiths. BTW, I did an online IQ test last year, just for a laugh and scored 188, but I don’t put much faith in IQ scores as indicators of intellectual ability.

  3. What I said was accurate enough to answer the question that was asked, of course it was a generalisation. Myself, I’m 100% Brythonic Celt, been here in the NW of England since long before the Vikings, Normans and anyone else, we fought the Romans, we fought the Picts, Scots and all the other northern tribes. We were the ones who mined the high grade ore the Celts used to make the finest swords in Europe and possibly the world at that time. I was born here and I’ll die here, this land of lakes and mountains is the only place I feel at ease, it’s in my blood. We have much more in common and feel far more at ease with the neighbouring Scots and Irish than we do with the people of the south of England.

  4. The Germans also supplied the rifles that were brought into Ulster for the Loyalists in the Larne Gun Running just before WW1.

  5. Mr. Dean,
    Are the Irish you speak of protestant, or catholic, or a secular mix? As I am looking over Irish history, particuarly the 16th century, your answer will be interesting for me. Thank you.

    • All Irish are Catholics, the Protestants in the north are Scottish who were settled there, they tend to refer to themselves as Ulstermen rather than Irish because they consider themselves British and loyal to the crown.

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