7 Pictures That Prove Venezuela’s Opposition ‘Strike’ Is a Flop

Venezuelan workers travel on Caracas’ metro system on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

[Editor’s note: This is further proof, as if any were needed, that Venezuela’s issues are largely, if not solely, being imposed by the nefarious interference of foreign influence and the culprits are the usual suspects in the banking and governmental sectors of the western world. I can only pray that I live to see the day when countries such as Venezuela can truly be free of such influences and grow and thrive as they surely would. Ian]

7 Pictures That Prove Venezuela’s Opposition ‘Strike’ Is a Flop

Even Reuters, one of many mainstream media cheerleaders for the Venezuelan opposition, was forced to admit the “strike” was a failure.

For Venezuela’s right-wing opposition, July 26 was supposed to be a day of momentum.

It was the day they launched their 48-hour-long nationwide “civic strike,” which was supposed to show President Nicolas Maduro that Venezuelans oppose his mandate and the upcoming National Constituent Assembly.

“It’s our moment, without a doubt,” Venezuelan opposition leader Freddy Guevara wrote on Twitter the night before, claiming that “millions of people” were going to participate.

It was also the day they were supposed to “paralyze” the country, bringing businesses, public services and activities across the country to a halt.

Early Wednesday morning, however, those pipe dreams were quickly shattered.

Dozens of images have surfaced on social media of Venezuelans across the country carrying on with their regular morning routines, traveling to work and school.

Perhaps even more embarrassing, their call to post thousands of pictures of empty streets using the #HuelgaYParoPorVzla (Strike for Venezuela) hashtag fell on deaf ears — a quick search reveals that just Guevara and a few other opposition leaders have been tweeting photos of “empty” streets.

Even Reuters, one of many mainstream media cheerleaders for the Venezuelan opposition, was forced to admit the “strike” was a failure.

There was less enthusiasm for the strike “in working-class neighborhoods and rural zones where the government has traditionally drawn more support,” the outlet reported Wednesday, adding that “fewer people appeared to be heeding the shutdown” compared to a similar action called last week.

Here are seven pictures that prove the Venezuelan opposition’s so-called “strike” is a total flop.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.


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    On Castro, he was a CIA asset right from the beginning, read about the role he played in the killing of Colombian presidential hopeful Gaitan, which caused the violence of the Bogotazo and plunged Colombia into a period of violence that is only coming to an end today, nearly 70 years later. This was 1948, long before Cuba. Castro took over Cuba on behalf of the CIA so it could be used as an offshore base for all kinds of things, primarily money laundering and illegal currency transfers.

  2. “The Venezuela government is promoting scarcity for goods and food…”

    Right, because in an age of globalist economics, the bankster cartel could never manufacture scarcity from the outside…

  3. The USG/European Union has not only made a mess of dozens of countries that are their targets , they totally screw any Europeans and Americans that want to travel in these countries or wish to live for a few months there. They put targets on our backs and they know it. I think another reason the CIA/St Dept. F… these countries up so that no one will travel the world and see the truth about these countries and how they really are. The USG doesn’t want its people traveling and seeing the truth about the world – they want you corralled so you are internationally ignorant, a taxpayer/slave, and see the world only the way their liar media – wants you to see it.

  4. It appears that Venezuela was on Clinton’s ‘hit list’ when she pretended to be Sec of State. Also the IMF has been indirectly manipulating the economy since 2009 as I understand. Disaster capitalism at work – first you own the bankers, then you create a crisis to overthrow the government or invade to bring ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and finally you steal the peoples assets.

  5. Expect the heat to be turned up. It’s the M.O. of western history. Primarily Britan, and it’s illegitimate off spring. In S. America they say. “Puta que por rio”.

    • Don’t let bigotry get in the way of facts. South America has been a US declared sphere of influence since the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. UK and European influence has been very marginal since. The Monroe doctrine killed economic development in South America as the UK and other Euro countries pulled out their investments. Argentina went from the second richest country in the world prior to WW1 to a basket case. The CIA has been the vehicle for overthrow of governments (e.g. Chile) and viscous proxy wars.

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