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By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Russia thinks it is working with President Trump in Syria and is making progress in pushing NATO off its borders, or so one might gather from reading news available in late July of 2017. What Russia doesn’t know, and few in the US do either, is that the Pentagon, in particular, an extremist cabal, have been given a free hand.

Thus, when Secretary of State Tillerson threatens to resign, his deals, his efforts, continually undermined, he and the public think it involves President Trump and his family and the barrage of fantasy tweets that deluge the public from what many believe to be a president suffering from flight of ideas and lack of focus.

The real question might be not if but why Trump gave the Pentagon a free hand, why he trusts generals or who might be behind advising or controlling him. Nothing in Trump’s background should lend itself to militarism or trust in Pentagon knuckle draggers and “behind kissers.” No organization has fared more poorly than the Pentagon, losing war after war, losing trillions of dollars, broken weapons, tarnished reputations.

For every move toward improved relations in a world that can be defined as it was during the Cold War as “East v. West,” there are two moves toward conflict and confrontation.

As the fateful summer of 2017 wanes, the geopolitical rulebook has been tossed into the flames, perhaps forever. What is most dangerous is that few understand the power dynamics as well. Even more serious is that some of those working in the dark are potential adversaries, nuclear adversaries, and by this we are talking of Russia and China.

To begin with, we will outline the major fly in the ointment in regards to the rapprochement, real or imagined, between President Trump and Russia. The background for this, if given in any detail is both exhausting and wrought with fiction and artifice as well. Let us review.

Washington, whatever that is, now generally seen as a veritable sewer of bought and paid for political hacks subservient to special interest, think tanks that do everything but think and a press coined “phony” by Trump. The press is key here for a variety of reasons.

You see, the world analyzes US policy through the “fake news.” It has always been “fake,” or seemingly has for decades. With few quality journalists and most press outlets controlled by powerful corporate interests, the pin Trump stuck into the “fake news” balloon, exposing what has been going on for many years as “what it is,” made up lies and garbage, opened a door.

In stepped more lies and garbage, this time more fake than the other, with chaos theory and psychological warfare organizations drowning in capabilities from the overfunded phony war on terror and too much time on their hands now lending their useless talents toward disinforming the general public.

The result has been a divided US where “alternative facts” fabricated for a vulnerable demographic now competes with the “mainstream” now termed, and I believe rightly so, “fake news” to support different versions of a fictional narrative that resembles reality only in the most rarified and oblique manner.

So, in Washington, Russia seems to have rigged an American election and a new and unsettling executive branch, maybe working for Russia or someone, as no information from any source can be trusted, is now being investigated by groups long in the employ of special interests, many of which are clearly at odds with the welfare of the United States.

America has left itself open to dictatorship. It long since gave up its ability to govern itself, perhaps it was the central bank, the Federal Reserve in 1913 or more recent erosions of individual power such as the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2005. Whatever milestone one chooses, the remains of democratic institutions in the US are now difficult to find.

What we are left with is what increasingly seems to be factions, mistakenly defined as “right” or “far right” jockeying for control over America’s military, and with that, control over the planet itself.

You see, whoever controls the American military controls the world, unless a power bloc appears that can challenge, well, challenge what? If the Pentagon controls America’s military and the Pentagon is controlled by a cabal of religious extremists as many claim or corporate lackeys as most believe, then where does the world stand?

Then again, if Trump and his own Republican congress are at war over impeachment, and I assure you, little else is discussed in Washington, two sides of the same coin, servants of different masters, has all oversite of the newfound military power over American policy disappeared?

To this, we reluctantly say “yes.”

Thus, while “deconfliction” zones are discussed and planned in Syria or the CIA announces that it is dismantling its miniscule public “aid to terrorism” program, the Pentagon is planning the occupation and dismemberment of Iraq, preparing for war on Iran, on China, on Korea and on even Russia as well.

If congress continues to vilify Russia, seen by many as slavish adherence to Cold War dogma, what is the mindset in the Pentagon? Does anyone know?

Why is no one admitting that the Pentagon now sets policy? Does anyone know how this process works? Few are aware that when Trump chose his transition team, he sent a retired general named Jerry Boykin into the Pentagon with full authority to make any changes. We are told Boykin built a duplicate command structure than now sets US foreign policy, based on Christian prophesy and “end times” theology, forms of religious extremism that make ISIS and the Taliban seem mild in comparison.

Thus, when the State Department feels left out, isolated by a White House clearly operating beyond its grasp, how has a Pentagon equally out of control added to the chaos?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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  1. Dear Rex Tillerson. My cousin Sarah says you are a good Dude, although she operates from a Conventional World View. Her husband Dave S. is a Texas Oil man to his fingertips, a Mud Man from Way Back – honest as the day is long. Corporate Knowledge and Wisdom is invaluable in the World today. Your Sins are Forgiven and tomorrow is the First Day of The Rest of Your Life. hang in there! Do Good, Get On With It, Don’t Be A Soft Cock (in what seems to be the vernacular de jour) and help save the World from the Bull Shit Artists Who Are Running The Show.

  2. The Russians could, tommorrow if they wanted, create their version of Jewish state somewhere in the Siberian regions, where there was already a plan for Jewish autonomy decades or century ago, and many Jews would follow (it would not be an extremist state like Israel, or some lunacy to force aliyah on its population). And what would the end timers, Jerusalemists and the US military aid do then? The Knights of Malta, the morons at NATO? They would have to report at the bursar’s office.

    • Wow Davor, Russia already did what you asked — a Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Nice work!

      JAO or Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть, Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast; Yiddish: ייִדישע אװטאָנאָמע געגנט‎, yidishe avtonome gegnt) is an oblast or province in the Russian Far East, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast in Russia and Heilongjiang province in China. Aside from Israel, JAO is the world’s only official Jewish state.

      If only you could have gotten Russia to do this before the Rothschilds’ Balfour Declaration, after which the Rothschilds needed to start WW2 to force migration of Euro secular Jews to the Mideast. No matter. After WW2, David Ben Gurion blackmailed Nazi-collaborating Rockefellers to deliver UN votes from South America, which the Rothschild-financed Rockefellers controlled (also a nice post-WW2 home for Hitler, Bormann, Nazi scientists & 4th Reich true believers).

      Better late than never! Your next MI task is to get Bibi to migrate Israeli Jews to JAO – OK? 😉

    • Certainly some interrnational rabbis not so keen on following the Israeli versions of Judaism would be helpful in inviting those Israelis that are sick and tired of Likudnik manipulations and history hijacking. When Bibi says there are 22 Arab states and only one Jewish, they could say well no there is another Jewish state and we don’t even have to mention the Arabs before it. Of course such a Jewish state would be a direct national security, demographic and ideological threat to Israel. But that’s what the Israeli double citizens are doing with Islamic state as well, they tried to create their own preferable version of a Muslim state, one based on extremism, to cast a shadow on all other Muslim majority states.

    • Davor: Most rabbis are clueless about what Bibi & the Rotten-Childs have done & are doing, which isn’t good for Israel & Jews. If they only knew… 😉

      Chris Paul: Bibi & Rotten-Child are already trying to kill China’s “One Road, One Belt” project (New Silk Road). Bibi & Rotten-Childs want WW3 — to save Bibi’s ass in Israel and to ensure that Rotten-Child-type central banking & monetary systems remain the only ‘roads.’

  3. Maybe there could be a year round complimentary space visit lottery held for esoteric and eschatological Pentagon staff, that could put a bit of their minds at ease. If they can believe in some desert down & out rags being their cosmic sacred antagonists, what will they say of Martians and others. Orwell wrote his works as warnings and appears as if the Pentagonists are living by them.

  4. Eisenhower wrote in his hand written notes for his famous speech “Military Industrial Congressional Complex” and this nexus sets up the Judiciary too.”Colonel” Howse showed with Wilson how the Presidency can be controlled with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the goings on at Versailles in 1919.The Fourth Estate is subject to the same Corporate forces as above.Read Carroll Quigley “Tragedy and Hope” and he was Bill Clinton’s inspiration when he attended Georgetown, a Jesuit Institution.Quigley actually defended the Rhodes Movement and had access to the inner workings.The Political line coming out of the Roundtable Movement (Rhodes, Rothschild, Milner et al.) goes through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations,Trilateral Commission(UK,USA,Japan).Propaganda comes down through the Tavistock Institute and incorporates all the Philosophy of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism as practised by the so-called Neocons (really Neo Liberals, Fiscal and Social). “Order out of chaos”-but try telling that to the Libyans,Iraqis,Syrians etc..It is both a Snake Pit and a Spider’s Web.Gordon does well to have his ear to the ground and he simply reports the facts.Pike predicted a Third World War of Political Zionism v Islam,real since 9/11.Zionist “Born Agains’ are set up by the same people who set up Wahabbism/Salafism, for the same end.Hegelian Dialectic.

    • Padre & Chris: Virtually no one at VT believes Russians are stupid. Naive, yes; but not stupid. But what passes for naive is a Russian propensity to WAIT for right time to act — diplomatically or militarily. E.g., Syria. Russian diplomacy is usually superb. VT sometimes gets impatient… 😉

  5. Excellent article! One that has me very concerned about our future or if we even have one.
    Reform in Washington is now out of the question. We do not have the ability to vote our way out of this awful mess. I fear it is going to take events much more drastic than the election of Trump to turn things around.
    The CMMM is one of the problems that needs to be addressed. But how? Congress, a group of 535 bought and paid for politicians who consider the rest of us a stupid fools, sold us out a long time ago. Voting is meaningless.The elections are a cruel joke and any semblance of democracy is a willow o’ the wisp.The republic is ruined.
    The Pentagram now under control of religious dominionist/ dispensationalist death cult and that’s exactly what they are, a death cult, no different than Heaven’s Gate or Jim Jones, wanting to push the nuclear button for some twisted, perverse and malignant idea of salvation and the evangelical/fundementalists who support israel and the wars in the middle east as religious crusade. Is it any wonder that xtianity in America is loosing popularity.

    • The question we all need to be asking is this: if Washington is such a cess pool of corruption, perversion and fraud, why do we continue to send people there to supposedly represent us when in truth they are not and in fact work against us? Why? In some vain hope someone will rise up above all the insanity and deliver us from evil? Any body who continues to believe so, is living in an altered state. There will be no salvation. There will be no change for the better for the American people, only for the worse as it is already happening.
      It doesn’t matter who you vote for or elect, nothing changes and the situation worsens.
      The only answer is secession. That and stop sending people and tax money to Washington. Stop sending your children into the military and stop obeying Washington’s edicts. Set up regional government and militias. Use paper ballots and remove all Washington control of local police forces. IN short, nothing but a divorce from Washington can solve the problem.

    • Hallelujah brother. I’m Chosen By God, sort of like my Chosen Zionist mates, but unlike those Self Worshipping Kabbalist Atheists, I’m Born Again and Saved, Bring On The End Times. When Armageddon comes, and I Hope it comes soon, 143,999 other Born Agains and myself, The Elect, will be Raptured Straight Up To Heaven. I’m a General in the US Army and I will lead from the front against the Terrorist Foe, while my Zionist Mates will helpfully run the show from a deep bunker.

    • I’m sitting here listening to the wind. The prevailing Westerlies turn into Nor’Westerlies when they funnel through Cook Straight. Then the Southerly blows straight out of the Antarctica and further freshens the air and would disperse any suspended matter. Don’t get sucked in by fairy tales. Brother Roger did say that irony was a sin and I apologise for my Truth Inversion, but I, perhaps wrongfully, expect discernment from the Intelligence Community.

  6. The Pentagon/DOD etc. , CIA and the Federal Reserve has always controlled the country – at least during my lifetime, as I’m now looking back. You don’t get a 1 trillion dollar per year budget and 1 million direct and indirect employees for being second in command. The article is unfortunately – dead on- and the NWO or whoever, isn’t going to stop the destruction because they have a schedule and a “Huckleberry ” for a President and a back-up called the Vice President. I see escalation or at the very least – more money all around for covert and extended proxy armies until either the Pentagon is checked by the few courageous countries in the world or a huge catastrophic event occurs. America can fall domestically all it wants but the Pentagon will always get that 1 trillion dollars – the people of today have no say in it – Period.

  7. What more can be said? A bunch of miserable, traitorous shits in the Pentagon have wrested control of the good ship America and are steering it toward Armageddon. We guess, the Russian haven’t fully realized the Executive Branch no longer functions, has ceased, in fact, to have any meaningful role in government or the making of its foreign policy. Trump is a puppet, clueless and farcical. He is completely beyond his depth. Just pretending to be President. What’s going to happen when the Russians realize who’s really in charge in America, that these people steering the boat are complete psychos? This is the stuff that make for nightmares. And the American people are, by and large, out to lunch. I pray for an epiphany.

  8. IF “Boykin built a duplicate command structure tha[t] now sets US foreign policy, based on Christian prophesy and ‘end times’ theology, forms of religious extremism that make ISIS and the Taliban seem mild in comparison,” then Trump might save his ass; and Americans should bend over and kiss theirs good-bye. Thanks to VT, Putin & Russia now see this — and are now taking appropriate action.

  9. What Russia thinks of Trump’s USA is something we all would like to know!
    The US House of Representatives AGAIN voted in favour to sanction Russia. 3 American politicians voted against!! 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the sad truth of today’s USA: 400+ brain-dead and manipulated politician puppets, many of them with dual citizenship are America’s future sliding into hell. Trump is the least of the problem.
    Good to have you typing again Gordon Duff!

  10. Here we are in the age of massive abundance, satellites, super computers, and robots, and the biggest threats to “national security”, is the belief in the Devil, and grown children fighting over who has the most billions. At the top of the pentagon, or courts, or foreign affairs, the entire thing is made up as they go along. Enlisted folks get their stripes as they earn them, but big brass stars are awarded for political loyalty, and not selflessness to duty. The humility and submission of the new recruit , to a general, is the distance from the mail room to the corporate retreat vacation yacht. The CEO does not formulate policy based on what is good for the mail room, and the Generals do not formulate policy on what is good for the people. The vein of religious loyalty over national sovereignty is the greatest threat. Especially when that particular vein is of the extremist variety layered in false beliefs with Fear frosting topped with precision guided sprinkles. Humility is the required solution.

  11. Senate intelligence, there’s an oxymoron to ponder. Why does Washington feel so compelled to go to the raffle ticket barrel to draw sanctions for any purpose for any reason for anyone? The generals who are always fighting the last war, declared or otherwise, don’t recall losing so well as they might converse with those who do and handle their new powers in a positive manner.

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