China blames India for triggering military standoff near border


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with Press TV, Tehran

Bhutan is a stunning tourist attraction

[ Note: The never ending border dust ups between China and India seem to be never ending. Most of us have a hard time understanding why, as there is nothing there resource-wise to fight over. And from a strategic defense view, the huge mountain ranges are natural border defenses for both sides.

No general would ever want to try to send a mechanized army through them, as the valley passes would become kill zones for everything the other side could fire, and that would be a lot.

China is the aggressor here, as it knows damn well that building a major road in Bhutan is not for resort development, but to create the ability to move military assets into the area more quickly. It was a clear provocation. Of course India objects, claiming that Bhutan’s status is still to be negotiated, whereas China says, “‘Up yours’…we HAVE negotiated it and it is ours” – another provocation.

Hence India moved troops in, which I suspect was for the purpose of telling China, “Up yours, we will move the troops out when you agree to no further military construction in the area”, which is quite reasonable.

The flip side of this is India is a key component to China’s New Silk Road project, which is being built to be able to move goods throughout Eurasia quicker and at lower cost, and which the US Navy cannot threaten. At the end of the day, that should weigh more with China than a new military road in Bhutan. My services as an intermediary are available, and at reasonable ratesJD ]

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This is not an area that one would choose to send a mechanized army through, or try to supply
–  First Aired … July 25, 2017

China’s Foreign Minister has blamed India for triggering the ongoing military standoff near the Sikkim border.


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  1. Jim, India is no more doe-eyed than Jared Kushner.

    Take into consideration India’s provocation of China by deceitfully annexing the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim. Facilitating India was the CIA-asset, the Texan Queen Hope of Sikkim. Duly divorced after destroying her husband’s ancestral legacy & handing it to the “R” interests through India.

    Some people don’t quite white-wash India’s track -record in annexing independent countries after instigating civil unrest, which they so savagely suppress in Kashmir:
    – The tiny African island Kingdom of the island of Janjira is but one example.
    – The princely State of Hyderabad is another.
    – Yet another is the princely state of Junagadh.
    – The Hindu Jat principality of Bharatpur was denied it’s right to join Pakistan.
    – The conservative Muslim kingdom of the Maldive Islands has been under virtual occupation since partition.
    – Bhutan too is next.
    – Unlike the rest of British India, the people of Assam were not solicited for their choices at Partition. They have been closer to Burma and have been fighting for their rights since arbitrarily being handed over to India against their wishes.

    • All this has been possible with the connivance of the British who present India as a secular democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their flag has the Veerchakar (Celestial Wheel), a Hindu symbol. Their medals of valor are also non-secular Hindu (once again the Veerchakar). The first act of “secular” (sic) India was to carve the Hindu state of Haryana from the Sikh-dominated (East).

      The British also gave them a member of their Royal family, as India’s Governor-General, the Viscount Mountbatten, who made Janjira, Bharatpur, Junagadh and annexation/strong-arming of other tiny states possible. Fully complicit with him was the (Pakistan) Chief of Army Staff, British officer General Sir Frank Messervy, who refused to obey Pakistani leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s orders to move the Army into Kashmir.

    • Jim, your response proves that I was singularly unsuccessful in making my points. The main point being that India has a track record of gobbling up little countries, hence any Chinese moves to contain/limit that are understandable. Another point is that India has always had the support of it’s former masters & their subsequent inheritors. Hence if you are against the NWO (+ off-shoring of US jobs), then you should be against it’s proxy in the region – meaning India.

      Btw, in the opinion of those that cut their political teeth in study groups of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist philosophy, China is very far removed from that of Chairman Mao. The corruption is endemic, the Party cadres have been politically castrated and the Party officials are avid practitioners of crony capitalism. They are now – what they once described – the comprador class. IMO we are seeing the emergence of NWO2.

      Naturally, the oppression in East Turkestan (Sinkiang) is subsequently far more severe

    • Spot on Jaffer Jamil. It seems there are no “good and just countries” left in our world. All is corrupted while humanity tries to pick the lesser evil which in the end becomes exactly the same evil one wanted to avoid.

    • Eduardo, so true! I don’t have the flattering rosy-eyed view of Russia either. But then that may be because as students of the Maoist-oriented study groups, we saw all the Soviet Union’s failings in the light of leftist ideals. The prime accusation was Russian Cultural Imperialism, which became even more acute after Gorbachev. That reasoning tool however, ultimately served as a double-edged sword for the PRC. Since the same can be said of Big Han Chauvinism, leaving no country holier. Though India has been fascist since the beginning, now rabidly so.

      The evil ones get around to controlling all that can be. Which is why as Sufis we don’t struggle to change the world, but to change how we conduct ourselves in it. Since Death is inevitable, so why struggle against it? The energy saved can be used to live a fuller life. With family, friends, pursuit of knowledge, helping people, bettering oneself or just plainly picking up a trade or a life-skill. Each in itself is an act of worship.

  2. The “Silk Road” is not an organization but a Chinese policy of building new trade routes actualized into investments in key countries. This investment gives them the infrastructure required to grow their economies. It should not only increase trade between participating countries and China but between themselves as well.

    Each country negotiates the level and type of investment they want from China. Contrary to Jim Dean’s grossly uninformed opinion, the partner countries won’t be “subservient” to China because there’s nothing for the Chinese to control here. Sure they will lead this “trade bloc” but that’s a given since they’re the ones who started this initiative.

    The only countries that are opposed to this are those in the American camp. The US fears losing its dominance over these countries – which it will – not to mention an even more powerful China. India, for its part, is a delusional fascist imperialistic power trying to create its own hegemony over Asia so no surprises there. Attempting to create false controversy over it means you’re on the side of evil.

    • I also think India is to be blamed as much as it is being played.

      You have to look back at the history of Modern India.

      When Churchill declared war on Germany and very quickly met his match, he chose to surrender to Roosevelt instead of Hitler or Stalin. One if the terms was that Britain would hand over the Empire. In preparation for withdrawing from India, a slaughter of Hindus and Muslims was organised to facilitate the creation of a divided and conquered state called Pakistan — the Western component of which would act as a fence betwern India and Persia, and the Eastern bit would serve as a cork between India and China. The North and South were contained by the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean. So India was handed over as an isolated island.thus isolation was ensured by various unnecessary border conflicts.

      All these decades later India doesn’t realise thatnit is losing out and lets nationalism keep it in isolation.

      Imagine the trading and military bloc that could result from China’s 1.5 billion people, India’s 1.3 Billion people and Pakistans 200 million people. Instead, there is the ridiculous changing of the guard at the Wagah border crossing, which anyone who has never seen it should look for it on Youtube — entertaining, but nit quite the same as hundreds of billions of lost trade opportunities.

  3. I did not know that China wants control of the administration of the New Silk Road, even though there have been numerous articles lauding the project. There is scope for much more ananysis there. Why swap one tyranny for another and the Chinese Oligarchy of the Eight Immortals may be Beholden to the same International Bankers as The West is now. Apparently some stayed behind with Chairman Mao after the cease of hostilities in the late 1940s. This is ground for serious discussion. What if Russia and China and India have already been set up for similar future Oligarchic Control to that presently demonstrated in the USA?

  4. WRONG! India is at fault here. It has no business interfering in a dispute between Bhutan and China. China building a road there is not a valid excuse even if it allows for military transportation.

    Also, India is NOT a key component of China’s Silk Road. It is PAKISTAN that is essential. India, on the other hand, is busy trying to sabotage the project. India is a massive threat to the multipolar world and the quicker it is neutralized, the better for the world.

  5. The Silk Road may never be completed as China plans. Everyone that “joins” has to accept a subservient position to China, take it or leave it. Western participation has been token, buy in money only to be on the list of contractors, but China having the final say is a problem for many. China has said absolutely no to any commission being formed to run it.

    • I believe if the other countries put out the kind of resources that China is willing to expend, then they too will have a say in the admoinistration. We may need to examine the agreements with Turkmenistan and Kirghistan, both rich with resources, on how the veracity of my comment.

  6. Well Mr. Dean I must ask who is creating obstacles which obstruct OBOR progress? Modi or Xi, or ExxonMobile?
    The pure concept of a “silk road” is beautiful, almost utopian. The problems I see are all human factors. Greed defines them all. Pretty much.

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