Rats lining up to get off the Trump ship before it sinks


[Editor’s note: The Trump presidency has hit choppy waters and is heading straight for the rocks; to continue the maritime metaphors, the rats are lining the rails, desperate to get off the ship before it sinks and takes them with it. First Spicer, now Priebus, who next?

We can but hope that Trump has the common decency to follow tradition and as captain, go down with the ship. Some hope, Trump has all the decency of a piece of slime.

Impeachment and removal requires a 2/3 majority in House and Senate, with the way Republicans and Democrats are scrambling to distance themselves from the toxic Trump administration, it would seem to be not a matter of ‘if” Trump is going to be removed, but rather ‘when’. Ian]

More Deck Shuffling in the House of Trump: Preibus is Replaced

The new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said the Chief of Staff “would be asked to resign”.

U.S. President Donald Trump has replaced his White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, after only six months on the job, installing retired General John Kelly in his place in a major shakeup of his top team.

Trump announced the move in a tweet a day after his new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, accused Priebus of leaking information to reporters in a profanity-laced tirade.

Trump issued his decision just as he landed aboard Air Force One after a visit to Long Island. Priebus was on the plane with him and left with no comment.

The U.S. President had lost confidence in Priebus, privately questioning his competence after major legislative items failed to pass the U.S. Congress, a Trump confidant said.

Kelly has been Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

“Reince is a good man,” Trump told reporters after he got off Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews on the outskirts of Washington.

He said Kelly will do a “fantastic job.”

Exactly one week ago, Sean Spicer, the controversial White House Press Secretary, resigned and was replaced by his former deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Spicer is said to have quit over the appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

There have also been personnel changes in the top ranks of Trump’s legal team.

On Thursday, The New Yorker posted an interview with Scaramucci that included a profanity-laced tirade against Priebus.

He called Priebus a “paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” who leaked information against him and vowed to get him fired.

“He’ll be asked to resign very shortly” Scaramucci said.

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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kelly
    Quote by Gen. Kelly:
    “If you think this war against our way of life is over because some of the self-appointed opinion-makers and chattering class grow ‘war weary,’ because they want to be out of Iraq or Afghanistan, you are mistaken. This enemy is dedicated to our destruction. He will fight us for generations, and the conflict will move through various phases as it has since 9/11.
    Although Kelly was both an enlisted Marine and an officer, as well as having both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, there is no evidence he has read “War is a Racket” by two time medal of honor winner General Smedley Butler here https://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html . Kelly is obviously well brainwashed with the official party line. There is also no evidence he is aware of another medal of honor winner Angelo J. Liteky, who died recently 2017 in a VA Hospital at San Francisco. Chaplain Captain Liteky is credited with saving the lives of 23 of his colleagues in Viet Nam in about 1967, but returned the medal after discovering his government committing horrible crimes against civilians in South America, the criminals being trained at the outlaw School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Ga. Liteky spent two one year jail terms and paid fines of about $1,000 each for civil disobedience against these crimes by our government. He also gave a speech in 2003 expressing his displeasure with our outlaw activities there.Con’t:

    • Con’t. from above:
      Chaplain Captain Liteky is credited with saving the lives of 23 of his colleagues in Viet Nam in about 1967, but returned the medal after discovering his government committing horrible crimes against civilians in South America, the criminals being trained at the outlaw School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Ga. Liteky spent two one year jail terms and paid fines of about $1,000 each for civil disobedience against these crimes by our government. He also gave a speech in 2003 expressing his displeasure with our outlaw activities there. Why should we citizens idolize General Kelly who seems to have blinders on his eyes and brain when it comes to morality in our government and military? Blindly taking and carrying our illegal orders and Gang Raping our Constitutional rights via the illegal Patriot Act; is this the kind of person we should look up to and respect? Chaplain Captain Angelo Liteky, General Butler and I say NO. Return to Boston before you kill any more innocent people Kelly.

    • Partial quote from Angelo J. Liteky, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient in address May 7, 2003 to U.S. troops in Iraq:

      “Once again, I find myself in protest of a U.S. military action that no court in the world will declare legal. The U.S. attack on the sovereign country of Iraq fails to meet any of the necessary provisions of a just war. Iraq on the other hand, met the most fundamental condition for a country to use military force against an adversary, namely the defense of its homeland against an unjust aggressor. But, because of the incredible superiority of the U.S. military, there was no possibility of a successful defense.

      In its attack on Iraq, the U.S. violated the UN Charter, international law and universal standards of morality. This is borne out by the worldwide condemnation of the U.S. attack by mainstream religious denominations and spiritual leaders.

      Claiming liberation of the Iraqi people as a just cause for a war that kills thousands of innocents is hypocrisy at its worst. If liberation of an oppressed people were the real motive behind the invasion of Iraq – why did the U.S. wait 25 years to act? Why did the U.S. refrain from condemning Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons in its war with Iran in the 80s? Why did the U.S. fail to prevent chemicals critical to the production of biological weapons from reaching Iraq? How is it that what we condemn today we approved yesterday?

      Many Iraqi people rejoiced at the sight of their American/British …”

    • “Shoot first; ask questions later if at all”. This appears to be the mentality of the new WH Chief of Staff and Adolf Trump. They must both have attended training exercises for police in Israel too. The bank robber whores in Congress also worship Israel because that is where the money is. Our country has been hi jacked by a foreign land called Israel which successfully brain washed our four star generals with their lies. Hey Adolf and Kelly: Did you know all the evidence shows that Israel did 9/11/01 while our totally corrupt four star generals sat on their fat asses and did nothing to defend the homeland but were never asked to explain their traitorous misconduct?

    • The only enemy of the US is its vast paranoia. The more the empire of chaos implodes the worse this will get. Even its closest vassal states are now questioning the sanity of US policy and its objectives.

    • WJ: Thanks for the update on Trump’s Chief of Staff, J.F. Kelly. Suspected as much but was not sure.

      Kelly is perfect as Chief of Staff to enable Trump to TRY to start WW3 — Bibi’s & Trump’s new wet dream. Kelly shares Trump’s anti-Muslim paranoia and will further enhance http://www.WhiteHouse.Gov as an ISIS recruiting site.

      As said, VT, decision makers and the clandestine community need to remain vigilant — to cock-block Trump, Scare-A-Moochy and Kelly from doing a Trump-CYA WW3.

      Fortunately, Trump now has issues with both warmongering Republithugs & Dummycrooks — and will have great difficulty in getting WW3 out of the starting gates.

      For sad tales of Trump’s ‘fine mess,’ see “Peggy Noonan: ‘Weak and Sniveling’ Trump Is Not as Strong as His Wife” at http://TheHill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/344292-peggy-noonan-weak-and-sniveling-trump-is-not-as-strong-as-his. Noonan is a widely respected Conservative commentator & author. Peggy was also a primary speech writer and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan.

      And: “With Reince Out, Trump’s Plan for Survival Is Clear: Simply Hire More Thugs” at http://www.Esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a56706/reince-fired.

      “Trump Toast” may soon be a new family product — better than Trump University & Trump Steaks! 😉

  2. What is the White House chain of command? Where does press suckutary fit. As an Italian American”da mooch” is embarassing. I hear the dago jokes are making a come back. Or maybe he will empower the Italian lobby to replace the Jewish one. Any university professor who teaches the truth about Mussolini will be fired under the anti-Roman slur law, and labeled for life. Twist of fate. So cool. Matza ball bounced out by meatball. I like it. Hey Vinni passa da pasta.

    • Who said Italy was a country? I thought it was The Kingdome of Naples and The Two Sicilies, The Papal States and various Independant City States in the North, with Guelf and Ghibeline Factions. Further the North, known colloquially as “Tedeschi” has long links through to Aix La Chapell /Aachen, back to the time of Lothar and Charles Magnus. After the Fall of Rome, some Cities, notably: Florence, Milan, Genoa and Venice had very significant influence in their own rights and no doubt still do.

  3. There are those who claim the Trump presidency is being torpedoed. Some of them are well known editorialists, some of them even former White House officials themselves( Reagan era) who claim that Trump is being railroaded out of the White House in order to wage a war with Russia. True or false, there is a certain group that wants a war with Russia and we know who that is.
    Trump will not have the political power or authority to stop it . He is too weak and too vulnerable.
    On the other hand ,this administration is its own worst enemy. The old saying about giving a man enough rope……

  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/07/28/trump-names-homeland-security-secretary-john-kelly-as-white-house-chief-of-staff-ousting-reince-priebus/?utm_term=.9deade3d5ea8
    According to this article Adolf Trump ordered Priebus to kill a fly at a high level meeting. Imagine him swatting at a fly but hitting some of the participants possibly Trump himself with a fly swatter; or better yet spraying insecticide into the room at full bore while they are all sitting there. Why not ask Ivanka to kill the fly or his wife or Kushner? That would be beneath them no? What if the fly flew into Adolf’s big mouth which is open most of the time? What a way to die unless he flew out first. Could Kelly kill a fly or is a fly to general big shot something he unzips all day long? If Adolf Trump can pardon himself can’t he also fire himself? We all await the good news.

    • Isn’t the problem in the West Wing of the White House a snake problem not a fly problem? What is the best way to deal with a poisonous snake problem? The approved medical procedure is called Anti Venom which is very painful, slow, requires hospitalization and expensive. How about a natural predator or a large shovel?

  5. Trump has little if any strong support remaining in Washington — among Dummycrooks or Republithugs. Trump & Republithugs were denied the ‘opportunity’ to strip health care from 22 to 32 Million Americans — many in Trump’s ‘base.’

    However, NSA Flynn forced to resign, Press Sec Spicer quitting after Scare-A-Moochy’s hire and Staff Chief Priebus quitting after Trump-type ‘fake news’ by Scare-A-Moochy about Priebus & Bannon probably means that Trump will have great difficulty in firing AG Sessions & ‘Special Prosecutor’ Mueller.

    Trump firing Sessions & Mueller would probably mean more scrutiny (not less) on Trump’s financial ties &
    money laundering with Russian & other Kosher Nostra ‘oligarchs.’ Thus, even Trump is probably not stupid enough to fire Sessions & Mueller — the new attorneys are probably advising Trump.

    If Trump fires Sessions & Mueller and/or if strong evidence of Trump’s Kosher Nostra crimes emerges, then the House will probably impeach Trump; and the Senate will probably remove Trump as Prez.

    Until then, Trump still has time to start a Mideast war (morphing into WW3) to save his ass, even if millions or billions die. Bibi also needs WW3 to save his own ass in Knesset elections; and Bibi will help Trump if Trump helps Bibi (and RKM).

    So, VT, decision makers and the clandestine community need to remain vigilant — no matter what Trump does or doesn’t do and no matter how probable it is that Trump will (finally) be removed.

  6. Ok, listen up all you low down White House federal employees, you ain’t nuthin but a bunch of bone chewing lazy canine interlopers fetching a stick for meat. Got it ? General John Kelly is now in charge, and you will be entering a new understanding,..; whoa, is that the new red from the kitchen, yea get me 5 of those and bring two trays of snacks, and the usual scotch to the balcony in ten, thanks ;.. as I was saying, we got us a new guy, an that ain’t gin be no mo messing round. The original scene of “Lighten up Francis” is at it’s most relevant. Psyco – Lighten Up Francis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OnpkDWbeJs

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