US Senate approves Iran, Russia, North Korea sanctions

This bill was drawn up to make all of them vote for it so they would not look “soft” and be pummelled for it politically.

by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   … with Press TV,  Tehran

To defend itself, Iran needs satellites and the ability to launch them

[ Note: Multiple sanctions on multiple countries should never be lumped into one bill like this. With Russia in it alone, Trump might have sustained a veto, and the ambushers and Russophobes knew this. So they led with N. Korea, and added Iran in as revenge for winning the Iran nuclear agreement.

They tell us that Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism now. That is as true as the past claims of its secret nuclear weapons program, which no country in NATO or the Israelis could put one iota of evidence on the table to prove it, when they had lied to us all along claiming such. The claim was put into the bill purely as a way to cover the industrial-scale terrorism the US coalition has engaged in.

These people are pathological liars, and they are jumping for joy now. They see the EU rushing to Iran wanting to do business and are green with envy. Why?

…Because the business is all peaceful infrastructure and consumer-related. Now we are told that Iran having its own satellite launch capability is a threat to the US, a new bogeyman tool to scam the US public with.

There will be long-term repercussions with the EU, as the Russian sanctions were written to screw up the EU pipeline deals, past and present, even including maintenance work. Energy security is a national security issue for Europe; and the US Congress has launched a preemptive attack on the EU, an economic war without a word of that debate with the American people, with it all behind this fake bill JD ]

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– First aired on July 27, 2017

The US Senate has overwhelmingly voted for legislation to impose fresh sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The bill now goes to the White House to be signed or vetoed by President Donald Trump. Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier pledged to respond to the measures. A number of European countries have also criticized the bill in an unprecedented move.


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  1. As expected, Russia has begun to respond to old U.S.-Russia sanctions, to Obama’s illegal confiscation of two Russia-owned properties (in NY & MD) and to the new U.S.-Russia sanctions bill that Congress almost-unanimously passed (with veto-proof super-majorities and which Trump is expected to sign).

    Russia is asking for a reduction of 755 U.S. diplomatic personnel in Russia. However, this may only be the tip of a very large iceberg. See “Moscow Strikes Back: US Sanctions Push Russia Closer to Dumping the Dollar” with Russian Deputy FM Sergey Rybakov at

    Regardless of the current Trump-Russia brouhaha, Trump should VETO the bill and do a deal with Putin & Russia to pull U.S. back from the brink of WW3 (which Russia too wants to avoid). If it’s a good deal for America & Americans, then Congress will NOT override Trump’s veto.

    A ‘good deal’ would include: 1) Rescinding ALL sanctions & confiscations in exchange for Russia ‘coming clean’ on what Russia knows about Kosher Nostra election skewing & rigging AND on Russian Mafiya ‘money laundering’ etc. with Trump & Co.; 2) U.S. cooperation with Russia to eliminate ALL Mideast terrorists; 3) A joint U.S.-Russia guarantee of national security for ALL Mideast countries. Etc. What else?

    • Bullseye !
      Once again, the elite puppetry within congress displays its umbilical cord to Tel-Aviv.

    • Eduardo: Thanks. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing now with Trump & Co.’s RWA to deal with this stuff is far short of the deal maker-Trump that many Americans ‘bought’ in last U.S. s/elections. With Trump as U.S. ‘CEO,’ America is bankrupt — again. Pre-2016, 5+ bankruptcies for Trump & Co.

      Dr. Bhelthi: With most/all in Congress signing AIPAC’s Loyalty-to-Rotten-Child pledge, what do you expect? On why Israel favored Bush over Kerry in 2004, a long-time Israeli mil/intel friend told me: ‘We can blackmail the Bush Family better than we can blackmail Kerry.’

      The ‘compromat’ on Trump & Co. comes from Russian, Israeli & U.S.+ ‘Kosher Nostra’ oligarchs & gangsters — about which Putin & Russia know. Russia did NOT skew & rig the 2016 U.S. s/elections — the ‘Kosher Nostra’ did this — but Putin & Russia knew it (and tolerated it).

      IMHO, the ONLY way for Trump to survive as Prez is for Trump & Co. to make a deal — as above (in part). Trump & Co. probably won’t do it. Why? Because Trump & Co. think that Bibi, Rotten-Child & Co. are offering Trump & Co. a better deal… Sad.

      P.S. As per new WH Comms director Scare-A-Moochy, Trump has more practice at ‘sucking his own cock’ than Bannon every will. With Scare-A-Moochy working down-low next to Trump at the WH, Trump can delegate that task… 😉

  2. Trump is a liar, and his whole presidential campaign was a fraud from the beginning.

    The sanctions legislation is just a congressional attempt to create political cover for Trump’s calculated betrayals.

    If Obama had the constitutional authority to seize Russian diplomatic property in the first place, for example, then he also had the constitutional authority to lift the sanctions, and congress obviously cannot legislatively rescind a constitutional power granted to the president.

    Thus Trump can simply veto the legislation while making it publicly known that he will not abide by it, if congress overrides the veto, as it is an infringement of his exclusive constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy. (Presidents routinely defy congress when it attempts to dictate foreign policy, and this is why the embassy was never moved to Jerusalem for example).

    But Trump will no doubt sign and implement the legislation, because Trump is a liar and a consummate Jew puppet worse than Obama.

    • HS: Regardless of the length of Trump’s nose, Trump does not have exclusive Constitutional authority to conduct U.S. foreign policy. Congress also has a Constitutional role to play.

      Obama’s seizure/confiscation of Russia-owned diplomatic properties in NY & MD was illegal — against international diplomatic laws, treaties & agreements. However, Congress does have the Constitutional right & power to pass sanctions against foreign countries, which Trump can sign or veto. If Trump vetoes the bill, then Congress can override Trump’s veto.

      See also my above comment to this article (proposing a Trump veto, then a deal with Putin & Russia — after which Congress would probably NOT override Trump’s veto).

    • “Trump does not have exclusive Constitutional authority to conduct U.S. foreign policy. Congress also has a Constitutional role to play.”

      Perhaps you’re not very familiar with the U.S. constitution? Art 2 gives the president the exclusive power to “make treaties”. The congressional role is limited to “advice and consent” (senate).

      According to the U.S. supreme court:

      “It is important to bear in mind that we are here dealing not alone with an authority vested in the President by an exertion of legislative power, but with such an authority plus the *very delicate, plenary and exclusive power of the President as the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations*–a power which does not require as a basis for its exercise an act of Congress, but which, of course, like every other governmental power, must be exercised in subordination to the applicable provisions of the Constitution” (United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation et al.
      299 U.S. 304).

      “Obama’s seizure/confiscation of Russia-owned diplomatic properties in NY & MD was illegal — against international diplomatic laws, treaties & agreements.”

      Well of course it was “illegal”, but that’s irrelevant; I’m not talking about misfeasance. My point was that if Obama TECHNICALLY has the constitutional authority to impose sanctions, ANY SANCTIONS, then he also has the constitutional authority to lift said sanctions. And Congress cannot legislatively rescind this presidential power.

    • “However, Congress does have the Constitutional right & power to pass sanctions against foreign countries, which Trump can sign or veto.”

      Can you refer me to any case law that supports this assertion? Otherwise it is just a bare assertion and I will have to disagree with you.

      “If Trump vetoes the bill, then Congress can override Trump’s veto.”

      Regardless of whether or not congress has legitimate constitutional authority to “dictate” foreign policy to the president (and I claim that congress DOES NOT), as a practical matter congress has now way to force the president to implement any legislation that he doesn’t want to.

      The historical record shows that presidents routinely defy congress when they believe that congress has overstepped it constitutional authority.

      see e.g.,

  3. Both Congress & Trump are declaring an illegal economic & trade war against Russia, Iran & North Korea. Not a good idea — counterproductive, at best.

    The EU is even more opposed to stupid stuff than Obama was (although Obama certainly did not totally eliminate the stupid stuff, to put it mildly). Russia & BRICS-aligned nations too.

    Russia will retaliate against Trump & U.S., and the EU is unlikely to march to U.S. drum beat that screws Europeans. As a result, Germany may soon ally closer with Russia — something that U.S. foreign policy makers have been trying to avoid for 100+ years (even at the cost of big wars).

    TRUMP & PUTIN MESSED UP. Trump promised during his campaign to work with Russia to eliminate ALL terrorism — a good thing. However, given the collusion of Trump & Co. with Russian & other Kosher Nostra oligarchs & gangsters during his campaign, Congress is tying Trump’s (tiny) hands.

    Although Putin & Russia probably did NOT collude with Trump & Co. during Trump’s campaign, Putin DID allow Russian Kosher Nostra guys to do it. Not good. Putin & Russia are now reaping the ‘rewards.’

    In the final analysis, however, Trump & Congress will only be screwing America & Americans. Not good.

  4. Well,I am hopeful for the first time. Europe might finally see the light and break with the United sates, maybe (this is a stretch,I realize) even withdraw its participation from NATO! Ironically, breaking with NATO would in a single stroke bring the American Imperium to its knees and radically reduce the possibility of war with Russia.This is a very good thing. But even doing away with existing EU economic restrictions against Russian trade and business ventures would do much to change the march towards war embedded within the new sanctions bill just passed by the Senate.

  5. Of course they did. Where is our missing $6.5 TRILLION. Has anyone checked their finances lately. I am sure they have sophisticated ways to hide the bribe. I am also sure it can be found. Maybe by looking at AIPAC’s distibutions, and the cronies working for or involved in any way with AIPAC should/must be put under my microscope. Shake the family trees. Shoot them before they run. Fair trials after lynching. It’s truly the only way to the bottom of all this. We elect millionaires because somehow we were convinced they can’t be bribed. But millionaires want to be billionaires. That’s how their escalator works. While we buy lotto tickests and dream they bleed our treasury. They bribe ours (theirs) with our money. Go figure. And while ypu are busy figuring, or looking for a lost kidney, find out… where is our $6.5 TRILLIONS????? WTF!!!! Some one hit reset, pul-leeese.

  6. If the USG continues it’s unbridled belligerence, America will become totally isolated from the rest of the world and nobody will work with them on any level.

    Sooner or later, nations will have no choice but to do what’s best for themselves and that will be a bad day for the US, as the USG has perpetuated it’s existence by exploiting the effort and resources of foreign nations.

    With the federal reserve note being backed by nothing and essentially worthless, foreign nations seeking to solidify their own future will be even less likely to trade anything with the US. It seems that the foundation of lies, on which the glass house of the USG has been built upon, will soon cave in on them.

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