US Empire Collapsing – With or Without World War III?


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Was this the week the Unipolar World Order ended?

According to Haaretz, Trump officially handed over Syria to Russia and Iran. Tehran is getting a naval base in Syria. A top US Special Operations General says the Russian military can force the US out of Syria.

And it isn’t just Syria that’s going multipolar. Iraq is also bringing in the Russian and Iranian militaries. And China is also moving into the Middle East. That’s a nice  “New American Century” mess you’ve gotten us into, Wolfowitz!

That 9/11 New Pearl Harbor thing must have seemed like a great idea at the time.

How will the Unipolar World Warriors respond? This week they skirmished with Chinese jets over the Yellow Sea, fired warning shots at an Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf, and announced that military action against North Korea will begin in “a few months.”

Meanwhile Israel is going all out to keep the world in general, and the Middle East in particular, in a state of terminal chaos…and making a killing off it by stealing organs from corpses and selling them on the black market, among their myriad other scams. Somehow 9/11 worked out well for them, not so well for anyone else. Like the world wars. Pure coincidence, of course.

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  1. After looking at Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya and others, the US has destroyed the country but kept a puppet government and a proxy military active even though their is no real government. I’m assuming that the fall of the US would be handled the same – in fact its already in place – the puppet government and the proxy { police state}. The difference is that Americans can get back up on their feet- just like the Russians did — as long as they kick the Puppets out and have a couple thousand intelligent Americans left — to start the step forward towards a realistic future.

  2. Albert Pike defined WW3 as Political Zionism versus Radical Islam.I believe that WW3,in the Age of Full Spectrum Domination has been going on for decades and the Psycholgical Preparation (Brainwashing?) of Populations for even hundreds of years.September 11th 2001 was a simply taking it up another notch,the preparations were surely going on from Treaty of Versailles and onwards through the Foundation of Israel and then on through the Preparatory War and build up in Kuwait.Add to that a number of earlier wars for the expansion of the State of Israel’s Boundaries and you get the picture.The Psychological/Educational Preparation of the Population of the West has happened through:Critical Theory/Frankfurt School/Cultural Marxism/Edward Bernays/Tavistock House and the whole nine yards to replace Moral Absolutes with Relativism/Political Correctness and Divisive Identitarianism. This Brainwash Process has gone on for Centuries.On the Muslim side we have had the Pseudo Islam Ibn Saud family placed in control of the Holy Places and that ensured a Radical and Phony Branch of Islam, Wahabbi/Salafist Fanaticism has emphasised the Second Book of the Koran to complete the Hegelian Dialectic. Yep,this Hegelian Dialectic was planned and organised over a long time and this “pervasive conspiracy” as JFK outlined does have that capacity.Iraq and Syria have now been effectively Balkanised as suggested by Kermit Roosevelt soon after WW2 and in line with the Yinon Plan for Greater Israel.

  3. The creation of an Iranian naval base close to the Hmeymim airbase in Syria is the best news Syria has had for a long time. US & ISrael and their stooges need to leave or even better to be kicked out completely asap from Syrian territory – for all times. Congratulations to President Assad and what is left of Syria!

    • Eduardo: Although my Syrian friends are impatient for Russia to act decisively to help in eliminating ALL terrorists in Syria, Putin & Russia (and Iran) appear to have a longer-range plan: Do NOT directly confront the crumbling US-led coalition in Syria. Let the coalition crumble, and pick up the pieces.

      For Iran, a naval base (little threat to Israel). For Turkey, NO support for an independent Kurdish nation (and lifting biting Russia-Turkey sanctions, a gas pipeline thru Turkey+ and S-400 sales to Turkey). For Israel, a Russian guarantee on national security in exchange for relinquishing Golan Heights to Syria). For Qatar, a joint Qatari/Iranian gas pipeline to Europe. For Europe, a gas pipeline for abundant gas. For Trump & U.S., no Russian whistle-blowing on Russian Kosher Nostra collusion with Trump & Co. For Saudi Arabia & the anti-Qatar/anti-Syria GCC, Russian cooperation with OPEC to maintain oil prices.

      Russia, Iran & Syria can deliver on all of the above — which maintains Russia’s & Iran’s reasons to exist in Syria & the Mideast and puts diplomatic, military & commercial pressure on all others ‘to behave’… 😉

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta, sure that seems like a win and win situation for everybody involved but not for the ones driving the USA and this is where danger and further confrontation and carnage lies.
      I have to agree with your Syrian friends as it is mostly them and their Nation who have suffered loosing blood, country and are now further being used and played with. Their suffering should not be extended as a strategy.
      Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta is it somehow possible for me to contact you directly as I have a few queries in regards for support to Syrian refugees in Australia without using Charity Professionals which cash in on human disaster or Government funded “show ponies” for empathy, bureaucracy and money laundering.
      I believe that you are a good man who can be trusted in this matter.

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