The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  … with Press TV, Tehran

Are we going back to where we started, or even further back? – Busher reactor

[ Note: As always, a good place to start asking questions is “why now?”.  The seeds for this assault on the Iran nuclear deal were planted in Saudi Arabia, and harvested when Trump came and got his big weapons deal, much of it pie in the sky which the Saudis can dial back when they choose.

We can see that the main thing that King Salman wanted was to crank the Iran threat up again, partially in revenge for its Balkanization plans for Syria not working out well, despite the overt terror proxies put into the effort to rack up a huge number of crimes against the Syrian people.

The legal grounds are somewhat shaky here, as Obama did not conclude a treaty, because he could not get one. But the deal took years of hard work and resulted in compromises to get there, as all good deals do. The UN Security Council voted it into law, so that is where the main legal claims are coming from. Israel tells the UN where it can shove its resolutions, and it appears Trump has borrowed the tactic.

We have a president who, when any of his real estate developments got into red-ink, simply stopped paying contractors and alleged whatever he wanted, for bailing out on most of his debt in bankruptcy litigation – lots of it. So I was not surprised when Trump posed getting out of the Iran deal – that’s how he rolls. He is bound to nothing but what he wants.

But he also knows the deal was made with five other nations with the understanding that they would honor it. Trump and Congress have now shown they don’t care what the allies think about the US pulling out. These are the same allies that are putting a ton of money into Iranian development, with the US sitting on the sidelines, with the exception of the Boeing deal. Iran will have to cancel it, as part of its “repercussions” that have been promised. What else could Iran do? It can just order more Airbuses.

Iran would much prefer to spend its defense budget on state-of-the-art defensive weapons, as it faces short range threats

As I focus on in my Debate material below, the US has to realize that its reputation for sticking to deals is now not only a joke, but the Deep State people behind Trump do not seem to be fretting about blowback from unhappy entities, including the EU. Trump might have been advised, “What can they do?”

Is Germany going to reduce its exports to the US? No. Is it going to reduce buying from the US? That is a good possibility, which would cost US jobs.

Will Germany and the EU break on the Ukraine mess, by kissing and making up with Russia on that totally wasted regime-change effort – one of the stupidest moves of all time, and further proof that democracy is definitely an imperfect form of government? That is all I can see that would rattle the US.

We are in the clutches of gangsters and banksters who look upon the rest of us as peons, whose only value to them is in serving as third world labor. Nothing these people do will shock me.

But the big wake up call for the public is how the military command, despite its oath, is arm in arm with the Deep State folks, which Gordon has been writing about for some time. Another VT prediction is being confirmed before our eyes, but there is no joy in it for me. I can promise you thatJD ]

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–  First Aired  …  July 29,  2017  –

“Of the six members of the opposite side,  one actor is an outlaw. But we will not ruin the game because of one actor and we will rather deal with this offending actor.”

That was how the spokesman for the National Security & Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s parliament reacted to America’s rhetoric & actions which violate the nuclear deal, including the latest, new sanctions.

A new independent poll shows Iranians too feel that these US sanctions, enacted because of Iran’s test of an advanced satellite-carrying rocket, are against both the spirit and letter of the nuclear deal.

Iran’s defensive ballistic missiles are allowed by the UN, and countries critical of it over this issue have admitted as much. We discuss that and more in this edition of the debate with me, Waqar Rizvi.


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6 Responses to "The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions"

  1. martsiva  August 1, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    It seems like Trump has been given orders by his handlers to deliberately isolate the US but with all of the globalist slug sock puppets in DC, the only way to get around this international law is another false flag attack in America and blaming Iran and Russia.

  2. wjabbe  August 1, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Excellent comments from both participants with little difference in opinions. Anyone who has been involved in business has dealt with contracts and lawyers. I once asked a lawyer to read a contract before the closing. His reply was, “let’s worry about it if there is a problem”. Contracts are full of words and many are totally incomprehensible even by lawyers who are supposedly “experts”. At bottom, in any business transaction, is the integrity and personal honor of each party to an agreement. All the thousands of words in a complicated legal document do not change that. If there is no honor, the contract is meaningless anyway and all the lawyers and money in the world will not enforce such a deal made in bad faith. This is how Adolf Trump operates and has operated his entire life as Jim so eloquently stated at the beginning and even his opponent in debate basically agreed. Trump is a documented liar, cheater, con artist and has zero personal integrity so nothing he says can be believed. Much of this is “much ado about nothing” all directed by the outlaw nation named Israel which has hi jacked the whores in the U.S. Congress.

    • wjabbe  August 1, 2017 at 4:15 am

      Tragically and unfortunately the U.S. has lost most of its honor and integrity long ago. Today it flaunts the law, runs round the planet killing innocent children and civilians with impunity. today is an outlaw criminal trespasser and invader of Syria with zero legal authority to set one foot inside that sovereign nation, but is illegally constructing military bases there. The United States of America is an international disgrace to the world and to its own citizens and the Founders who created it all. Why within a few months of taking office Trump himself killed innocent children and civilians in Yemen and Syria and did not blink an eye doing so. Obviously he has no honor nor integrity nor a conscience at all.

  3. Chris Paul  August 1, 2017 at 12:01 am

    Study of Colonial Wars always starts with Divide and Rule and we saw this with the formation of Israel after WW2 as a Military outpost in The Middle East, essentially against Islam. A Canadian Colonel wrote a book saying that the Franco Prussian War was on a Continuum with WW1 and WW2. It is also possible to say that there has been another war going on since that time. Brigadier Frank Kitson, Sir Richard Deerlove’s Right hand Man in Kenya where MI6 “never killed anyone”, wrote a book called “Low Intensity Warfare”, forerunner of The Phoenix Program, and this has been a component of Full Spectrum Warfare and Dominance. That along with Propaganda, Economic War,Psyops,Phony Education, et al.. Dont underrate “Soft Power” – often involving starving civilians aka “Genocide”. “Truth is the first casuality of war”, so Truth died in about 1860 in this analysis, likely much earlier. The next big escalation of M.E. divide and rule came in the 1980s with the Iraq and Iran conflict, which with its consequent Embargos killed million of Men, Women and especially Children. The build up in Kuwait, the Invasion of Iraq, the 9/11 False Flag and the attack on Seven Muslim Countries as outlined by General Clark – don’t try to tell me that WW3 hasn’t been building since immediately after WW2.

  4. Chris Paul  July 31, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    Now that brings us to Yom Kippur and the Doctrine of Kol Nidre, regarding non adherence to oaths and undertakings during the following year. “These are relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established….neither vows nor pledges nor oaths”. The only kickback is if the swearer is discredited in the eyes of the non existant god which is defined as the tribe itself. Hence the use of Surrogate Shills like Donald J. Trump. Make no mistake, not only does this man have little hands but he has little personal credibility. Is it credible to believe that Trump has been financially rescued to the tune of billions of dollars, more than several times by; “The Hidden Hand of The Market”, “The Dollar Votes” or The Wizard Behind The Curtain who rigs the Dollar Vote Ballot Box – if he was lying only for himself and not for his Masters? The USA, through programing and Cognitive Dissonance is totally caught up in the fight between Political Zionism and Radical Islam.

  5. Chris Paul  July 31, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    Political Zionism can really be broadly defined as Moral Relativism where The Covenant has been set aside and there are no Judges. British Empirical Philosophy and Deism follow this line of thought with “Custom as the Sole Governant of The Law” and Perception, based on the Senses Dictating Custom. A Balancing Social Contract to iron out differences has succumbed to Dog Eat Dog Darwinism. These ideas have been Propagated throughout the so-called West after the Protestant Reformation. Self/Tribal Worship through The Kabbalah and Extreme Casuistry through the Babylonian Talmud rounds out the scenario – taught de facto in Masonic Lodges and Theosophy. A typical symptom of this is against what used to be The Eighth Commandment. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour”. My friend Tali Rudi, whose father was a young member of IDF Commando 13 clearing Palistinian Villages back in the day, told me “no Chris, not love your neighbour, love your friend”. So we have the Chosen Elect and the rest – The Goy and The Animals to be exploited and eliminated at the Will of The Chosen. You can’t make this stuff up.

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