Iran files complaint: US violating nuclear deal


If promises are still printed on paper, US government promises aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Case in point: The Iran nuclear deal. Iran is holding up its end. The US isn’t. Instead, Uncle Sam is switching his rationale for sanctions from “nuclear issues” to “rockets.”  Rather than ending the sanctions, as mandated by solemn promise, the US is maintaining them.

The nuclear deal says nothing about rockets.

This kind of lying, deceit, and subterfuge is typical of the way the US does business. The only nation on earth that’s worse is America’s master, Israel…which owns Congress and is the real force behind America’s supposed “problem” with Iran.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor




  1. Since EU & BRICS-aligned nations will continue to do business with Russia & Iran, the new Trump-signed U.S. Russia/Iran/Korea sanctions act will only hurt U.S. business & workers.

  2. The Russian sanctions were passed in congress with only 5 votes against, 3 in the house and 2 in the senate. The same as this ridiculous action against Iran…it boils down to how much influence does AIPAC and the bankers have on congress and cutouts placed in positions of authority in government, finance, military, education, environmental, health and safety going from local, district, state and federal in all levels.
    It makes you wonder how big a vise the fake Jews have Trump’s gonads in. He is also being plummeted from his admin at the White House, and the media including his own family and the nutless wonder Kushner who most likely is a Mossad asset.
    This does appear to be orchestrated from far above the PTB – and as Dr. James states, this may be a con game to put in place a kinder gentler leader cloaked in hidden pedophilia. They may throw the Khazars and their useful servants under the bus, then secretly take over the world. Paranoia may be setting in, but it’s obvious we need a leader that can take this world out of the grips of power hungry money changers and put into guidance and direction for a free and peaceful world.

  3. F i n a l l y ! ! ! The Iranians finally seem to have understood how this Jewish game is played. You complain, you file, you accuse, you charge, you blame, you condemn – and YOU ACT, and don´t forget to lie, BIG time. Got it? And you must START this game. YOU ask the questions, you accuse, and they must reply, not the other way around.
    Go for it. Get the dumb but shifty rats. Go, go, go.

  4. It is the outlaw U.S. government which needs to be sanctioned and reined in by the voters. Every citizen, regardless of party, must place the welfare of the whole country above self and all other things. Join together this one time and vote out all these outlaws in Congress who are bought and paid for by Israel. We must return our government to the nearly broke one at the beginning because a broke government does not have the money to run around the world conducting evil wars. Our government has unlimited money from borrowing and printing money. This must end pronto. As soon as the money ends all these evil outlaw activities will end because there is no money to conduct them plain and simple. Our government is running a scam against every citizen, a ticking time bomb which, when it goes off, will create financial and other chaos all over the land when the dollar finally fails due to unlimited spending and printing by our totally corrupt stupid foolish moronic outlaw….government today. Wake up people. Join together just this one time to save your country from whores in Congress and worse as president and supreme court. United you can win; divided they win..

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