Is Bibi Finished?


[Editor’s note: Things are looking very bad for Bibi, beset with multiple investigations into his corrupt and criminal activities, indictment now looks inevitable. This means we should all be very worried indeed as Bibi is a ruthless, inhuman and ruthless character with no morals or regard for human life. Pushed into a desperate situation, he is likely to try anything to save his own ass. 

Already, we have seen Bibi try to distract from his personal problems by provoking an ever tenser situation with Hezbollah  and more recently, by engineering the violence and controversy surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Would Bibi actually start a war to save his own ass? You betcha he would…. Furthermore, he is likely to do it before the farcical and similarly troubled Trump presidency is finally brought to an end, as Trump would dutifully follow Bibi to war and Israel would require US backing to wage a war. Ian]

Netanyahu Suspected of Bribery and Fraud, Police Tells Court

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two cases, Israel Police confirmed on Thursday when it requested a gag order on the ongoing talks to recruit a state witness. The gag order was granted and is effective until September 17.

A response on behalf of the prime minister stated on Thursday: “We completely reject the unfounded claims made against the prime minister. The campaign to change the government is underway, but it is destined to fail, for a simple reason: there won’t be anything because there was nothing.”

Also on Thursday, Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit said that progress was being made in talks with a former top aide to Netanyahu, Ari Harow, about becoming a state witness.

Speaking during a ceremony at the Supreme Court, Mendelblit said “we’re making progress” and that the prosecution was “working with the police” on getting, Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, to become state witness. He asked reporters to “let us work in peace and find the truth.”

According to recent reports by Haaretz, the information he provided allegedly indicated criminal connections between Harow, the prime minister and people in the prime minister’s circles.

The two cases mentioned in the police request are known as Case 1000, which involves Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, who was asked to purchase luxury items for Netanyahu and his wife; and Case 2000, in which Netanyahu tried to concoct a deal with Arnon Mozes, the publisher of the mass-circulation daily Yedioth Ahronoth.

Harow, who is suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, aggravated fraud and money laundering, was also a key figure in a case that the police did not pursue. He headed the American Friends of Likud, which allegedly paid the salary of Odelia Karmon, an adviser to Netanyahu when the prime minister, who heads the Likud party, was opposition leader.

During the investigation of Harow, police confiscated his cell phone, and found recordings documenting the Netanyahu-Mozes conversations that are the basis of the Case 2000 probe. In the Karmon case, the attorney general did not believe that investigators would be able to produce evidence justifying a criminal indictment for alleged offenses that are subject in any event to a 10-year statute of limitations. Senior law enforcement officials believed, however, that the investigation should have been pursued, especially in light of recordings of Karmon that were obtained by police in which she described the sequence of events after she received her salary.

“Bibi became insanely hysterical, all of a sudden. I don’t know who whispered to him, after all, you can light him up like a flame … and then he said to me: Odelia, give back the money.” In the recording, Karmon also mentioned Harow: “He plied Netanyahu with many things. Flight tickets or whenever Netanyahu was in a bind. But not in exchange for anything. He was honest and sweet. He was simply helpless.”

Ari Harow being investigated last year in Lod

Netanyahu’s Top Aide Turning State’s Witness Leaves Little Doubt: The PM Will Be Indicted

Netanyahu’s prosecutors wouldn’t sign a deal with someone in as bad a legal shape as Ari Harow unless they knew he could deliver damning evidence. An indictment is all but in the bag

The state’s witness agreement reached between the prosecution and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former aide, Ari Harow, on Friday has one virtually irreversible implication: An indictment against Netanyahu is coming.

Netanyahu’s former chief of staff Ari Harow supplied information in two key affairs: Allegations that the prime minister received gifts from wealthy benefactors, and secret negotiations Netanyahu allegedly held with the publisher of Israel’s most popular newspaper in return for favorable coverage.

Under his deal with the prosecution, Harow will be convicted of fraud and breach of trust in a separate case, but will avoid jail time. Instead, he will do community service as pay a 700,000-shekel ($193,000) fine.

If top officials in the police and prosecution believed that the agreement wouldn’t yield significant information that will strengthen and perhaps even complete the evidence in the two corruption cases, they wouldn’t have signed it. There’s no point in helping out a suspect in a legal condition as bad as Harow’s if no real compensation is given in return. This isn’t the final word, of course, but the direction is clear.

Over the weekend, the prosecution decided to impose a gag order on the details Harow had provided during his interrogation. The gag orders have become an epidemic: the details of the Bezeq and submarine affairs are also under wraps. It’s doubtful whether there really is a need for such an unrestrained hush-hush policy, which stands in conflict with the position taken by Attorney

General Avichai Mendelblit in his first months in office, when he labeled these orders as publicity-enhancing ones.

Making allowances for the gag order, one can assume that Harow will deepen both cases against Netanyahu, taking them to a faraway continent while making at least one key player in this affair a criminal suspect. It will probably also seal the fate of Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes.

One should not expect any decisions to be taken before the High Holidays. Harow’s testimony should produce versions to be collected by people living in Israel and overseas. It will obviously necessitate a further interrogation of Netanyahu who, surprisingly, has not been questioned since last March despite the bolstering of evidence accumulated in the two cases, which should have required his immediate response. The possibility that Harow would turn state’s witness arose a year ago.

When the gag order is lifted it may be possible to relate the interesting dialogue that ensued between him and his lawyers on one hand and police investigators and state prosecutors on the other, regarding the explosive recordings of the talks between Netanyahu and Mozes, and regarding the circumstances that led the trusted confidant, who at the age of 34 was already serving in key posts at the Prime Minister’s Office, to cross the lines.

This is probably not the final dramatic twist in the Netanyahu cases. When members of this complicated inner circle see the empire crumbling and the leader taking a dive they usually calculate their own personal and immediate benefits.

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  1. I would have to agree that as the investigation continues to close in on Bibi, the more aggressive and unpredictable he will become. He is a psychopath and insane, worse yet believes in the superiority of the zionst cause. A true religious extremist and fanatical believer. He reflects the overall attitude of the Likudniks who rein Israel: “If I go down so does everyone else.” Netenyahu is not above doing such a thing. The only thing he hasn’t done so far is have witnesses murdered like we do in America.
    With congress and the Pentagram sabre rattling and israel ready to explode if Bibi is indicted, no one will be safe. The U.N. is a toothless paper tiger and America is plunging itself into another disastrous confrontation.
    Israel may yet self destruct as has been predicted by even the likes of Kissinger.

  2. At the end he may be used by criminal governemnts anywhere in the world as a “good adviser”, so I don´t think he is finished until he is dead.

    • and then remember his speech in that bar ? “..they will replace us with persons in the same clothings…” So, nothing will change

  3. Trump still has the Bully Pulpit. Hopefully there is a New and Better hand inside The Glove Puppet.

  4. Come on guys. Who expects an Israeli PM to be honest, just and righteous apart from the US government?
    Many Western Governments are filled with Jews or bought by Jews.
    If Bibi goes a new clone will continue the divine work of the chosenites.

  5. “The Marine Corps…believes that it has earned this right—to have its future decided by the legislative body which created it—nothing more. Sentiment is not a valid consideration in determining questions of national security. We have pride in ourselves and in our past, but we do not rest our case on any presumed ground of gratitude owing us from the Nation. The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps. If the Marine as a fighting man has not made a case for himself after 170 years of service, he must go. But I think you will agree with me that he has earned the right to depart with dignity and honor, not by subjugation to the status of uselessness and servility planned for him by the War Department.”

    Semper Fi, John F. Kelly. Get in there. “National Security” does not require a Military Unipower to attack any country that it chooses. No “Bended Knee” might mean boots on the ground – but not trampling on Human Persons all over the Planet.

    Read General Smedley Butler, “War is A Racket: All Wars Are Bankers Wars”. Vandergrift might have got a Medal of Honour and the 1st USMC Div. did very well at Guadalcanal, but Smedley put his body on the line a lot. Congress can vote the USMC out of existence.

    • Chris, We may need the USMC to topple the CIA. If the Marine Corps could do anything worthy for the American people it would be the destruction of the CIA.

  6. Now MacInder talked about The Heartland and the Mongol Hords overrunning the Mediterranean Civilisation, which is the Middle of The Land. Paul Kennedy talked about the Rise and Fall of Empire with shortening time span, and this inspired the Project for the New American Century to stretch out America’s time in the sun. These are symptoms or effects, not cause. “There’s a tide which runneth in the affairs of man…”. I asked the President of Business International about the “Jew Freemason Conspiracy” in about 1988 and he said “no, no, it’s more like a big bowl of spaghetti, something that came out of The Middle East” and his wife, future President of The International Translators Association in London said “you’re jealous”. So there is “Something”. He had sold submarines for Vickers and her family “came to France with the Roman Legions”, to Lorraine near Frankfurt, and HQ for Charles Magnus, back in the day. Now The Protocols of Zion are likely a forgery because they are better described as the “Protocols of The Big Bowl of Spaghetti” in my mind. The authorship is indetermined. I learned that Wise Guys deal with facts and, as they are conspirators themselves, they believe in the Cock Up Theory, a sort of Scientific Method for making inevitable adjustments. However, TPoTLEoZ does read like a Jolly Good Plan To Rule The World – whoever wrote it was very clever, no matter what the motive, but it is also a tutorial to thwart such Diabolical Plans.

  7. Is satan ever “finished”? If you don’t see horns coming out of the top of his head in the photo above, you’re not looking hard enough.

  8. As Maxwell Smart would say “the Old Investigation and Indictment Trick 99”. Not only did the US Government spend more money “investigating” Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky (when THEY would have had enough real information on Slick Willie to send him to The Electric Chair) than what was spent “Investigating” 9/11, where POTUS43 tried to budget US$4 million and appoint Kissinger, but some reports suggest it was all about Chinese Clinton Foundation Money and the Technology Drain To China going on at the time. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as they say. Surely the Cognitive Dissonance between Big Boy Benny up there in front of Congress like King Farouk and receiving 27 Standing Ovations, in a sickening display for any Less Brainwashed US Voter, and the current situation where the Polish/Israeli BBB (apologies to Bardot) is being held over a barrell is reasonably obvious. The issues with this investigation are small beer and not doubt BBB will get to keep the real graft as further blackmail to ensure his future good behaviour and silence.

    • Which brings us to the real issue as far as the USA is concerned. Gordon Duff wrote an excellant piece “America Erased From The World Stage”. He made many interesting points and the 100 million Assault Rifles was one that I hadn’t heard about. Well, well, well, maybe The Constitution has several layers of protection after all, but it should not have to come to that. That and Free Speech, which is under assault along with the right to bear arms. Several other Constitutional Protections are long gone. Especially the Triple Separation of Powers.

      People forget that Eisenhower did not have the guts (another REMF?) to put what he really thought in his famous 1958 speech about the Military Industrial Complex. In his hand written notes he wrote the “Military Industrial Congressional Complex”, later crossing out the “Congressional”, and I think VT should always use this unedited term. into the future.

      So, not only is Congress able to totally override POTUS45 (they might have brought the 1911 Colt 0.45″ pistol in to knock back the almost unstoppable Mindanaoens , but Trump is not of that Calibre) but they have been appointing Young Conservatives Judges to stack The Supreme Court for yonks.

    • Part IV, Part III above.
      Now the Jesuits may well be working in a very negative way to track and thwart the proponents of “The Left Hand of God” (as outlined in Cannaanite/Cabalistic/Emanationist Thought). I hope so. Maybe two negatives make a positive. Another dialectic? There is some almost incomprehensible stuff going down. This Big Bowl of Spaghetti Stupid (Big Boss) is best described as Snakes in The Sewer(Swamp) and the best way to fight a submarine is another submarine. I am not an expert hermeticist, Eustace Mullins appears to me to have got quite close to how this system manifests itself. Fiat Currency is a discernable manifestation of the underlying Hermetica that has spread out of Babylon through a series of dialectics: Greece and Rome, Venice and Genoa (some say Venice financed the Mongols and they certainly helped sack Constantinople in the early 1200s to control the Old Silk Road), then on to Amsterdam and Geneva and through to London and New York. The big new dialectic is India and China and Russia and the Middle East are the Fulcrum. BBB and Small Hands are still just puppets in the Big Picture. Empires have been bled dry in history and the USA is facing Imperial Overstretch.

  9. If Bibi truly is finished, we can expect this coward to go kicking and screaming. Like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum after not getting his way, Bibi will have to be physically dragged out of there. He’s the type of a$$hole that will try to take the world down with him, so Israeli authorities would be wise to monitor his actions 24/7, so they’re not caught off guard when something terrible happens to take the attention off of him.

  10. Pass the butter & jam — Bibi is toast! Finally. However, please remember that Bibi is protected by the resourceful, WW3-favoring RKM & the Rotten-Childs.

  11. Iron drawers Thatcher swooped on the Malvinas (Falklands) as her popularity nose-dived in the early ‘eighties and no doubt Bibi in deeper water politically will scan the horizon for a similar escape. The danger lies in the option he chooses – ‘to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels’ and deflect his tenuous situation at home safely to the back burner. Al-Nusra or ISIS may step into the breech with some well aimed friendly fire and provoke a major incursion into the Syrian morass. Any incursion into Lebanon would be ill-advised considering the hammering Israel suffered last time round. That said, the greater danger evolves if Bibi goes by-byes and firebrand Bennett assumes power alongside loose-cannon Lieberman for a scenario sane IDF generals and their Pentagon counterparts will balk at while whistling Dixie. Either way Israel will continue to lurch into the boundless unknown along insane by-ways to nowhere.

  12. Bozo has various options for distracting attention from his legal problems. He can re-impose tighter restrictions on Muslim access to the “Temple Mount”, invade Lebanon again, or he can have his lackeys in the US Congress of Clowns (about 530 of them) start making noise about recognizing Israel’s illegal “annexations” of Jerusalem, the Syrian Golan Heights, or the West Bank. The settler movement, part of Bozo’s base, would welcome and support any or all of these actions. The one thing we can be sure Bozo won’t do is allow legal actions against him to proceed without intervention of some kind. Going quietly to jail,r exile or retirement is simply not in his nature. If Bozo goes down it’s a good bet that he will take as many people with him as he can, goyim and “chosen” alike. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a nuclear false flag, to be blamed on Iran, Russia or even North Korea. Would Bozo be willing to start WW3 to save himself? Silly question, of course he would.

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