Iran’s Rouhani: Zionism, terrorism two great threats for region


[Editor’s note: The nefarious plans of Zionist Israel and their Saudi, US & NATO cohorts to destroy and dominate the remaining strong nations of the Middle East appear to be lying in tatters.

The wars in Syria and Iraq are both in their final phase, the peoples of both countries are about to triumph over the foreign mercenary forces that invaded and oppressed them in a must brutal and inhuman fashion.

The re-election of Rouhani as President of Iran will greatly displease Iran’s enemies as it means a continuation of both the stability of Iran and of the Iranian policies and military actions that have successfully countered the nefarious plans of the Zionists in the region.

Rather than broken, Balkanised and enslaved vassal states, Israel is now faced with resurgent nations as Lebanon, Syria and Iraq continue to not only successfully oppose the attempts to destroy them, but rebuild their strength and national identity.

Underpinning and supporting this resurgence is Iran and Hezbollah, the political movement Iran funds and supports, which is the major reason why Trump and Netanyahu continue to demonise Iran and bleat about sanctions – Iran is key to the opposition to the Zionist agenda for the Middle East.

Iran enjoys the support of Russia and China, with the latter reaffirming with public statements, it’s continued staunch support of both Iran and the continued existence of Syria & Iraq as democratic nations, in stark contrast to the US-Israeli-Saudi desire to break them into smaller, powerless vassals.

As Trump & Netanyahu both draw inexorably closer to the days when both are charged and indicted over their criminality and corruption, the possibility of the two leaders trying to save their own asses from impeachment & removal by starting a war grows ever greater. The most likely target remains Iran, perhaps indirectly, via a new conflict on Iran’s borders, most likely in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Rouhani will be well aware of this danger, and is most likely preparing for such an eventuality, his visit to Lebanon can be seen as a sign that Iran is continuing to build upon it’s alliances with it’s regional neighbours, principally Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Iran will not have to stand alone against Zionist aggression, it will enjoy the support of it’s Middle East allies and the backing of Russia and China.

Would Trump & Netanyahu risk starting a war with Iran despite the likelihood it would mean running the very real risk of igniting a far wider conflict that involved both Russia & China? Scarily, I think the answer is yes and I sense that Iran shares my fear and is preparing both militarily and diplomatically for the worst case scenario by drawing closer ties to their allies. Ian]

Iran’s Rouhani: Zionism, terrorism two great threats for region

“The two Iranian and Lebanese nations have always had friendly, close and brotherly ties and relations,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Nabih Berri.

In the meeting that was held on Sunday, Dr Rouhani also said: “There is no doubt that Lebanese people are popular amongst Iranians and the love of Imam Musa Sadr to Lebanese people is an example of this”.

“The fact that Lebanon’s voice in resisting against aggressors is being heard and this country is in a place that it even helps establish peace and security in its neighbouring countries, is the indicator of its power and greatness”.

He also added: “The people of Lebanon stood against the aggression of the Zionists to the south of the country and today, they eliminated the threat of terrorists in their northern parts”.

The victories of Hezbollah, the army and the people of Lebanon against aggressors are good news for the Iranian nation and bring pride and glory to all Muslims and friend countries, said Rouhani.

He described unity among Shias, Sunnis, and Christians in Lebanon as a model for unity in pluralist societies, adding: “Today, the people of Lebanon view Hezbollah and the army as a security-building power and resistance is popular among them more than ever”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will always stand by the Lebanese government, nation and resistance and will continue to do so in the future,” the President continued.

He also went on to say: “The Palestinian people’s resistance and unity against the recent insult by Zionist soldiers to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Quds is the indicator of their victory against aggressors”.

President Rouhani also expressed hope that cooperation and relations between Iran and Lebanon be further developed in various political, economic, and cultural and security fields, as well as strengthening the line of resistance.

At the same meeting, the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Nabih Berri described President Rouhani’s inauguration as the celebration of democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran and said: “Unprecedented attendance of Iranian people in the election demonstrated Iran’s power to the entire world, especially the US and countries that are trying to harm Iran”.

Today, Iran is a powerful and great country in the region, said Berri, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran will never be alone”.

“We will always stand by the line of resistance drawn by Imam Khomeini (RA) and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he continued.

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  1. It is time for a change. The internet arrived right on time. Without it the magnitude of corruption in the world’s governments would still be a “state” secret. Here in the USA we all would remain stuck on stupid, believing we have the most honest, benevolent, democracy ever created.

  2. The fact that Iran continues to not only exist but thrive in the face of zionist aggression must be a canker in the mouth of Netenyahu. The defense of Lebanon along with the victories of the Iraqi and Syrian forces against the west’s terrorist army has provided a strong blow against the policies of the zionists and the governments in the west whom they control.
    Zionism will eventually fail and israel will become just another has been state but not before dragging everything else down with it. As the walls close in on Bibi expect him to become ever more dangerous to all those around him and especially to other nations as he attempts to salvage his image against the crimes he is accused of.

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