Trump planning false flag attack on US pacific base?


[Editor’s note: The moment I heard this story on TV this morning my thoughts immediately turned all conspiratorial and to notions of false flag attacks as fake cassus belli for declaring war.

Trump’s presidency is in deep trouble, any fool or Trump voter can see that clearly now, it is only a matter of time before someone in a position of authority delves into Trump’s financial history and opens up the whole can of worms, the money laundering for the Russian mafia, the election interference by the Israelis, US-Israeli traitors and perhaps the Russians too on behalf of that mafia, all of it is going to come out eventually.

While the rats are scrambling to get off the sinking ship of Trump, the fat cats who own Trump will no doubt have been thinking of ways to save the orange buffoon’s ass and prolong the control over the White House that they enjoy as long as Trump is in residence.

The obvious solution is to rely on the traditional ‘rallying round the flag’ that a large portion of the American sheeple can be relied upon to perform whenever their nation goes to war, all that is needed is to supply a suitable war.

B-52s parked at Andersen AFB, Guam

Such wars have usually been manufactured by carrying out false flag attacks, and it looks to me like Guam and it’s US military base are a prime candidate for such an attack – base goes boom, a load of US servicemen die, North Korea is blamed and Trump gets to act like the avenging angel as he sends the bombers and missiles towards Pyongyang.

Don’t think they would slaughter US servicemen just to try to save Trump’s ailing presidency? They killed 261 US marines in their Beirut barracks back in the early 80s, to name just one prior instance….

Another factor to consider is that the US has been out of the war business for a decade now, which hurts the profits of the billionaires that own the big defence contractors, those billionaires all contributed significant sums to Trump’s election campaign, so they will be pushing their pussy grabbing buddy to do something to boost their bottom lines, preferably something that requires lots of expensive aircraft, bombs and missiles….

The ‘Trump Effect’ is already visible – Lockheed-Martin stocks are up in the wake of the orange buffoon’s ‘Fire and Fury’ response to Pyongyang’s threat to hit Guam:

Lockheed Martin Stocks Rise as Trump Threatens ‘Fire and Fury’


North Korea threatens strike on Guam

North Korea’s military is “examining the operational plan” to strike areas around the US territory of Guam with medium-to-long-range strategic ballistic missiles, state-run news agency KCNA said early Wednesday local time.

Specifically, the statement mentioned a potential strike on Andersen Air Force Base designed “to send a serious warning signal to the US.”

The base is one of two on the Pacific island, which are the closest bases on US soil to North Korea, and represent the westernmost tip of the country’s military might.

The North Korea comments were published after US President Donald Trump warned Pyongyang that if it continued to threaten the US, it would “face fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

‘No threat to our island’

Guam’s governor, Eddie Baza Calvo, released a video address Wednesday, reassuring the island’s residents that there was no change in the threat level resulting from North Korea.

“I want to reassure the people of Guam that currently there is no threat to our island or the Marianas,” he said.

“I also want to remind national media that Guam is American soil and we have 200,000 Americans in Guam and the Marianas. We are not just a military installation,” he added.

Speaking from Guam, journalist Robert Santos said local reaction to the threats was mixed.

“Some people are who are confident we are safe with the US bases here and others who are not so sure,” he said.

“Some people believe (Trump and Kim) are clashing personalities and they speak recklessly. But here are some people who believe… that we are completely safe regardless of what happens.”

However, he added that an attack on Guam “won’t just be against the US military, it will be against the people.”

Key military installation

Dubbed the “tip of the spear,” Guam is a key to the US military’s forward deployed presence in the Pacific and is home to thousands of American service members and their families.

Its importance has declined since the Second World War, given the creation of military bases in Japan and South Korea, says Carl Schuster, a Hawaii Pacific University professor and former director of operations at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center. Now it is essentially a staging area, which sees rotations of bomber groups coming through.

“Guam is the western most US territory that has major military bases. If you (were to) pull (the US) out of Japan and South Korea it’s the next best location in the Pacific,” says Schuster.

While it is around 1,500 miles further out from the Korean peninsula than its next closest base in Japan, it’s “still strategic because of its location” and its ability to host long-range bombers.

There are, however, political complications in launching attacks from US bases hosted by allies closer to Pyongyang, should the US retaliate to Kim’s latest threats.

Should US allies refuse to let the military to launch strikes from their territory, Guam would be the most likely place from which to launch airstrikes on North Korea, Schuster says, adding that this is how Kim will regard it.

A US attack using its bases on Japan’s main islands or Okinawa, for example, would bring Japan into any conflict, says Schuster.

However, “Guam’s importance is reliant on the behavior of our allies. If South Korea and Japan say we could (launch attacks) out of there, taking out Guam becomes almost meaningless.”

North Korea’s Hwasong ballistic missiles can hit Guam.

Defensive shield

Guam’s Homeland Security Advisor George Charfauros told CNN that despite Guam’s strategic importance and the North Korean threats to strike it, he remains confident of the island’s defenses.

“They’ve slowly developed their capabilities but we stand in high confidence with the US (Defense Department’s) ability to not only defend Guam and the surrounding areas but also the continental US… There are several layers of ballistic missile defense.”

One of these systems, he said, is THAAD, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, which is designed to shoot down short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles.

“Two years ago a permanent deployment of that missile system was placed on Guam,” he said.

He added that the US “routinely uses” Aegis-equipped warships around the island chain of the Marianas, of which Guam is the largest.

The US Department of Defense reiterated its capability to counter North Korean aggression.

“We always maintain a high state of readiness and have the capabilities to counter any threat, to include those from North Korea,” spokesman Johnny Michael told CNN.

Escalating tensions

North Korea ramped up the rhetoric in a new statement issued Wednesday, sourced to a spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), which said a “preemptive strike is no longer the monopoly of the US.”

Pyongyang’s initial threat to Guam came after the US flew two B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula on Tuesday local time.

Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers flew from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, for a 10-hour mission near Japan, the East China Sea and the Korean peninsula, August 7.

The bombers flew out of Andersen Air Force Base in Guam as part of the US Air Force’s “continuous bomber presence,” according to an Pacific Air Forces spokesman. The bombers were joined by Japanese and South Korean aircraft during their mission.

“In the morning of August 8 the air pirates of Guam again appeared in the sky above South Korea to stage a mad-cap drill simulating an actual war,” the KCNA statement read.

The flights with Japan and South Korea were designed to demonstrate solidarity between the nations, the US said.

Pyongyang did not develop its nuclear capability to be the aggressor in a war with the US, says CNN Military Analyst Rick Francona.

However, its most recent statements suggest that North Korea is taking a more aggressive stance — suggesting that it might attack before the US has a chance to strike.

“The North Koreans did not develop their nuclear weapons to drop on the US,” Francona told CNN. “They developed these weapons to prevent an attack from the US. Or at least that’s the rhetoric coming from Pyongyang.

“Now you’re looking at a possible strike on American territory (like) Guam, and also the mainland of the US.”

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  1. I have not heard from one NK politician, that he wants to nuke anyone, even in their own language. Our MSM tell us everything, DUH!!!
    NK got nukes to save themselves from US/zionist warmongers. America has never attacked a country with nuclear weapons before, so a false flag seems certainly possible, just to get it started.
    Look how many air heads think Muslims did 911.
    zionsts have been trying to start a world conflict, so they can finish up the Palestinians under the fog of war, either by mass murder/pushed into the Sinai Peninsular
    Also takes our eye off what the US is doing in Syria.
    The leaders in NK might be mad, but they are not insane, one aggressive move towards the US/Allies, and NK will be incinerated..

  2. That was also my first reaction when I heard about Guam: Another Pearl Harbor “allowed” to happen or more likely created from scratch. As to the people of Guam who feel confident they are properly protected, they should not forget that, if you believe the official story, a bunch of illiterate hijackers who could not parallel park a car or fly a Cessna, somehow managed to take down 3 towers with 2 airplanes in NYC on Sept 11, 2001, and managed to live long enough to be reported alive by the BBC months later.

  3. Maybe someone should do a serious inquiry into who it is that is claiming an unnamed source said an unnamed source said an unnamed N. Korean said…. Maybe it’s time to stop repeating all of this bullshit. Attacking Guam, or any other US/Ally base is akin to a ten year old boy throwing a first punch at a George Foreman sized man who is sick enough to strike back. Now, I know who the sick grown man is. I rent my house from him. But I don’t think the 10 year old boy exists. Dumb really dumb to the point it is unbelievable. If we people, including Trump are stupid enough to believe N. Korea is a serious threat, then maybe we should be nuked.

  4. Ian, you may be right. Trump’s Thieves-in-Law and their friends are capable of anything from mass murder to starving the aged, and they certainly will board the life boats first. What we don’t want to do is give the wrong impression of Clinton inc. She was well represented by the arms industry too. Banks, weapons makers always play, I mean pay both sides.

  5. !Mierdo de Torro! (i.e., Bull Shit!). Kim & North Korea CANNOT hit Guam. Why?

    NO real intel/evidence of accurate missile navigation systems; NO real intel/evidence of small nukes; NO real intel/evidence of +/-60 nukes (may be 6); and NO real intel/evidence of reentry-capable ICBMs.

    What happens if Kim & Co. try to ‘piss’ on Guam? GOOD. #1) What’s said above will be proven. #2) Nuke-tipped missile or not, ‘we’ have more than adequate Electronic Warfare defenses against ANY attempted stupid stuff by Kim & DPRK (e.g., what U.S. used to ‘dud’ multiple DPRK missile launches; what China may have used to ‘dud’ the USS Fitzgerald; what Russia used to ‘dud’ the USS Donald Cook; and what Russia used to ‘dud’ all but 23 of 59 Tomahawk missiles that Trump launched against Syria).

    What we’re facing are two maniac, power-drunk, secondary school kids in a pissing contest. One kid can’t read more than half a page of briefing materials (but only if it has ‘cool pics’), can’t pay attention for more than 2 minutes, and is ONLY interested in how it all affects HIM personally.

    The other drunk kid is ONLY interested in how it all affects HIM personally — but does not suffer from the other limitations. The result is the same: Two drunk maniac kids in a pissing contest…

  6. My good friend and sparring partner of old, Mr. Richard Arlen Feibel. Good to see you again, Feibel. Heard about your eye problem and feel much sorry about that. I may know of a possible remedy, some old German herbal stuff, available in German chemist shops. Let me know if you are interested.
    Anyway, I agree with your comment.

  7. Where does the money come from to operate these expensive planes? If you go to a laundromat you must put money in a device which is a switch which turns on when enough money is placed in it. Our expensive military planes must be designed the same way so as not to over spend money we don’t have on them. For example if the trial run the other day cost say $10 million, the generals should be forced to put $10 million in cash into the same type of activation switch as on a washing machine before the plane will start. The money cannot be borrowed or printed but must be confiscated from taxpayers directly first before the planes can take off. This would be a pay as you go system and limit the ability to conduct all these totally illegal wars all over the world which have nothing to do with defense but everything to do with power and killing innocent children and civilians. The U.S. is a criminal outlaw nation operating outside of any rational legal control. It is a menace to every living thing on this planet. We citizens have surrendered our basic responsibility to control our totally outlaw and corrupt government and military today. We are no longer the country described in our Constitution which our so called leaders have gang raped to death. The U.S. Citizen has zero practical legal control over the illegal activities of its totally outlaw government. This is a shameful disgrace expletives deleted to put it mildly. This base should be totally shut down today.

    • The biggest lie in our corrupt military today in the U.S. is that we have
      “civilian control”. Real civilian control would involve real civilians at every level of our society involved with every level of our military as observers to confirm that all laws and rules are being properly followed at all times. This nonsense that just because someone is dressed in a uniform with colored ribbons and takes an oath means they can be trusted is total nonsense and foolishness. None of them can be trusted. How did they do on 9/11/01 “defending” the country that day? For example under such a system ordinary civilians would be employed as observers and placed everywhere in our military but would not be under military officer control but external control. This would be real civilian control because these civilians would be observers but empowered to instantaneously shut down any questionable actions or illegal actions they observe in the military no matter whose ox was gored. For example under this system there would have been a civilian observer in the plane which bombed and killed civilians to report back and identify the pilot who was guilty of horrible crimes of murder. This would be real “honest to God” civilian control, not this BS from the liars in our corrupt government today.

    • Yea, I had to laugh the other day when one of the generals stressed how civilian control was a priority for them. This while Mattis gets a waiver to subvert the law put in place for such things. Between billionaires and generals, I don’t see any civilian type say in matters. A referendum to reduce military spending and activity would be a landslide in favor of peace.

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