Trumpocalypse Now? Madman Prez Keeps Doubling Down on Whacked-Out Warnings to North Korea


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Here at Veterans Today, we try very hard not to say “told you so” every time Trump demonstrates his unbelievable unfitness for office. But will we be able to restrain ourselves while crawling out of radioactive rubble?

Quite a few VT readers – including some of my favorite radio guests – actually voted for Donald Trump. You know who you are.

You thought Trump was the “peace candidate.”

As US News recently and accurately reported, “Peace candidate” Trump has massively ramped up US militarism worldwide. It is increasingly obvious to the world that  The Madman With Nuclear Weapons is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-un.

America’s first genuinely imperialist president, Teddy Roosevelt, said: “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Trump does the exact opposite: He rants like a lunatic, at the top of his voice, with his stubby little fingers wrapped around something you could barely even call a twig.

The prez is a blathering bundle of bombast and balderdash, endlessly emitting shrill, ear-splitting yaps and yowls aimed at obfuscating and obscuring his all-too-obvious ego issues. He is the only leader on earth who, by way of comparison, makes Kim Jong-un look like a sober statesman.

This is the guy who’s going to lead us into the next big war?!

It makes you want to take Dennis Rodman’s approach one step further, and apply for political asylum in a relatively sane country, like North Korea.




  1. Did Trump turn day to day control of the military over to the generals, and admirals? I think I heard he did, and if so and until he grows a pair our world is in danger. In Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan the mad dogs of Mattis got a taste of real money, and like the taste of human blood real money is addictive. All those pallets of cash, all the gold stored in the vaults of conquered nation states, the diamonds, pearls, the art work, free oil, the “young” beautiful women, and subserviant people, all are just spoils of war. It’s booty time, and our generals are calling. In their admiral minds, to these criminals the loot is earned, and they deserve it. Not bad work if you can get it. What makes us believe our military leaders aren’t sick corrupt thugs? People are people, and above people are men with power. And what is the addage we all learned and memorized. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Right?
    Through the centuries we always kill the dog if the dog has tasted human blood. Are these men dogs? Winston Churchill said something like this of WW1; “I know this war is causing death and suffering on a scale unseen before. But I love every minute of it”. Yeah, there are a lot of Winston Churchills in our world.

  2. Replace “Jesuits” with “the jooish oligarchs” and you would be correct. Jesuit bashing is old and stale jooish/freemasonic propaganda since they did so much good for so many years, i.e. until Vatican II Council in the 1960s.

    • The Joo’s (fake Semites) are controlled by the satanic Superior General/Black Pope (Society of Jesus/Jesuits), as are the Freemasons — which include Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush’s, majority of Con-gress, EVERY “alphabet” agency, churches, media, monetary institutions worldwide. Yes, Russia, too.

      The “Illuminati” IS the worldwide Jesuit controlled structure that has long infested humanity with oppression/wars/slavery since Roman rule…you name it. They also control many websites designed to promo mis/dis-info but these efforts are failing as the light of truth exposes these sadistic creatures.

      ALL roads lead to Rome… via the Vatican,

    • I’m familiar with that site, it’s a load of speculation mixed with conjecture and supposition. No sign of any insight or discernment from the author, they just throw together whatever they can find on the internet. Occasionally they make guess right, but overall, you will learn next to nothing of any importance from it and you could find all the same information yourself if you had the spare time to trawl the internet.

  3. No offense, Prof Barrett, but the fact that any of your friends actually voted in a U.S. general election says a lot about the company you keep lol Yep, we ALL have a few of ’em…Hell, not long ago I myself was one of those dupes conned into believing that my vote actually counted (not that it mattered since they all work for hidden powers, ie Jesuits, masons). Idiot!

    “…fool me twice….ya can’t get fooled again!” — Dubbya

    Trump’s war rhetoric is reminiscent of ‘Insane McCain’s’ “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” Idiot!

  4. Sooner or later Americans would elect someone like Trump for President. It was bound to happen. The defenders of this shameless buffoon simply have no idea that he is forcing America into another needless war, one that has all the probability of being brought back home to America.
    If all this rhetoric is from Trump himself or if he is being forced into it doesn’t matter. He is being fed disinformation deliberately with the intent on forcing a war on North Korea. That Trump is not only an egomaniac but dangerously delusional megalomania.
    It is obvious this man is a sick twisted individual who for some strange reason beyond my ability to comprehend has the support of the neo-xtian evangelicals and fundamentalists. Alas but just as unfortunate, there are a great many Americans who support a war with North Korea; a great many ignorant, dumbed down and brainwashed Americans.

  5. Hey Adolf: What if some of these nuclear weapons do not work as the generals promised they would? What if one turns around and demolishes a place called Trump Tower in NY? What if North Korea happens to be better than us? When was the last nuclear war Adolf? What will happen to the economy when you the first missile is fired? What if one blows up on the missile stand? If things can go wrong they usually will go wrong. Think about how many missiles you fired in Syria got through but still killed innocent children and civilians. What if North Korea disables our power grid? Why are you provoking them? Has Netanyahu told you to do this for them? Or is this all to divert attention from the many immoral and illegal acts you are guilty of? You are behaving like a fool. You have no idea of what could follow if you order a nuclear war today.

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