North Korea stands no chance against US, Guam threat is a bluff – Russian general to RT


North Korea stands no chance against US, Guam threat is a bluff – Russian general to RT

North Korea wouldn’t stand a chance against the US if the war of words between the two states escalates into a military conflict, Leonid Ivashov, a political analyst and retired Russian Colonel-General, told RT, urging a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

“It’s a total mismatch,” Ivashov, who currently heads the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said of the possible confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang.

“The US is a superpower, while North Korea is a small regional player. North Korea can’t compete with America on any level,” he said.

President Donald Trump needs to strengthen his position in Washington, and the American attack on North Korea “can’t be ruled out,” Ivashov said.

According to the retired colonel-general, modern surveillance technologies allow the US to know “the exact location of all missile systems and nuclear production facilities” possessed by Pyongyang.

“The Americans can strike North Korea – its nuclear missile development centers, industrial facilities; try to eliminate everything that North Korea created in terms of medium-range and long-range missiles and nuclear production,” he said.

The American B-1 bombers will be able to inflict significant damage on Pyongyang’s underground nuclear development facilities and missile silos, “taking into account the weakness of the North Korean anti-missile defense,” Ivashov said.

He was also skeptical about Pyongyang’s threats to target the US territory of Guam in case of an attack.

“To some extent, it’s a bluff on the part of North Korea; an attempt to save face and avert the American blow through international rhetoric,” he said.

“The US has a powerful anti-missile defense system off the coast of the Korean Peninsula… which may well intercept Pyongyang’s missiles. The Guam Air Base, which North Korea is planning to attack, is also covered by the US anti-missile defense,” Ivashov added.

Earlier this week, North Korea said that it would fire ballistic missiles in the direction of Guam sometime in mid-August as a rehearsal of war with the US.

The announcement was made after Trump promised “fire and fury” against Pyongyang if it continued tests aimed at developing nuclear-capable long-range ballistic missiles.

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On Friday, Trump came up with another bellicose statement, warning the North on Twitter that “military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely.”
According to Ivashov, North Korea is still capable of inflicting “some damage” on the US, but it will be incomparable to the blow the Americans will deliver.

With the current state of events, it’s is important for the international community to push the crisis towards a diplomatic solution,” he said.

“China and Russia should intervene now. Political and economic pressure should be increased on North Korea, more sanctions introduced. The main thing is to get the situation out of the military perspective,” Ivashov said.

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  1. Peter Johnson… “They have been producing steel in places like this for a very long time and natural selection has taken a different turn from a place where say sand and sun are found next to each other. ” Pj you pseudo intellectual stupid historical generalizations win you my bull cookies award.

  2. N.K may crush the S.K and make harm to Japan – historical enemy. Trump may say whatever he wants – just words. He is newbie in political theater. PR emotional speeches. Plus – USA never fight the strong enemy. Only tribes.

    • Andrew you are right. Japan has mistreated Korea for a long time and a few years ago Japan refused at first to apologize for using Korean women as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers.
      As far as what the US has done to SK is nothing short of not leaving two bricks together. Of course with the non existant level of knowledge of world history, how can anyone in the US government understand the SĶ mind set. Let me ask you this: Would the Russians ever forget what happened to Stalingrad in WW2. Some things are never erased from a natina’s memory. The American administration better understand SK’s message and it is simple: Never again or we all die, North and South.

    • We never forget such things, Khalid Talaat. You are right. We even have a proverb in Russia – the day you forget and refuse the memory and history of your ancestors will be the Last day in your generation.
      Japan did a lot of brutal crimes – to Koreans and especially to China (Nankin mass murder). My country (stay considered and highly respected as USSR) totally crushed Japs after 1945 (Berlin operation) for a quick time. We never been aggressors, bur Japs got what they deserved in that time. For us they are strange island nation, who has interesting inner philosophy, but are really mad, utmost cruel to the neighbors and …. even nowadays Japan is the artificial nation, who swim in the western tech but are strange in life. So – it is as nice country as strange and have idiotic way of life. Total regime for all. Well, we don’t care. It’s their own business. But they will never get the Far East Isles that now belong to Russian Federation.

  3. The US has them outgunned but pulling the trigger will have an unacceptable cost, so they refrain — The “do nothing” option remains the cheapest option.

    That’s why it’s called a standoff.

  4. The main thing would be to stop all American aggression on behalf of Zion, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.
    Tyrant Goliath seeks to destroy a “mighty enemy” who threatens his home country with destruction!
    Is every day on Earth the 1st of April – until the lights go out?

  5. The North Korean President was educated in Switzerland and is not necessarily your local yokel. By provoking the USA he is creating an external enemy and thus increasing his popularity at home. A bit like Putin rises in the polls the more that the US lambastes him.

    Kim’s family started fighting against Japan in 1932 from Mongolia at a time that Japan had occupied Korea since 1900. The odds at that time were apparently insurmountable. They have been continuously on a war footing since that time and before. Buffer states have unfortunate histories, wedged between Super Powers and “Balkanised”.

    The people of Seoul must be extremly uncomfortable. My Korean geography isn’t that flash, but the distance from Nth Koreas massed artillery pieces and the South’s Capital is not great. Any nuclear devices that they can fire would logically directed there.

    • As a general rule, the local population of any ancient country where coal and iron deposits are found next to each other are not yokels. They have been producing steel in places like this for a very long time and natural selection has taken a different turn from a place where say sand and sun are found next to each other. Examples include Japan, Germany, Sweden, England, and it appears North Korea. The North Koreans are unlikely to be stupid, despite whatever we are told.

    • Both USA and NK are two sides of the same coin of the Swiss Banking Cartell, so they are from the same roots like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and others were to destroy the world for banksters. Same education, same ideology.

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