Trump’s Treasures


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  1. Senator John McCain. Something from Left Field.

    Wet Start. Wet Work. Wet Dreams.
    Got to Hell John. Boil in excrement.

    Dear John,

    How I hate to write, but I must let you know tonight – before it is too late.

    Redemption is yours if you simply retract all your lies and tell the unbridled Truth. To the long suffering USA Public and taxpayer, as well as to The Citizens of The World.

    Start with something simple like the WW2 Torpedo Scandal that prolonged the war with Japan and put the lives of USA Servicemen at great risk in Aircraft and Submarines. You would be privy to the facts because your father was a submariner and your grandfather was in charge of land based aircraft at the time of Guadalcanal.

    The Litany of Lies is almost endless, but examine your conscience and then unload. This message is for your own benefit, please take notice.

    Your sincerely.

    P.S. Not to mention the 134 sailors on the Forrestall and the hundreds of POWs executed when you buried the $3 billion compensation agreed with the Vietnamese, as well as the ones you betrayed whilst in captivity to save your own skin. Then your efforts in the Middle East etc. – it’s a long list John.

  2. Always remember that the Statesmen and Leading Businessmen are third, fourth and fifth level players in a much larger Power Structure. The Theosophical Society used to have a comprehensive library about the esoteric systems that form the basis for organising that system and I read voraciously. All the time the quite pleasent older men were not obstructive, but often vague and allusive. I learned a lot, but refused to join some sort of Gnostic Christianity and they ended up calling me a “Deva”. What they said was that the Lodges sorted prospects out by their inclinations and channelled them accordingly. Now this leads to Kabbalistic systems and I am not going to dig out those books, but some of them outlined the symbology in detail. The Pyramid of Power is an obvious one and they have Elijah’s Chariot and a Throne and so on. Talking about Soros or Adelson or Hilary and Donald has to be configured within that sort of analysis. Just look at the Pyramid of Power for the purposes of the present analysis. There are four sides and not two; north, south, east and west and people are sent to the sides based on character. however, the Secret Chamber at the Middle of the Pyramid has control. Each of the Lodges is a building block. In the Northern hemisphere the south is hot and the north cold and dark. East morning sun and west evening sun.

    • So the “Jew Freemason Conspiracy” is not that at all. I asked David Mitchell (in the late 1980s) and he said “it is more like a big bowl of spaghetti, something that came out of the Middle East”. He went on to tell the story about Rothschild after the Battle of Waterloo and Reuters. David had worked for Vickers and then Roger Pilkington at Business International (where he hired Obama out of university), which was later taken into The Economist Intelligence Unit, part of the Rothschild Organisation. Vincent Vickers was Director of the Bank of England and wrote an interesting book. Florence, whose family “came to Lorraine with the Roman Legions”, and she to England via Le Septiemme Arrondisement et La Sorbonne simply said “you’re jealous”. So there is something. Quite what is the subject of partly informed speculation and hypothesis. Presumably, the Top Dogs are in the Control Room at the Secret Chamber, which is at the Centre of Mass of the Esoteric Pyramid. They can alter the Balance of Power by shifting; energy, information, money, weapons, personnel etc to a different side of the Dialectic from their position at The Fulchrum. The composition of the four basic factions can alter subtely, but I suppose they could be called The Four Humours, known in Shakespeares time.

  3. In this country “Treasures” are a brand of Disposible Diapers – full of shit.

    “Trump’s Treasures” sounds just like The Donald.

  4. I read once that simon mogilevich runs the farc in colombia. Is that true? And how can putin be strong enough to stand up to the USA but not the mob??

    • The FARC, like all the Colombian criminal groups and cartels were run by the Bushes and the CIA.

    • And so is and was the Colombian Government Ian. Colombia as a country has been famed for drugs as Germany stands for Nazis – if they do not behave.
      Plenty of money to be made with and against drugs and weapon sales in Colombia. The Venezuelan border is also an important strategic point to consider for the US Shekel train, besides Farc. To be in control it always helps to sponsor both sides. US and their Jewish master are well aware of this.
      The Jewish Elite in Colombia pulls many if not all the strings – not the Colombian Government.

  5. Good presentation on your part. I hope your next gig is higher quality. I’m not sure if the host was wearing pants.

    • Tyndale: Not sure whether either the host or his guest was wearing pants. Not necessary when you’re sitting at a table or desk for a TV interview — even with foreign media. Believe me — I know. 😉

      Ian did well, given the host and the late UK hour (i.e., middle of the night for Brits, it appears). 25 minutes is not nearly enough time to present all of the quality info/intel that VT has developed on Trump & Co.

  6. Nice chat. All I would ad, is in reference to the Democratic voting irregularities concerning Sanders in his home town of Brooklyn, and NY state in general as the deadline to register was set well before Sanders popularity exploded, leaving those who wished to vote for Sanders, but had not registered before the deadline, were not able to register and vote for him, thereby delivering NY to Clinton. California and other states lead to the conclusion that the ability to influence the voting, was complex and state to state a creative mish mosh of different tactics, none of them legitimate or ethical. Also, it seems anyone seeking senate and above now have normalized these tactics and both parties have made them legal. This will almost always favor the unscrupulous and corrupt.

    • Cheers David, it was 2am and I was exhausted, running on caffeine, so I’m just glad I was somewhat coherent. Thanks for the info on the NY selection, I was unaware of that.

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