Charlottesville False Flag Hoax


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I have been accused of seeing false flags everywhere. And that accusation is not entirely specious.

Like most of the 55 leading public intellectuals I brought together for my False Flag Trilogy, I am suspicious of official narratives of galvanizing, shocking, hyper-mediated events. The history of Operation Gladio, a US-NATO program that staged virtually all of the most spectacular “left-wing terrorism” of the Cold War era, proves that such suspicions are often well-founded. And don’t get me started about 9/11-anthrax, Gladio B,  and the invention of “radical Islam” as a civilizational enemy to replace communism and justify US wars for Israel, massive military budgets, and expanded government policing powers.

False Flags are a fact of life. That’s why Tony Hall and I co-host False Flag Weekly News.


The recent ultraviolence in Charlottesville does bear some of the hallmarks of a contrived event: It was shocking, spectacular, hyped by mainstream media, and seemingly designed to cast blame on a demonized “other” (in this case, the alt-right white nationalist movement). Additionally, it could be seen as furthering a “strategy of tension” pitting left against right, multiculturalism against racial nationalism, Bernie Sanders extremists against Donald Trump extremists, and so on.

But does that mean the violence was phony, staged, nonexistent, didn’t happen? I don’t think so.

My latest radio guest Jonathan Revusky says we should assume that any alleged spectacular incident that is said to have taken place in public, within view of large numbers of people, but which lacks sufficient corroborating visual evidence, should be assumed to have never happened. Examples, according to him, include the Bataclan nightclub massacre, the Nice truck attack, and the London Bridge vehicular assault.

But it looks to me as if the Charlottesville ultraviolence, including the vehicular homicide, were sufficiently visually documented. So we may assume that in this case, the authorities, and their propaganda mainstream media, are more or less telling the truth.

The driver of the vehicle could conceivably be a mind-controlled patsy. Individuals who incited the streetfighting – on both sides – could be Cointelpro provocateurs. But the violence was almost certainly real, not staged.

But some of my readers, listeners, and viewers disagree. Here is an email from one of them:

Dear Kevin.

I have not looked into the Charlottesville events, but I am sure you are (or soon will be), in preparation for Fridays False Flag Weekly News show.

Just noticed something that probably is of interest. One of the recordings of the car seemingly plowing through the crowd and creating no end of theatrical drama is by Alexander Rubinstein.

Here a link to the video, on Twitter: The same video can be found on YouTube: 


I suggest downloading a copy, just in case it should vanish down the Orwellian memory hole.

What can actually be observed, besides a lot of screaming and turmoil? Is it an actual incident, or a theatrical performance? Hoax methinks, but you make up your own mind.

Who is this Alexander Rubinstein? Judging by the name alone is probably Jewish, which in my book translates to a possible follower of the Talmudic religious practice of lies and deceit. Jewish (whatever that is) or not, he may be a tool or possibly an agent of an entity in pursuit of psychopathic and inhumane objectives. 

Rubinstein is also affiliated with RT America, and have in that capacity been placed at the forefront of events on prior occasions. At the Trump inauguration, street riots “spontaneously” erupted in Washington, District of Criminals, setting cars aflame, shattering window facades and the usual token-actions well suited for video-reporting. Alexander Rubinstein was there, at the forefront. What are the chances that he just happened to be there, unless the events were planned, and he was somehow a participant?

Coincidences do happen, and claiming to have observed a pattern ought to be based on far more than two observations. However, we know all to well from past observations, that the same individuals are used repeatedly at staged events. As in the case of Richard Gutjahr, who appeared twice in the same role at two events 8 days apart, it was very obvious that he was somehow a tool for the organizers of the events, and that the two events was likely orchestrated by the same entities. I sense the same is the case with Alexander Rubinstein. It smells distinctly Gefilte-fishy to me…

At the DC event, Rubinstein was arrested with many others. I understand as a likely complicit to the events (possibly considered not merely complicit, but perhaps one of the perpetrators or instigators of the events?). After much pressure by media, those arrested was set free, which strongly suggest he (and others) may be been protected by powerful interests. 

Don’t know whether you have observed it, but as I see it, RT seem to be under the control of the (((usual suspects))). It becomes obvious when you observe not only their obsession and bias with anything Holohoax-related – they support this tale of Jewish imaginations 100% and pursue their Big Lie with extreme vigilance. What is far more telling is, that anything and anybody who seek to raise awareness about the current control system (global banksterism), are immediately assigned (ahistoric) smear labels such as “Nazis” and portrayed as extremely vile and evil.

If RT merely sought to protect the Holohoax tale from falling apart, at least it could be understood as a policy in tune with Russian geo-politics and national interests, as the tall stories which have since become associated with the Holocaust brand of the 1970’ies originally stemmed from Soviet era war propaganda. But RT’s incessant “warfare” on the few ethnic Europeans who voice criticism of Jewish domination and indeed supremacy in and over Europe, America and elsewhere, and most often have sane, traditional and conservative views based on concepts of self-determination of nations and peoples, certainly is not helping Russia in its gigantic struggle to protect itself from the insanity which has gripped the so-called “West”.

Hope these observations may be of use to you.


I disagree with H’s analysis on several counts. First, this video does not look phony to me – and there are plenty of other videos out there that seem to corroborate it.

Second, just because an RT guy with a Jewish name happened to film this incident as well as one prior Trump riot, does not mean that the journalist or RT are hoaxing us. Rubinstein could have filmed two such incidents due to his being assigned this kind of stuff by RT. Unlike the “terror attacks” in Nice and Munich, the demonstrations and clashes Rubinstein covered were openly announced in advance and completely foreseeable.

The Richard Gutjahr case was different. Gutjahr, a photographer married to one of Israel’s top black ops people, was miraculously well-placed on a balcony to film the “beginning” of the Nice truck attack, then (along with his daughter) showed up to film the Munich shopping mall shooting one week later. As for Rubinstein, there is no evidence that he was miraculously well-placed for the Charlottesville event, nor any evidence of possible ties to Zionism or Israeli intelligence (at least that I am currently aware of). And I don’t think we should suspect him of “Talmudic evil” just because he has a Jewish name. That is prejudice, i.e “pre-judging.”

As for RT being co-opted by Zionists, I agree that there are some grounds for suspicion. Since RT founder Mikhail Lesin was murdered in a Washington, DC hotel room in November 2015, one week before the big 11/13/15 Paris false flag, RT has backed away from exposing the truth about 9/11 and follow-up false flags. No longer will you find RT putting out hard-hitting truth telling like 9/11 and Operation Gladio:

But that does not make all RT reporters, even those with Jewish names, part of some grand Zionist conspiracy.

So I am still waiting for convincing evidence that the events in Charlottesville were dramatically different from what the MSM is reporting. Feel free to reply in the comments section with references to any such evidence.



H writes:

Here’s a couple of links.
One is from Mike King, from whom I borrowed the phrase “Gefilte-fishy”. I have heard that expression before, from David Irving, who is a master of such subtleties.
Another is from Lionel the media analyst, which I listened to after I contacted you. Lionel is clued up on most topics, except he seem to have swallowed the whole package hook and sinker about ’em evil Nazis (including the mainstream view, that the 1933 Reichstag fire was a False Flag event).
Scott Creighton weighs in with an analysis of a suspicious video posted by a former State Department guy who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, filming the attack vehicle before it started attacking:


Dear Dr. Barrett,

Dr Paul Craig Roberts has provided a link to two individuals, Faith Goldy and Jason Kessler, who were present / organized the event.

Their stories coincide.  
1. Faith Goldy reports that downtown Charlottesville was crawling with town police and some State Troopers until noon.  During this period there were occasional friction points ( cap pulling / pushing etc. )  but police kept everything under control.   Around noon the town police (in riot gear etc.) melted away and matters escalated into a riot. 
2. Jason Kessler was an event organizer, who worked with the town police and City Council for weeks ahead of the event, planning where barriers needed to be, planning for the security of participants, obtaining a permit to rally and so on.
At the last minute, the town issued 2 additional “counter rally” permits, one block away, on either side, of the town park rally.  Then the town cancelled the original town park rally citing security concerns. 
 Kessler went to court with all his permits and police plans and the judge allowed his town park rally to proceed.  
But, the following day of the rally, Kessler discovered that the town police had altered the park barriers, criss crossing the park in a deliberate way so there was no longer a gathering space facing the Robert E Lee statue and speakers’ podium.  Thus, shortly before noon Kessler cancelled his rally and asked his folk to leave.
(Presumably this was when the town police left as well.)
At which point the two “counter rallies” got out of hand and the few State Troopers on the scene were unable to control the violence.
* * *

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  1. Short answer…. STAGED. This was a setup. That the “blame the white supremacist” bandwagon was rolling practically within minutes of the incident is the exlamation point on this.

  2. Every time I see cars involved in any kind of slaughter, may it be real or false flag, it reminds me of the “driverless BS agenda” Google and others are trying to force us in. I think this is their way to tell us, that drivers are a real danger to the world and heath of other people. Merkel also talked this kind of BS a few weeks ago, that germans may not drive themselves in the future. So you can see the light at the end of that tunnel which is a train that runs over us.

    • BTW it doesn´t work with this driverless cars if a little dirt or rain water are on the signs to lead those cars. The gap between labortory and real nature seems to wide to jump over it. You can also fool those cars by patting a sticker over those signs misleading the technic.

    • That’s true. But the problem can be solved by adding an electronic device to the traffic-signs.
      The elite is pushing the implementation of the 5G grid all over the world.

      And the last step will be implanting micro chips under the skin of people.

      Once installed it will enslave mankind unless we use EMPs to destroy the grid. This would be the end of the world we know it and only a few
      human beings would survive this operation. But they could lead a life without being monitored by an Orwellian elite all the time.

  3. Dear USA…. maybe it’s time to feel earthquake? Once in a century. To perceive the 1% of the pain you committed to the World. All the world would watch the cinema about US revolution. It’s time for it and you deserved it. Really. Try! 🙂 Or you will never change into a good substance. Only the Revolution may save the USA from shameful degradation.

    • On the other hand, you don’t want Americans roped into a controlled opposition, color revolution. That seems to be what the banksters are cooking up, both in Trump supporters and critics…

  4. With a mob of people gathering in the middle of a public street doesn’t it make sense to either clear the mob or barricade the road so cars cannot crash into the crowd? Why was this so difficult for police to do? Funny how the article does not even mention the issue of moving the statue of General Robert E. Lee which was the focus of the protests to begin with. The cowards running the South today have totally sold out their own history and succumbed to loud mouths who seek to move and likely demolish the century old monuments to some of the great heroes of this era in our history. They just moved four of them in New Orleans. Wasn’t it bad enough for the South to get raped and plundered with upwards of 1 million killed over a totally outlaw illegal war fomented by Dishonest Abe and his thugs in the North? That unconstitutional war did not have to happen and Dishonest Abe was the unindicted criminal who started it all but could have easily prevented it by simply letting the South secede which they voted to do. They were being economically shafted by unfair tariffs (40%) due to the Morrell Act of 1861. Dishonest Abe said so himself!

    • We desperately need a federal law to protect all existing historical monuments but the whores in Congress can’t be bothered because of their efforts for a foreign country Israel.

    • Here is an outstanding, concise, documented article which is not out of a lying book on
      American History.
      By Roger K. Broxton of Andalusia, president of the Confederate Heritage Fund
      June 26, 2015 Brief Quote:
      “Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated his war was caused by taxes only, and not by slavery, at all.
      “My policy sought only to collect the Revenue (a 40 percent federal sales tax on imports to Southern States under the Morrill Tariff Act of 1861).” reads paragraph 5 of Lincoln’s First Message to the U.S. Congress, penned July 4, 1861.
      “I have no purpose, directly or in-directly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so,” Lincoln said it his first inaugural on March 4 of the same year.”

  5. “The” Holocaust questioning is a waste of energy. There are Holocausts every day, week, month, year. There are wartime memorials far larger and outreaching than the “Jewish remembrance” and are monumental in its comemoration. 9-11 however needs much more of our focus energy and attention. I don’t care if US officials apologize for its or previous administrations mistakes until they all continue on the same eternal warfare path.

  6. In the realm of lingua franca RT have certainly went furthest in transforming the mainstream narrative and exposing self proclaimed infallibility of Western interventionism and ‘Holy Land” protection. The regular attacks on that network bring enough credibility to the matter.

  7. We have the same violence here in germany by the left wingers who are paid by our so called state, which is in reality a NGO and to hide that fact they incite trouble to errect a police state. And soon i seleczion day on Sept. 23. 2017 to get rid of that crap. It has to do with responsibility, if you take over responisbility as a voter the thugs are out of their unlimited liability and the people have to pay for their dirty deeds. Business as usual, you can see it even in your tennis- or what ever club at the end of every fiscal year.

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