Trump walks away from reporters after being asked to denounce White Supremacists


[Editor’s note: As POTUS, Trump has blundered his way from one total disaster to the next, but this latest one may be his worst mistake to date. By failing to criticise anyone and simply making the spineless statement that both sides are to blame, Trump has left himself wide open to accusations that he refuses to criticise white supremacist types because that is his key base of support.

After an election campaign that saw him deeply offend women, Mexicans, Muslims and people of just about any colour other than lily white, Trump, inadvertently or not, has painted himself as a bigotted, racist, mysoginist idiot who appeals to the lowest common denominator in society while at the same time, being deeply unpalatable to the better educated, more informed and less prejudiced majority.

The situation in Charlottesville is just the latest in a long string of nasty incidents that, in total, add up to the makings of a race war. Many US cities are almost at the point of a race war breaking out and every person of colour gunned down by the poor white trash police forces just adds fuel to that fire.

In 1965, when the US was facing similar race issues, there was LBJ and his immense testicular fortitude and cast-iron resolve to provide the vital strong leadership needed to get through the crisis, today we have Donald Trump, a man who has no leadership skills whatsoever. This raises the disturbing spectre of a rapid downward spiral of violence that leads to a race war.

Of course, such a war may well be part of the nefarious agenda of those who put Trump in office, certainly they have prepared for such a war by giving the police thousands of ex-military armoured vehicles, military grade weapons and equipment and training in urban warfare by Israeli specialists.

At least back in the 60s the pigs in uniform only had billy clubs and tear gas, this time around they are armed to the teeth and the prospect for mass violence and killing is looming large. Ian]

Trump walks away from reporters after being asked to denounce White Supremacists

Donald Trump addressed the country in the midst of the chaos and deadly violence surrounding an alt-right Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, but he refused to denounce white nationalism when asked several times by reporters.

Instead, after he finished his planned remarks, the president roamed around the room unsure of where to go, signed a bill, and then walked out without answering some of the most softball questions ever asked of a president.

When reporters asked him whether he wants “the support of these white nationalist groups who say they support” him or if he’s “denounced them strongly enough,” Trump strolled out of the room, likely planning his next round of golf in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Condemning violence of any kind and issuing a blanket statement that people “on many sides” are to blame, which Trump did today, is a coward’s way out. It does nothing to calm the chaos in Virginia, and it may actually make things worse by creating a false equivalency between the counter-protesters and the alt-right Nazis.

The willingness of this president to ignore what is specifically fueling the outbreak of deadly violence and hatred in Virginia will only give oxygen to those causing it.

A shameful day in America was made worse on Saturday by a president who, once again, refuses to fully distance himself from the most extreme hate groups in America – all because they helped put him in the White House.

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  1. Of course in nature, urinating on a tree is how one marks their territory. In America it is monuments and statues. Trump is the most obscene marker we see now, in NY and Washington and NJ, with huge buildings begging all to stare in awe at the name plastered across the towers. Of course he supports the statue. These types of statues exude a type of territorial marking as opposed to an artistic display. It is political. The propaganda machine of warmongers certainly incorporates a heavily disproportionate amount of statues and road names and bridges and all manner of uri-nations. They profess ownership and domination and will always cause conflict well beyond what is warranted. They are not art, but tools of domi-nation, the same as the cathedrals which were built on top of my ancestors sacred places in England. It is rude, arrogant, unsightly, and meaningless except for the domination mindset of colonialism . Less we forget that by order of the same religious authority was this land also taken by genocide and domination, we should instead equate any statue of any man with Trump tower and observe that in this moment and decide if that is how we wish to mark our territory. I bet Lee would say, we can’t pull it down fast enough if he was the man the worshippers say he was.

  2. No Ian I agree with you. To pull the confederate monuments down is wrong, and an attempt to rewrite history. A cheap and ignorant way to do it

    • joetv, Does this mean, you would be in favor of restoring Cherokee lands and government in the south ?
      History in the US is largely selective, and the first step to historical correction would have nothing to do with southern generals, but the restoration of broken treaties. So, I guess we are either going to support obfuscation or do it right. But we can’t be selective and claim historical accuracy as a cause. I guess a good start would be to immediately honor the treaties and fix the ones we broke. Which is every single one. Which white guy gets a statue seems pretty petty to any accurate historian of the americas.

  3. Ian,
    As a citizen of the broken USA, there are a lot of things that go deeper than what a foreign journalist who lives in England simply can’t understand except the fact that EACH CASE is unique and not covered with a wide brush…like would be the same in every country. But journalism has the power to use a wide brush without ever living and witnessing what is a problem or problems. Justice simply can not be served when doing that. Here is an example…

    With all of us…we judge by our own prejudices, biases, and presumptions without being a true witness of what really went on or without knowing internal and external forces lurking behind every idiot who dare fall into to its net. There have been too many false flags and staged events perpetrated and I feel that this one is no different. What angers me are the anti civil society that we live with who have two guns for every hand. I live with it everyday…white, black and all of the easily manipulated social media controlled descendants following their fear. Not all whites are bad and not all blacks are good…not all police are bad and not all are good. But the media who has the power to be truthful will eventually fall into its own biases…over and over again. Justice has no more neutrality anymore, anywhere, anytime at all.

  4. Ian, do you agree with tearing down the statues of confederate leaders?. Yes, no, or will you stroll out of the room?
    By the way it is very difficult to comment here.

    • No, I do not believe in such historical revisionism. R E Lee did not own slaves and the civil was was not about slavery. If you want to pull down all the monuments to men of the past who had dubious morals, then start with the Lincoln Monument because Abe was far from the beacon of enlightened thought that subsequent historians have painted him to be.

    • Ian, I totally agree. Too many people assume that the civil war was about slavery. In his first inaugural address, Lincoln himself said he had no intention of interfering with the institution of slavery. From what I can tell, the war was more about stripping the individual states of their right to self governance, and centralizing that power around the federal government. As Robert E Lee explained:

      “I yet believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people, not only essential to the adjustment and balance of the general system, but the safeguard to the continuance of a free government. I consider it as the chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”  -Robert E. Lee in Correspondence with Lord Acton

      How about that for some accurate foresight? I’m sure the man had his shortcomings, but what man doesn’t? If I was an American, I’d be pissed about the removal of this statue.

    • The American public school system has done an excellent job of brainwashing children into believing the lies told about Lincoln. We were led to believe he was near saint hood. He was America’s greatest president. His face is on mount Trashmore. He freed the slaves. Saved the union, blah,blah, blah.
      The truth is Lincoln was a tyrant. He had newspaper editors jailed for criticizing his policies, he had one congressman exiled to Canada for the duration of the war, he order Federal troops to open fire on draft protestors and worst of all he declared war on some states who were being unfairly taxed, causing the death of over 650,000 soldiers and untold civilian lives. Lincoln was no hero, he was a monster. He face should be removed from all U.S. currency and from Mount Trashmore.

  5. The immediate instigators of this mayhem were those in government in Virginia seeking to placate loud mouths who demanded century old monuments to one of our greatest generals moved or destroyed. Lee was a general in the U.S. before his service in the Confederacy. He had more intelligence and honor than Lincoln, Grant and Sherman put together. Leave our existing historical monuments alone. The whores in Congress are so busy helping outlaw Israel they don’t have enough time to pass a simple law ordering all existing historical monuments be left alone period.

  6. It is embarrassment by association, just like when a child acts up. Is Cincinnati embarrassed of Pete Rose ? And currently, is it not a fair statement to say, the US is embarrassed of our leaders when they do idiotic things ? So too, is it quite fair to be embarrassed when we see Neo-nazi’s marching around like idiots. That is not white guilt, which the perps like to call it, it is embarrassment by association. White guilt does not seem to exist as much as a common sense of decency and a hunger for justice and equality. So, the ones who yell about white guilt, are by default, endorsing the racist behavior in a way, by not identifying what is actually going on. I do not despise my race if I seek justice for those of another race. I am proudly representing all facets of my associations when I do a just thing. Family, town, city, state, country, and race and even humans when we help animals.

  7. It took CNN all of five minutes to make this incident into something it’s not. After about three minutes of White supremacy this and Nazi that, Van Jones opened his statement with, “anti-Jewish bigotry has to be stopped.” As if that has anything to do with the woman who was killed by the vehicle. I remember when Alan Dershowitz labeled warranted critics of Bernie Madoff, (who ruined people’s lives), as “anti-semites”. Hell, if it were up to them, any criticism of Jewish behavior would be illegal.

    If we’re going to condemn racism and bigotry, it’s about time we point out the fact that Judaism is the most racist and bigoted tribe of people on the planet. Israeli immigration, land rights and labor laws prove it beyond doubt, and if that’s not enough, see if you can make it all the way through the Talmud, without closing it in disgust…If racism and bigotry are really such a big deal, how about the Zionist MSM condemn ALL it’s forms.

    • Not to mention, it was juze who brought slaves to America in the first place. It was also them who later founded the NAACP, and the Black Panther Party, to channel Black hatred towards all White people, and foment race wars. Dividing the populace into fractured sub-cultures and making them fight is a communist divide and conquer strategy, which makes perfect sense, because communism is their baby, too.

      Yes, I am White and I’ll never be ashamed of it. Black Lives Matter, (another communist segregation group sponsored by Juze), can trample all over the continent, causing people all kinds of trouble, but as soon as I suggest that I’m proud of my heritage and White skin, I’m that bad guy? [email protected] that!

  8. Calling Cops pigs just adds to the divisions being created by design to destroy the middle class; a beacon of hope, to the world. You can’t have a NWO until you destroy the existing world and rebuild the NWO from the ashes. The uncontrolled immigration directed at the EU and the USA is meant to destroy traditional culture and norms. The MSM is enabling the destructioon and division. Look to the KM to direct any vitriol, are they not the source of this orchestrated kabuki theater.

    • There’s a difference between policemen and the pigs in uniform that have specifically been recruited because they are low IQ psychopaths who have few qualms about murdering black people.

    • Ian, I’ll give you that; the young ones are full of IDF training and Homeland Security BS. However the older Police as well as the Army and Marine servicemen are very aware of this attack on the constitution and our civil liberties. when the SHTF they will stand with the American people. If we still have an American people to stand with.

    • I think many of the older, good policemen have been driven out of the service, but I hope enough remain to make a difference.

    • What else can one say about cops who murder innocent men, women and children; rob people at gun point(civil asset forfeiture); sell drugs, beat and taze people for jaywalking, rape women, abuse and molest children, strip search women by the road side and then send in SWAT teams in the middle of the nigh, sometimes getting the wrong address, which is all too often and shooting and killing an innocent person, sometimes children. They shoot and kill pets, which indicates these types suffer from sexual inadequacy.
      They are immune from prosecution in all but the most serious of crimes. They have guaranteed immunity when they kill someone. Not one cop has ever had to pay out the damage awards the victim’s families receive in wrongful death, abuse or otherwise. Not one single cop! Mr. Haller, you defense of these goon thugs with badges is reprehensible.They in now way are servants of the people. They are now armed servants of the state, whose purpose is to beat the American people into submission. They are no longer required to protect your sorry azz.

    • Police today are militarized to the point of being a separate army themselves thanks to the 1011 program which was obviously a part of the DHS/NWO plan. When you have cops so equipped with such military gear, trained in israel and taught that we are the enemy, is it any wonder why 50,000 Americans were admitted to hospital ER last year. Why more than 960 Americans were murdered by cops last year. Why women are being raped and Americans are being robbed through civil asset forfeiture which accounts for more money and property being stolen by the state’s goon thugs with badges over that which was stolen by ordinary criminals.
      Americans are in the cross hairs of the state. There is a war on the American people as John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote and we are the enemy. The cops are nothing more than enforcers for the state.
      They do not work for us.

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