Charlottesville violence blame game


I have been talking about Charlottesville on Press TV (above), as well as in interviews with Richie Allen and Charlottesville resident and notable peace activist David Swanson.

Right now I am all talked out and ready to go to bed.

So if you want to read something good, check out Gordon Duff’s piece on Maumee, Ohio, the hometown he shares with the vehicular homicide suspect.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


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  1. People where the alleged driver was stopped are saying they switched. The guy sitting on the sidewalk (arrested) is not the guy that was driving the car.

    These are the same people (deep state) that did 9/11 and other “attacks”….count on it.

  2. Dr Barrett, for your False Flag evidence file, two key brief videos on Charlottesville – On Vimeo, ‘Proof Charlottesville Car Attack Staged – New Video Emerges’, 4min., drone footage which makes the crash event look staged & fake, you see nearby streets empty except for the ‘movie set’ group gathered where the ‘accident’ happened, other streets blocked, a ready fire truck there doing the blocking

    And on GoogleTube, ‘Mother of Charlottesville driver expresses disbelief over accusations against her son’, 1min10, re this car crash by ‘James Alex Fields’, talented stunt-driver-in-reverse-gear, here a bizarre live media encounter with ‘Samantha Bloom, mother of James Fields’ … Note the fake vs sincere quality of voices, & the body language of ‘mom’ in her wheelchair, at the moment when she supposedly first learns from a media reporter live on camera, that her ‘son’ is accused of driving a car into a crowd & killing someone … see how quickly ‘Samantha Bloom’ chuckles & calmly shifts the topic … bad actress with a poseur ‘journalist’?

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