Trump Retweets, Quickly Deletes Post Saying ‘He’s a Fascist’ (SCREENSHOTS)



[Editor’s note: This should surprise no-one as Trump has already shown that he can barely read and probably has an IQ barely into three figures. Add to that an attention span of less than 2 minutes and a number of serious personality disorders and this orange buffoon makes Bush Jr look like a candidate for MENSA.

As for Joe Arpaio, he is not only a fascist, he is a corrupt piece of fecal matter who should spend the rest of his life inside one of his own brutal and cruel prisons. Trump would make a good cellmate…. Ian] 

Trump Retweets, Quickly Deletes Post Saying ‘He’s a Fascist’ (SCREENSHOTS)

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump retweeted a reply from someone who called either Trump or former law enforcement officer Joe Arpaio a fascist.

Early in the morning, Trump retweeted a link from Fox & friends about the program’s report on ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been found guilty of violating a court order for targeting suspected undocumented immigrants in traffic raids. Then, a user called @MikeHolden42 tweeted back at Trump that “he” is a fascist, referring to either Arpaio or Trump himself.

The retweet was quickly deleted from the President’s feed. However, other Twitter users were just as swift in their screenshot-making abilities, documenting the retweet for everyone to see.

Mike Holden, the user whose post Trump had retweeted, subsequently announced his “retirement” from Twitter.

Holden made sure to change his Twitter profile description to include the President’s endorsement: “Officially Endorsed by the President of the United States. I wish that were a good thing.”

He also put the screenshot of Trump’s retweet as his header photo.

Right before he retweeted Holden’s publication, Trump made another gaffe by sharing a cartoon showing a meme where a Trump train hits CNN, a news network Trump has repeatedly blasted in the past.

The train retweet has already been deleted as well.

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  1. Ian, you’re rather hard on Trump. Ues he’s outlandish, a braggart, a clumsy wordsmith, and a few other descrptives. But hey these character flaws don’t make him a piece of shit.
    It must be hard to be the boss, and then become the top boss, the boss of bosses only to find out there are bigger bosses that boss the top bosses of bosses…well you know what I mean.

    • It is impossible to be too hard on Trump, he is a career criminal who has done nothing his entire career other than launder money for the mob through corrupt property developments and appear on a shitty TV show. Add to this the fact he has a severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder, struggles to even read anything with long words in it, has a 2 minute attention spell and is a racist, mysoginistic, bigoted asshole, then I feel fully justified in saying anything i like about him, no matter how harsh. A shaved monkey in a suit would make a better POTUS.

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