Will people power bring down Trump?


[Editor’s note: With US politics in disarray and the Democratic party a shambles, the farcical and embarrassing Trump regime is now beset by a new problem to pile on top of the investigations and international disdain that are damaging both Trump and the US.

A large portion of the US population has now woken up to just what sort of slimy, disgusting, corrupt criminal scum has slithered it’s way into the White House and is damn mad about it.

The anti-Trump protests will only grow in numbers and become more vociferous, adding to the pressure on law enforcement, Congress and Senate to act and save the US from further damage and embarrassment.

Trump has tried to distract and deflect from his domestic woes by issuing ludicrously belligerent rhetoric and threats towards North Korea, a strategy that has completely backfired as the international community and the US populace is simply not supporting this insane provocation of Pyongyang.

It is now not a case of if Trump will be removed from office, it is a case of when, and as far as the entire globe is concerned, the sooner the better.

Only a small elite of criminals that put Trump in office does not want him gone, there are still a few ill-informed, uneducated poor white trash idiots who support Trump, but their voices are drowned out by the vast majority who now see what Vt has been telling them for over a year – Trump is nothing more than a criminal mafia hanger-on who is incapable of leading a conga line, let alone a nation. Ian]

Anti-Trump, Anti-Racism Rallies Across US Draw Thousands

Anti-Trump and anti-racism protesters held rallies across the US, including a massive gathering held in New York City as the US president returned for the first time since taking office.

While the protests were going on, the President’s motorcade pulled up to Trump Tower, approaching from a direction that bypassed the demonstrators, kxly reported.

Hours before, protesters and a small group of supporters behind police barricades lined up across the street from Trump Tower and along the nearby blocks on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

As supporters carrying American flags shouted, “God bless President Trump,” anti-Trump protesters chanted, “No KKK, No Fascist USA, No Trump!”

Three people were arrested amid the protests at Trump Tower, New York Police Department Detective Hubert Reyes told CNN. All three have been charged with reckless engagement, obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, Reyes said.

The protests came in the wake of clashes Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, as counterprotesters met white nationalists and other right-wing groups at the site of a “Unite the Right” event. Counterprotester Heather Heyer was killed when a gray Dodge Challenger rammed into a crowd walking down a street.

Trump condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis in a brief statement to reporters Monday at the White House following days of mounting bipartisan pressure. He had been denounced after failing to condemn those groups directly and blaming the violence in Charlottesville “on many sides.”

But many critics said Trump was two days too late.

Amid the protests in New York, die-hard Trump supporter Mario Laboy acknowledged the President should have denounced white supremacy sooner but said he still has faith in him.

“I’ve been here every day. I’m going to be here tomorrow, I’m going to be here Wednesday. I’m going to be here every day to support Trump. Like I told you before, I said Mr. President you are wrong,” he told CNN.

“It’s only been six months. It’s four years, he’s going to do the correct job. Condemning those neo-Nazis, white supremacists and bringing the people together, black, Hispanic and everyone. …”

Others across the country focused less on Trump and more on the rise of hate groups in the United States and frustration with Confederate statues and what they see as symbols of white supremacy.

In Maumee, Ohio, a suburb about 10 miles southwest of Toledo, about 100 protesters gathered outside St. Paul’s Church to denounce racism, CNN affiliate WTVG reported.

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, the man accused of running down counterprotesters in Charlottesville, lives in Maumee.

“The hatred has just been growing and these groups are crawling out of the sewer now,” Michael Bates, a Toledo resident and Vietnam War veteran, told WTVG.

Bates came to Maumee with his family and said he felt compelled to do something after the violence in Charlottesville and Heyer’s death.

“When I think about that girl, it hurts,” Bates said, holding back tears. “If I could give her mother a hug, I would. Stuff like that isn’t supposed to happen here.”

For others in the crowd, the tragedy in Charlottesville is an example of the overt racism that’s not surprising to some black people.

“As a person of color, it’s something that’s always a part of your life,” Ashley Bunn, a member of the Toledo NAACP and Toledo Young Black Professionals board member, told WTVG. “It’s a consistent reality that you live with.”

Angry New Yorkers Flood Midtown Streets to Protest President’s Return to Trump Tower

Plenty of fire and fury greeted President Trump along Fifth Ave. in Manhattan on Monday when he made his first visit home since he took office seven months ago.

Thousands of protesters rallied outside the iconic Trump Tower skyscraper where the President is staying, while another group nearby staged a mock “die-in” and funeral for American values before marching to the main event.

Trump touched down at JFK about 8:30 p.m. and then boarded a helicopter for a quick ride to lower Manhattan, where a car took him to his Fifth Ave. home, New York Daily News reported.

A deafening chorus of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” rang out from protesters as the presidential motorcade entered a white tent covering the 56th St. underground entrance to Trump’s building.

Chants of “Lock him up!” and “New York hates you!” followed.

The crowds waiting for Trump had gathered hours earlier, fueled by outrage over the weekend’s deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., and the President’s initial refusal to condemn the white supremacists involved.

An inflatable caricature of Trump as a big rat swayed above pedestrians near Grand Army Plaza on Fifth Ave. and 59th St.

A small group of roughly 16 pro-Trump supporters, penned in by police near the rat caricature, taunted demonstrators by shouting “Make America white again” and waving flags. Demonstrators also had to stay inside police pens in front of Trump Tower.

Sand-filled sanitation trucks were placed around the skyscraper as a barrier as cops shut down traffic on the busy avenue.

The crowd, which grew as night fell, swelled north to 59th St. and south to 54th St. Many held up yellow signs that said “Resign!”

Others brandished posters that said, “There is only one side on this, Mr. President,” a criticism of Trump’s poorly received remark on Saturday that the Charlottesville violence was an “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

Joel Graham, 59, who served in the Marines and is now a photographer, said Trump “let his cards slip” when he gave that speech.

“It’s disgraceful,” said Graham, adding support for Trump among the military isn’t as widespread as many think.

On Monday Trump made an effort at damage control by giving a harsher statement that clearly denounced the KKK and other hate groups.

“Racism is evil,” the President said, and added that white supremacists who take part in violence are “criminals and thugs.”

But it wasn’t enough to pacify the thousands of angry New Yorkers who flooded Fifth Ave. — or to lift his sagging approval rating above 34%, down a point from last week. It’s a new low for Trump, according to a Gallup Poll released Monday.

“Those are the people who got him elected,” Graham said of the white supremacists. “He’s gotta go.”

Emily Wells, 26, an elementary school teacher from Bayonne, N.J., said she was horrified by the death of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman mowed down Saturday after a car crashed into demonstrators who were protesting a white supremacy rally.

The driver of the car, James Fields, 20, of Ohio, has been charged with second-degree murder.

“We’re a disgrace in the eyes of the world, and now we’re killing people,” said Wells. “The Trump administration was a disgrace from the start.”

Chants of “black lives matter” and “love, not hate — that’s what makes America great” grew louder as protesters from the “die-in” in front of the New York Public Library arrived at the night’s final destination.

A few blocks away, another protest formed at Columbus Circle, on its way to Trump Tower.

Benny Zable, 71, an Australian performance artist, said he didn’t buy what Trump was selling in his Monday statement.

“Everything he does is at the expense of immigrants and working class people,” Zable said.

“He’s not speaking up against right-wingers in Charlottesville because they’re his voting base,” he said.

The Australian also said he feared the ramped-up rhetoric between Trump and North Korea.

“What’s coming out of the President’s mouth is intimidating. Not only is he putting the United States in danger, but the whole world,” Zable said.

Hawk Newsome, 40, president of Black Lives Matter in New York, said his group had just returned from Charlottesville.

“It’s important to come and show solidarity. One thing we saw in Virginia is that the alt-right is very united and organized. We have to organize to fight back effectively,” Newsome said.

David Harold, 35, a security guard from the Bronx, said the weekend was “a new low” for the nation.

“I’m actually ashamed to be an American,” he said. “Our country is now led by a fascist, tyrannical racist, and those people in Charlottesville are the people who put him into office.”

By 11 p.m., the protests had mostly dispersed — and Trump took to twitter to express his delight at being back in the city.

“Feels good to be home after seven months, but the White House is very special, there is no place like it… And the US is really my home,” the President tweeted.

The NYPD said three people were arrested, two men and a woman. They were charged with reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, police said.

Iris Shamery, a senior from Jamaica, Queens, who runs a clothing store, said she’s given up hope that Trump can bring any dignity to the role of President.

“We are losing our place in the world. He’s preached nothing but lies. He undermines all things American,” she said. “He should have been presidential from day one, but what he really needs is a baby-sitter.”

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  1. Seems…. Trump is the Target. Hillary and family organised it. No doubt. To think modern – i will never go to protest in Russia. (’cause i have no need) US “John” will never go – i’m sure. So – this is all directed by D.C. Hollywood.

    • Of course Trump is the target, people are waking up and realising that the White House has been occupied by a corrupt criminal who at best is incompetent and at worst, is going to destroy the US. Why blame Hillary, there’s no evidence of that. No-one needs to organise these anti-Trump protests, they are a spontaneous outpouring of disgust at the downward spiral Trump has instigated.

    • Ian, Just as bad is the corruption and cronyism inside the Trump administration. From top to bottom it has all been about his family profiting from the White House. The worst administration ever, even worse than Nixon/Agnew.
      Trump’s sabre rattling towards North Korea is a huge mistake and if he keeps it up there will be a war. Someone need to pull the plug on this clown show.
      Kushner, Sessions, Mattis and Mcmaster
      Can America fall any faster?

    • I’m retired, on fixed income and beside D.C. is a long drive and my 11 year old minivan probably wouldn’t make it. However I’m with the protestors.

    • “Hillary and family organised it.”

      Hillary, no. The Khazarian Mafia behind Hillary, definitely. Of course, the banksters are also behind Trump, so a lot of people are really getting played here…

  2. What a shit storm. I listened to the Saker interview the other day and he had some very interesting insights. Although he has come to the conclusion that Trump is not the answer, he also made sense of what Trump might have been. Had Trump used the political capital that he had as soon as he took office and went after the deep state, even though they were doing all they could to scuttle him, he could have prevailed. All he had to do was to do what he promised and ask the people for help to do it. I believe the saker was right. But, unfortunately, it was my prediction from 9-15 that was was accurate, that he would fold up like a cardboard box. This is assuming, of course, that Trump was on the up and up in the first place. As soon as I saw the Adelson hand in his campaign, I knew he was done, as far as being his own man at any rate.The American people are looking for a leader desperately, but gutless Trump is not it. He is just a flash point for further division…which is truly sad. Those that still support Trump are wasting their effort, as he has already given up the store and appears to have no intention of actually fighting back. Should he do an about face and try to tackle the deep state monolith, I would even gladly support his efforts, as much as I personally dislike him. Anyone that actually believes that all those that supported Trump are all racists, have taken the bait. All these groups are effectively aiding the deep state at this point, whether by design or not.

    • These groups also have the onus of policing their own people. Having people that do not truly represent your views and goals and will use techniques and actions that go against ones goals do not help ones cause. When any group resorts to street violence, their message is corrupted. Witness Seattle and the G7 riots, the provocateurs there were cops. Look at the corruption of Occupy, the Tea Party, BLM, ad nauseaum… virtually every group that opposed the NWO has been corrupted to serve as divisions. Then the MSM steps in and thoroughly invigorates hatred. We can’t fight them if we’re busy fighting each other.

  3. The unwitting catalyst is often the most effective agent of change for the positive. Legislative processes are slow and often unsuccessful, while catalytic events or people can bring attention to issues more quickly and effectively, and even though it seems the movement is backward, it is simultaneously removing escape routes and providing a clear direction. I say, keep him in there, but not for the reasons that are inside the box. Besides, Pence is one of those silent types that need more monitoring.

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