VT gets to mention contractor drug running on RT


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Russia Today, Moscow

– First aired … August 16, 2017

Photos like this gave us a taste of how the US military was going to be abused by the Deep State

[ Note: RT did give me the last minute on this report, taking a look at the question of Afghan heroin coming into the US. This was a taped interview of three questions, which the producers and editors then decide what parts to use in their presentation.

This is a complicated story, as it has evolved over fifteen years, and five minutes would have been better than three. The “too hot to touch” topic in all this is how some of the military contractors running the Afghan war supply flights were in the perfect position to get into flying drugs out, and our sources confirmed this in spades.

We did not have to dig to find out, just scratch. The general “cover” explanation we were told was that nothing could be done to ever really stop drug trafficking, and that leaving all the profits in the hands of the criminal networks would be a national security risk, as they could then afford to do very big and bad things.

So it was better for government-related entities to quietly put the huge amounts of money to a better use – doing very big and bad things. These same people flying in huge amounts of cash, literally on forklift pallets, to run the Afghan economy, saw that it was a wild, wild West situation with lax controls, and looked for their own opportunities.

The missing billions in cash and equipment stories have been widely published, but not the drug running. VT readers have no problem grasping any of this, as you have lived with us all through this sad affair.

The money was being spread around to buy political and prosecution protection, via providing a never-ending conveyor belt of cash into the hands of political entities who would “play ball” with the Deep State crowd. Citizens United became a key part of this conspiracy, as it opened the front door for this drug money to flow into PACs via foreign corporations.

The Supreme Court betrayed the country with the Citizens United case

The Supreme Court could not have been so stupid as to not realize what was going on; and we spanked ourselves at VT for underestimating the flexibility of these judges in dealing with the Deep State crowd.

RT cherry-picked that main point to do the ending of their report, as no one in Western media would dare air such material. Of course, VT has been publishing this aspect of the Afghan war for years, which has contributed to our continuing blackout in Western media due to our not understanding that we are supposed to self-censor over such sensitive material.

We have been disappointed in the public non response on our reporting over this hugely important item. The public, and even those inside the Intel and military community, are jaded to the point where they accept this kind of stuff going on, as they feel there is nothing anyone can really do about it. We have not been infected with that disease, and will try to remain so JD ]

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  1. Btw, Ibogaine has been on my radar for many many years now, for treating opioid addicts. It works fast, with low relapse, last I heard. Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Treatment Center has been using it for years. And now the Trump admin is looking at it, too. MAPS has info on Ibogaine and other psychoactive drug treatments, info that they gave before June 16, to the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. I am not against such drugs when used short-term, under expert medical care, to cure a problem for good. Here is the MAPS page on Ibogaine: http://www.maps.org/research/ibogaine-therapy

  2. Thanks for info about Afghan irrigation systems being paid for by USAID. It’s a CIA cover, so that figures. And yes, I have also noted that A/G Sessions wants MORE civil asset forfeiture, which mostly screws law-abiding citizens as it is. I haven’t yet decided if Sessions is that naive, or whether he is being blackmailed. Trashing what is left of the Bill of Rights is not the answer to the drug epidemic. I would not have a problem if gov’t would add or beef up death sentences for people at the top who are proven traffickers, including the military. Military justice for the military, and civilian justice for civilians. A nice death, though. 1 last meal, a chaplain and a blindfold, and then a firing squad or the electric chair. No drugs for them, obviously.

  3. About the opioid epidemic here in the US. It’s not the heroin that is killing people, as the heroin is just the vehicle. Traffickers are mixing synthetic opioids with the heroin, and these are, I am told, up to 1000 times stronger than heroin. So people who normally inject X amt. of heroin, are accidentally OD’ing from the synthetics. As Steppenwolf used to say in The Pusher, “God damn the pusher.” Amen to that, and I would add that God can do what he wants to all the others up and down the pipeline too. I would include parents and grandparents. I have said to my kid, “If you take mind-altering drugs, legal or illegal, I will beat your ass, and I don’t care how old you are.” So oh yes, psychiatrists and doctors are on my s-list, too.

  4. Thanks, Jim. I guess I should expect more scrutiny going back and forth into Canada now. I have always been given the 3rd degree by the US side, but not the Canada side. They are more lax.

    Btw, I have something for you, as I still do some analysis when I have time. I just posted a comment to MS’ Korea article, and this is a copy pf my comment, for you: “JS, August 17, 2017 at 5:23 am. We had a minimum of 2 false flags here in the US last weekend, on Aug 11-12 (it started on the 11th) in VA, and the other one was on the 13th, in WA. The dates, 11 and 13, I shouldn’t have to explain that, as VT should have all learned a thing or two from Capt. May. Listen up, now. The 2 events are closely related, and both phony. VA event had an organizer named JK, and a dead victim named HH. WA event had 2 cops, both named JK (JK x 2), with the dead perp named HH. Seriously, all you intel and counterintel, are those the “initials of the month”? And there is more. In both cases, the dead person (dead, or a magic trick?) is named HH. HH = Heil Hitler. How in-your-face can you get? I’d love to see what Ole Dammegard would make out of these “coincidences”, but I don’t know Ole. I do know bullshit, however, and both US false flag events reek of it. That is all.”

  5. Thanks to all, and especially Politico magazine for their hit piece on VT for being a Russian tool to help subvert the US military. It put us on the radar with RT, and I had thanked the Politico writer for the exposure as that was the first corporate media article on VT. The article bombed because it was an obvious fake news pot shot.

  6. They lovingly report an opioid crisis is prevalent but never all of the aspects of it’s creation nor who’s profiting from it. Thanks for batting 1000 MR. Dean!

  7. Jim, I don’t wish to discredit VT’s efforts in this area of concern. However, yes our government has taken drug dealing to new hieghts, but it has been a growing concern. No pun here. We can trace it back a century or more. certainly since Nam. Just follow our military. After Nam cocaine was the rage and we just happened to be in S. America. Nicaraguan war. Who designed crack? Well it became to dangerous. Too many white kids got addicted. Then back to Afghanistan and heroin. What fuels the Mexican drugs wars if not the CIA? Anyway you get the picture. The real story here is American apathy. Which I believe is caused by the media, and enforced by fear of the militarized police. Recent legislation isn’t helping either.
    Here’s a clue. When was the last time we heard news of a large drug bust?

  8. Thank you Mr Dean. This is truly a service to the people. Heroin is especially nasty to get off of, and ruins so many lives, and for what ? The media becomes “the pusher man” by hiding the facts and preventing education. I applaud RT , but sense even they are holding back the real numbers. In the introductory segment, they mention 43% and 25 times, as the increase, but I have seen much higher estimates, such as 25,000 hectares before and 250,000 hectares now. I saw another estimate that said the production doubled between 2015 and 2016, which would be a 100% increase in one year. And of course aerial photos of the poppy fields are off limits due to, “thats classified” which is another heroin for politicians. Meanwhile Mexico is the usual scapegoat, which is a farce. The Canadian border gets no airplay and it is immense.

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