Trump, the ADL, SPLC, Ukraine and North Korea


I did another interview with Don Grahn, we covered abroad range of topics that, at first glance may not seem related, but as I explained, most certainly are.



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  1. I did say it like it is; to have explained all the intricacies of the various origins of the global banking and political elite would have taken hours and is completely unnecessary.

  2. With all matters regarding North Korea, we are dealing with a scarcity of information. It is my belief that NK is a fraud, that it is run by the Israelis and the CIA and Kim is a puppet. However, we simply do not have enough information to be sure.

  3. It is difficult to pinpoint funding due to the new system of instantaneous funds transfer to individuals and groups that organize protests. The veterans who went to Standing Rock used buses, and a couple years ago, when gofundme was getting going, and (as an example of instantaneous emotion based giving) a bus attendant in Rochester NY received over $250,000 in a few days after a video showed her being verbally bullied by young students. The money comes from tons of people, who like the cause, and are not the type to go, but wish to help. I am not saying that wealthy individuals or groups do not pursue things this way politically, but I think it is not as prevalent as some might think. For example, the alt-right claims Soros funds protests of all of everything. Like the death of the Lion, Cecil, and the outpouring afterward, things are about timing mostly. And we all know, there are folks who think VT itself is funded by some wealthy donor or such.

  4. WONDERFUL article…sums it all up ..why all these alternative “fake” news sites pander for Trump..most have Jewish sponsors like Alex Jones who is connected to the Brofman clan. Every ones collecting their sheckels including Jewish Richard Spencer alleged Jew Mike Enoch and even David Duke their ring leader! All trying to cause divisions all trying to distract normal people. I knew it was a battle between 2groups of rich Jew oligarchs it was nice to have the sides named ..BIg HELP..thanks!

  5. I don’t understand your criticism. I named the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, the Jewish lobby in the US, Zionist Israel, the Ukrainian Jewish mafia including naming Kolomoisky and Poroshenko how can I be more specific? I don’t often use the terms Khazarian or Ashkenazi because neither is accurate. Not all the Zionist Jews are Ashkenazis of Khazarian descent, for instance, the Jews that ran the slave trade were Sephardic, the Jews who fomented the US civil war were Sephardic, the Jews that overthrew the English crown and installed William of Orange were Sephardic etc.

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