Anti-fascist & far-right groups plan simultaneous Barcelona protests

Catalan Mossos d’esquadra officers patrol at Las Ramblas street where a van crashed into pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain August 18, 2017.

[Editor’s note: The protests organised the following day reveal the true purpose of the Barcelona terror attack – to foment unrest & violence in Europe.

A huge and ever-growing number of white indigenous Europeans have simply had enough of the Muslims who have flooded into Europe over the last few decades and have failed to integrate into the culture and become a part of European society.

Of course, not all of the Muslim immigrants to Europe have failed to integrate, but a large majority can rightly be accused of this and we see the awfully destructive effects on European societies from Finland to Greece.

Many major European cities are now deeply divided between the indigenous white population and the Muslim immigrant population, Paris is a powder keg with a white French heart surrounded by lawless and poverty-stricken banlieus overflowing with disenfranchised, unemployed, poor and angry, largely Muslim second and third generation immigrants, a problem only made far worse by recent arrivals of even more immigrants.

Previously peaceful and thriving nations like The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are being destabilised and becoming more and more wracked with crimes of violence by young Muslim immigrants who find themselves unloved, unwanted, unemployed and deeply disenfranchised, their presence straining the social welfare systems to breaking point.

Several European nations face the deeply disturbing prospect of the Muslim immigrant population becoming a majority within a generation as birth rates among the white indigenous population are far lower.

Sweden has seen an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults, crimes unknown as recently as 1970, and the reason is the tide of immigration, other countries have seen similar problems, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany, to the extent that white vigilante groups have formed to roam the streets and combat the gangs of young Muslim immigrants.

Make no mistake, unfettered immigration has been a calamitous disaster for Europe and the European peoples are now well aware of this, we see this clearly in the rise of the far right and the resurgence of a form of white nationalism not seen since before WW2.

This has all been carefully planned and engineered of course, part of a nefarious agenda to destabilise and destroy the nations of Europe, to turn what were once strong, stable and proud nations into a veritable melange of inter-ethnic and inter-religious hatred and violence.

We shouldn’t blame the Muslim immigrants, we should blame those who not only allowed them to come to Europe, but actively encouraged them to come and then actively stirred up dissent among them and stymied any signs of them integrating into their host cultures.

These ‘Islamic’ terror attacks will continue, and they will happen all across Europe, the tensions will continue to be pumped up, the Muslims will continue to be demonised and unless someone acts decisively to prevent it, we will find ourselves in the midst of one huge and horrible race war between the white indigenous Europeans and the unwanted and despised, largely Muslim immigrant population.

This is Divide and Conquer in action, with the intended goal of the destruction of European society and culture.

How long before we reach the point where mass deportations back to the Middle East and Africa are being demanded by a white population terrified of becoming minorities in their own lands?

I have been hearing such sentiments for a decade at least and more and more, these sentiments are becoming shared by people hithertofore liberal in their attitudes to Islam and immigration. Fear of ‘Islamification’ is growing rapidly and it is spreading into sectors of European society that were previously welcoming to migrants.

Perhaps there is a chance, albeit a slim one, that once the Middle East and North Africa cease to be warzones, that the immigrants can be peacefully persuaded to leave and return to their native lands where they will be sorely needed to assist in the rebuilding of those nations that have been destroyed by manufactured wars. This would be, in my humble opinion, the best outcome for both Europeans and the Muslim immigrants, but the greatest obstacle is the fact that the Zionists who have promulgated this awful situation will do their utmost to ensure a peaceful solution is not reached. Ian]

Anti-fascist & far-right groups plan simultaneous Barcelona protests

Just one day after an attack claimed at least 14 lives on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas boulevard, opposing political factions look set to face-off near the scene of the terrorist atrocity.

Members of the Spanish far-right group La Falange, are planning to assemble close to the La Boquería marketplace in the city center, just 500 meters from where a van was deliberately driven into scores of pedestrians.

La Falange has blamed the “policies of multiculturalism” and immigration for Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona city center. Boasting a followership of more than 11,000 on Facebook, the group regularly shares anti-Islamic sentiment online.

Tributes have also been paid by the group online to Onésimo Redondo, a 1930s Falangist politician and anti-semitic author.

“No one was fooled into thinking that the policies of multiculturalism and #RefugeesWelcome wouldn’t end like they did in Las Ramblas in Barcelona,” a statement on the La Falange website reads.

They have called on supporters to convene near Las Ramblas at 7pm to show “repulsion to Jihadism” and protest Islam.

Meanwhile, left-wing Catalan groups Arran and Endavant have also organized an event near La Boquería, to oppose fascism.

According to information shared online by Endavant, a socialist group seeking Catalan independence, the gathering is to voice their opposition to the “terror of Daesh and the fascist hatred.”

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  1. So the Falangists are back, showed up on cue just like in 1933. With Barcelona, it was the usual headline: 13 dead. That later changed to 14, but no matter. It’s the initial headlines that count, and it’s always versions of 11 or 13 or both. Predictable and tiresome. And of course, the media close their eyes and pretend they don’t notice.

  2. Ian, which nations are you talking about when you say: “Several European nations face the deeply disturbing prospect of the Muslim immigrant population becoming a majority within a generation as birth rates among the white indigenous population are far lower.” According to Wikipedia, “The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%).” How can 3.8% or anything remotely close to that become a majority within a generation?! Are you suggesting that the majority of non-Muslim Europeans will have the good sense to convert to Islam, the only branch of Abrahamic monotheism that makes sense? (God is One not three, there is no racially superior Chosen People, we are all responsible for all of our good and bad deeds and will be dealt perfect justice, God’s creation including people are good not “fallen” or “sinful,” priesthoods are inherently corrupt to go straight to the Source, usury is absolutely forbidden, the only meaningful difference between people is their inner goodness and good deeds, etc. etc.) God, willing, Europe will save itself by coming to Islam. But what is your evidence that this will happen through demographics? Or are you spreading racist scare stories that may provoke strife and genocide – a crime for which you will be judged before God?

    • Kevin, let’s be clear – Islam is not really the key aspect of the issue, it is merely something tacked on by the MSM as a convenient target for hatred. The immigrants are only nominally Muslim, the vast majority of them have probably never read the Koran or stepped inside a Mosque. In short, ‘Muslim’ has become a co-opted term, a convenient tag to use in the anti-immigrant propaganda. The countries I referred to were The Netherlands and Scandinavia, I did not check the statistics vis-a-vis birth rates and population percentages, I could simply correct my statement by adding that becoming a minority in one’s own land within a generation or two is a widely perceived fear in these nations. The Netherlands for instance, has seen a massive and very unwelcome influx of Turks and Moroccans in the last 30 years, mostly young men, mostly drawn to the Netherlands by the illegal drug trade, these people are only nominally ‘Muslim’ and in reality, they are, for the most part, irreligious criminals. I used to live in the Netherlands, and by the time I left in 2008, a good two thirds of the conversations I had with Dutch people would inevitably include them voicing their disgust and fear at the influx of Turks and Moroccans, lamentations about the rise in street violence as a result, the existence of ‘no-go’ areas for white Dutch people etc. The vast majority of Europeans would fight tooth and nail to prevent the Islamification of Europe, don’t forget that tens of millions of Europeans were slaughtered by Islamic invaders and this experience lives on in the collective memories of nations such as Spain, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkans. For the vast majority of Europeans, religion is an anachronism in the modern world and whether it be Islam, Hinduism, Shinto, or even Rastafarianism, the vast majority of the people of Europe do not want any part of it as our culture has largely evolved past the point where adherence to ancient belief systems has any role to play in daily life. For example, in Britain, thousands of churches have closed and many parishes are without a vicar as they are simply unable to recruit people to the clergy, to the extent that they have been importing priests from Africa. The big issue is not really about Islam or any other religion, it is really all about preserving the culture and identity of the nations of Europe in the face of an engineered and artificial migration intended to weaken, destabilise and ultimately destroy the nations of Europe. The vast majority of Europeans could give two hoots about religion, they just want to feel safe and secure, to continue to enjoy a good standard of living where law and order is maintained and they do not feel threatened by the presence of large numbers of essentially lawless young men who have grown up in refugee camps where law and order is a matter of which gang happens to have the most footsoldiers and guns and violent crimes including rape are an everyday occurrence. Allowing large numbers of these young men to enter Europe is a recipe for disaster and we are already seeing the negative impact of this. BTW, I have no fear of being judged by God because I do not believe he exists, being a rational and logical person, I refuse to believe anything unless there is hard, incontrovertible evidence to support such belief. Of course, there is no evidence for the existence of God, that is why you have to have ‘faith’ in his existence.

    • Kevin & Ian: Let me play Devil’s Advocate (or the Devil himself, if you prefer) — an advocate for the position that religion plays virtually NO role in any EU/UK/US aversion to unfettered Mideast & African migration to EU, UK & US. Nor do diversity, multiculturalism & whiteness.

      As per the “Cool Hand Luke” prison warden, “What we have here is a failure to communicate” and a failure of previously dominant economic systems. Communism is dead & Capitalism is bankrupt. Also god, but that’s a different story. 😉

      Most Mideast & African migrants did NOT want to leave their home lands, where they lived ALL their (tribal) lives. Most migrants were forced out due to conflicts, wars & criminal activities — by dominant criminal oligarchs (i.e., gangsters), who benefit from chaos, conflict & confusion.

      Conversion to Islam will NOT solve the problems — any more than converting to Judaism or Christianity would. Their god (‘Yahweh,’ the god of Islam, Judaism & Christianity) is a 2-faced god — alternating evil with good, committing crimes for which mere mortals would/should be tried & executed. However, one religion for ALL would improve communication — and reduce crimes.

      To see what might/would solve the problems, see the last paragraph of my last comments below.

    • For the lazy KKK/Nazi/RKM white dudes, here’s my last paragraph of my last comment below:

      “We ALL live in a world of a sustainable abundance of labour, resources & energy. Thus, NO need for whites to rape & pillage our lady lands — and no need for displaced persons of colour to migrate to The Land of the Pimps to do something similar… 😉 “

  3. Damn, Ian! You say: “A huge and ever-growing number of white indigenous Europeans have simply had enough of the Muslims who have flooded into Europe over the last few decades… [with] an epidemic of rapes, crimes unknown as recently as 1970, and the reason is the tide of immigration.”

    In Africa & Mideast, we had the SAME problem — only in reverse: “A huge and ever-growing number of Africans & Mideasterners have simply had enough of the white Europeans [and Brits too] who flooded into Africa & Mideast over the last few centuries… [with] an epidemic of rapes of our resources & land, crimes unknown until a relatively recently; and the reason is the enormous tide of fookin’ white dudes…”

    Of course, it’s not your fault. You are too stupid & ignorant to know when someone is manipulating your govt. & you to fook over another man’s lady land — while you give this someone ‘a piece’… Damn! ;-).

    • Indeed, white Europeans did a lot to the detriment of the ‘coloured races’ all over the globe. Ultimately, however, the same people who were behind the empire building, exploitation and slavery are behind this immigration/multiculturalism problem we face today. Personally, I don’t feel any guilt for what the whites did as my family had no part in it, we were dirt poor and almost as exploited as the coloured people overseas, for instance, my maternal grandfather only got to go to school on alternate days because he and his sister only had one pair of shoes between them so they took it in turns to go to school in them. His father, my great-grandfather died when my grandfather was 12 years old. My great-grandfather was crushed in a mine collapse, they pulled him out half alive and he was put in the mine’s hospital. He died after a few days due to his injuries. However, to screw the family out of any compensation the corrupt doctor and coroner wrote on his death certificate (which I still have) that he died of ‘over-excitement after eating an apple and an orange’. So my grandfather’s childhood and schooling ended at 12 and he had to go out to work to support the family. The elite that exploited my family a century ago is still in power today and just as ruthless and cruel as ever, to them, we are all just beasts to be exploited, regardless of colour, although them do seem to have a penchant for fu$king the darker skinned peoples first.

    • Damn, Ian! You might be making some sense. However, neither Brits nor Yanks (nor Euros) can say that they & their families did not benefit from Rape-&-Pillage policies & deeds. America would not be here if the fookin’ whites didn’t kill & imprison (i.e., ‘reservationize’) all the Natives. And whites are still fookin’ over the natives — everywhere.

      As Shakespeare said, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the pimps.” For Brits, Yanks & pretty much all, “pimps” are fookin’ Banksters — who get ‘a piece’ of every lady land that WE rape (and pillage).

      Rather than ‘Kill All the Pimps,’ a better solution is to take away the pimps’ monopoly on ‘Pieces of Ass’ (i.e., “Pieces of Eight” or money). If we get our countries to issue our own money (without Rothschild-style central banking & interest), then Rape-&-Pillage mentalities would end virtually overnight.

      We ALL live in a world of a sustainable abundance of labour, resources & energy. Thus, NO need for whites to rape & pillage our lady lands — and no need for displaced persons of colour to migrate to The Land of the Pimps to do something similar… 😉

  4. Most of the immigrants come from secular Muslim-majority countries, much alike what Europe was a couple of decades ago, while young deluded religious fanatics from Europe pay hommage to Isil and the likes. The ultra religious countries don’t come in numbers to live in Europe, they only buy properties there from a long distance. There are also two (neo) colonial entities in Europe that dominate in the inflicton of this migration to this continent, and both of them are members of UNSC and are main European powers behind NATO wars from profit. Europe did nothing that NATO didn’t do to themselves.

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