Southern Heritage defenders not involved with Alt Right demonstrations

Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in Richmond, and a long time huge tourist attraction.
Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in Richmond, and a long-time huge tourist attraction

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   …with the VA Flaggers

I am a proud member of the SCV, having 18 members of just my Culpepper branch who served, including sons and grandsons of Revolutionary War veteran Joseph Culpepper

[ Note: The current Confederate Monument jihad has hit a bump in the road in the South, where rank-and-file Confederate descendants are hitting the streets to protect monuments, in close coordination with local law enforcement, keeping both the Alt Right and AntiFa people away from them.

The VA flaggers in Virginia are famous for their long-running and peaceful protests of institutions, especially Southern heritage museums, that have removed Confederate flags, usually for no other reason that to be politically correct.

Our “protesters” are really ambassadors who stand on sidewalks with the battle flags, handing out brochures on our real position, which most have not heard due to our message being drowned out by the heritage haters. They have a lot of one-on-one conversations with both locals and tourists.

The offending public officials are usually catering to their local NAACP and Chamber of Commerce officials, who just want the issue to just go away; and concerning the flags, they just choose to take them down. There also has never been violence from the Confederate heritage supporters – no vandalism, bricks thrown, nor balloons filled with urine, which AntiFA used on the Atl-Right in Charlottesville to provoke attacks, and it worked.

That is why Confederates have such a good relationship with the police, as many of them are veterans and known by the local police. In fact they never show up unannounced, but always call the local precinct duty officer to let them know where they are, how many, etc. They are not outside provocateurs sent in by unknown actors wanting to create some fake news.

As you will see below, in Corinth, Mississippi, the SCV Mechanized Cavalry was surrounding the city monument Friday night. You will see none of this peaceful activity covered in corporate media.  … You all know why.

This new round of anti-Confederate jihadism has a new PR twist to it. The heritage haters decided they needed a new smear con game, and came up with the reason they wanted the monuments down was because “they glorified slavery”. The only problem I have is that, in 20 years, I can’t ever remember anyone in the heritage movement saying or writing such a silly thing.

The unifying connection with the monuments is their representing the huge disaster that the War between the States was for us all, with losses exceeding all America’s past and future wars … and making sure that such a thing never happens again, despite those who would prefer to see us at each others’ throats JD ]

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… by  Susan Hathaway,  VA Flaggers

Monument Guards were on patrol in Lynchburg, Va, as well as several other locations, all day yesterday, as the town was listed as a target for vandalism to Confederate memorials by anarchist hate groups.  We were thankful that Lynchburg police provided extra security at several locations. This photo was captured at the end of the day at the Jubal Early monument at Fort Early, and captured a very moving moment for all who witnessed it.

Late in the evening, one of the monument guards noticed this woman, who later identified as a black lives matter supporter, trembling and shaking with fear. He said he could tell she honestly feared them. He walked up to her, arms outstretched, said “WE ARE NOT KKK” and she grabbed him and wouldn’t let go.

He explained that they were there to stop all of this and prevent another Charlottesville. He said “If I were KKK would I hold you like this?  and she said “NO”.

They talked for some time and he said we have to work together to stop this mess. She wept and thanked him over and over for coming over to her and they parted ways with new understanding.

Stories like this one will likely never make the national media and don’t fit the narrative that the politicians in Charlottesville, Richmond, Portsmouth, and other localities are using to push their liberal political and social monument removal  agendas, but it serves as a reminder to all of us that God can use the most troubling times to shine light and truth, even in near darkness.

When we began the Monument Guards program here in Richmond a few years ago, we had no idea it would be preparation and training for a much larger scale use. This week, we have helped coordinate and encourage Monument Guards across the Confederacy. Local SCV, Mechanized Cavalry, other heritage organizations, and average citizens have stepped up to stand in the gap and keep watch over our memorials in the wake of terrorist like attacks and threats across the country.

Sons of Confederate Mechanized Cavalry guarding the Corinth, Miss. monument Friday night

The Mecklenburg County Confederate Monument in Boydton, Va  was on the list of targets for attack by an online terrorist hate group. This one was personal to me, as one of my Great-Great Grandfathers mustered out of Mecklenburg County. After just one phone call to the local SCV, the Sheriff was alerted and there was a police presence most of the day. Men started gathering early Friday morning, and stood picket all day and into the night.

Mecklenburg monument

In Richmond, #RVAMonumentGuards reported heavy police presence on Monument Avenue last night ahead of expected violence by Antifa and other anarchist groups. Two squad cars and a riot van were stationed at the Lee monument, and additional units were parked at each of the other monuments !  We took the time to thank them for being out there, and thanked God for the heavy rain throughout the night that surely washed out any troublemakers.

Check our FaceBook page for many, many other Monument Patrol photos and accounts from the Commonwealth and across the South.  The violent attacks against our memorials over the past week have stirred many citizens to action. We are thrilled at the spirit of cooperation and team work that has manifested across our organizations and with the general public as we come together to protect the monuments. We are hopeful that it will continue as we prepare for what lies ahead.

Strictly in political terms, Confederate monuments contribute to maintaining a free society by reminding us that there once were people who, after careful examination of of the state they lived under, stood up for themselves and said “enough.” It appears that time may very well be upon us, again.
Va Flaggers


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  1. Excellent article Jim along with more in your response section.
    I had ancestors from both sides of the family involved at Gettysburg. One was from an Amish family. ( Bet he raised more than a few eyebrows when he enlisted) and was wounded there.
    That war was a ghastly mistake. Caused by Lincoln and his northern Republican backers, bankers, rail road men and industrialists who wanted the south to remain largely an agronomy from what I’ve read and of course the unfair taxes and duties placed on the south.
    So now what are we facing? A curious form of cultural Marxism that is sweeping the country or appears to be, led by college professors and financed by someone hidden in the background, whose sole purpose is obvious: create chaos and disunity in America and cause it to further fracture and crumble. Some one or some group of people are behind all this. who is it? Zionists? Soros? the Clintons?
    It appears the effort is underway to erase history and rewrite it, not in the name of revisionism for the truth but in the name of political correctness which disavows truth and logic.
    George Santayana was correct and so was Robert E. Lee when they both spoke about history and attempting to either deny or toss it into the dustbin.

  2. When I as doing flagging silent protest back in the old days, at my suggestion I advised GA Confeds that their strategy of always trying to put big crowds together, which we usually could not do, would not work. A better alternate was to have lots of smaller groups, even 4 to 6, doing public flaggings all across the state at events of the heritage haters, like NAACP meetings, and the anti-flag government Roy Barnes who we tipped the scales at defeating. I also suggested the ladies had to be involved and even children on the weekends, to remover the “angry white man” image of heritage protesters. Public reaction was just wonderful, with lot of car and truck honking and thumbs up, which was widely observed by everyone. We were not a fringe group.

    • cont… To try to screw us up the NAACP came up with psyops tactics. One was to call the police and claim that we were yelling racial epithets at passing cars with black folks in them, which of course would never happen. No on was so stupid as to do such a thing. Because we also called the local police to tell them know where we were going to be, how many, and for how long…when these fake calls came in the patrol car would come by to ask the routine question of had seen any anyone yelling such things. They knew the claims were fake. The fake calls ended once they realized that the cops were on to their game. When Barnes reelection time came, polls were 7% in his favor, and he lost by 7 points. When interviewed on the devastating loss, the first thing he said was “It was the flag, it was the flag”, a tremendous victory for us.

    • cont…we had been talking to the black state reps who had control of a lot of committees (most Confeds were Democrats), that they were pushing the heritage crowd into the arms of the Repubs, where they would loose all of their chairmanships, possibly for a long time. They laughed. They have been out of power now in the House and Senate, exactly as we had told them, and many have admitted that we were right, that it was a dumb thing to do, but they saw it as an easy shot. Of course when the Repubs got into office, they flipped on us, but we were able to get a monument protection bill passed, bipartisan, which included all monuments, as it was worded to slip Confeds in, (using the word military along with historical) and passed at the end of the session.

  3. ..cont. To prevent the South from ever having a competitive economy, Congress passed rates where freight coming from the South was twice the rate of that of things being shipped in. The Centralization of power was complete, and the exploitation of the West was in full motion, with the railroads being given large swaths of land on both sides of the lines, the largest transfer of wealth in recorded history, which only required the bribing of key Congressman to accomplish. And of course no treaty with the Indians was ever worth the paper it was printed on.

  4. The legacy of the monuments, both sides, is to remind us of the mistakes made and the huge cost to them, so hopefully they are not repeated. Sherman kept up a lively correspondence with his brother-in-law Congressman during and after the war. Once Reconstruction was fully in place, the South turned into a colony, with the final punishment taxes not removed until WWII, The Congressman wrote Sherman a retrospective letter. It stated that after all the death and destruction, that the railroad magnates were fully in control and would rule the country for the next 50 years. Congressional committee votes, the individuals, were never recorded, only the outcome of the vote. All Western governors were creations of the RR owners.

  5. Thank you Jim for an excellent comment. I think it is very difficult for anyone living today some 150 years after our horrible Civil War between North and South. This battle was fought over a vast land area which would be difficult even today, let alone then where transportation was by horse, horse and buggy or rail. The country was much less developed; no paved roads, roads often washed out at every rain, no gas stations or motels or restaurants everywhere, no communications like telephones, and on and on and on. First aid and emergency medical attention was very limited. Many risks were lurking in the dense overgrown wild like snakes, wild animals and even the risk of losing one’s sense of direction. An ordinary soldier on either side had to be able to find due North every day himself. The role of field doctors was mainly to cut off limbs which were partially blown off, and stop the bleeding and do their best to prevent infection. Just try to imagine conducting a war from Miami to Pennsylvania, from the other side of the Mississippi River Texas to the Atlantic Ocean! Ask any general today if they would like to direct a land war over such vast area much of which is still undeveloped. It was bad enough to lose but to lose for the wrong reasons was worse; now to have the monuments to the unspeakable bravery and courage of all participants torn down only inflames the same hatreds which started that war all over again today. Con’t.:

    • When you add to all this the despicable cowardice and dishonor displayed by politically correct political hacks today many of whom have zero respect for the suffering on all sides of that horrible war, the only amazing thing is another Civil War has not already begun today.

    • I personally have ancestors from Minnesota who fought on the side of the North in the Civil War. They were called the Minnesota Volunteers. The State of Minnesota commissioned a book long after the war was over describing every battle in detail. It was not pretty or pleasant reading. Many of them got the living hell beat out of them in remote places far from home in Tennessee. When people are fighting to defend their homeland they fight to the death to defend it. This is why the Civil War was such a very bloody war with much suffering on both sides. It also cost a fortune in dollars for Lincoln to win, but he later forced the losing South to pay for it all! Shame on him. This is not to mention the unspeakable suffering of the South for well over a century later from the carpet baggers who raped the South after Lincoln’s soldiers raped and plundered it first.

    • Everyone must remember all this horrible death and suffering of the Civil War between the States was totally unnecessary and easily prevented, in addition to being totally unconstitutional and illegal. All Abraham Lincoln had to do was say to the Confederacy, which had voted peacefully to leave, “Go, you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back.” This simple, honorable, legal, constitutional act would have prevented all the rape, plunder and death and suffering. This may be the first time in the life of Abraham Lincoln when he chose to use illegal military armed force to “resolve” a problem which could and should have been solved by negotiation and compromise without all the unnecessary death and suffering and plundering of the land. This was also the first ratcheting up of federal power in the new nation against all the good intentions of the Founders of limited government and no one ever looked back. If you think release of slaves from bondage led to a better life for the lowest group of citizens on the economic ladder, watch this moving video “Harvest of Shame” by Edward R. Murrow and CBS Reports in 1960 about a 100 years later and see how they were then and are now treated worse than animals:

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