The Debate – Spain Terror Attacks


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …  with Press TV,  Tehran

There are endless more where this guy and his team came, and who will even work for free.

[ Note:  Usually getting a Debate Show slot on an historic event is a happy day, but this was not…just another useless slaughter of innocent civilians by radical Muslims losers committing the all too popular vehicle mass killing in a tourist area.  As Michael Lane states during the show, having a million colonial immigrants inside your country that do not integrate is a ticking time bomb.

Spanish security forces are overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, and it is nearly impossible to stop lone wolf attacks, or those small groups savvy enough to never discuss anything on the phone, or create a social media suspicious profile. In the present case it appears that these guys screwed up with prepping their multiple gas canister bombing attacks, blowing up their own base, and quickly replacing that plan with the vehicle attack.

While Spanish leaders will make a big public show of their being anti-terrorist, that will be fake, as they have participated in the US coalition in Syria with countries who have been sponsoring proxy terrorist groups, but Spain has never said a word in protest about it.

As a recent AntiFA sign I saw during the Charlottesville, Virginia stated, “Silence is Complicity”. There is no US coalition member whose Intel department cannot be intimately aware of the scale of the use of proxy terrorism as a destabilization tool, and that Chaos Theory has been widely used as an engine for creating the conditions for these long wolf or small group attacks.

Chaos theory is being practiced all around us

By that I mean they create the conditions where a bad event is “more likely” to occur, but where the manipulators’ fingerprints are not on tit. The Israelis brag about leading the world in Chaos Theory science, which like an iceberg is only visible for the top ten percent.

We do get to see the rest of it, the carnage and victims, but with no breadcrumb trail to the houses of the perpetrators, but we know who they are due to the scale of their operations not being something that can be kept hidden. Too may people have been involved, and those involved in this work, either military or as contractors, have being sharing the tale when they are out of it.

To date, mass media has chosen to keep its head down. Back in the days of real independent media, the big platforms would have competed to spill this state sponsored proxy terrorism story out to the public, but no more.

That said, we at VT will continue to do so, and in this interview I have said things I have never seen anyone else say in a news special like this, including the Deep State hand in all this. I cover how creating the Chaos Theory situation where people will be demanding that their privacy and freedoms be curtailed for safety reasons, and hence they can never really complain that they were taken away.

The idiots getting a big rush out of purging any public memorials they do not personally like, are too stupid to realize they are creating a template that can be used to do that same to ones they do like when the political pendulum swings back the other way. I take no joy in writing this, but will not be among those who take it laying down JD ]

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These vehicle attacks are going to go on for a long long time, becoming the new normal
– First aired …  August 18, 2017

Another day and another attack on civilians by terrorists; it could be Damascus, Baghdad, London or Paris. This time it is Barcelona and Cambrils Spain. How did we reach this point where terrorists attack at ease throughout the world?

And why did we not see this phenomenon years ago? And now what needs to be done to get this demon back into the bottle. Stay with us as we take a look at these questions and more on this DEBATE.


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  1. Another similar attack. Seems that one hand directs the scenario: a car (you don’t need to get the gun or explosive), smashed people, ID or a passport left in the vehicle, 1or 2 days – and the criminal driver or drivers are shot to death. Game over – and media may say all the versions needed.

  2. Whilst a pinch of salt is required for this link and it’s owners, I’m using it to point out that sites like the one in this comment are now using the 6 million sympathy voters to come out of the closet referring to the safety of Jews in Europe, whilst all along it was the Zionist playmakers and puppets allowing the influx of islam into Europe…….so, whilst Europe is becoming Islamaphobic (according to talking heads msm and talking about the Rotherham rapists makes you a nazi) now the ‘jews’ should be afraid too…..apparently Europe imported all these muslims to chase the jews out whilst eu citizens still hold Nazi sympathies… about creating something out of something else…..laughable

    • this kind of rhetoric is becoming rather like what the Zionists of the Allies adhered to prior to WW2…..yet we all know the Zio’s and Israel have huuuuuuge influence over Europe and it’s policies…..after all, the greater Israel demands it… anti-semite Nazi islamaphobic racist civilians of Europe…..”.how dare you not protect us jews from your policies of importing without checks millions and millions of muslims into your countries”

    • ….and where will these ‘jews’ run to for safety??…..why Israel of course….so Israel is going to need more housing to accommodate them isn’t it….I wonder who’s land they’ll take this time……talk about the need for a Greater Israel now if the population increases……and what’s the betting the UN agrees… save them from another holohoax

  3. Key is that you first have to figure out what happened , or didn’t happen. I haven’t come accross any proof the attacks were real. So anybody … if you can convince me I’d like to see some data that are proof. If not, then all stories that start from the point of that the attacks took place cannot be taken 100 % serious.

    • You really don’t understand at all. What actually happened is largely irrelevant, the effects in social, cultural and political terms are what is important; how it effects inter-racial and inter-religious tensions in Europe, how it is exploited by the politicians. It is a waste of time to analyse what exactly happened because it is just one operation in a concerted campaign of terrorism and it is the agenda behind this terrorism and the goals of that agenda that should be studied and analysed.

    • mb.: You’re correct. There’s no such a thing as useless true information. Even bunches of lies may produce truth after going through certain logic filters. In many crimes “What didn’t happen” could be as (or even more) important than “What happened” for finding out “Who’s behind ?” and “Why?” – both of which indeed are two most important questions to answer in the end. For example, the proof of a pure or partial PsyOp leaves no or little place for “hate-motivated” (except for the “hatred towards entire mankind”, of course), but strongly points to “conspiracy motivated”. Just like proving what L.H. Oswald didn’t do in relation to assassination of JFK is enough to talk about “conspiracy” instead of a “lone nutcase”. [ The timer is on… ]

    • Alex__B: You say “There’s no… useless true information.” Of course, YOU would say that.

      What’s useless & counterproductive is distracting info that will NOT influence decision makers (VT’s target audience). You post (true) crap; but it’s useless & counterproductive. ‘Nuf said?

      If not, let me make myself perfectly clear: Intel agencies can ‘spoof’ IP addresses & radar signatures etc. Spoofing numerology is easier. In prophesy, “The fulfillment IS the false flag ‘proof.’ ” But we still don’t know who did it (or why). ‘Nuf said? 😉

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta: I don’t know what kind of Dr. you are, but from your post one can only assume – the one who specializes in (using your favorite word) crap. As for arithmetic you call numerology (obviously thanks to high IQ corresponding to your degree of “Dr. Crap”), which wasn’t even the subject of my post above, but still makes you and the hands that feed you to boil (for very obvious reason), to ”spoof” it one needs to “spoof” real dates, the names of real objects, real people, etc. etc. I’ve heard a lot of BS in my life, but yours just made my day. Thanks, and continue you good work of turning VT into the MSM. Almost there.

    • You’re not in a position to criticise anyone considering the insane, ludicrous drivel you post. I advise you to be nicer to your fellow commenters.

    • What looks as “insane and ridiculous drivel” to some looks quite different to others. It depends on many things and qualities I’m not going to list now. For example, some comments and even articles on VT pages look insane or ridiculous to me (and not only – the proof is in archive of comments), but I never characterize them as “crap”. At the same time I’m not going to tolerate such words from anyone, let alone from those who are not on the list of people whose opinion is important to me. So when the commenter above used this word in my address he should’ve thought of possible consequences. I just returned him his ball.

    • Dr. Alex B. Drivel: Thank you for returning my ball. Now, take your ball of bollocks, and go home. Or take it to a school or site that’s interested in Gematria. VT is a site for decision makers and the clandestine community. You are neither, and you have nothing significant to offer (even if it’s ‘true’).

      As said: “Spoofing numerology is eas[y]. In prophesy, ‘The fulfillment IS the false flag ‘proof.’ But we still don’t know who did it (or why).” For those who have a PhD. in Drivel, this means that ‘Choosing a date is easy. But arcane numerological derivations are mere drivel, because such info proves nothing about who did it (or why).’ ‘Nuf said? If not, then take it to the Chair of your highly e-steamed Graduate School of Gematria. 😉

    • Dr. Whatever: It’s funny, but reading your post (even by diagonal) immediately brings to mind its striking resemblance with a certain personage of Rudyar Kipling’s “Maugli”. Only instead of “We’ll go north!” this one repeats “Drivel!”– the word apparently very familiar to the one he mimics. Sorry, but I have to disappoint you: “drivel” relates to information that not only can’t be proven but can be proven wrong. For example, anything implying that occult has no or has no significant place for the powers of this world is a pure drivel ; the attempt to explain presence of occult signature in each and every false-flag by “spoofing” is a drivel; the statement that 26 people died in Sandy Hook hoax is a drivel; etc.etc. And inability (rather job security induced fear or a membership in some occult society) to accept that there’s a relatively easy tool to spot the fake nature (which by itself is quite precious info) of many events in a matter of hours is the only reason for such reaction.
      Finally, I never wrote for “decision makers” or some other special people. I wrote for people with brains and decency, regardless of their position, occupation, etc.

    • What a load of drivel you just wrote, and how hopelessly arrogant of you to think you know better than people who have actually worked with decision makers, inside intelligence agencies and governments and actually know what they are talking about. Why do you even bother coming to VT if you know better than the real deal experts? Your obsession with the occult and numbers nonsense just makes you look very foolish and hopelessly misinformed to the people at VT who have, between them, many decades of actual experience in the political, military and intelligence worlds.

    • Dr. Alex B. Drivel: Synonyms for (your) “Drivel” are nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, rubbish, mumbo jumbo, garbage, poppycock, piffle, tripe, bull, hogwash, baloney, codswallop, flapdoodle, jive, guff, bushwa, tommyrot, bunkum, crapola & verbal diarrhea. As a verb: to babble, ramble, gibber, blather, gabble, waffle & prattle. Archaic for “To Dribble” (i.e., let saliva or mucus flow from your mouth or nose). Thank you, Dr. Drivel, for your drivel.

      You say: “I never write for ‘decision makers’ or special people…” Good. Then you now know WHY you don’t belong here. Get lost. Take your “True Drivel”(TM) to a site that cares about that stuff. We don’t.

      P.S. BTW, it’s Rudyard Kipling (not “Rudyar”), an author I frequently read as a kid… How old are you? 😉

    • Dr. Whatever-Maugli: I didn’t need another confirmation that you’re IDIOT. As I don’t need another confirmation to what this site has turned into. So, on your way to mental facility, where they hopefully can calm you down, tell your boss that he doesn’t need to work so hard to provoke me to close my account. I do not write for Idiots.

    • We don’t write for idiots either, nor do we tolerate idiotic nonsense for long, and we have indulged you for long enough, time to correct that oversight.

  4. If Western countries would only apply their own laws and human rights charters about religious extremism, there would be no room for religious-territorial expansionism and funding of the same. These laws exist but do not work. The extremism and chaos pendulum I would prefer not to swing into Western courtyard because noone really wants to see London or Paris looking like Sirta or Deir Ez Zor, but seccessionist pendulum, that should hit the westerners pretty hard on the head so that they could realize what they are doing by perpetual balkanization of anywhere out of their territorial sphere. If Scotland and Catalunya would secede it would be much easier for places like Palestine to do so.

  5. Ian, you may be right about Trump. You are certainly correct about Haley. But what comes after Trump? Pence, and the status quo of the past 55 years? I say No!! Trump is our elected agent, the catalyst we need to take us beyond. He may not know it, but he is that important. After him comes what? Everyone is enraptured with his removal. Well then bring back Hillary. F that. The enemy is the media. And you know this is true. It begins and ends there.

    • JTV: NONE of us know what comes after Trump. Probably NOT Pence, because Republithugs now regularly meet in Washington to discuss Nixon/Agnew-like scenarios. And certainly NOT Hillary, who gave us Trump.

      No MSM outlet is reporting what YOU (and others) see everyday — namely, that Trump was empowered by the Russian Kosher Nostra (Israeli & U.S. Kosher Nostra too, but NOT the Russian govt.) and that Trump is scheming with Bibi & Co. to do WW3.

      Eventually, we will win. Others & you too can be on the winning side… 😉

  6. Fear creates a craving for authority. Once the decimation of mankind begins many Cities of the world will become battlegrounds. Brothers fighting brothers while the origin of all evil stays untouched.
    Stupidity is a virtue of modern men. Colour or race don’t really matter at all.

    • Eduardo… the good news is that the “origin of evil” and its destructive spirit will be touched. You can never destroy evil it is part of the duality we live in, but its agents will be wiped out clean. Keep the faith and remember that everything that exceeds its limits changes to its opposite. Ying and yang picture comes to mind. Nothing stays the same.

  7. Our nation is a geographically huge, and because of this there will be an attempt to divide it into 5 or 6 more easily controlled regions. Govenors like Cuomo of NY, and some others know this, and are not on the side of we the people. I am reminded of a headline I read when I was younger; “ITT’s All Over For Allende”. And guys there are no coincidences. It was 9/11/1973. Salvatore Allende was the President of Chile he was declared a Marxist, and thus he was suicided. Much like the Chief of Police in Paris the day the unpleasant charade of Charlie Hebdo deal went down.
    This is happening here and now. Love or hate Trump he is our President, and we need him now. This week in Europe we witness so called “terrorist attacks”. This is a world wide campaign to do what? Logic tells me something singular is driving this agenda. Well who is it and what’s the goal? Ask yourself why, who benefits? Think people think.

    • The last thing the USA needs right now is Trump, first of all, he is the worst possible president, completely bereft of any leadership or organisational skills whatsoever. Secondly, the people behind the terror attacks in Europe and the civil unrest in the US are precisely the same people who installed Trump in office. Personally, I am pretty sure the world would be a far better place if the megalithic monstrosity that is the federal USA was broken up into 4, 5 or 6 smaller states, then we would be rid of the bully in the playground, the self-appointed ‘conscience of the world’ as that stupid bitch Nikki Haley ludicrously called the US last week. The rest of the world is truly appalled whenever we hear deluded Americans talking about US exceptionalism, there is nothing exceptional about the US, never has been, unless you count exceptionally brainwashed into thinking they are somehow great and have some God-given right to bully the rest of the world. Trump’s presidency is the clearest symptom of a nation and society that is fundamentally sick, terminally ill in fact, as Gordon would put it ‘too stupid to live’ and I, for one, would be happy to see the back of the USA, to be replaced by smaller, less belligerent and less dangerous nations.

    • Joe & Ian: Nice to see a “Balkanize America” debate. That’s one solution to “American Exceptionalism” — especially when U.S. is exceptionally evil. Another solution is to just stop doing stupid, evil stuff — especially stupid, evil stuff that benefits no one (except a few), certainly not Americans & U.S. targets.

      Joe, you say “Love or hate Hitler, he is our President; and we need him now” (or something like that). It’s OK to replace Hitler with Trump, Stalin or Bibi. Meaning is the same: If a majority or minority s/elected him, then he can do no wrong. Some might disagree. 😉

      In answer to your Who-Benefits question, Joe, one answer is in “Are Barcelona & Charlottesville Linked False Flags?” by Fintan Dunne (a friend) at I both agree & disagree with Fintan, Ian & you; but that does NOT mean that we do NOT need to Dump Trump.

      IF Trump is incompetent enough to partner with also-CYA-needing Bibi & Rotten-Child to get U.S. into WW3, then we SHOULD Dump Trump — instead of Balkanizing America.

      Ian, Trump was/is the less competent of two evils — thus, easier to Dump. If U.S. & others can now Dump Trump (while exposing & dis-empowering the ‘Kosher Nostra’ boys & girls who put Trump into office), then we don’t need to Balkanize America — unless Brits, you & others want your own personal state/s to control. 😉

    • To Balkanise America would be to break it up into small, powerless and easily dominated and manipulated states, that would not be a good thing. However, to break it up into 4 or 5 separate nations is a different proposition, these nations would still be quite powerful, for instance, California alone has the 6th largest economy in the world, if she seceded and the bordering states such as Oregon, Nevada and Arizona joined her, then the nation thus created would be one of the 5 biggest economies in the world. I don’t see why the north American continent should be made up of just two nations – the US and Canada, after all, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa are not similarly unified.

      I’m not so sure Hilary is anywhere near as bad as Trump, I think that 90% of the accusations leveled at the Clintons in the last 30 years are baseless nonsense manufactured by media assets of the Zionists, not least because the Clintons have long enjoyed the patronage of the Jewish left – Soros etc. Bill Clinton was able to stand up to Israel and the Israeli lobby, so they identified his weakness for women and used Monica Lewinsky to ensnare him. Hilary of course, does not share that weakness so they chose different methods to attack her. They were deathly afraid of a Hillary presidency because she had both the backbone and the political and financial bases of support to be able to truly stand upto Israel and oppose the machinations of the Zionists, something Obama tried to do but lacked the experience and support to fully succeed at. Furthermore, the Kremlin feared a Hilary presidency, as noted in the now infamous Christopher Steele dossier and for similar reasons – the Clintons had the experience and backing to be far more effective leaders than Obama and Bush before them.

    • Ian: Hillary is dead. As is Trump. Check your political obituaries. Sure, most of the stuff about Hillary was bullshit; but enough U.S. voters believed/believe it to deny her the presidency. No chance for her now. Very little chance for Trump. Thankfully…

      With Hillary, corporate Dummycrooks screwed the pooch. With Trump, corporate & white nationalist Republithugs screwed the pooch. The ‘pooch’ that is America wants something different now. What is it? 😉

    • Well put, Hilary is indeed dead and gone in political terms. I have no idea where things will go once Trump is removed from office, but it can hardly be any worse than the last several months of Trump’s farcical ‘Presidency’. Or can it…..

  8. Btw, I don’t agree with the AntiFA person in Charlottesville with the sign. It does not matter what the sign says. If that person is on the streets and that person is my kid, I would haul the kid off the street by the ear. People with any common sense don’t go to any protests these days. Period.

  9. Mr. Dean, Is what we’re seeing a phenomenon? I don’t believe so. The cleverly named Antifa movement is probably created by the same entity that started Black Lives Matter. And I am not saying this with race in mind. A race war is what they would love. What happened in Charlottesville is the opening salvo in a wider scheme to Balkanize the USA. It has nothing to do with destroying monuments. Which are a catalyzing target used to divide our people more than ever. It’s a very well planed start. Those who finance Antifa, and the sister groups don’t care about monuments or the idiots who tear them down. No they don’t. And I will say this goups like BLM, Antifa, and the Wall Street protesters can’t exist without large money, and consent from the FBI. Any doubts, ask a survivor of the Black Panther Party of the 60s’, or the Weather Underground. Both were heavily infiltrated, and funded from some body.
    For the truth of what’s happening here we should ask Netanyahooo. Charlotessville is the opening salvo in a war designed to take down our government. It is a long and slow process which began in ernest in the late 1800s’, our enemy has time and money.

    • Antifa stands for Anti-Fascists, which is a joke. Leaders are just as fascist as the so-called opposition. And yes, the SAME hidden hand funds both, and controls both. That’s what the scissors strategy is all about. The left and the right parts of the scissors work together to slice up the poor people caught in the middle.

    • JS… just like 9/11 plays on the ingrainded “if you have an emergency, call 911.” Antifa plays on intifadah or intifa-duhh. Chaos Theory: “always link to chaotic phenomenon and events.”

  10. Speaking of the idiots purging public memorials… The national Park Service has made it very plain that they will NOT remove any memorials, including statues. They have said, for example, that Gettsyburg honors people on both “sides”. They basically said, tough crunchies. That being said, they will need to have guards and/or surveillance to prevent vandalism.

  11. “How did we reach this point where terrorists attack at ease throughout the world? “

    Not a good question, Jim. Not at all. The cabal will be happy to oblige. The question should have been:

    “How did we reach this point where our governments, and our newspapers, and our TVs and our laws and our military´s attack at ease throughout the world.“

    that one we can easily answer. You are not going to blame the wrong ones, are you Jim? Or was 9/11, or the Ukraine done by a few Muslims after all?

    • I blame both. That is my choice, because I think both are. The US contractors don’t have any problem at all finding ex-military people to do anything for money behind the immunity screen of classified work. The ex-military guy knows why they are overpaying him. Part of the seduction of these loser random car killers is their thinking they are giving us some or our own medicine, to show that there are consequences. We must be thankful that they were stupid enough to all go in one car so they could learn about taking a knife to a gun fight, which is taught early in combat training that it does now work out too well.

    • They attacked in just a few places. Brussels, Paris and London most of the time … most I believe hoaxes, but do your own research. Have a look at for instance work of Ole Dammegard.

  12. They “attack with ease” because they have their BACKERS (and by “they” I mean the same folks that ALWAYS want to “DIVIDE AND CONQUER.”)

    They attack with ease . . . using the tell-a-vision.

    Using that, and only that “means of production” as the premise, build up the charade from there. It’s the same recipe. The TV news is “produced” and is formulaic. It’s done as a situation comedy, with edited scripts, timed commercials breaks, the dyed in the wool news casters, who are NOT journalists. Real journalists would have questions to all these things. There are no questions asked anymore. We just buy into it. That’s because we’re trained to follow. There are no leaders. They are manipulators.

  13. I think we’re passed the tipping point in these charades. The mindless freeDUMB warshippers don’t get who is in control of the airwaves. And if the TV said “this is what happened,” they believe it, not questions asked. The attacks are staged events. They are done when there is political motivations. Take for example, the State of Virginia. There is a gubernatorial vote up in November. Their constitution does not allow for serving consecutive terms, so the Gov. who is involved with all this Charlottes’Vile Web We Weave is getting his face time in. And who knows, perhaps someone is going to sponsor a bill to remove that contingency from their state constitution, they’ve done so in the past. Keep in mind kids, Virginia is the ONLY state that has this provision in their state’s constitution. This will be their battle cry, like whiny little children: “The other states can do it? Why can’t we?”

  14. We’ve reached this point by closing our eyes to obvious things. We did it for various reasons, the most popular of which would be an inborn nearsightedness, the most disgusting – for the rolls or handfuls of money, and the most shameful – lying to ourselves out of fear to go against the tide. To put the demon back into the bottle one has to put searchlights on the hands holding this bottle and keep it there until enough people can see these bloody hands clearly and without doubts. Not an easy solution, considering that very few searchlights are not in the same hands. Just wait for another proof of the latter.

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