When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?


When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?

“The only people who routinely get indignant at the question are other white people.”

This is what a real KKK looks like

[ Editor’s Note: Making a case for this guy being a white supremacist himself would be easy. He condemns himself by not only using the all encompassing “White Supremacy”, a racial smear if there ever was one, because he wants a bigger target and to frame himself as a good guy supremacist.

This has shades of the Wahhabism ideology, where they appoint themselves to be Muslim supremacists who can condemn all other Muslims that do not think like them to be heretics that should be put to the sword, or throat slitting, as the case may be. His quote above is like saying “Only heretics would object to being called heretics.” You just can’t make this stuff up.

Israelis/Zionists have had this scam down pat for a long time, and other wannabe-supremacists (yes folks, Zionists view themselves as supreme, especially the radical Orthodox).

I remember some years ago, when an Israeli consulate officer got a lot of publicity for saying that he saw no problem with calling anyone that disagreed with Israeli policy an anti-Semite. He was not removed from his position, even though the term is used exactly like calling someone a Kike or a _igger. It just seems that some have a free pass not to be savaged publicly for doing it. Imagine that.

There are no shortage of knuckleheads, loud mouths, braggarts, and shameless idiots among all groups, but pushing these people out front as billboard for their respective racial, ethnic or religious groups is nothing more than a major country intelligence psyops, if I ever saw one.

Why? There are many reasons, starting with the age old “divide and conquer” game. You will all remember how, not too long ago, the “Deep State” term came out of the closet and was being used in international media almost overnight. Have you noticed how much it has disappeared, and with it any discussion about what to do about the “Deep Staters”?

All of a sudden we have fringe Alt-Right groups taking advantage of the Confederate monument jihad to get publicity for their relatively unknown groups, and the media pretending they are some kind of a threat movement. They have always been there – the difference now being that they are getting tons of publicity. Gosh, who might have benefited from that?

Comparing these people to the US gang problem, which Attorney General Sessions is making a priority, the Alt-Right folks are Brownies… an insignificant issue. They have been resurrected by someone using them as a blow-up doll. Again, who benefits?

This is an orchestrated scam folks. The street fighting, especially the aggressiveness of AntiFa (yes I have watched the videos) was classic Chaos Theory to create the conditions where someone would go off the deep end, which is exactly what happened. The heritage lynch mobs are all liquored up and out hunting for monuments they don’t like. It is they who are the supremacists, one of many kinds, but I do not smear a big group with the term, only those doing it.

Psyops Intel people did this kind of crap day in and day out all during the Cold War, creating internal strife by scratching old social group scabs. They see what is going on here in two seconds.

Groups of all kinds have  have been competing with and fighting each other since time in memoriam, before psyops and PR hustlers came along. Welcome to the real world which has nasty people, including those twisting this controversy to their own gain, to get more Dems to work hard and donate in the midterm elections. From an operational point of view, it is a slick move, but morally a sewer one with a long history… Jim W. Dean ]


Back in 1925, thousands of Ku Klux Klan members paraded past the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C.

Robert Jensen is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men.

Now that the violence in Charlottesville has forced “white supremacy” into our political vocabulary, let’s ask an uncomfortable question: “When will the United States transcend white supremacy?”

My question isn’t, “What should we do about the overt white supremacists who, emboldened by Trumpism’s success, have pushed their way back into mainstream politics?” I want to go beyond easy targets to ask, “When will U.S. society—not just neo-Nazis and the Klan, but the whole country—reject all aspects of white supremacist ideology and take serious steps toward rectifying the material inequality justified by that ideology?”

The answer is obvious: Never.

There’s no evidence the dominant culture is interested. The wealth—in fact, the very existence—of the United States is so entwined in the two foundational racialized holocausts in our history that transcending white supremacy requires not only treating people of color differently, but understanding ourselves in new and painful ways. To transcend white supremacy, white America would have to come to terms with the barbarism of our history and our ongoing moral failures.

If that seems harsh, heartless, or hopeless, let’s start with history.

The United States is the wealthiest nation in the world. The acquisition of the land base of the country and our path to industrialization and that wealth are inextricably tied to the genocide of indigenous people and African slavery. Those processes and practices, driven by dreams of domination and the nightmare of unchecked greed, were justified by white supremacist ideology. The result: millions dead, the lives of millions more impoverished, and entire cultures ravaged and sometimes destroyed.

Yes, the story of the United States also includes the quest for freedom and perseverance in the face of adversity, hard work and ingenuity. We love to tell those stories, while the barbarism typically is treated as a footnote. But there would be no United States as we know it without the genocide of indigenous people that cleared the land of “the merciless Indian Savages,” as the Declaration of Independence described the native population standing in the way of a new nation. Slave-grown cotton provided a crucial raw material and equally crucial export earnings that aided U.S. economic expansion and spurred industrial development in the North.

White supremacy defines not just the states of the Confederacy, but the whole country. I was born and raised in North Dakota, and I’ve lived the past 25 years in Texas. Which is more virulent, the overt anti-Indian racism I grew up with or the overt anti-black racism I live around today? They’re about the same. What about the unspoken sense of superiority of polite white society? About the same in both places, whether it’s conservative Fargo, ND, or progressive Austin, TX.

Why do these attitudes persist? Because to face the reality of our barbaric history would be to admit that our wealth — our very existence — depends on our racialized holocausts, and hence our claim to that land and wealth is suspect. It doesn’t matter if any of my ancestors participated in the genocide (they were more recent immigrants) or owned slaves (they didn’t). What matters is whether we can tell the truth and remedy, to the degree possible, the consequences of that historical barbarism and the contemporary practices that flow from it. Being anti-racist means supporting anti-racist policies.

Here’s one easy example: Raise taxes, primarily on the upper middle class and wealthy, to fund public schools equally. De facto racial segregation in housing means school segregation, and racialized wealth disparities mean racialized inequality in education.

So get serious about giving every school the funding needed, channeling extra resources to struggling schools until they reach parity. Assign the most experienced teachers to the schools that have been neglected; let the new teachers handle the rich kids. Raise taxes, and no whining.

School equity would be one small step toward an honest reckoning, and we don’t even do that. I can’t say with certainty that white America will never face this honestly, but in my life I’ve seen no indication of a general interest in a public discussion at this level.

Not surprisingly, when I ask, “When will the United States transcend white supremacy?” the responses vary widely. Indigenous and black people often chuckle, not because the subject is funny but because the answer—never—is so obvious. In general, people of color are understandably skeptical about the commitment of white America, recognizing the clash between the good intentions of many white people and those same white people’s reluctance to endorse the easy steps, let alone the radical social change, necessary to transform a society.

But the only people who routinely get indignant at the question are other white people. They’re the ones who accuse me of being harsh, heartless, and hopeless. Perhaps I am all three, but even if that’s the case, the question hangs uncomfortably: When will we transcend white supremacy?

Robert Jensen is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men. He can be reached at [email protected] or through his website, http://robertwjensen.org/.


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  1. PEACE IN…
    Discovering and rightly placing blame for current conflict has historic reference that needs to be openly exposed and announced as breeder of racist, fascist, and other arrogant and errant separatist behaviors.
    In 2nd century, Babylonian Talmud mindset of Rabbis originated blasphemous lie that Ham and Canaan were cursed to be black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity, the so-called “Curse of Ham” doctrine that gave birth to racial distinction being supremacist intent by Divine decree. This color conscious conscience falsehood has been the generator of belief and conflict based on racial affiliation. Innocent, unaware, and unsuspecting European people were indoctrinated for centuries until their minds embraced the mindset of “white supremacy” used to advance material and political conquest and dominance of Talmud led Europeans by primarily violent means of advanced weaponry, including WMDs. Brainwashed Europeans have been captive victims of psychological subduction by rebellious disbelievers – the Babylonian Talmud mindset – today’s zionazis Jewry ruling from Tel Aviv, Apartheid Occupied Palestine. All Jews are not supporters of this evil scheme. The history of this scam to divide and rule over Gentiles is absolute TRUTH that must be taught around the globe so that we all know how to defeat and eliminate the problem of racial conflict. Judeo Christian leaders have sacred responsibility to address this, transparently. But, will they??? Do they have the moral will???

  2. Austin, Tx. is one of the most liberal towns in America next to Portland, Or. and Seattle, Wa. Jensen is simply, another leftist, Marxist, communist professor spewing rubbish from his pulpit and no different than the rest of the college and university professors and instructors who are Marxists, spewing their leftist brand hatred along with political correctness nonsense. College campuses across America have become infected with this SJW/PC Marxism that has now spread into towns and cities just like the communists in the early 20th century.
    Interesting to note that groups like ANTIFA like to make urine bombs with balloons and toss them at people. Some people were simple doused with urine .Some use a bicycle lock to strike someone they don’t like such as the case of Eric Clanton , a former college instructor. ANTIFA is a violent leftist organization with deep Marxist underpinnings.
    Before the Charlottesville rally, there was an ad on Craigslist looking to hire people and offering to pay them as much as $25/hr to show up at the rally and take part in the demonstrations. There is absolute proof of this.
    ANTIFA is a leftist, Marxist led organization that uses violence and confrontation as part of their mainstay. Beware.

  3. JWD: Well done. But Trump’s remarks are causing +/-1890s+ KKK-erected Confederate monuments to be trashed — and Civil-Rights-era +/-1950s+ Confederate flags to be burned !

    Can we do anything? Maybe. To save Confederate monuments & symbols, Dump Trump! 😉

    P.S. BTW, a good mutual friend is still ‘collecting Veterans Benefits as a Confederate veteran.’ Although he’s “older than dirt” (self-confessed), he agrees. You know who he is…

  4. “Virtually no difference in their DNA, Ian?” Do you mean between Aborigines and Pygmies or humanity in general during evolution of men? Human DNA has evolved in time though it has nothing to do with the colour of the skin or superiority of a certain race. We are aware that the Neanderthals DNA slightly differed from the “modern” human” and therefore had to move on in time but not before leaving an imprint of their origin in some of the human DNA. There are also claims that 6 millennia ago a new strain of DNA appeared from nowhere – which is another unexplained mistery to “modern science” and therefore is not acceptable for laws of mankind! The human soul binds mankind in unity not the colour of the skin.
    White supremacy reminds me of evolved Neanderthals. The same colour of the skin and the same prehistoric mind operating in “cave view” while doing all the work of the ones they hate the most.

    • Eduardo: Don’t knock it… Melanin Rules! Or the lack thereof. As per Trump’s & Bannon’s ‘base,’ Melanin Deficiency is the primary determinant of intelligence.

      The human soul contains NO Melanin. Therefore, your soul is White — unless you knock Trump or Bannon, or oppose trying to eliminate health care for +/-32 Million Americans… ;-).

  5. Btw, Jim, I agree with you that writer Robert Jensen is full of crap. Here’s a perfect example of his crap above: “Not surprisingly, when I ask, “When will the United States transcend white supremacy?” the responses vary widely. Indigenous and black people often chuckle, not because the subject is funny but because the answer—never—is so obvious.” Jensen is an idiot. I am one of those indigenous persons, and I completely disagree with the crybabies who think that only white people could be racist. No, racism is everywhere and in ALL races. Years ago, The Jeffersons show on TV showcased that. George Jefferson and his brother were bigots, as much as Archie Bunker was. Racism has nothing to do with color of skin, but it has everything to do with low morals. I resent a guy like Robert Jensen purporting to know what all indigenous and black people think. He has no clue.

  6. Jim, the 2nd officer in Kissimmee has just died, per TV news. He is black.The other one died last night. Grim faces at the police news conference, as spokesman said they don’t even have the luxury of crying. They have to keep working. Here’s what I see as the really bad news of the story. The alleged black perp, news report made a big point of saying he is a Marine veteran. I see an ongoing psyop directed at veterans. Plus, someone has yet to explain to me how come we have the impossible coincidence that the main people in the Kennewick, WA psyop on the 11th-12th (Muslim dead perp named HH, 2 cops who BOTH had the initials JK), had the SAME initials as the rally organizer/operative and the female victim in the Charlottesville, VA psyop on the 13th on the opposite side of the country (white female dead victim named HH, and rally organizer named JK.) It reminds me of an old Sherman Skolnick article I saw, about the kidnapped boys of the Midwest, including Johnny Gosch (ALL the names were JG names, terrifying list).

    • I apologize. Hubby was bugging me for something as I wrote. All the details of the above 2 psyops in WA and VA are accurate, except I got the dates reversed. Charlottesville, VA was on the 11th-12th, and Kennewick, WA was on the 13th. In both cases, the dead person is named HH. As in Heil Hitler… And as for the main players who are alive, the 2 cops in WA are both JK, and the rally organizer in VA is also JK. Crazy, and it means the same people are behind both events last weekend, on opposite sides of the country.

  7. Our country would do well to confront the real hegemony that strangles this Republic with an invisible hand. The Jewish Zio-Supremists, Neo-Bolshevik, ADL/SPLC hate groups. Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews aren’t white, and make up 99% of the 1% “(((deep state)))”. The political State of Israel is not “our ally” and it’s duel citizens are a threat to our peace and liberty, from Julius & Ethel Rosenberg to Jonathon Pollard. This continued campaign of divide and conquer, smear and ridicule, are right out of Alinsky’s playbook, Rules for Radicals. “Hate” is a normal human reaction to aggression or threat, and those who wish to supress it revel themselves and their intent. To disarm and conquer. No apologies. I am of White European decent and as an America, a Nationalist in the same light as our founders, my simple response to this cuckery is “No Apologies”. The age of White guilt and victimization is over. We will never apologize for our achievements. Our history will not be used as a weapon against us. Our glorious past is a matter of pride and joy to us, and will only serve inside us today for even greater accomplishments in the future. And to those who feel that we have wronged them, that feel we owe to them some measure of debt, they need to feel happy that ate still alive.

    • …and refuse to apologize. The age of White guilt and victimization is over. Our past history will not be wielded as a weapon against us. Our accomplishments are a source of great pride to us and will inspire us to achieve greater feats in the future. To those who feel they have been wronged, or feel owed some measure of preparations, you should feel happy to still be alive.

    • So you’re saying that the survivors of the countless episodes of genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out by white people during the ‘glorious past’ should just feel happy to be alive? Jeez, I guess all the millions of American Indians slaughtered by white settlers and the US Army or the 150 million black Africans who were enslaved and died before ever reaching the Americas, to say nothing of the Phillipinos, Cubans, Latin Americans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Laotians, Cambodians, Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and many others who were slaughtered have got it wrong and they shouldn’t blame the white Americans who killed them. I think you need to wake up and realise that the ‘glorious past’ you speak of was built on the bones of innocent peoples who just happened to be in the way.

    • Ian, I have no problem with history or accepting human nature and natural law for what it is and how it governs human behavior. This “White guilt” cuckery is just that. Weaponized psy-op aimed only at whites. The Jew Bolsheviks and Israelis are not the target of such attacks and accusations and have no such delusions of “Jewish Guilt”. They are the hypocritical accusers, Supremists, and purveyors of “hate”. So, No Sale. Not a Dent. Not a scratch. I have woken up. You need to grow some balls and a back bone to hang them from.

    • I already possess a nice big, hairy, fully functional set of testes thankyou very much and my backbone is more than adequate. However, you seem to be lacking in both brain cells and education, otherwise you wouldn’t be so ignorant and conceited. You call yourself a jarhead, therefore you should be familiar with the numerous war crimes and atrocities committed by the US Marine Corps, or maybe not and in which case I recommend you read the book ‘War Is a Racket’ by Major General Smedley Butler, one marine who really did wake up and realise that the cause he had fought for was not at all what he had been told and in reality, the US Marines had functioned as hired guns for the largely Jewish banking elite that runs the US. From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, you fought the bankers battles for them, slaughtering brown folks with impunity…..


    • I have read and am familiar with War is a Racket and the author. I am a Grad and have an I.Q. of 156. I have no interest in fighting brother Wars for Jew Banking interests. Simply put I have no sympathy at this point for anyone else but White Europeans who’s very existence is under attack. Now, we fight for our own and the enemies of the West will feel the wrath of our “Hate”. No Apologies. No Tolerance,
      No Compromise,
      No Accomodation,
      No Appeasement,
      ..and NO SURRENDER!

    • So you’re just another ignorant white supremacist then, full of bullshit and belligerence. The elite love dumb white people like you as they are the perfect material to become the tools they use to achieve their nefarious agenda and also make fine cannon fodder for their wars for profit.

      If you truly want to oppose the Jewish banking interests then you need to realise that the only way we will ever be able to do it is by refusing to fall for their divide and conquer tricks that set white vs coloured, Muslim vs Christian, brother vs brother. Clearly you have fallen right into their trap and adopted precisely the kind of belligerent white supremacist mindset they have expended so much time and money in promulgating.

      if the people of this small world of ours woke up to this divide and conquer trick and became unified, then the banking elite would soon fall, but obviously that is anathema to your current hopelessly deluded mindset.

    • Head-In-A-Jar Mike: Steve Bannon, is that you? Unchained, finally!

      With ‘hands on your weapons’ again — even if they’re aimed at your feet or head.

      Who’s your Daddy? Is it Trump? Or ‘my boy’ Bannon? 😉

    • Ian, smear, ridicule, and slander are right out of the Jew Communist’s Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”. You use Jew Zio-Conn smear tactics, then you identify yourself as an enemy to truth and liberty. Ian, how’s things coming along in England? A brown Muslim mayor in London and major English cities openly boasting of the displacement and genocide of Whites and “seeding your women” with brown Muslim children. Is this what you want me to share and accept? You’re daft, and a master cuckold. And Dr. Abu Bakr you fvcking cvnt, take you and yours out of Europa. You will not displace us. You tried two memorable times before, and Charles “the Hammer” Martel, and Prince Vlad impaled 30,000. and 50,000 of your goat-fvcking cousins on a stick, in an epic historical display called, “Jihadists deserve it”. Keep it in mind when you run your pedophile child marrying mouth. Semper Fidelis. P.S. Pissing on your people is now an official custom…

    • So, you’re nothing but a racist scumbag, you just made that very clear. No problem, we simply do not allow dumbfu$k racists like you to pollute our comments and no more of your disgusting, vile rhetoric will be tolerated.

    • Ian: ‘Tho SOP is to delete SS (“Stupid Shit”) ASAP, please leave Head-In-A-Jar Foxy Mike alone! Never have we acquired a specimen quite like ‘Foxy Mike’… 😉

      JHMFT: Now that you have your tiny hands back on your tiny weapons (at Breitbart), are you over-cum with joy? You: “You use Jew Zio-Con smear tactics”? Wow, we thought that ‘The Protocols’ were fake!

      With your disparagement of Jews & Browns, you could pass for Trump any day. Or Bannon (although Stevie has an office near Bibi in Tel Aviv). Yet, you’re so full of yourself that your eyes are turning brown.

      Why should Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows & Reds even try to defeat Whites? When YOU personally do such a good job at it (with Trump)? “You’s will not replace us!” To save Confederate monuments & symbols, Dump Trump! 😉

      Was this the Jar-head IQ test that you passed to get into USMC: http://www.forumsforums.com/3_9/showthread.php?t=11286 ? Or was yours simpler? Regardless, you might need to do something about those ‘brown’ eyes… 😉

  8. Not to worry, we are being mongrelized as we speak. No whites will be left in America sooner than we think. We’ll go down the tube just like Europe. Except, of course, for the “white” Jews who will continue to harangue us about the true American spirit of multiculturalism and diversity.

    • Europe has not ‘gone down the tubes’ and the term ‘mongrelisation’ is both deeply offensive and highly inaccurate. Every human being is already a ‘mongrel’ if you want to be accurate about it in scientific terms as we have been mixing up the genepools of different regions for millenia, ever since the first modern humans existed as there have been mass migrations from one region to another right from day one. Of course, there are a few instances of genepools that have become isolated and distinct due to geography, such as the Aborigines of Australia or the Pygmies of central Africa, but even then, there is virtually no difference in their DNA and that of the rest of mankind. Racism is utterly stupid and irrational as there is only one race – the human race and it is a sad indictment of our race that many of us still continue to hold prejudices based on nothing more than the amount of melanin present in the outer layers of the epidermis.

    • When Hitler was living in a flophouse in Vienna, with no money, even then he bitched about how there were too many races in Vienna, “mongrelizing” the pure race. He loved that word. At the time, he had Jewish friends who were German/Austrian. So he wasn’t referring to religion; he was referring to “other” foreigners, other languages, etc. Whatever. My point is that the word “mongrelized” is deliberately insulting, and no civilized person uses it, except in quotation marks, or within a larger direct quote, such as, Cynthia said, “Not to worry, we are being mongrelized as we speak.”

  9. Do you object to seeing the word “Supremacist” being routinely appended to the word “White” in the media? Then you are a White Supremacist.

    Do you object to race-based hiring/admissions quotas? Then you are a White Supremacist.

    Do you object to the recent forced “Day Without Whites” at Evergreen College? Then you are a White Supremacist.

    Do you object to hearing calls for White women to abort their babies/kill their children and grandchildren? Then you are a White Supremacist.

    Do you object to being guilt-tripped for your “White Privilege?” Then you are a White Supremacist.

    The latest thing off the griddle is “Intelligence Privilege.” Is the formation of the “Stupid Lives Matter” movement on the horizon?

    This is not a good time in America to be an Intelligent White person!

  10. Good points in the notes. These grey areas are fertile ground for slinky agendas. I think we need to stay on point with income inequality and illegal wars. Where were these voices during Standing Rock, they were quite noticeably silent, or supporting the inside subversion like TYT, knowingly or not. I personally do not like any monuments, and could care less what the person did or did not do. Grey areas are fertilizer for the sneaky snakes. That said, the grounds for establishing the colonies was based on a papal bull. and the doctrine of discovery is still used in USSC. Pretty much like Palestine. I try to imagine if we had just been immigrants who accepted the authority of the existing people and government. Things would be quite different and not for the worse. Russell Means: welcome to the reservation.

  11. “a good guy supremacist.”

    I’m more concerned with keeping a sovereign USA than being a supremacist. We have Judea for that. Unfortunately they hate us.

  12. Those groups in Charlottesville who sought to divide the country on racial grounds capitalize on general ignorance of a large part of our population on the history and causes of the Civil War. It is not all their fault because of brainwashing by textbooks, teachers, media and public education and on and on and on. All the original 13 Colonies had slaves in varying degrees. New York was built by black slave labor. General Grant had slaves himself. Slaves were brought into New York and sold through the salve market which was about a block from the NY Stock Exchange. Just because one was a slave does not mean they were mistreated by their owners. Some likely were, others not. What about the documented mistreatment of all workers in industry as documented by Upton Sinclair? How about kids working 80 or 100 hours a week in sweat shops and sweat plants before child labor laws were enacted? Even young Andrew Carnegie was only about 13 when his family came over from Scotland and he had to work for about 120 pennies a week likely about a penny per hour! Yet he became the richest man in the world in about 30 years. Abraham Lincoln used illegal armed force to seek to prevent the Confederacy from leaving the Union in which participation was then and is now totally voluntary. The Confederate States VOTED to leave because the bully North imposed a sales tax on them of 40% in 1861! Con’t.:

    • The Confederate States VOTED to leave because the bully North imposed a sales tax on them of 40% in 1861! Imagine being forced to pay this enormous tax which went mostly to the crooks in the North! Is it any wonder they voted to leave? Dishonest Abe could have said, “Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back.” This would have been the simple, moral, humane and cheap and legal way to deal with this problem, instead of illegally killing upwards of 1 million or more and raping and plundering over half the country, not to mention the suffering for over a century later. Read this article. It says it all:

      By Roger K. Broxton of Andalusia, president of the Confederate Heritage Fund
      June 26, 2015 It was Dishonest Abe who was the unindicted war criminal, not the South. The Civil War was basically a war over MONEY, not slavery. Today we are basically all slaves to a tyrannical government working about half our lives to pay for a tyrannical government to run around the world killing innocent children and civilians with impunity and no controls at all.

    • Watch this remarkable video in 1960 “Harvest of Shame” by top true investigative journalist Edward R. Murrow, born in a log cabin in North Carolina in 1908, this was his last, and likely his greatest, work of great true journalism, at CBS News, exposing the inhumane way migrant workers in 1960, about a century from the Civil War, were treated, or rather mistreated, by the system, not just blacks, but blacks and whites alike. Were these people better of out of slavery? Listen to the interviews with then Secretary of Labor and then President of the farm owners association on the plight of these people. Little has changed even today some 57 years later except most of the people are now of Spanish or from South America. The book “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, which fictionally described their plight, was published in 1939. A film was made based on it. Little ever really changes in America. The lies continue. How about putting your kids in these fields to learn what a real day’s work really is and get them away from watching porn on the computer?

    • wjabbe, I was also astonished that The Grapes of Wrath seems to chronicle a virtually unique, extremely localised, man-made, economic tragedy that, after the slavery and the persisting of the lynchings of black Americans beyond WWII, (when the Senate’s finest were still relucant to go after the lynchers), must be the most shameful tragedy of the modern age, anywhere on the globe.

      It is difficult to escape the conclusion that scholars must have been discouraged from recording the deaths from starvation resulting from the Great Depression. The figures touted seem improbably scant. However, I have to disagree with you about slavery. You seem to be victim a very deep pathology, apparently common among Americans, in your bland attitude towards the enslavement and the life of slavery of captured Africans in the US.


    • (continued)

      ‘Just because one was a slave does not mean they were mistreated by their owners. Some likely were, others not.’

      What happened to a slave of one of the ‘good guys’, if he ran away and was caught ?

      ‘How about kids working 80 or 100 hours a week in sweat shops and sweat plants before child labor laws were enacted? Even young Andrew Carnegie was only about 13 when his family came over from Scotland and he had to work for about 120 pennies a week likely about a penny per hour! Yet he became the richest man in the world in about 30 years.’

      As for, Andrew Carnegie, you need to be very sick, indeed, in the head/heart to want money so badly. I believe he is still reviled to this day by the descendants of his steel workers.

  13. When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?

    VT as much as I agree with 99% of your material I would walk on this slope carefully. Someone is likely to take the (United States) out of the above statement and replace it with VT. When mobs are supported everyone is fair game. I am white and I agree that Black lives are important but it must be qualified down to the very real fact that ALL LIVES are important.

  14. For all these articles here at VT one would believe America is foaming with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK and other assorted far right racists groups. This in itself is a form of yellow journalism. Yes, there are those who subscribe to that rubbish but they are a small very loud little minority and because of their politics they tend to garner more press than alt left groups such as ANTIFA, whose flag was copied directly from the German Communist party but nothing is said in the media.
    As Mr. Haller, stated, America is in deep trouble and this racial divide is the work of the devil….namely the RKM.

    • This article was put up as a sample of what is out there as we want our readers to see it, as I did, and added my editors note. Academics used to be pro history when they were writing books in it, and then a new generation came of history bashers, wanting things erased, and or presented with just their spin.

    • Great analogy to Wahhabism. Jim Dean nails it with another classic rejoinder.
      Jensen, another brick in the wall, is one of the many thousands of ivory-tower proselytes marketing for the NWO’s chaos objectives. So, let us return to strictly skin color for a moment (not religious), and for a generation that is in a time of the post-civil rights movement of the 1960s, because without context, the definitions become unwieldy. Jensen has broadened his criticism of American Whites to the global stage, to encompass Whites everywhere and to make White influence seem conspiratorial. (Of course, one has to ask, “Is the Khazarian Mafia white?” Because that can affect the response about the conspiracy aspect.)

      However, one can ask this question: Why is it that brown or yellow-hued people are never criticized for retaining their ethnicity? And that is a good question…

    • Aside from everything Jim mentioned in the editor’s note, if the good Dr. Jensen merely drives 370 miles south (still within North America) from Austin-Texas to Monterrey-Mexico, Jensen will encounter a different racist, socioeconomic Mexican caste system of the barely brown, upper-class Mexicans arrayed against the darker brown Mexicans; but he wouldn’t be able to confront that reality, as it is extra-academic to his tightly controlled, white/black American narrative. Nonetheless, there are strict socioeconomic and racially based strata in non-White Mexico that hail from family identity and inherited skin shades.

      Additionally, a not-insignificant number of Chinese, Japanese and Korean people living in the US want their adult children to marry within their same specific culture, but not into a white or pan-Asian family. This reflects old-country tribalism with overtones of racism, but Jensen and his university colleagues are not allowed to touch this data point with a ten-foot pole — one reason being that the recent-immigrant Asian block inside their academic community could quietly withdraw support for their promotions or other perks in the academic food chain, should someone study and publish this. (Just as an aside, but pertinent to this topic, I feel that America would be nowhere without the intellect and efforts of its Asian and Indian communities.) …..

    • Aah, the voice of reason, most refreshing. I very much agree, racism is far from being the preserve of the white man, it exists within all cultures and until we evolve beyond the point where we still harbour latent racist tendencies, mankind will never truly be an enlightened and intelligent species. To illustrate the point about racism existing in all races, let me share a truly vile and despicably racist comment made by an Indian man on the website of an Indian newspaper:

      Narendra Singh, New Delhi, India
      “Trump is absolutely right. Blacks have caused severe damage to whites. while only white people have contributed to the society. Shame on these fools who think they are at par with whites. The God has colored them so he can see these idiots.”

    • It should be noted that, aside from the most recent immigrants, the higher the education level, the less people are concerned about skin color. Yet, however color-blind the intellectual elite might be, their integrative perspective is not adopted by the financial elite within the Freemasonic tribes who cherish an imaginary fluorescent whiteness and who, with their pervasive ethnocentrism and control-matrix vehicles, are still contributing to mankind’s racial-identity challenges.

  15. charlotte, harry, have not posted on VT for a long time..but i agree with both of you. I am tired of taking the blame for the evil rulers of this world…
    AND, when journalists and media stop putting the word white in front of supreme, you all keep it going.

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