Netanyahu to meet Putin over Iranian presence in Syria


Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu to meet Putin over Iranian presence in Syria

Priime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on Saturday, amid increasing concerns that Iran is establishing a permanent military presence in Syria.

This will be Netanyahu’s fourth visit to Russia in some 16 months, a testament to Moscow’s influence in the region as a result of its intense engagement in Syria. In addition to the visits, Netanyahu and Putin speak regularly on the phone.

The PMO statement said that the purpose of the regular meetings with Putin is to discuss regional and bilateral issues as well as to prevent any accidental confrontation in Syria’s skies between the Israeli and Russian air forces.

Soon after Russia sent its forces to Syria in September 2015 to bolster President Bashar Assad, Netanyahu went to Moscow and set up a deconfliction mechanism to ensure that there are not accidents between the two air forces.

One senior Russian diplomatic official said recently that while Israel and Russia do not share the same interests in Syria, they do both have an interest in avoiding any accidental military confrontation, and that the cooperation between the two sides on this matter is “excellent.”

Israel has expressed its opposition to a cease-fire in Syria brokered between Russia and the US, because it leaves Iranian positions in place.

Netanyahu last met with Putin in March in Moscow, and already warned at that meeting that a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria would be unacceptable to Israel.
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  1. Hezbollah in Syria is unacceptable to Israel? Who Gives A Shit? Israel’s existence is becoming unacceptable to the world…and whose fault is that Bibi? If the head of the creature dies, will the tentacles shrivel up?…or will it thrash about, trying to take everything with it? That is the real reason for the ‘Samson Option’…to discourage the world from ridding itself of it’s worst parasite. It’s getting to the point that no one will care.

  2. How many bodyguards will be along? Putin should tell him to leave them on the plane because they could cause an “accident” and harm Putin.
    Putin should also tell Bibi when he asks for Israel to get contracts to rebuild Syria that Assad told him to tell him to shove it. No contracts to rebuilt to Israel, US, Saudis or any other country which aided in the destruction of Syria. Russia should get all contracts for its devotion to aiding Syria.

  3. My spidey senses tell me this is surface, ground cover. The web has been tossed to catch Humpty Trumpty in a Russian scandal . . . but to those in the know, it was always Israhell behind the (voting booth) curtain that got 45 elected. Russia being the usual suspect in the global U.S. vs . . . them. It’s always Russia, Russia, Russia. Not this time. It was never Russia. The U.S. puts out sanctions against Russia, when they probably aren’t valid, and who has to run to Poppa Bear Putin, to sort this all out? Aside from all the Russian Jews, who are atheists and don’t speak Hebrew, what does Bibi, Inc. care about in Russia? At what a globe trotter: visiting Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, China, Mexico, Argentina — the little Zionist enclaves — this year alone.

    People do realize that Netanyahu is NOT liked by many in Israhell. There are protests against him, and the uber-right, conservative head-bobbing Zionists are feeling the heat. So the PM travels all around trying to charm world leaders into pressuring support for him.

    If one reads the Jewish news, NutandYahoo is a mirroring image of Humpty Trumpty, only the kosher version,

    * Leftists are far more dangerous than neo-nazis
    * Not to condemn Charlottsville was right (Bibi’s jock-supporters say that)
    * Criticism is mounting over response to neo-nazism
    * Opposition to force Bibi to resign, if indicted, is mounting
    * Police

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