Does the solar eclipse prove the moon is artificial?


This is not an in-depth scientific article, merely a quick summation of a few points that came to mind while watching the eclipse on TV today.

Why do eclipses occur?

The Sun’s diameter is 400 times greater than the Moon and coincidentally the Sun also happens to be nearly precisely 400 times further away.

This is the reason that the Sun and the Moon appear the same size in the Earth’s sky and why we on Earth can experience eclipses of the Sun.

The chances of that occurring are, literally, astronomically small.

The moon stabilizes the Earth’s tilt relative to its orbit. It leads to tides, which helped life transition from living in the ocean to living on land.

The moon has a precise altitude, course and speed, allowing it to “function” properly in regards of planet Earth. But how?

Is it just pure coincidence?

In order to have a solar eclipse the Moon has to be exactly the size that it is, which is 2,160 miles. Not 2,161, not 2,159, but 2,160 miles at its equator.

I don’t often believe in coincidences, especially ones as astounding as those involving the earth, moon and sun.

So what are we to believe, that a coincidence of truly astronomical proportions is the explanation for the existence of the moon and the resulting solar eclipses?

Or is it more likely that the precise sizing and positioning of the moon are no coincidence at all and solar eclipses are strong evidence that someone had a hand in positioning the moon?

Said someone cannot be ‘God’ in my opinion, because there is not one shred of evidence that ‘God’ exists.

Just some food for thought…..



Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Yea verily, I was edumicated at the schools of Marrs, Ickey & Niven.

    Is the Moon a hollowed out spaceship? Is it older than the Earth? Are the Annunaki & pals hiding up there to see if we’ll grow up?

    Are human beans the result of DNA mixtures of male Annunaki & female hominids? Were we created as a slave race, to dig the boss’ mines?
    Tote that bale? Pull that barge? Is the NWO project to restore us to that status??

    Does Ickey know the Biggest Secret? Maybe?
    Does Marrs know Our Occulted History? Do the global elite hide ancient aliens? Posserbly, bruvs?

    I reckon I’ll stick with Niven: The Moon’s a Ballooon?
    He quite liked a party 😉

    Vivas Muchachas, the time passes.

    Now sing along with me: “There are more questions than answers….”

  2. Ian, I really think you should have left that last sentence out. You were really asking for it, throwing that little bomb into the room!
    We have to tolerate the belief in “God” because there are “shreds” of “evidence” for the existence of such a force all over the place.
    Some people are absolutely sure those shreds means God is real. Others, like yourself apparently, feel it’s all a big con game or something. Well, you might just want to step back and consider the possibility that both extremes are “right,” in their own ways.
    From my point of view, both of these extremes, as well as most viewpoints on the subject between these extremes, lack sufficient data to really make a case one way or the other. You add more data in, and you get a better understanding of the situation, but you still don’t get the whole answer. I don’t know anyone who has the whole answer and I doubt very much any one ever will. You could argue that collectively, all life in this universe ultimately contains the entire answer. But no one knows how much life that amounts to, and we likely never will. So the God question will remain a question of belief forever, as far as I can tell.

  3. I’m not even going to bother, as we 100% CAN orbit earth, just because NASA lies a lot and shows us a lot of fakery, doesn’t mean we can’t go into space. Same applies to the moon landings, just because NASA showed us a load of faked lunar surface footage doesn’t mean we haven’t been to the moon, we have, a far better question is why we have never been back in over 40 years.

  4. The face visible at 3:28 looks like a reflection on the glass the camera is shooting through of the crewmen’s face who is operating the camera, doesn’t look suspicious to me. Of course, the video is so highly compressed and of such poor quality, it’s difficult to discern much.

  5. How would one go about faking an eclipse? Something has to block out the sun for the eclipse to occur, and I cannot think of anything that could do that other than a large celestial object such as the moon.

    NASA do have an answer for that question BTW:

    “Because the Moon moves to the east in its orbit at about 3,400 km/hour. Earth rotates to the east at 1,670 km/hr at the equator, so the lunar shadow moves to the east at 3,400 – 1,670 = 1,730 km/hr near the equator. You cannot keep up with the shadow of the eclipse unless you traveled at Mach 1.5.”

  6. Ian, Regarding the moon. For what it’s worth, I have it on the highest authority* that “Yes, it was hauled into place.”

    * authority :
    The Elohim Group Consciousness channeled through Terry Brown on Wynn Free BBS Internet Radio 6:00 pm back in Match 2016. We were discussing the moon’s strange coincidences.

    • People who claim to be able to channel some mystical supernatural being or whatever nonsense it is they claim are hardly an authority on anything. Most of them are fraudsters in fact, Harry Houdini used to go around from city to city exposing them as such.

  7. How about the space suits they invented which were outsourced to Playtex(was it?) or some other famous women’s undergarment manufacturer. They came up with the space suits in record time calculating for +/-400 degree temperature swings on the surface of the moon. Not to mention being airtight.

    Jack White has a lot of info on the lunar landings and he pokes so many holes in the official NASA story it looks holier than swiss cheese.

  8. Advancements in genetics research and micro biology have proven that the designs of the simplest, most minute organisms, are far more complex than anything mankind has ever created by design. Bill Gates said DNA is like a computer program, but far more advanced than any computer program ever written. Francis Crick, most noted for being a co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, stated that the odds of an amino acid happening by chance would be 10^260. Mathematical impossibility is defined as 10^50. So, according to the co-founder of the structure of the DNA molecule, the idea that amino acids formed by chance is well beyond mathematical impossibility. Now, what would be the chances of 50-100 trillion complex cells forming by chance in just the right order to make you?

    • The evidence for intelligent design is everywhere. Nothing man has ever created can compare with even the most basic life forms.

    • Evidence of Intelligent design, could also be interpreted as evidence of our lack of intelligence. But, that would bruise the ego and we can’t have that. But, if we allow, that the multitude of things we do not understand, are due to our inability, then we can measure intelligence with something other than Donald Trump as the measuring stick. We cannot say, that he is something other than what we actually produced. In fact, the evidence that he is the totality of our accumulated intelligence has both precedent and observable, demonstrable, self evident facts to back it up. If a party starts at 5pm, and a person walks into the party at 1:30 am, then that person would not be a credible source in the investigation of the party.

  9. Theognostos August 21, 2017 at 8:05 pm
    There are no coincidences. The Moon is a construct made of Titanium. It is hollow. Actually it is not a moon. It was build by Apollo and brought here placed in between lilith and the earth, lilith also being a smaller satelite construct and cannot be seen behind the moon. NASA knows and gave the names to the Apollo missions. The Moon came and the other two constructs Phobos and Demos moved to the orbit of Mars. All planets have ancient Greek names as the EL beings used to control this system. Earth is actually sldo called also Arakula.
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    Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor August 21, 2017 at 8:24 pm
    What evidence is there for any of what you say? We only deal in evidence and facts here, not superstitions, myths and legends.


  10. Perhaps the better question, is, if we as calcium supported water bags vibrating excitedly across the surface of a planet, view ourselves as having a spirit or soul, and disregard our own potential for being artificial, simply based on five (or more) very limited senses, then why would a giant planet be different in this regard ? Are we merely the seeds of the planet designed to act as pollen would for a flower, which would explain our ‘longing” to explore space, and bring with us, the ingredients to spread, as semen is compelled to swim toward the egg. The moon in this regard acts as a beckoning giver of confidence toward the endeavor, thereby proving itself a part of the Earth’s intention. Thus the title of grandmother, as she helps and guides, but herself does not reproduce. At this stage in her life. The regularity of the eclipse is the same regularity of a grandmother overruling the father in the house. Sometimes completely and sometimes partially.

  11. pH: I’m not acidic; I’m basic. If you’re going to be wishy-washy, at least be definite about it! God vs. Allah vs. YHWH vs. Yahweh vs. ETs vs. Creator vs. Evolution? Really? Which is/was it? A slight tangent, no?

    If you want to do Chicken/Egg stuff on Creator/Created, then VT is the wrong place for you. You know what to do… Was that rude enough for you (too)? 😉

    P.S. Given your pH levels, am just warming up for a time that you might want to tangent us on ‘Pizzagate with NO sausages’ drivel.

  12. and what surprise awaits me in 6-12 months? Oh, wait, you have no evidence, just faith something will happen. Sorry, not buying, I only deal in rationality, reason, facts and evidence, which are all incompatible with religious dogma and ‘faith’.

  13. There are no coincidences. The Moon is a construct made of Titanium. It is hollow. Actually it is not a moon. It was build by Apollo and brought here placed in between lilith and the earth, lilith also being a smaller satelite construct and cannot be seen behind the moon. NASA knows and gave the names to the Apollo missions. The Moon came and the other two constructs Phobos and Demos moved to the orbit of Mars. All planets have ancient Greek names as the EL beings used to control this system. Earth is actually sldo called also Arakula.

    • What evidence is there for any of what you say? We only deal in evidence and facts here, not superstitions, myths and legends.

  14. Unlikely events can and do occur; likely events can and do fail. The only events prohibited are those with exactly zero probability of happening and those are few and far between. Some lucky person wins the lottery every day which is very unlikely. People constantly take dangerous risks like jay walking across busy streets but often without an accident, or following too close with their cars but avoiding rear ending the car in front of them. Two lane roads are very dangerous and risky for head on collisions but the rate is low. The science of probability and statistics was invented to deal with problems which are not amenable to predictable calculations from scratch. Most structures, buildings, bridges, airplane wings, etc. display vibratory modes but do not come apart; but some rarely do. For example the new suspension bridge in Tacoma Washington was designed by a top bridge designer at the time, but not long after the dedication in 1940 it vibrated in a resonance mode and tore itself to pieces. This was an unlikely event. When you flip a penny some rare times it stands up on the narrow width. The list is long. One can speculate all day long about why an unlikely event happened or a likely event did not happen. Some people find this fun and entertaining, others do not.

    • The Tacoma Narrows bridge came apart due to sympathetic vibration caused by the oscillation of the deck due to winds. If they had put some holes in the side supports to allow the wind through, it would never have happened. They simply didn’t understand sympathetic vibration as applied to large structures at that time, but as a result of Tacoma Narrows collapsing, it soon became studied and understood. It’s the same principle as shattering a wine glass with sound waves.

  15. I don’t want start a verbal war. But it seems as if our Facbook readers are somewhat different.
    I have read of a tribe of S. African aboriginals who believe the moon was towed into it’s present location by 2 brothers. The event was witnessed by their ancestors, and story passed down over some thousands of years. .

  16. Yes Ian your’re correct. There are no coincidences. We can’t prove the existence, or non existence of a God. The odds you speak of rival the odds of the Big Bang {Bank} theory being correct. You will hit the Powerball ten times over before the dirt we walk on is duplicated by man.The odds of millions, billiions of bacteria, plant and animal species creeping from some cosmic primordial puddle, and all with a particular purpose are incalculatably high..To believe there is no God, no creator opens the doors of a hell made from man’s mind. Who first began spouting God is dead.? Check his history, and his motive for saying that, more important “who”t put the words in every living room, and why?.Today some want us to believe all acts are permissable. No right, no wrong. It is a rotten recipe.
    So, we can continue our spiral into an abys of our own making. Or, we can trust the prophets, and believe in one God. Look around Ian, look at the wonders, the trees, insects, waters, the colors. You say you don’t believe in coincidence. but that is exactly what you believe. Something came out of nothing is incredible. When the end is near you will be looking for salvation. All men do. It is said when WC Fields, a life long atheist, was dieing his lawyer walked into his hospital room, and caught WC reading the bible. Shocked he asked what he was doing? WC replied; “Looking for loop holes”.

  17. Nah, all planets and other bodies are positioned by size and density. Look up the mathematical synchronicites with the solar system. Star dust is the culprit. As for “god” , it is a concept, and as such it may or may not considered as a direct attribution to the formation of “things”. The “proof” could take many forms, but most consider Angelic manifestations, and highly organizational tendencies which prove a higher intelligence, while working with the invisible beings. These do not prove that an ultimate single entity is behind it all, but that is the best proof of “god”, and yes, it happens all the time. Outside organized religion mostly. The concept of “Creator” encapsulates the notion that a single thought holds the universe together, as another thought involved would cause destruction of the thought. The study of thoughts strongly suggest that is the case. Just as the moon would not be here unless perfectly sized. Most do not realize, 95% of your thoughts are entirely predictable and not your own, but responses to wave forms of energies on a specific schedule. Hence calendars which accurately depict this in detail. Certainly not the one we use, that is for “religions and finances”.

  18. Dr. Bra-Ban: Don’t give us none of that Flat Earth stuff! So, we didn’t go to the Moon?

    Decision makers & the clandestine community ALL know that “It’s Turtles All the Way Down!” See

    My mentor was Flat Earth Society president; so, he taught us how to recognize & counter BS.

    Go sell nuts somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here… 😉

  19. What mathematical analysis and what faith-based opinion? I wrote neither, I just presented a handful of facts and left it to the reader to put their own interpretation and analysis on them.

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