Should Anyone Believe U.S. State Department Promises on Syria?


Should Anyone Believe U.S. State Department Promises on Syria?

by Sophie Mangal

On August 18, during a regular briefing, the Spokesperson for the U.S. State Department Heather Nauert stated that the United States doesn’t intend to extend its stay in Syria after the Islamic State is defeated.

“That is our intent, to defeat ISIS and not do anything more than that. Syria must be governed by its own people and not by the United States or other forces,” Nauert added.

Thus, Ms Nauert commented on the statement of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) official Talal Silo, who in interview with Reuters noticed that the U.S. military will remain in northern Syria long after the jihadists are defeated, predicting enduring ties with the Kurdish-dominated region.

According to Silo, Washington has a strategic interest to stay in the country following the defeat of terrorism for another several decades.

Actually, such a statement by the U.S. officials sounds a little bit strange and slightly hypocritical. Reuters correspondents have previously found out that seven American military bases are deployed on the territory of Syrian Kurdistan, which is located near the Syrian-Turkish border. However, the exact location of the bases is not revealed by the military command of the coalition, referring to the security requirements.

Meanwhile, Reuters journalists witnessed how American military helicopters (Blackhawk and Apache) took off from the territory of a concrete plant to the southeast of the city of Kobani – where allegedly the largest American airbase in Syria is located. At the same time, the spokesman for Central Command Colonel John Thomas confirmed in April this year that this base is an additional location to launch aircraft to support U.S. and other anti-ISIS forces in the campaign to recapture the city of Raqqa.

After setting up the military bases in the northern part of Syria, Washington will unlikely hand over them to the Kurdish militia and moreover to the Syrian authorities. Most likely, even after theoretical victory over ISIS, the U.S. will reserve these areas as dividends for ‘fighting terrorism’.

Reserving vast territories in Syria, Washington will continue to wreak havoc and instability in the region by supporting the Kurds and attempting to dissect Syria and create several independent quasi-states on its territory.

The participation of Americans in military campaigns (Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan) shows us that if Washington comes into conflict it rarely leaves. But this pathos pattern can be broken in new geopolitical conditions.

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  1. State Department since 2001 has been something like a Goebbels parlour. Before that it was a softer version of the same, but no less deceptive, only the media have been less dynamic.

  2. For a brief moment, I thought the US might have acknowledged defeat for its proxies ISIS and al Qaeda and was prepared, albeit reluctantly, to leave Syria-spinning it as some sort of victory, but clearly I was delusional. Trump has gone full-blown neocon, which means endless war and ruination, across the board, not just in Syria but everywhere.

  3. Like the fb comment above says it is hard to believe anything State Department utters. If State Department says that Yankees beat Red Sox last night I have to go and check it up with the official scores. But where can someone check it up when US says they pound Isil in Syria or that they have no interest there?

  4. It is un-American to rudely leave. I try to keep an eye on Afghanistan, and Iraq. Both are blue print countries. Libya too, but no one’s paying attention there. I wonder what the true cost of Lybian crude oil is today. $3? Do I hear $2? 4,000 more US soldiers are riding to the rescue of Aghanistan. Expect mining ops to begin soon, if they haven’t started yet. Picking the pockets of the Pashtun population is a state secret. National security, you know.

  5. This is a meaningless propaganda statement by her. If they leave good. But they had no permission to be there in the first place so what would prevent them from returning? If they fail to leave after the war is really over they should be forcibly removed by Russia and
    Syria acting together. Also none of the countries which aided the enemies of Syria should benefit in any way from its reconstruction.

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