American Total Solar Eclipse: Gassed!

Photo I took on 5th December 2016 showing Chemtrails visible here in rural England, denoted by the green lines and contrasting them to a contrail that was also visible

American Total Solar Eclipse: Gassed!


Rand Clifford

Monday, August 21, 2017, late-morning solar eclipse here in Spokane, Washington. The 92% of totality was rudely obscured by Geoengineering Aerosol Spray (GAS).

The colloquial term: “Chemtrails”.

In a recent survey by Spokane’s daily newspaper, the Spokesman Review, the title remains:

“‘Chemtrails’ don’t exist”.

Latest Poll: “Three-fourths of Hucks Nation doesn’t believe in conspiracy theory re: ‘chemtrails'”.

The poll was published after Spokane Councilman Mike Fagan said he wasn’t sure about harmful chemicals being released by aircraft into the atmosphere. He stated, “…constituents should decide for themselves.”

156 of 204 respondents (76.47%) said “chemtrails” don’t exist.

30 of 204 respondents (14.71%) said “chemtrails” were harmful.

18 (8.82%) were undecided.

Essentially, 76.47% of the 204 respondents seem unable to look up and think at the same time.

But really…who wants to believe–much less acknowledge, government spraying us with toxins? Add to that the 18.2% who are undecided…and apparently that leaves 14.71% looking up and actually realizing what fouled today’s eclipse.

Everyone viewing the eclipse saw, not contrails (ephemeral water vapor), but aerosols sprayed into the stratosphere—admitted by authorities for anyone willing to look. The sheer amount of aerosols sprayed over today’s “…once in a century” solar eclipse proved that the sprayers consider the general public…well, Bill Casey, (CIA director, 1981-1987) proclaimed:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?

Hats (or heads?) off to completion of their disinformation program.

Regarding today’s fouled solar eclipse, recent analysis of what us bugs are being sprayed with reveals a foul goulash of:

Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates, ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria, enterobacteria cloacal, enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), mold spores, bacilli and molds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury, nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, chromium, radioactive cesium, radioactive thorium, selenium, arsenic, titanium shards, silver, streptomyces, strontium, uranium….

Geoengineers will spray us with whatever they want as long as the sky is denied. Telling people truth they don’t want to hear is a most thankless job—but waking people up to truth….

Photo I took in November 2015 showing a plane spraying evenly spaced contrails

The American Total Solar Eclipse

Stories are coming in from all over the country, people lamenting about Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. Never before have so many Americans faced the sky, witnessing the difference between vanishing water-vapor “contrails”, and stratospheric aerosols expanding…turning the whole blue sky into a dome of silvery milk.

The mortal question remains, “Did enough people look up and think about all those jets filling the stratosphere with death?”

Doesn’t seem to matter that NASA and other authorities admit their “chemtrailing”.

With all the reality too many refuse to believe…seems Bill Casey hit our coffin nails on the head.

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  1. Great article…one correction though and you can verify this…chemtrails are sprayed in the troposphere 30-60K feet up. That ensures that the “contents” come down on us, the soil, plants etc.

  2. My husband and I were in the path of totality, west of St Louis. The eclipse was awesome. Perfect sunny sky, and bloody hot and humid outside as usual in Missouri, until totality cooled things off. We did have a small jet that looked like military or gov’t, doing loops and headed east, but no chemtrails at our location. I can’t say what it was like in St Louis, as I didn’t bother watching or listening to the media. We were part of a tiny group at our location, a commercial bldg. with plenty of food, drinks, and bathrooms. Perfect. A few boozers sat on the patio, but I was in the parking lot.

  3. Early conclusions are not as important as the conversation. Start with the UN Weather Weapon Treaty of 1976. Now 41 years ago. It is available online. One engineer told me, ‘Oh, Dave, it’s pretty much common knowledge that geo-engineering is the future”. One thing that is particularly predictable in humans, is that they will seek to control anything that is susceptible to their power. Lab coats live and die by the hands that fund them. Anything “termed” a weapon is classified and then can be used with no oversight for any purpose. There’s always a nifty speech to frame the operation as an altruistic activity and the poor just wouldn’t understand. Why let it rain just offshore if we can nudge it this way or that, is one thought. Then the snowball fight ensues.

  4. We get nailed here on SE Florida’s coast by “chemmer’s” on a near daily basis. You can see jets approaching from the east, still over the Atlantic, and their chem-trails don’t start UNTIL they reach over land.

    My old boss, a bright, well educated woman in her 30’s, holds both a private pilots AND Helo license (and she’s a tad of a man-hater though, surprisingly, straight 😉 ). I often pointed out the chem-jets playing Tic-Tac-Toe directly overhead, spewing their toxic metals wrapped in coal ash. Even explained how since the 70’s, modern jet fuel doesn’t burn like the old fuels once did — much cleaner. To prove my point, we’d see a chem-jet flying near a passenger jet, close in altitude — guess which one doesn’t leave a trail?

    Yeah, she still thinks I’m a conspiracy kook. She might be right. Might.

    • Oh, I’ll add that I went to a semi-private spot on the beach yesterday to get pics (and meditate “good” vibes, though struggled doing so with all the sand in me crack lol) and the few clouds lingering around offshore didn’t buildup and roll in until literally 2:30p (eclipse max was 2:55p local) bringing light rain, clearing out less than an hour later. Geo-engineered coincidence, or, God just doesn’t like me? I captured only a few decent pics when the sun peeky-boo’d thru for literally seconds.

  5. My son-in-law, a not irrational man proclaims. “I have lived in Manhatten Beach, near LAX all my life, and dems contrails”. Not!

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