Trump vows victory in Afghanistan, stays silent on troop levels


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Press TV,  Tehran

This is why the Deep State wants to remain in Afghanistan

[ Note: It was a joy to catch this post Trump speech commentary slot. We saw the same old hype from the past, introducing a new policy while skipping over any mention of why the past policies have failed so we can measure the new one to see if it is really “new”.

But of course the powers that be do not want the good folks to be in a position to assess the situation. Trump did not take any questions either, like how can we win, when a new escalation just stimulates more recruiting for the Taliban, and history has shown they can always replace their losses.

And then setting up Pakistan as the bogeyman for providing safe haven for the Taliban, when the US coalition has supported a huge terrorist proxy campaign against Syria, purely for its geopolitical aspirations, since it does not pose any real threat to the US mainland or people, and which was a bad joke.

Trump is setting himself up as he always does to be able to blame someone else for the failure, or just declare political bankruptcy, which worked so well in his real estate career. Bottom line, the purpose of the speech was to avoid dealing with the past failure, all fluff stuff. 

His mentioning of the Afghan government having to take on its share was just for show. The Afghani leadership will continue to loot the country to the best of its ability, and get protection for doing so from those with whom they are sharing the loot – not just the aid contracting fraud, but the drug exports that are the golden river JD ]

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–  First aired … August 22, 2017

U-S President Donald Trump is set to unveil his administration’s strategy for Afghanistan after 16 frustrating years of conflict in the south Asian country.

The White House said Trump would make a televised statement from Virginia. The U-S president in June gave his Defense Secretary James Mattis the authority to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. On Sunday, Mattis said the new strategy is the result of a “rigorous process”.


The U-S and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. There are currently nearly 9-thousand American troops in Afghanistan. Washington claims that the massive military presence is only aimed at maintaining security across the country.

However, reports indicate that over 26-thousand civilians have been killed since the US troop deployment to Afghanistan in 2001.


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  1. The clown act that is Washington, D.C is going beyond the absurd into a surreal panorama that would make Dante’s Inferno look like a National Geographic special. Insanity rules Washington and the big clown himself couldn’t be more insane. In truth America itself is insane. The nation is ready to rip itself apart with extremist factions on both sides arming themselves and threatening to create a civil war and this idiot in the Oval office bumbles and stumbles around like a drunk at a party, threatening North Korea, getting deeper in Afghanistan, threatening Pakistan, threatening Russia, threatening China….folks, we are in the middle of a nightmare, one that could very well spin completely out of control as long as this buffoon and his little side kick pence remain in the White House.
    Worse still, most Americans have no clue what’s going down. Not a clue. They are glued to their flat screens, with their little boxes glued to the side of their heads, speeding up the cancer that will eat away their brains and taking no notice of the world around them.
    America is on the verge of its own self destruction and that may very well take the world down with it.

  2. It’s clear Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about. He has no understanding of war, let alone the implications for the American people of sending yet more troops into this meaningless (as far as our true American interest goes) hell-hole called Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not a threat to the United States, never has been. The Taliban had nothing whatsoever to do with 9-11, therefore there has never been any justification for any part of the 17 year US war against Afghanistan. To be clear, the US presence in Afghanistan constitutes an on-going war crime. Trump has just signed on to this war crime, making it his own. On this ground alone, he should be impeached. along with the removal from command of anyone in our military who supports the re-invasion of Afghanistan.

  3. Morale has to be waning. The speech was as hollow and empty as I have heard. It sounded like a B movie from the 50’s. The military is also the least racist place to be, and I don’t think the clown’s words on that issue are lost either. The same old crap just doesn’t fly anymore. I hope the young guys search their hearts and do the real thing they signed up for. Not the fake one, as that crap causes an ache inside that doesn’t go away.

    • David & JZ: Our guys who are there don’t like what they’re doing — protecting pipe routes & opium crops. Unless you’re a high-level U.S. mil/intel guy (or McCain etc.) who’s ‘Gettin’ Some’ (i.e., opium/pipe money), then you know that the A-War was lost a long time ago — and we cannot ‘Win.’

      Trump & his attorneys are now playing a Nixon-like Resignation-with-Pardon Endgame. IF so, then what Trump just said on Afghanistan makes perfect sense… 😉

    • If they don’t like what they’re doing then why did they enlist? It was for a paycheck. Because there are no decent paying jobs in America anymore unless you want to work at Dollar General for minimum wage and less than thirty hours a week. So they enlist not out of patriotism but for the paycheck and it doesn’t matter to them who’s signing their check. Besides, it’s a safe bet that more than a few enlisted are involved in the trafficking of heroin.

  4. Remember the days when at least our corrupt government used to talk about the issue of where the money came from to conduct these illegal wars and troops sent all over the planet? Today they no longer even mention where the money will come from. It is as if they have an endless pot of gold which they found at the end of some rainbow somewhere where they have a large stash of printing presses running 24/7. And most stupefied Americans do not seem to care so long as their taxes are not increased and so long as someone else’s kids are joining up with the ranks of criminals and getting killed or injured in this massive con. His press conference was totally meaningless. There was no point in it at all. Hey Adolf, please, pretty please do tell us when and how our government is going to begin to pay down the trillions of debt and exactly how that is going to be accomplished? Do you believe you can increase the debt to infinity without consequences? And as JohnZ says above, isn’t this all about fighting wars for Israel? Why don’t we let Israel fight wars for Israel and let their kids get killed and pay for these wars and let Israel pay for them themselves not with our hard earned and printed and borrowed money. This would have the additional benefit of reducing the insolence and arrogance of Israel down to size.

  5. How will we define “win”? The complete irradication of the Afghan population? Hm, I haven’t thought of it that way. Maybe, maybe.

  6. Will Afghanistan become the graveyard of the U.S. military? Would Trump even care?
    Another foreign policy decision that is doomed from the very start. Forced upon America by the zio-neos and with Trump in no position to say no nor does he have the mentality to do so. better yet, how will the American people feel when C-130s begin landing at Dover AFB loaded with flag draped coffins? The “thank you for your service” rings hollow in my ears.
    America stumbles from one foreign policy disaster after another and with no one learning anything from them. It’s like trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle.
    Arrogance and insouciance clouds the thinking of Washington’s policy makers along with the generals inside the Pentagram, most of whom are perfumed princes and even worse : evangelical/fundamentalist/ dominionists.
    The Trump/ Pence team needs to be impeached and removed and the entire White House needs cleaning out from top to bottom. As it looks like the rats are already leaving the Trump Ship of State it won’t be much longer before the two top spots will be open for new employees.

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