Washington’s new strategy in Afghanistan aimed against China, expert says


Washington’s new strategy in Afghanistan aimed against China, expert says

A new strategy of the United States for Afghanistan affects China’s interests in the region, a leading expert from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies said on Monday.

“New scenarios of the US strategy in Afghanistan affect the interests of China. Over the recent time, the administration of (President Donald) Trump has been way too active in initiating hotbeds of tension close to the Chinese borders: in North Korea, and now in Afghanistan,” said Adzhar Kurtov, who is also editor-in-chief of the Problemy Natsionalnoy Strategii (National Strategy Issues) magazine.

“Behind all these bright-eyed statements about a certain new strategy in Afghanistan is a trivial position – to remove a rival or weaken him. Nowadays, the People’s Republic of China is the main rival of the US on the global arena,” Adzhar Kurtov said.

He pointed to Beijing’s “serious plans for cooperation with Afghanistan, including in the economic sector”. “China is active both in the Silk Road Economic Belt project and in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,” Kurtov said.

Destroying these projects or at least weakening their active development is the target of the US administration, he went on. According to the expert, Washington’s policy in Afghanistan has failed, and a new plan of the US president will not change the situation in the country. “From the details of the plan that have been voiced, we know that he is planning to beef up the military contingent with 4,000 military,” the expert said.

“However, if the US has failed to have the situation in Afghanistan change for the better with its 1,000-strong contingent, who can say for certain that new volunteers will help the process?” he added.

“I believe the US must withdraw from Afghanistan,” Adzhar Kurtov said.

Afghanistan may become new stronghold for IS

If Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) is defeated in Syria, Afghanistan may become a new stronghold for radical Islamists, he pointed. “This Muslim international in the Middle East region, made up of radicals, will be looking for a new area of activity. Afghanistan may become this area,” he added.

“That is why, we could expect a growing activity and relocation of militants from the territory of the Middle East to Afghanistan as they will be suffering defeats, and thus escalation of a civil war in that country,” he summed up.

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  1. As it unfolds: Taliban will annihilate IS (after subjecting them to bacha bazi), Taliban will move towards an alliance with both Russia and China. Predominantly Pushtun Taliban will start exacting revenge on Rashid Dostum and his Uzbeks, with China’s help. In exchange for containing all attempts for subversion in Sinkiang.

  2. Protect the poppies and profits at all costs America! Isis, the angry poodle of the Zionist puppet master USA goes where his master takes it even if the pit bull Taliban will chew its head off.
    Things in Afghanistan for USA will not even come close to go smoothly.

  3. What is the name of the Chinese Stinger Missile? From Afghanistan the US can declare war on China and Russia through terror. It will be interesting to watch the MBAs at the Pentagon wage war on two super powers from such a constricted platform. The Taliban will chew ISIS should they show up and will give them no quarter under Islamic law. Why have we ended up sitting on the lap of Israhell? I am afraid we will end up with no friends except for the no friend in deed.

  4. With China making legitimate mining deals with the government it only makes sense to sponsor terrorist ISIS into the country. If only to increase China’s cost of doing business. Playing fair is not in our (zionist) playbook.

  5. When this initiative has failed (by design? got to protect that drug money) and ISIS becomes established what next?

    Afgan Government invites in those proven ISIS killers, the Russians?

  6. Wait, so the CIA/Neocons failed in Ukraine and Syria and is looking for its next target. Maybe we should send them halfway around the world. Anyone remember when we let the CIA attack us on our own soil? I think it was in September of 2001.

  7. Did Russia warn against Zionist Thomas Friedman? How many Friedman Units will we remain in Afghanistan Neocons?

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