Paul Joseph Watson, please, grow up

“I’m a showman. I’m an actor.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Paul Joseph Watson is still acting like a third-year-old child who still hasn’t learned the ABCs of elementary logic. In a recent article entitled, “Germany: Journalist Gets 6 Month Suspended Sentence For Criticising Islam,” Watson declares:

A journalist in Germany has been given a 6 month suspended jail sentence for posting a historical photo on Facebook and making the argument that Islam is a fascist ideology.”

According to Watson, that’s really bad. But Watson again shows that he is deliberately blind because Holocaust revisionists have been brutally punished for simply saying that the Holocaust establishment is lying about key aspects of World War II.

Thought crimes have been going on since World War II was over in Germany, and Watson hasn’t said a damn thing about this. David Irving in particular went to jail numerous times for saying uncomfortable but true things about Nazi Germany; German-born philosopher Dr. Fredrick Toben, a very dear friend of mine, went to jail numerous times for asking important questions about gas chambers and other stories.

Science historian Nicholas Kollerstrom (we have interviewed him twice) was removed from his position at the University College of London for simply asking serious questions about the gas chambers; Robert Faurisson was beaten to death by gangsters because he challenged the Holocaust establishment; German judge Wilhelm Staglich was persecuted because he wrote a book on “the Holocaust.” Joseph Burg, a Jew, was persecuted because and he was even denied burial in a Jewish cemetery in Germany. The list goes on and on.

Is Paul Joseph Watson going to tell us all that he doesn’t know anything about this? Is he going to tell us that it is legitimate for Germany to have laws that will put people to jail just because they ask academic questions about Nazi Germany? Or could it be that Paul Joseph Watson has been working for the Powers That Be all along? Is it possible that this man is dumb on purpose?

Perhaps we should let the late Michael Collins Piper answer those questions for us. Piper declared that people like Alex Jones are just actors who don’t want to talk about anything serious. Jones, Piper said, is a fraud. The same thing could be said of Paul Joseph Watson, who never wanted to talk about the real powers behind the Zionist throne.

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  1. Watson has always missed the point….and the perpetrators…….dare mention Zionism, Israel and Jewish influence behind their ‘Islam’ fears to Jones and Watson and they clam up, or do an article on the poor Israeli’s and mention the hoax……again

  2. “Robert Faurisson was beaten to death by gangsters because he challenged the Holocaust establishment;”

    True enough, Faurisson was severely beaten, but he has written a tribute to Ernst Zundel which appears at Darkmoon today. His article concludes with this footnote: “Note: I recommend a long obituary of Ernst Zündel written by the black American columnist Jonas E. Alexis for the Veterans Today site.
    The comments also deserve a read. (RF)”

    Yes, Watson’s blinders on certain subjects are annoying, but he’s a relatively young man, so there is still hope.

    • There is no hope for Watson, wake up, he exists purely as a disinfo tool, same as Alex Jones, they are nothing more than paid stooges spouting hateful lies and rhetoric.

  3. Why bother giving disgusting disinfo operations like Watson the oxygen of publicity? They are best ignored, then they lose all relevance as they only exist to distract and waste people’s time.

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